Lada Priora

Lada Priora
  • Car model: Lada
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 2007
  • Body Type: Sedan, SUV, Hatchback

Lada Priora is a family of budget vehicles of the “small class III group” and represents the “products” of deep improvement of the “tenth division”, which has received about a thousand changes in comparison with the original car.

The machine has undergone more than one modernization during its existence (more than 10 years). The last restyled sedan was released in 2013. The changes mainly affected the interior of the novelty, as well as its technical part. But let’s learn more about everything. The whole model range is Lada.

Car history

The company started preparing for the production of this machine back in 2006. The management of Lada decided to change VAZ-2110 and all the machines of the 10th division to something new, and in 2007 the company introduced the first thousand vehicles of the new generation. Many people call this production a big restyling of VAZ-2110.

Already in 2007, the company supplied its vehicles for sale. From the very beginning the cars were sold only in the sedan body. A little later (in 2008) the hatchback version came to the market. The following year a new Priora in the body of the wagon was released. Later the car market was replenished with the coupe version. The company even planned to produce this car in the back of a convertible.

Photo Lada Priora

It’s worth noting that Lada Priora has successfully forced out of the 2110 issue. The number of sales began to grow instantly. Later on the road was Lada Priora more often than the “ten”. But the Priora is no longer produced because it was replaced by the new Lada Vesta. The debut sedan Lada Priora 2007 was not as beautiful as it is today, but the car was sold well.

If to translate the name of the model from Latin to Russian, it means “the senior, the first”.

When the year 2011 came, the management of VAZ decided to improve the vehicle a little. As a result, the model received an updated front bumper, mirrors and steering wheel. Otherwise it was the “first” Lada Priora car. The standard equipment was an 8-valve powertrain.

Lada Priora 2007

With the advent of 2013, the company released a new version, which was very different from the previous one. An ignorant person will not be able to distinguish the new car from the past, because the changes are present, but they are not a global plan. A little bumper has changed. The new car steel is more controllable and safer than its predecessor.

The novelty has a system of course stability, a new interior, new seats, steering wheel. Much has changed in the interior of the car and its functionality. In addition to the Italian specialists, the car was created with the participation of German, French, Japanese and Korean employees.

Lada Priora I (2007-2013)

From VAZ 2110 the novelty borrowed a “cart”, power plant and other parts. Only the side part and 4 doors were left from the predecessor. According to the company’s representatives, the doors became wider by 5 mm, so the production facility had to introduce new stamps.

Based on the manufacturer’s statements, more than a thousand new parts were produced, which somehow changed their structure. You can see the new optics at the front and back, a new hood, luggage compartment, bumpers, wings and other elements of appearance. As for the rinks, they received tires from the Kama Euro company in Kama and have a size of 14 inches.

Lada Priora front view

In order to develop the interior of the new Lada Priora, we decided to attract the Italian studio Corcerano. The salon was performed using modern stylistics. The degree of ergonomics meets the world standards. At manufacturing of interior modern materials were applied. The upper part of the interior was made in light, and the lower part – in darker tones. A small number of variations in the color combination of the interior finish is provided.

There are two-color upholstery doors with pockets for trifling and fabric inserts, harmoniously blending in with the general style of the inner part of the Lada Priora 1. The driver’s armrest has control buttons for windows, joystick of external mirrors and buttons of the central lock.

Since the interior meets international standards, the buttons for raising the windows have been made so that the driver does not accidentally press them. In the middle of the cabin, between the front seats, engineers installed an armrest with two niches for small items. Such a detail in the cabin was used in Lada’s cars for the first time.

The ceiling upholstery of the front area has a console that has a plafond of separate illumination of the driver’s seat and a passenger sitting next to it. Do not forget to place a shelf for glasses. As for the controls on the “dashboard”, they have a convenient location and stand out for good readability. In the center there is a window for displaying the information of the “onboard computer”.

It has an electronic odometer, gives readings on average and instantaneous gasoline consumption, time, average speed and so on.

Interior Lada PrioraLada Priora SalonPhoto of Lada Priora salon

The experts decided to place an unusual module for setting up lighting equipment on the left side of the “wheel” and combine the switches of parking lights, dipped beam and “fog lights”. In addition, there are rollers to control the electric headlight corrector, adjust the brightness of the devices. The luggage compartment unlocking button was moved to the tunnel installed in the center, next to the gearbox lever.

The trunk itself has 430 liters of useful space, which can be opened from the inside or with the key on the alarm control unit. There is no separate button to open the luggage door on the lid itself. The central console has been adapted to the installation of “music” in both DIN and 2DIN formats.

The Lada Prioru was powered by a 1.6-litre sixteen-valve power version with an output of 98 hp. Synchronized operation of this engine with a 5-speed transmission on the “mechanics”, reinforced clutch, which is designed for 145 Nm of rotational force. The transmission now had sealed bearings with a longer service life. A vacuum booster with increased volume was used as the braking system.

Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the force on the brake pedal and increase the productivity of the braking system as a whole. New front and rear tines, as well as carefully selected shock absorbers and stabilisers, improve handling and stability.

Lada Priora engine

It will take 11.5 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed limit is 183 km/h. If to speak for norms of toxicity, the “engine” meets Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards. This was achieved by moving the catalyst closer to the engine. It is heated up quickly and the harmful substances are catalysed livelier. Already in the “base” version of “Norma” has:

  • Airbag for the driver;
  • Electric amplifier “wheel”;
  • Armrest between the front seats;
  • Central lock with remote drive;
  • Height-adjustable steering column;
  • Electric drive of windows installed in front;
  • Immobilizer;
  • “Bortkomputer” and hours;
  • 2 head restraints for people sitting behind;
  • Armrest on the back sofa;
  • Headlight corrector.

Lada Priora side view Rear view of Lada Priora Hatchback Lada Priora

The Priora has also received a modern heating and ventilation system, which allows to maintain the most favorable microclimate inside the car, providing rapid heating and sweating of the windows. All cars of this generation are equipped with athermal glass and electric heating of the stern glass. Approximately 52 percent of the body elements were produced using galvanized metal or low-alloy steel.

In order to produce parts that are more susceptible to corrosion (e.g. wheel arches, thresholds, etc.), the designers decided to use steel with 2-sided hot-dip galvanized coating. In combination with the current methods of anti-corrosion treatment of the body and painting, the resistance to through-type corrosion is provided for a period of 6 years.

Updated Priora

The first improvement of the sedan received in 2011. Lada Priora had a new front bumper and exterior mirrors. Inside the vehicle you can see a different “wheel”, and the list of equipment added to the previously inaccessible options. In addition, in the version “Standard” used 8-valve power plant, which received a lightweight connecting rod and piston group.


After 2 years, in autumn 2013, AvtoVAZ decided to renew this model again, but in this case the changes affected many elements. The appearance of the company’s specialists only slightly retouched – introduced the front lighting, and the rear part got LED-type lanterns.

But inside the changes touched a lot. The interior itself received a new design, seats with a revised configuration and other finishing materials. The upgrade also affected the technical stuffing, improving the performance of Lada Priora, improving noise isolation and installing a coursework system. The three-volume vehicle looks quite modern according to the current criteria, but the similarity with the “ten-piece” model can be traced, mainly in the profile.

Lada Priora 2013

The nose area of the vase machine has a drop-like optics (it didn’t come to the lined one) with DHO, a pentagonal radiator grating with cells in the form of honeycomb cells and a chrome frame. As for the front bumper, it received a moderately relief shape and “mouth” of the air intake, as well as fog lamps spread on the sides (in more expensive equipment).

The side area of the new model “Priori” is devoid of any hints of a sports slope, but looks good with the help of a sloping hood, almost flat roof line and protruding at the back of the luggage compartment. The sirloin has a fairly simple design – you shouldn’t wait for any designer’s delights. It has lanterns with LED filling of parking lights and stop-lights, as well as a neat bumper, which received a plastic insert at the bottom. The height of the ground clearance is 165 millimeters.

Updated Lada Priora


Inside, Lada Priora has a modern and attractive interior, although the quality of the assembly and finishing materials still wants the best. There is a massive 3-spoke steering wheel, decorated with the company’s nameplate. At the wheel there is an instrument panel with 2 shallow “wells” and a monochrome screen between them, which gives the information of the route computer. Visually, everything looks good, but suffers from readability.

Interior Lada Priora

The central console has a 7-inch multimedia system screen, which is touch-operated. Underneath it are two ventilation system deflectors that look rectangular and have a neat control unit for music stuffing. Next comes the panel for setting up the air conditioning system, which is represented by 3 round regulators.

During the assembly of the internal part of the updated Lada Priora used inexpensive, mostly hard plastic. The central console was made into a black lacquer, and the armchairs have a fabric upholstery. As for the assembly of the sedan, there are no questions, but between the individual elements you can notice notice noticeable joints. Top-of-the-range modifications will get an advanced multimedia system (CD, MP3, USB and Bluetooth). Optionally, you can install a navigation system that recognizes the signals of GPS and GLONASS.

Inside there are wide front “Priorovsky” seats which have optimum length of a pillow and are almost deprived of a lateral support. They can be adjusted only in longitudinal direction on rather big ranges. Designers and function of three-stage heating of seats were provided. The sofa located behind was formed for 2 passengers, so the third person will be clearly uncomfortable.

This is clearly visible on the protruding transmission tunnel and only two head restraints. There is plenty of free space above the head, but not enough space in front of the feet. As a convenience offer a central armrest. The luggage compartment of the renewed sedan Lada Priora has 430 liters of useful space.

Lada Priora Salon

It’s a pity, but the increase in volume is not provided – there is only a tilting center section, but the back can not be folded. Under the trunk floor there is a full-size “spare part”, but the wheel arches and open luggage compartment lid loops slightly reduce the resource for luggage transportation.


Powertrain and transmission

The updated version received a pair of gasoline engines and 2 gearboxes. In the role of “junior” representative chose an ordinary 1.6-liter four-cylinder power plant VAZ-21126, which received a 16-valve system of gas distribution mechanism type DOHC and distributed gasoline injection technology.

Such “engine” generates 98 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque. Such an engine was synchronized with a five-speed “mechanics”, which received a cable drive. To accelerate to a speed mark of 100 km/h it will take 11.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 183 kilometers per hour.

Photo engine Lada Priora

In the role of a “top” version we decided to use a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter version of VAZ-21127. The engine received a modified fuel injection system and dynamic supercharging. All this allows the engine to produce 106 horsepower and 148 Nm. The Lada Priori power unit works with a mechanical box, as well as with a 5-band “robot” with the option of manual gear shifting.

With “mechanics” the car accelerates up to the first hundred in 11.5 seconds, but with the robotic box this figure rises to 12.6 seconds. The maximum speed does not exceed 183 kilometers per hour. Two power units meet Euro-4 environmental standards. The weakest “engine” asks for 6.9 liters of gasoline, and more powerful engines “eat” from 6.6 to 6.8 liters per 100 km in a combined cycle.

Since the beginning of 2016, the 98 hp Lada Priora powerplant was not used in the new models. It was replaced by a new basic version, representing a gasoline, four-cylinder atmospheric, 1.6-liter unit. The engine has an 8-valve gas distribution mechanism and a distributed gasoline injection system.

All this makes it possible to produce 87 “mare” and 140 Nm. Together with the 5-speed manual transmission the car accelerates up to 176 kilometers per hour, and the first “hundred” can be obtained in 12.5 seconds. It consumes 87 hp version of 7.3 liters of gasoline in mixed mode.

As a basis decided to use a platform from Lada 110, but it was slightly changed. Ahead is an independent suspension with standard McPherson racks, and behind is a semi-independent construction with an elastic cross beam. The front and rear do not do without stabilizers of transverse stability.

Brake system

The brake system is equipped with ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum mechanisms at the rear. The sedan is controlled by a rack and pinion steering complemented by an electromechanical booster. The simplest version has a hydraulic booster.


According to the company’s representatives, the model has been seriously improved in terms of safety. The car is in possession:

  • Daytime running lights that are switched on and off automatically;
  • Reinforced safety beams placed in the front doors;
  • Polymer foam inserts between the bumper and the stiffening beam;
  • Anti-locking system;
  • Emergency braking assistance system;
  • By lugs of fastening of children’s seats according to norms ISOFIX;
  • Headlights with daylight function;
  • Reinforced front seat frame;
  • Safety cushion protecting the health of the owner in emergency situations;
  • Improved under EuroNCap standards body frame.

Price and equipment

As of 2016, the updated Lada Priora in a 3-volume body can be bought in 2 versions – “Standard” and “Norma”. The base machine is estimated at least 6,037 $. There are only 2 variants of body painting – white and black. The car possesses:

  • A driver’s airbag;
  • Electronic systems ABS and EBD;
  • Route computer;
  • Front power windows;
  • Power steering;
  • Audiopreparation;
  • 13-inch steel “rollers”;
  • Isofix child seat fasteners.

Photo of Lada Priora

The “Norm” version already has an air conditioning system, front seat heating, immobiliser, 2 rear head restraints, 14-inch pressed rollers, mirrors with heating and electric drive as well as a front central armrest.


Although the appearance of “Lada” has not looked openly old for a long time, and inside after the next update the level of comfort has increased, many car owners want to distinguish their car from the crowd. Others want to improve the dynamic performance of Russian cars.

Motor Tuning

Despite the fact that the car has 16-valve engines, which are much more dynamic and powerful than previous versions, still want to make your vehicle faster. The supercarger compressor comes to the rescue, increasing the power and traction of the “engine” by 30-50 percent. Installation can be done with the help of fastening units fixed to the crankshaft pulley. The capacity is increased due to the enrichment of the fuel-air mixture.

However, it should not be forgotten that after this, the engine’s appetite will increase significantly, so the fuel system will wear out more quickly and accumulate paraffin. You can resort to turbocharging. In this case, the efficiency increases, but more fuel is used. A mechanical supercharger takes some of the power from the engine, and the turbocharger operates only on the basis of the exhaust energy.

It is also possible to increase the calculated volume of cylinders – it will be possible to increase the power of the power unit without any difficulties. Such works are carried out after boring the cylinder blocks.

Appearance tuning

This generation is quite new, so in many cases the car does not require any further development, but the car can be converted with the help of tuning. Some drivers decide to install the hood on the stops instead of the outdated hood with the poker, which is very convenient. Many people know that the whole AvtoVAZ “suffers” from noise isolation, mainly in the doors.

The locks with vibration-absorbing structure are to be replaced, where the complete set includes noise absorbing bolts. In order to increase the effect, it is possible to use noise absorbing material, which softens the impact after closing the doors. Owners of Lada Priora use the vinyl base, which is very popular today, to decorate their appearance. If you can spend more money, you can buy airbrush.

Tuning Lada Priora

Some owners purchase a chrome base. The carbon-coated film looks good on any car, especially the next-generation film. Now there’s a new 3D carbon film imitating the carbon fiber coating all over the body. The younger generation is resorting to stylish car bodywork. This includes a spoiler that gives the sedan a sporty look and improves aerodynamic performance.

Lovers of high quality exhaust sound can be advised to install a new silencer, which has a power and animal appearance. Improvements can also be made to the headlights, such as angel eyes, eyelashes and so on.

Inner Tuning

You can put more comfortable seats sports type, LED lighting of various parts of the interior, buy new covers and so on. Some drivers install buttons on the transmission tunnel.

Many car owners are dissatisfied with the standard interior lighting, so you can dismantle the standard lamps and put there the LED strip. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the entire interior will be in bright colors and it can even distract you.

Comparison with competitors

A small price tag indicates that the car does not have an abundance of serious rivals. However, the market together with the Russian car is shared by Ford Fiesta Sedan, Hyundai Solaris, Nissan Almera, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Polo Sedan and “compatriot” Lada Vesta.

It is important to note that Lada Priora is the most affordable option of the domestic manufacturer. It turns out that rivals can be considered only when the need for a more comfortable and attractive car. Lada Priora has only a pricing policy on its side.

Reviews from the owners

You can meet Lada Priora on our roads quite often. Most cars are purchased by those who do not have enough money to buy a foreign car. Despite everything, the car has a pleasant appearance, adequate fuel consumption, high ground clearance and electric power steering. There are no problems with spare parts, and they cost not so much.

Suspension works well in pits, thunders a little, but it is normal. The owners of Lada Priora estimate the presence of air conditioner, good stove, good motor and good dynamic characteristics. Auto owners do not like the quality of the assembly, budget interior, lack of noise insulation, frequent breakdowns, problems with doors and the rapid appearance of rust.

It is inconvenient to sit inside the car, only buying new seats with good side support saves the situation. There is not always enough space, thin steering wheel is very uncomfortable.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice design;
  • Large and comfortable exterior mirrors;
  • The suspension is well suited for our roads;
  • Not bad dynamics;
  • Low cost;
  • A spacious trunk;
  • Easy to get various details;
  • Not bad power unit;
  • The top version has a 7-inch color multimedia screen.

Cons of a car

  • Poor salon;
  • Poor quality assembly;
  • Poor quality of materials used for finishing;
  • Insufficient free space inside;
  • No possibility to increase luggage compartment;
  • Inconvenient dashboard;
  • Frequent breakdowns.


The model has a good appearance, acceptable ground clearance, large headlights and LED backlighting. Inside the plastic is far from ideal. The quality of the assembly, the steering wheel is thin, and the dashboard suffers in terms of information. The seats are very uncomfortable and without even a hint of side support.

It is nice that there is an electric power steering, and more expensive versions have received a 7-inch color display multimedia system. Already the basic equipment has a driver’s airbag. Lada Priora is equipped with electronic systems such as ABS, EBD and so on. There is not enough space, especially in the back row. The centre sitter will also be disturbed by the floor transmission tunnel.

Lada Priora front view

The volume of the luggage compartment is acceptable, so it is easy to use the novelties for your needs, but the lack of increase in the trunk, as in its competitors. The dynamics is not bad, you can easily get spare parts, and the suspension seems to be designed for our roads.

Despite the fact that the successor, Lada Vesta, is already being sold to the fullest extent, the AvtoVAZ company has decided on the last update, which is very brave. Lada Priora will be available on the roads for many more years even after the completion of production this year.

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