Ford Mustang Fastback

Ford Mustang Fastback
  • Car model: Ford Mustang
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1964
  • Body Type: Coupe

Prior to its official launch in 1964, Mustang was the main vehicle under discussion among the media. Such a successful performance in the media was such a positive achievement that at the beginning of the day, manufacturers saw a large number of people, which surpassed all assumptions. The whole model range is Ford Mustang.

The dealers even decided to close the doors of the exhibition centre in order to prevent injuries to people in the crowd. At another dealership, they installed a new car manufacturing facility on a support and started to lift it up so that everyone present could see it and do no harm to each other. There were buyers who wanted to be the first to buy a car, they were willing to overpay for the car, but to be the first to buy it.

Initially, there were two stamps, two seats and a folding top. The American car Ford Mustang Fastback acquired its second fame by participating in the movie “Furious: Tokyo Drift”. It was managed by Sean Boswell (Lucas Black). The car participated in the race in the mountains against Takashi (Brian Tee) and was seriously damaged.


It is not necessary to say much about the fact that Ford Mustang Festback was a huge success in sales and enjoyed great popularity among motorists. The car is very beautiful, its long hood and small top prevailed over the design of other cars from Europe. The standing narrow grey-blueish radiator grille was made of a 3-sided chrome line and embellished with an emblem of chrome with the image of a jumping pony in the center. Frankly fake air intakes are placed on both sides of the grille.

Due to the unsuccessful design and quality of this place, the prestige of Ford has fallen slightly. The square jacks of front lighting and pseudo air intakes were made with individual details and occasionally approached each other or the grid. This car can be called elegant and elegant, because there are no huge strips and air intakes on the hood, there are no inscriptions on the wheels.

Photo Ford Mustang Fastback


The interior looked very beautiful and seemed expensive. The front seats were vinyl, although it was possible to combine them into a sofa, which was new in those days. The instrument panel was cast with light numbers on a dark background. On the sides of the speed meter you can find round sensors that showed the temperature and level of gasoline.

And the speedometer itself is made in such a style, which later, years later, was released VAZovskaya model. The steering wheel had three spokes, and the rim was very thin. Near the central tunnel there was a handle of the checkpoint, behind which the regulators of air supply to the cabin looked. Black leather interior blended perfectly with the dark color of the interior cladding and doors.

Ford Mustang Salon Interior of Ford Mustang Ford Mustang Salon


Delivered by Ford Mustang Fastback with a 4.7 liter V6 powertrain that developed 271 horsepower and was paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Front and rear suspensions were installed independently.

Ford Mustang engine

Complete sets and prices

You can buy a stock American model Ford Mustang Fastback from $20,000 to $35,000. However, do not forget about customs clearance of the car, because we are not talking about the manipulations themselves, but about the high cost of registering a car in Russia. The price of the car depends on the year of manufacture, the degree of modification and tuning (if any) and the general condition of the vehicle.

Ford Mustang front view

We sum up

Ford Mustang Festback is a pretty successful model for his time. And although it is not as powerful as its future descendants, it can light you up on the road. Pleasant appearance and stylish interior make it unforgettable. An excellent choice for collectors.

Ford Mustang view from behind

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Ford Mustang Fastback photo

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