Ford Mondeo 5

Ford Mondeo 5
  • Car model: Ford
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Liftback, Sedan

Photos of the new Ford Mondeo in 2015 clearly demonstrate what a great step in the automotive industry has been made by the American manufacturer. The European version with the new corporate style is already being actively sold, and Mondeo will appear in Russia only in spring.

It is expected that the assembly of “Americans” will take place directly in Russia, at the Ford plant in Vsevolozhsk. Initially, Russians will be offered to buy only a sedan, although in Europe it is possible to buy a wagon and an elevator. The whole model range is Ford.


The nose part of the car has a branded radiator grille in the style of sports cars Aston Martin, as well as modern headlights. The grille now looks not only solid, stylish and charismatic, but also has been equipped with active blinds, which are able to close in order to improve the aerodynamic characteristics.

The front headlamps are now fully equipped with LED headlamps – Ford Dynamic LED (can be set as a separate option). Neighbouring and high beam have a pivoting mechanism and the direction indicators have become dynamic along with the daytime running lights. The headlamps are narrowly shaped and are strongly stretched on the sides of the lighting elements. They were installed at an angle and fit perfectly into the design of the new car.

Ford Mondeo 5 photo

If you look closely, you can see a couple of V-plexuses in front of you that look a little like a crown. A small, however, very valuable element is the logo of the company. It is installed on top of the grille, in the center of the frontal view at the base of the hood. It is responsible for the stylistic function. The side part is responsible for the presence of fog lights.

These two lamps are connected to the bumper lines and have a round shape. This solution was borrowed from Ford Kuga 2015. From below, the shape of the Ford is perfectly complemented by the cuts, which act as an air inlet together with the bumper. The front part is futuristic and saturated. Everything is in its place and looks great. The side of the car Ford Mondeo shows the presence of modernity and fashionable stampings, side mirrors on the legs, high window sill with small glass on the sides.

There are surface splashes and troughs on the body, a dome-shaped roof line and superb, as if the circulating arches of the wheels. The side of the car is noticeably catching up in beauty and attractiveness. In addition, you can feel the presence of a sporty character of the car. This is partly due to the sharp corners of the front end with a side view. The headlamps installed in front are clearly visible from the side, which creates a feeling of omnipresence of lighting.

Ford Mondeo 5 car

The lines that take off from the headlamps in front of you and go far to the back look just as good. They increase or decrease smoothly, making semicircular outlines near the door handles and the base of the doors. Mirrors of rear visibility came out slightly protruding on the side as much as 13 cm. The mirrors were also updated and received repeaters of turns.

The stern of the American car can attract attention and looks quite harmonious. It looks no less beautiful than in front of the car. It has neat overall lamps with LED filling, a powerful bumper with a diffuser and built-in trapezoidal nozzles of the exhaust system, a huge roof of the luggage compartment, which provides easy access to the luggage compartment.

The rear headlamps are connected to each other by a line in the middle of which the company’s nameplate is installed. The result is a kind of arc. In the lower part, there is a small visor on which the auxiliary lights are placed. If we talk about the luggage door, it was placed at a height convenient for loading, which will allow you to load things into the car without much difficulty when collecting.

Some modifications of the car have a pair of exhaust pipes, which not only serves for stylistic addition to the exterior of the car, but also increases its sportiness. The new 5th division of the Ford Mondeo 2015-2016 in the Russian Federation will be available only in a four-door sedan body. A little later, it is likely that there will be a five-door elevator. As for the model in the bodywork, it will probably not be sold to Russians at all, because this bodywork has a fairly low demand from buyers.


The salon of the new Ford Mondeo 5 looks modern and stylish, but in some places the finishing materials were used obviously of a budgetary nature – the gaps between the details of the plastic are uneven, and the entire interior was going to be quite careless. This level of quality is simply unacceptable in business class, in the car, the price of which is almost 30 000 euros. Most of the additional equipment is installed only as an option, and some equipment will not be provided to the Russian Federation even for an additional fee.

In order to have an advanced and informative dashboard, 10 inch multifunctional graphic color screen, multimedia complex Ford SYNC 2 with a screen at 20.3 cm, which supports touch input, music, phone, navigation system, voice control, front multi-circuit seats with the function of heating, ventilation and massage, parking assistant, security system – you will need to pay a lot of money.

Interior of Ford Mondeo 5

In general, the interior of the new Mondeo 5th generation is really 5-seater. The driver and four passengers will be able to stay comfortably. Those who sit on the back row will be very comfortable and due to the presence of ventilation system deflectors, as well as seat heating function. Inflatable seat belts, such as those in the interior of the new Mercedes S-Class, surprised.

Despite the lack of refined and expensive materials, it is impossible to say that inside the car there is a meager world. You can find everything here, but if you compare it with the appearance, the interior loses by many criteria. To tell the truth, if there was no front panel, there would be nothing more to please. Already as usual, at the head of the corner of the console, installed in the center, mounted the display, and underneath it are the control keys.

If to speak for functionality, the steering wheel here does not lose anything. The steering wheel has acquired a large number of adjustments, which will be useful not only for driving the car, but also if necessary to change the temperature state in the interior, to change the disc in the audio system. When looking at the steering wheel, a new dashboard is striking. It has undergone noticeable improvements.

Ford Mondeo photo salon

New electronic sensors have appeared, which have received attractive design. After driving, you realize that you can’t just pick on the chairs. Sitting comfortably and comfortably, there is lateral support. For the chauffeur there is a comfortable armrest, under the gear lever there is a niche for placing different drinks. The back row is not deprived of comfort, to be present in the car is pleasant enough, however the upholstery has let down a little bit somewhere.

The lower part of the centre console has been narrowed down and is one piece together with the gearshift panel. Despite the fact that it looks rather modest, it is not ascetic. There is a wide tunnel between the front seats, which is a bit of a hindrance and takes away a lot of free space.

Ford Mondeo trunk

It ends with an armrest as wide as the one that tilts upwards. The materials used in the finishing process are of good, sound and practical quality. The plastic has become softer and does not squeak. The expensive version of the interior has natural leather.

The driver’s seat is not without a wide range of settings, adjustments, high side supports, comfortable and easily adjustable headrest. There is plenty of space in the legs. The luggage compartment has 429 litres of storage space. To be honest, there is also a spare part.


If we talk about the technical component of the American car Ford Mondeo of the 5th generation, then three power units will be provided for the Russian Federation. All of them operate on gasoline and are synchronized only with the 6-range automatic PowerShift box. The very first one is the atmospheric 2.5-liter engine, which produces 150 horses. However, it is with a twist – it can run on 92 m of gasoline.

Next comes the turbocharged 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine, which produces 203 horsepower. It helps to reach the first hundred in 8.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 232 km/h. It requires fuel of the order of 5.6 liters per 100 km in combined mode. The top version of the 2.0-liter turbocharger is also from the EcoBoost family, capable of producing 240 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque.

Thanks to this engine, the car accelerates to the value of 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 240 km/h. The average fuel consumption is not much higher than the average engine – only 5.8 litres per 100 km. It was decided to use the front wheels as the driving wheels.

Ford Mondeo 5 engine

Ford Mondeo 5 is based on the new global CD4 database, which is a seriously improved version of the previous CD3. An independent McPherson suspension is installed at the front and a multileverage scheme with a small vertical lever between the main transverse trunnion is installed at the back.

The body component was developed from a clean sheet and 61% of the high strength steel in its construction was alloyed for a percentage of steel, and the panel on the floor was made of magnesium alloy, so that a large sedan takes up a mass of only 1560-1562 kg, depending on what equipment and power unit will be chosen. The truck was equipped with a steering wheel control system with the help of electric amplifier, which is able to automatically adjust to the road conditions and speed mode.

Brake system

The braking system of a Ford Mondeo car is represented by disc brakes on all wheels, and in the front one it is also ventilated. The design of the brakes is quite simple – a single piston and floating caliper.

Despite the fact that the car has a fairly large size, it is nimble and easy to drive bends and steep sections of the road, while perfectly listening to the steering wheel, clearly holds a straight and chosen by the driver trajectory and has a balanced suspension settings. If there are rollers, they are minimal, the walking is tightly assembled, but it is quite comfortable and soft when driving on an uneven road.


The exterior dimensions of the new Ford Mondeo’s sedan body and elevator are completely similar. The length of the car is 4,872 mm, width 1,852 (without rearview mirrors), height 1,478 mm, wheelbase is 2,850 mm. The height of the ground clearance is modest 128 mm, but for drivers from the Russian Federation, this figure will be increased to 145 mm, which is certainly not a good thing.

Depends on what equipment the new Ford Mondeo will have, it will be equipped with light alloy wheels with the size of 16 or 17 inches. Additionally it is possible to buy disks of the increased size on 18 or 19 inches. The possibility of choosing discs will surprise even a very picky car enthusiast.

Complete sets and prices

For the Russian Federation, the Sedanic version of the Ford Mondeo 2015 will be available in Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus. The company asks from $20 395 for a standard 2.5 Ambiente AT with a 2.5-liter engine and 149 horsepower. For $22 751, the Trend AT will be available with the same engine.

For $24 541 you can buy a model of the Titanium AT with the same specifications. 26683 $- exactly as much is the complete set of 2.0 Titanium AT with 2.0-liter powertrain capacity of 199 horsepower. Modification of 2.0 Titanium Plus AT with the same engine is estimated from 30 064 $. The top version of 2.0 Titanium Plus AT with a 2.0-liter engine, giving 240 horsepower will cost from $ 30 829.

Ford Mondeo view from behind

The basic equipment includes seven airbags (driver’s knee cushion present), ABS, ESC, air conditioning, emergency braking system, four power windows and an audio system with 6 speakers and USB connector. More expensive equipment includes front PTFE, windscreen heating, front seat heating, climate control with a pair of coverage areas and “music” for 8 speakers.

Even improved equipment Titanium has in itself the presence of already cruise control, parktronic, multimedia complex SYNC 2 and other equipment. Top equipment Ford Mondeo 5 Titanium Plus has, among other things, the presence of dynamic LED headlights, rear visibility cameras, navigation system, rear seat heating, rear inflatable seat belts, front seats with massage option, electrical adjustments and ventilation and other equipment.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • The presence of strict solid design;
  • Spacious and comfortable interior;
  • Not bad quality of interior materials;
  • Good noise insulation;
  • Not bad controllability;
  • Clear informative steering wheel;
  • Functions of heating of all windshield;
  • Convenient and clear dashboard;
  • A spacious luggage compartment;
  • Elastic balanced suspension;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Acceptable height of road clearance;
  • Good aerodynamic parameters;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Good stability on a road site;
  • Soft and smooth running;
  • Presence of light-emitting diode system of illumination;
  • Wide aperture of luggage branch;
  • Moderate degree of safety.

Cons of a car

  • Average visibility;
  • Side windows get dirty quickly;
  • Slowly warms up the interior of the car;
  • Uncomfortable throat of a gasoline tank;
  • The big cost of the car;
  • Absence of diesel power units;
  • Still small road clearance, as for our roads (especially if the car will be loaded);
  • Sometimes on roughness of a body creaks;
  • Large overhangs;
  • Expensive service;
  • Electronics problems;
  • Low landing;
  • Three people will not sit comfortably in the back because of the tunnel installed in the middle;
  • Most options have to be purchased additionally;
  • Large dimensions.

We sum up

After getting acquainted with the American car Ford Mondeo of the 5th generation, there are only pleasant feelings. Yes, the car is not finished yet, but the company is on the right road. What’s more, the updated appearance of the American sedan, which has become more aggressive in front, stylish, modern and at the same time restrained, is worth it. All lines, punches please the eye and give an improved style.

And the use of the company’s LED lighting system indicates a desire to keep pace with modern global trends. It’s nice that the company paid attention to the Russians and made them a special “gift”, increasing the height of the ground clearance for them. Both elevatorback and sedan look simply magnificent. After getting into the interior of the car, you realize that you decided to save a little money on the quality of parts, but saves the front panel and a beautiful dashboard.

Ford Mondeo front view

The centrally located display will allow for faster and more efficient control of the vehicle and various adjustments. The steering wheel is excellent and has different settings and adjustments so that the driver is not distracted from the driving experience. Separately, it is worth mentioning the front seats, which are quite comfortable and have good side support.

There is plenty of space in the back, but the passenger sitting in the center may not be comfortable because of the tunnel under his feet. The luggage compartment is well sized and wide enough to allow loading and unloading in a comfortable manner. The company has not forgotten about the safety of the compartment, providing it with various systems and airbags.

More expensive equipment includes inflatable seat belts. Only three engines have been provided for Russia, but they can fulfill their purpose. They will be able to drive up the mountain with confidence and overtake other cars without a doubt. I would like to say separately that these power units, despite their capacity, have a modest appetite, which will be very useful, especially if you drive in urban conditions.

Ford Mondeo 5

The availability of various equipment also made us happy, which will allow us to please, if not everyone, then many people. It is a pity that the company has not yet improved the quality of the interior, which still leaves much to be desired. However, it is a shame that in order to use some systems, or services or functions, it will be necessary to buy them separately, and the price of the car is not so small.

Large dimensions of the car with more than compensated by parktronic and various assistants. We hope that the company will be able to take into account the existing shortcomings and change the car, or rather its interior, for the better, because the appearance of the car is already seriously superior to previous editions of the car. Then the company will manage to gain respect and recognition of even greater car enthusiasts.

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Ford Mondeo 5 photo

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