The Ford Focus 3 and what’s known about the 4th generation

The Ford Focus 3 and what’s known about the 4th generation
  • Car model: Ford
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan, Hatchback, Wagon

The Ford Focus 3 sedan version was introduced in the winter of 2014 in Geneva. Almost immediately it became clear that the cars will amaze with their restyling. The car has changed its headlights, bumpers. The third generation of this car, which is undoubtedly popular in the Russian Federation, appeared in 2011, but over the years has lost the leading position in terms of sales volume plans. It may seem to some that the company is a little late with the upgrade. The whole model range is Ford.


The concept of designer appearance of the third family of Focus is based on the concept car Iosis Max, but the Sedan’s version became longer, however, and lower than the predecessor. The contours of the car Ford Focus 3 before the update had a dynamic streamlined shape, and after the update the car became much more serious, even a little bit visible similarity with the famous brand Aston Martin.

The Ford Focus 3 has matured and matured noticeably. The front part of almost all underwent restyling, perfectly harmonizes with other novelties from the company Ford, fits into his family, the appearance of which is made by one corporate template. The front optical lighting system has been redesigned to look even narrower.

The new Ford Focus

The radiator grille became brighter, and was made in a style already familiar to all. Thin headlights, protruding hood – all this emphasizes the overall expressiveness of the machine. The front bumper has acquired an improved relief that gives a certain spirit of sport. The bumper houses a wide air intake.

There are fog lights, which received a trapezoidal shape and black trim. Thanks to restyling, the appearance of Ford Focus 3 has really become fresher. The aft part did not contain so many changes, except that the lanterns have changed. A small black spoiler was placed on the lid of the luggage compartment.

Auto Ford Focus

By the way, the stop-lights began to cover the entire aft part of the car at 3⁄4 And the detached 3rd stop-signal, which is located as standard above the oval label, adds recognizable features. The bumper has also improved its embossed parts and hints at sporty and stylish. It is clear that the updated version of Focus 3 is much more tasty and attractive than previous models. Perhaps it will help the company to regain its leading position, time will show.

Moreover, the American novelty has purchased a special sports package, where there is a presence of 17-inch two-color wheels and steering wheel switches, which will go in the car only with an automatic rifle. Now the list of color choices for painting is joined by new options, such as soft blue.

Ford Focus rear view

Despite the fact that the Ford Focus sedan belongs to the niche of low-cost cars (although the 3rd family has grown in price seriously), but the model has good quality, beautiful design solutions on the outside and inside. Engineers have introduced a large number of the latest electronic functions, as well as updated the electronics.

In general, the body design is excellent. Looking at it, you realize that Ford Focus 2017 is valued at a good penny, but in reality it is not so. Another main advantage of such a body can be called its aerodynamic component, because the frontal resistance is at the lowest level.

Ford Focus Sedan

Thanks to this, there is no unnecessary noise when driving at high speed inside the Ford Focus Hatchback. This has been achieved by the excellent noise insulation of the powertrain department, bottom and arches of the wheels. All bodies of Ford Focus 3 versions have a load-bearing all-metal welded construction, where there are hinged front fenders, doors, hood and luggage compartment lid. The windscreen and rear window are glued in.

The Ford Focus 2017 vehicles are mainly equipped with 16-inch wheel rims, but can be replaced with 17-inch wheel rims and 18-inch rollers can be used as Ford Focus tuning equipment. The whole list of cars has the same front part and it does not matter which body you choose, they all remain the same.

Ford Focus side view

The leading headlights have a structure similar to that of almond nuts. The best models of the car have LED and xenon lamps that shine like daylight. When comparing the Ford Focus 3 hatchback or sedan (it does not matter much) with the second generation, you clearly notice that the model stands out for its special sophistication.

After a quick check-up, it feels like the 2017 Ford Focus can be classified as an elite model. The designers were able to achieve this effect with the help of arches of wheels and bodywork, which received an anti-wing and smooth shapes with elongated headlights. Ford Focus 3 is exactly the same hatchback, which only slightly looks extended backwards. Therefore, their stern parts are very similar.


The interior hasn’t always been an advantage to Ford Focus. Even after the transition to the 3rd family, it did not solve most of the problems. Restyling didn’t help. Of course, the salon looks more beautiful and elegant. The finishing has now become more refined and rich, however, the salon in ergonomics has changed almost nothing. Very comfortable and spacious it can not be called.

The updated interior has received a new central console with less loaded elements of various adjustments of the car. Handbrake handle is now much more comfortable. Also worked on the noise insulation, there is a new three-spoke steering wheel and a new multimedia system that can support the function of voice control.

Interior Ford Focus 3

A quieter and more comfortable ride is ensured by the use of thicker and more modern insulation materials used in the floor, side windows and powertrain compartment. The dashboard and doors were finished with matt chrome and a new switchgear.

The company decided to keep the existing kinetic design. The “board” of devices has backlighting with pleasant blue tones. It houses a speed sensor and an engine speed sensor. Between them, a display that displays all the necessary information from the Ford Focus Restyling on-board computer has found its place.

Instrument panel

The main control unit has already received a well-known style, which has an elongated rounded shape. In addition, there is a touch screen for setting up the air conditioner and multimedia system. Between the gadgets and technical innovations, which were installed on the Ford Focus 3 in the basic version, now there is a rear camera, which functions together with the screen designed for 4.2 inches (or 8 inches – comes with machines equipped with MyFord Touch), an updated infotainment system Sync AppLink, safety features MyKey and other necessary functions that allow you to facilitate much easier driving. The interior is covered in black satin. All controls are intuitively placed and easy to reach without being distracted by the car. On each side of the multimedia system screen there are vertical ducts.

Multifunctional screen

It’s nice that the steering wheel has become much more comfortable and can now be adjusted in two planes.

The driver’s seat can be adjusted longitudinally, to the backrest inclination and height, and the front passenger’s seat can also be adjusted longitudinally and to the backrest inclination. The choice of equipment depends on whether the vehicle will have an adjustment of the lumbar support of the driver’s seat, adjustment of the lumbar support for the front passenger and electric drive of the driver’s seat.

Both front and rear seats have height-adjustable head restraints. The backrest of the rear seat can be tilted forward in a 40/60 ratio. The rear row is perfect for only two people, three of them, and is no longer as comfortable as two. It is also nice that the interior has a large number of small pockets and compartments for different things.

The steering wheel has a heating function. For a quieter ride, it was decided to install other shock absorbers, which improve the comfort of quiet riding. The luggage compartment has not changed even after the renewal and assignment of the 3rd generation in volume – the sedan still has 372 liters of usable space. If you take the saloon of the car Ford Focus universal, it is almost the same as in other versions of the body. But here there is a little more space for the second row of seats, so passengers can sit behind more comfortably.

On top of that, the Ford Focus has a more spacious luggage compartment that can already provide 476 litres of storage space in its original position. If necessary, 2 rows of seats can be folded together to increase the useful volume to an impressive 1,502 litres.



In the Russian Federation, the third series of the Ford Focus sedan version will be available with 3 engine variants. All engines are powered by gasoline, have 4 rows of cylinders, are made of aluminum and belong to the Duratec family. The engines meet the requirements of the Euro-5 environmental standard.

The weakest engine has a volume of 1.6 liters and has a 16-valve timing valve type DOHC, distributed fuel injection and a system of independent phase change gas distribution. Such a power unit produces about 105 horsepower, which is available at 6000 revolutions per minute.

Ford Focus 3 engine

Next comes a 1.6-litre engine that develops power up to 125 horsepower. The strongest is the 2.0-litre engine, which also has a distributed injection, 16-valve DOHC gas distribution system and gas distribution phase change system. Its power is 150 horsepower.

The new engine for the updated sedan will be a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine that produces 150 horses. Such a power unit has been adapted to the Russian working conditions, so it can be confidently filled with 92nd.


Synchronized 1.6-liter 105 hp engine with 5-speed manual or 6-speed robotic gearbox PowerShift, it is also put on the Ford Mondeo 5. With mechanical gearbox the sedan gains the first hundred in 12.4 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 189 km/h.

The robotic box allows to reach a mark in 100 km/h for 13.2 seconds, and the limiting speed at level of 186 km/h. If we talk about fuel consumption, the mechanical box is the leader here – in the combined mode the index remains at the level of 6.0 liters (with a robot of 6.4 liters).


Together with the younger brother, the 125 hp machine is equipped with a 5-stage mechanical box or robotic one. On the mechanics, the motor allows you to reach the first hundred in exactly 11 seconds and accelerates the machine to a mark of 198 km / h. With the robot, the performance is slightly less – 11.8 seconds. – The maximum speed is 195 km/h and the maximum speed is 100 km/h.

There is no choice of gearbox for the top engine, so it comes only with a robotic PowerShift, which allows you to reach the first hundred in just 9.2 seconds, providing a maximum speed of 204 km / h. In addition to its dynamism, the engine has excellent economic characteristics – it consumes the same 6.4 litres as the weakest engine.

The new 1.5-liter 150 hp EcoBoost engine will be synchronized with the robotic gearbox. To the value of 100 km/h the car will drive 9.3 seconds, and the maximum speed will be at the level of 210 km/h. 6.7 litres per 100 km – this consumption will be in combined mode. The drive, as it was before, is front.


The suspension has been reconfigured in the direction of smooth running. The vehicle also has an independent McPherson suspension at the front and an independent multilever suspension at the rear.


The steering mechanism is of rack and pinion type and is complemented by an electric booster. Work was carried out to reconfigure the power steering, which is now more informative, replaced almost all the bushings and silent blocks to more durable.

Brake system

All wheels are equipped with a disc braking system and the front wheels are ventilated.

Complete sets and prices

Ford Focus 3 after the update will be offered in the market of the Russian Federation in 2 versions: SYNC Edition and Titanium. Two versions will provide a total of 7 modifications, where the car will be available in different versions with a list of three engines and three gearboxes.

The basic equipment of SYNC Edition includes a large number of options and an extended package of paid functions – alarm, safety, city mode, winter and comfortable. Alarm system has a sensor of penetration into the interior. The package of safety has side airbags and window shutters with alarm system.

Photo of the Ford Focus

The city package includes rear parktronic and electronic folding of mirrors. The winter package will include electric heating of windscreen washer nozzles and front glass, heating of the steering wheel and leather trim. Comfortable package has climate control and light and rain sensors.

Modification Titanium has paid options, which are much more. For example, it is possible to carry there a package “Technologies” where there is a cruise control, the gauge of pressure in wheels. Taking into account the acceptable equipment modifications, service packages may not be useful.

Basic equipment includes availability:

  • 16-inch steel discs and full-size spare parts;
  • Halogen optics;
  • Fog headlights;
  • ESP, HLA;
  • Pairs face-to-face AirBag;
  • Bortkomputer;
  • Fabric interior;
  • Leather steering wheel;
  • Front electric window lifters;
  • Front window and front seat heating functions;
  • Side mirrors with electric regulation and heating.

Ford Focus front view

The driver’s seat can be mechanically adjusted in height, height and outreach of the steering column, there is an audio system for 6 speakers, immobilizer and central locking. The cheapest set of 1.6 (105 horses) Ambiente MT is estimated from 15009 $. The most top-ranked one will cost from 18451 $ – for a 1.5-liter 150 hp engine and automatic 6-speed gearbox.

Ford Focus Electric

When January 2009 came, during the North American Automobile Show, Ford Company provided a full-fledged electric car BEV, designed in an “alliance” with Magna International, a major supplier of automotive components. The test model of the prototype was presented in the body of the Ford Focus as a carrier of installations.

The electric car has a full-fledged electric motor installed on the newest global Ford C-series base. The model was driven by an electric motor and lithium-ion battery.

Photo of Ford Focus ElectricFord Focus Electric front view Ford Focus Electric photo car

Ford Focus Electric electrohombie

In one night of charging, the car could have traveled about 80 miles. The U.S. company planned that before the electric car was sold, the maximum stock would be increased to 100 miles. This battery pack has seven modules of 17 lithium-ion cells that produce 23 kWh of power.

They have been decided to be placed in the luggage compartment and under the chairs. Ford Focus Electric was charged from the standard 220V or 110V mains socket. It took 6 or 12 hours to fully charge the batteries (depending on which outlet). The engine compartment had a 100-kilowatt electric motor with a permanent magnet mounted on the chassis, which runs on three-phase alternating current coming from the battery through the inverter.

All other elements were arranged as a standard machine. Since June 2009, it was reported that a full-fledged Ford Focus electric car of the following series will be produced at the Michigan plant. Starting in 2011, the car will be sold in the United States of America and Canada.

In September 2009, the car was shown at the Frankfurt exhibition as a concept car in the body of the European Ford Focus 2 family. The model could move on one charge up to 120 kilometers, and the top speed was at the level of 137 km/h. It took 6 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery (230 V and 210 V).

Charging the Ford Focus Electric

In winter in Cologne, the management of General Motors announced that the construction of the car in America will be named Focus Electric. In the spring of 2010, the company announced the launch of production of the electric machine in 2012. Compact Power Inc., a subsidiary of LG Chem Group, supplied lithium-ion batteries for cars.

Previously, it was chosen by GM Corporation for Chevrolet Volt. Initially, the production of batteries will be set up in Korea with a board assembly in the United States of America, and later production will begin in the city of Michigan (USA). Ford Focus Electric was launched on December 14, 2011.

Ford Focus 4

Preparation of the new Ford Focus 4 was brought to the “final chord” – the main work of the development department has been completed, so at the moment the car is being finished. Journalists managed to detect prototype versions in camouflage on the road. Based on the data of the English magazine Autocar, the new Ford Focus 4 2018 will be presented in the first part of 2018, but some information about the car is already known today.

The new Ford Focus is planned to be built on the famous “cart” Global C, which lies at the heart of the 2nd and 3rd versions. The vehicle will be almost unchanged in size, but the wheelbase will grow by about 5 cm. Given this point, it is not difficult to conclude that it will significantly increase the space for the rear passengers.

Photo Ford Focus 4

According to these parameters, the current generation is seriously losing to many opponents and even to some B+ class cars! Taking into account all this, the American will weigh less than 50 kilograms. Together with the body changed the windshield and the hatch of the gasoline tank. This was achieved by using the latest materials during the production of the body. The newest materials not only weigh less, but also do not lose in rigidity.

The most important bodywork solution in European countries is the 5-door hatchback, but the models are planned to sell both in the sedan body and the wagon. Besides, “off-road” variant Active can be produced, having plastic body overlays and slightly increased clearance in height.

Nobody excludes that the cars of the fourth generation will go with all-wheel drive system – then the transmission will pass from a single-platform vehicle – a crossover Ford Kuga. The European list of power units will be slightly reduced – the basic atmospheric 1.6-liter 85 hp engine will not go anymore. The standard engine will be a turbocharged 3-cylinder 1.0 EcoBoost, but the number of possible boosters will increase from 2 to 3 (100, 125 and 139 horsepower).

Ford Focus 2018

There is also EcoBoost gasoline in the range from 1 to 2.3 litres. It is represented by a four-cylinder engine that develops up to 180 “horses”. They did not forget to mention the presence of gasoline turbocharged 1.5 and 2.0-liter engines. Among the “diesel engines” remains the only 1.5-liter TDCi, which is currently produced in versions for 95, 105 and 120 “horses”. The two-liter engine is probably planned to be installed only on the “charged” version of the ST. In addition, the brand will retain a full-fledged electric car.

As a synchronization with the engines is a 5-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission with 6 speeds, equipped with a proprietary dual clutch Power Shift. There are rumors that Ford Focus 4 generation will receive a new 9-speed “automatic”.

Looking at the spy photo of the interior, the shape of the front panel is now more succinct and resembles the new Fiesta. It is planned that this will affect the spaciousness inside the hatchback, as the current model takes up a lot of space installed by a large panel.

Ford Focus 4 photo auto

Autocar employees cited a statement by one of the Ford’s design workgroups, who admitted that with the 3rd generation Focus and 6th generation Fiesta front panels, they were clearly too much. It’s not yet easy to speak out about the exterior of the Ford Focus 4 generation, however, judging by the photos, it becomes clear that the rear car racks no longer have small windows, and the lamps installed at the back, will come out on the luggage compartment cover, which has never been typical of the model.

Taking into account the spirit of fashion and the demands of the Focus generation fans, Ford has devoted a lot of time to interior decoration of its own car. The choice of quality material was based on the considerable experience of rivals from Europe. Distinguishes an interior of the future generation leaving from excessive severity.

Photo of the Ford Focus Titanium

Taking into account all this, the company plans to conduct a full study of the multimedia system in the form of interface design and performance improvement. Employees want to adapt the multimedia system with the work of AppleCar and AndroidAuto. Nobody excludes the possibility of installing a digital “board” of devices. The machines want to equip with the function of rear seat heating, which clearly indicates the adaptation to the Russian winter.

Tuning Ford Focus 3

Ford Focus Tuning includes the installation of special elements that help to have a positive impact on the exterior and interior of the machine. Thanks to some changes, it is possible to increase the aerodynamic performance. The owner can even make the appearance of a real sports rally car, assemble a maneuverable car that will be ready for an extreme challenge.

The American Ford Focus car is not tuned as often as its “brothers” in the face of a sedan and hatchback. Some are installing unique kits on the body of the car, which make the exterior more stylish. With this element, the car can be recognized as before, but it will look more spectacular.

Tuned Ford Focus

The kit usually includes a list of bumpers and thresholds, as well as sports wings that improve the aerodynamic performance and dynamism of the car. Thanks to the thought-out front skirt it is possible to adjust the air flow, and with the help of the front spoiler the car will not only be original, but together with a balanced rise in strength will provide a rational ratio of downforce to ground, reduce the production of tires and gasoline consumption on the road.

Do not forget about the wiring, which will add a more sporty image and help to create a racing car image. Complementing the look of the Ford Focus 3 generation is the installation of a rear bumper diffuser that drains air from under the car. In addition, you can put a spoiler that presses the vehicle to the roadway, which will create additional maneuverability.

Ford Focus photo tuning

Do not forget to set the thresholds that connect smoothly to the wheel arches, which will only have a positive effect on the aerodynamic performance. Thanks to the installation of the thresholds, it will be possible to create an unusual appearance that clearly stands out in the urban traffic of cars. The presence of a massive front bumper and air intake, interesting design notes and “fog lights” will allow the owner of the Ford Focus universal (as well as in the body of the sedan and hatchback) to emphasize its status and outlook.

For the sedan body version, you can install a spoiler on the rear bumper of the car. Using smooth curves along the entire length of the wing, it is possible to obtain an acceptable downforce of the rear axle, while spending a minimum amount of money for aerodynamic characteristics. The sedan will become more obedient and pleasant while driving. Also it is possible to underline tuning of Ford Focus with eyelashes on headlights, allowing to stand out the car among other participants of movement.

Tuning Ford Focus

In addition, it is possible to get improved running lights with bright LED lights, which can be easily installed in the sedan bumper. They have an interesting bright blue, green or pink hue. The Ford Focus Universal tuning range includes a front spoiler, a 3-ribbed front bumper cone and sill guards. It is possible to put a chrome exhaust pipe on the exhaust system and a light alloy “roller” with a stylish design.

The latter are 17 to 20 inches in diameter. It is planned to install a low suspension and sports exhaust. To increase the engine power from 150 to 168 “horses” it is necessary to install a chip. All works are carried out with the help of a diagnostic opening, without disassembling the control unit.

The torque can also be increased from 202 to 230 Nm. But, if the car has an automatic transmission, in order to improve the performance of its power unit, you need to stitch the automatic. Then the failure in acceleration will become a thing of the past, the dynamic characteristics of the “American” will increase, and it will be possible to lower gasoline consumption.


It is not difficult to guess that it is easier to materially change consumables and carry out planned inspections on their own. This is not so difficult, and the cost of maintenance depends only on the cost per part. According to the Ford Focus 3 Universal Repair Manual (this includes the sedan body and hatchback), it is necessary to carry out regulated maintenance only at the maintenance station, despite the fact that the price of such services is quite high.

The frequency of maintenance for the third generation of the Ford Focus is 15,000 kilometres or one year. However, taking into account the difficult operation, it is advisable to reduce the interval in order to replace oils and air filters to ten thousand kilometers and more. Below is a list of the works for maintenance 1.

The oil filter and oil in the power pack must be changed. During maintenance work 1 and the rest of the machine must be checked:

  • Crankcase ventilation structure;
  • Inspect the transmission;
  • Crankcase Crankcase;
  • Front and rear suspension;
  • Wheels and tyres;
  • Check operation of steering wheel;
  • Loose steering wheel;
  • Check hydraulic brake drive lines and brake devices;
  • Vacuum amplifier;
  • Manual brake;
  • Battery pack;
  • Fresh ignition;
  • Lamps of headlamps;
  • Allow time to check the seatbelts and their fasteners.

What actions are required to be taken during maintenance 2 (30,000 km). All manipulations specified in TO 1 – replace oil and oil filter. This also includes the air filter and the cabin filter. Brake fluid must be replaced. Maintenance Procedure List 3 (45,000 km). Also, all manipulations described in TO 1. In addition, new spark plugs must be installed. List of actions for maintenance 4 (60 000 km). Align maintenance work 1 and 2.

In addition, the timing belt should be checked and replaced if there is any space for wear. Repeat maintenance work 1 when working on maintenance 5 (75,000 km). When the mileage reaches 90,000 km, attention should be paid to maintenance 6.

Use the manipulations described in TO 1, TO 2 and TO 3. TO 7 is carried out with the mileage of 105 000 km and includes the works of TO 1. TO 8 is carried out with the mileage of 120 000 km. All the manipulations described in TO 1, TO 2 should be performed here. If the 1.6-liter engine is worth 1.6-liter, the belt of the gas distribution mechanism must be replaced.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant updated appearance of the car;
  • Good level of aerodynamic resistance;
  • Large wheels;
  • Improved interior;
  • Seats have good side support;
  • Availability of color LCD screen;
  • Good even basic equipment;
  • Acceptable level of safety;
  • There is something to choose from among the range of engines;
  • Strong power units;
  • The small expense of fuel even the top motor;
  • Various auxiliary systems;
  • Many complete sets;
  • Moderate price policy of the company;
  • In a ruler there is a motor which is adapted to the Russian roads;
  • Spacious and beautiful interior;
  • Good noise insulation and resistance to vibrations;
  • Acceptable height of road clearance;
  • The salon with the last generation became more qualitative and ergonomic;
  • Energy-intensive pendant;
  • Rapid sports youth design;
  • It is possible to choose between three bodies (sedan, hatchback and universal);
  • There is a high-grade electric model.

Cons of a car

  • Not completely cleaned up problem areas of the interior;
  • The rear sofa will be small for three passengers;
  • The volume of the luggage compartment has remained at the same level;
  • The quality of the cabin still leaves much to be desired;
  • Poor quality paintwork;
  • The basic power plant has weak dynamics;
  • Wheel arches have received imperfect noise insulation;
  • The front panel takes up a lot of free space in the cabin.

We sum up

Having updated the already well-known Ford Focus 3 generation sedan, the automotive company is still trying to regain its leading position. To some extent, they have all the possibilities for this. They have changed the appearance of the car, which has become more rapid, received smooth lines and stampings, began to look more youthful and, at the same time, stylish.

Inside, although not very noticeable cardinal changes, but, nevertheless, the quality of the interior and materials used has improved. On the spot there is an LCD display and stylish vertical air ducts of the climatic system. There was an interesting illumination. It is a pity, but on the back sofa three passengers will not be so comfortable, but for two seats more than enough.

Ford Focus Universal

The luggage compartment of the updated sedan remains, unfortunately, the same that is not good. We were pleased with the rich equipment, even in the basic equipment, as well as a large number of modifications. All power units have enough power to feel confident on the road and during overtaking. It is also worth mentioning the economy of all engines, so this car is well suited to driving in the city.

The company has taken care of safety, paying it enough attention. Different systems and assistants work perfectly and help the driver to drive the car. Moreover, the fact that General Motors has provided for the production of a full-fledged electric car, indicates that Americans want to keep up with modern technologies. It also indicates the desire to take more care of the environment of our planet.

Photo of the new Ford Focus

Of course, the world-famous Tesla, the Focus Electric is still a long way off, both in terms of dynamics and in terms of single-charge travel distance. However, workers have already made a significant contribution and are also continuing to improve. It is nice that the famous American car Ford Focus is not standing still, but is constantly developing and updating. Otherwise, it will not work – because then you can lose a lot of customers who will give preference to other cars.

We advise you to read the article: Ford History

Ford Focus 2015 photo

Test drive

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