Ford Fiesta Sedan 6

Ford Fiesta Sedan 6
  • Car model: Ford
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan

In 2008, Guangdong Province’s capital city, Guangzhou, hosted the premiere of the new and sixth generation of Ford Fiesta in a sedan-type bodywork. Why not America? The car was oriented to the Chinese market and only later it was exported to North and South America, Australia and some Asian countries. Five years later, in 2012, the company will present an updated version of Fiesta in Los Angeles. All this time, until 2015, Russia knew Ford Fiesta well, but as a hatchback.

However, since the summer of that year, Ford Sollers has been entering the Russian market with a restyled sedan. The U.S. carmaker was more right than ever to believe that such a decision to introduce a new bodywork would result in increased sales. And what is it? In the period 2011-2015, this model received the title of the best selling car in Europe. Why the sedan has caused such a reaction around the world, read below. The whole model range is Ford.


First of all it is necessary to give due credit to designers, as appearance of Ford Fiesta makes it stand out from the surrounding cars. And restaulted, back in 2012 many critics caused positive emotions. But this phenomenon is extremely rare among budget cars. And so, in order. The first impression from the front may not be the best, but it is only the first. In this part of the car there is a whole bouquet of demonstrated emotions, such as aggressiveness, brevity, concentration and a little anger with a slice of cunning.

Immediately striking is the false radiator grille, similar to the open mouth of fish (and in front of Aston Martin), which has acquired a more traditional look and began to attract more attention. Below is the front bumper with fog lights and air intake. Although it is not the largest size, it clearly reminds us that you are not in front of the trough, but a car of good level.

Ford Fiesta front view

Black plastic edging was made for Russian production. Pinched and located almost along the body headlights add to this frightening effect and give the model of modernity. Such relief runs along the hood up to the windshield and racks. In contrast to the transfer of the sedan profile immediately causes positive emotions.

A sedan with its shape and lines, which emphasizes the sportiness of the model, appears on the side. At its relative compactness it impresses. To achieve such an effect, it is possible to achieve almost no angle between the hood and windshield, which softly passes into the roof, and the same principle into the trunk. The roof itself can be crowned with a top-of-the-range opening hatch.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the solid wings connected with each other by a “rib” running along the door. Combined with another push-in door handle, this makes the Ford Fiesta body wider visually. The windows are rather high framed in black plastic, except for the chrome-plated window sill.

Ford Fiesta side view

On the front doors there are rear-view mirrors on powerful, but no less stylish supports. The aft part of the car is decorated rather minimalistically, but with taste combined with the whole body. Someone may find such a solution boring and uninteresting, but this solution allows you to keep the image of not only a sports sedan, but also a family car.

The design contains a small trunk with an elegant bend; lanterns, divided into two parts, which are equipped with the most modern optics; a slightly protruding bumper at the bottom decorated with a chrome strip between the two reflectors and a black protection made of plastic. Whether you’re contemplating Ford Fiesta Sedan live or simply looking at the photos of this model with all its appearance, it proves that a car of any class can look dignified and expensive.


Inside, Ford Fiesta’s sedan is almost the same salon as Hatchback’s brother. The front seats are equipped with very high quality equipment. Despite the fact that the car is relatively cheap there is no sense of cheapness. Color design can be of two types that determine the equipment of the car. Convenient steering wheel with the ability to adjust the height and departure are covered with leather and equipped with a small number of service buttons.

Further, behind the steering wheel there is a stylishly designed information panel, illuminated by a pleasant white color. Problems with access or readability of other functions do not arise either. In the middle of the front panel there is a 3.5 inch screen, instrument control panel and multimedia divided into upper and lower parts.

Ford Fiesta interior

The screen mentioned at the beginning of the list can also serve as a navigator and allows you to monitor the rear view cameras. The sound system itself is presented by SONY, which can be concluded by looking at the player. In general, the “torpedo” is made of soft plastic and includes lacquered and even metal elements.

Driver’s seats and front passenger’s seats are shaped to make you feel confident. Covered with quality material, they hold a person in place due to good side support and various adjustments.

Ford Fiesta photo of the salon

The fact that “Fiesta” looks rather large is not an illusion and sitting in the cabin feels comfortable both in the front row and in the back seats due to the sufficient amount of space, although the width is only 1.72 meters, the cabin is quite high. However, despite the planned five seats, if there are three seats in the back, the comfort will have to be sacrificed.

Behind the passenger sofa there is a 465-litre trunk and, if desired, the sofa can be expanded by transforming the same sofa, which allows for longer loads to be carried. The only inconvenience is the rather high position of the boot lid.


Ford Sollers assembles three engine variants on the conveyor belt, which since 2016 has been the engine not only for Fiesta, but also for Focus and EcoSport models. All three versions have a capacity of 1.6 litres per four cylinders and 16 valves. The basic version is quite economical and consumes 95 – 8 liters in the city, and moving along the highway only 6 by 100 kilometers.

It produces 85 horsepower thanks to a torque of 141 N*m, which together allows the Ford Fiesta to reach 100 km/h in just 12.8 seconds. It comes with a manual gearbox, but with it you can squeeze out no less than 173 km/h maximum. The more powerful second variant is equal in strength to 105 horses. Accordingly, the H*m index is already higher and reaches 148.

Ford Fiesta engine

These figures have had an impact on agility, where the time from 0 to 100 will take the machine only 11.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is now approximately 185 km/h. In this version the customer has a choice: either a manual transmission or a “robot” called “Power Shift” working on six stages.

The same semi-automatic machine is installed on the Ford Mondeo and Focus. The top version is equipped with almost the same set of only power accordingly surpasses the brothers of their smaller, horsepower here 120. And here up to one hundred this unit will deliver you in just 10.7 seconds. The maximum speed is not much more than at “average” version, 188 km/h. Such an engine is offered in tandem only with a robotic version of the gearbox.

It is noteworthy that the consumption of engines per 100 kilometers is approximately the same, and varies only in tenths. The front wheels have disc brakes and the rear wheels have drums. Top versions of the Ford Fiesta allow you to install disc drives on the rear wheels. In addition, there is an electric power steering. Suspension is typical for most city cars in front of the independent MacPherson racks, and behind working on the bend of the beam.

Complete sets and prices

Packages with a choice of different functions and options are only four. The prices are different and very different. Their detailed description can be found below.


The most budgetary package costing about $ 9623, has the most budgetary equipment and 85-powered engine, respectively. For this money it will get a microlift of the driver’s seat, the ability to adjust the steering column in height and pitch, climate control, central locking with remote control, power windows, a pair of front airbags, ABS with EBD, ESC, TCS, HLA and EBL, electric rearview mirrors with direction indicators. The steering wheel is equipped with an electric drive. The multimedia system consists of a 3.5″ or 5″ screen, radio, CD drive, Bluetooth and USB. For 535$ there is an option to add an air conditioner, a more functional radio, and the steering wheel is equipped with button functionality.


The essence of this package is based on the previous one, except that it is supplemented by a motor with a capacity of 105 “horses” and a wider choice of functions. First of all, instead of a manual gearbox, you can choose a robotic version for which you will have to pay additional 765 $. There is already an on-board computer working on the SYNC system, which allows you to set up the car, so to speak, for yourself. And there are more options in the Trend package for Fiesta. At will it is possible to order cast disks in diameter of 15 inches in diameter for 306 $. The package includes three optional “sub-packages”. And with a total of Ford Fiesta Trend with a maximum of options and additions price tag will be $ 11750.

Ford Fiesta Sedan 6

Trend Plus

As before, the range of functions is only increasing in view of the above. The stabilization system (ESP) has been added, which can even save lives in the event of an emergency. Among other things, everything that was optional in the previous two packages is now the standard content of Trend Plus (hence the name), but the bluetooth still remains in the options. Here you can also choose between leather steering wheel, climate control, parktronic and voice controlled navigation. 12515 $. will cost such a complete set of the car.


When choosing a maximally equipped sedan with 120 hp under the hood and in addition to the above mentioned functions will be added a hatch over the heads of passengers. And without that comfortable seats are now also made of leather. The source of interior lighting will be LEDs with seven variants of color design. In the event of a collision, seven airbags will be provided. Taking into account the functions mentioned above, you will find here: rain and light sensors, cruise control, the innovative MyFord Touch multimedia system, which is already available with a 6.5-inch touch screen. Options include keyless access, rear parktronic, folding side mirrors, and starting the engine via a button. The top version is sold at a price of about $13 846.

Ford Fiesta photo auto

The Ford SYNC operating system and the functions of the on-board computer, developed by the company together with the developers of Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive, have been improved exclusively for the better during the existence of the on-board computer. The main advantage of the OS is the ability to give voice commands to control multimedia devices and even a mobile device connected via bluetooth. The control is carried out by means of the above mentioned screen with diagonals of 3.5 and 5 inches and joystick, which, in fact, does not breeze with reliability.

The on-board computer allows to observe the engine temperature, fuel consumption, also shows the working gear and suggests the most suitable moment for its switching both up and down. Ford offers another additional function as an option. Its meaning is that the owner can program the machine for various restrictions, for example, speed, volume of work of loudspeakers and so on. The need for it remains in question.

We sum up

The Ford Fiesta Sedan is a very good choice for the majority of drivers, because in addition to many features the car has a fairly serious means of protection, which is important, as for a family with a child, as well as for the elderly. Thanks to its unusual body shapes, the American stands out from any flow of cars, unless it is a Ford Sollers conveyor in Elabuga.

Convenience, a large selection of options, but also functional packages of machines will help to choose, as well as a budget option, and the model with maximum opportunities. Unfortunately, as well as everywhere, in this machine is not without flaws, but it only gives an occasion to become better, moreover, a flaw for one person will be a highlight for another. So, on this basis, it remains only to admit that the company Ford has not missed, putting into production this sports sedan almost all over the world.

Photo of the new Ford Fiesta Sedan 6

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Ford Fiesta Sedan 2015 photo

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