Sports Lada Vesta: A charged new generation sedan

Sports Lada Vesta: A charged new generation sedan

The serial version of Vesta Sport was presented in the summer of 2018, the concept was presented in 2016. The serial series is no different from its prototype and, it should be noted, looks just amazing. On the one hand, the sports Lada Vesta has a lot in common with the usual “Vesta“, on the other hand – there are also enough differences. We would like to tell you what a charged Lada Vesta will be like and what exactly it can offer to the buyer. The whole Lada range.

Charge up the drive

Classic Lada Vesta is a budget sedan with ordinary characteristics. Another thing is the sports version, which has got a lot of original characteristics. Briefly list them:

  • The front bumper has received progressive X-shaped inserts. The air intakes have also changed.
  • The bumper at the back of the car comes with a diffuser. It looks stylish and powerful. The exhaust pipes have a trapezoidal shape.
  • Small spoiler on the trunk door. It is made not only for beauty, but also to optimize the aerodynamic properties of the car.
  • Standards on the sills look very stylish and organic, emphasizing the sports orientation of the car.
  • We offer a choice of 17-inch and 18-inch alloy wheels. To simplify the installation of large wheels, the front arches have been enlarged.
  • As compared to the classic sedan, the Vesta sporting event has an extended front and rear wheel gauge of 35 and 15 mm, respectively.
  • And here’s the ground clearance slightly reduced. Now it is 162 mm.
Photo by Lada Vesta Sport
Lada Vesta Sport

We will return to the design features of the car. Note only that the sports wagon Lada Vesta weighs 1211 kg. Its length is 442 centimeters and width is 177.4 cm.

Consider the details

There are few changes in the interior, most of them touched upon improvements and improvements to the existing options. Similar to rally cars, the rudder was leather-coated and red stitched with a marker. The front seats have side support, original design. At the first press on the pedal we note the presence of steel overlays.



Photo of Vesta Sport
Vesta Sport dashboard

Vesta Sport Salon

Salon of Lada Vesta Sport

Since red is a common color in the passenger compartment, it has also been added to the dashboard. The handle of the checkpoint was finished with leather. If you read the reviews, no other changes are needed. Otherwise, the saloons of the two cars are completely identical.

Lada sports sedan boot “absorbs” 480 liters, there is room for a spare wheel and the necessary tools.

Charge the speed

The main engine of the sporting Vesta will be a 1.8-liter unit. It is forced to 145 horsepower, but there is no turbine. In the classic version, the engine produces only 122 horsepower.

Will Lada West Sport have a turbocharged engine in the future? It’s hard to say. Rumors about its creation have been going on for years, and at the same time VAZ engineers have not yet confirmed this information. Even if a car with such a unit appears on the market, its cost will increase significantly. And then a sports sedan will lose one of the main trumps – a tempting price.

Lada Vesta Sport engine

Despite the lack of turbocharging, the car’s speed characteristics have been increased due to a number of innovations:

  • Setting the camshafts.
  • Pressure rise.
  • “Filling” firmware.
  • Installation of air intakes allowed to reduce the inlet temperature.

The speed of acceleration to 100 km/hour has decreased to 9.6 seconds against 10.2 in the standard version. Only Polo GT is faster in its class. Let’s not forget that it has a turbocharged engine.

In tandem with the Vesta Sport 2018-2019 engine, the Renault JR5 5-speed gearbox works. There will be no automatic transmission, so that fans of the automatic transmission will have to look for an alternative to the sports modification. The standard sedan is equipped with a “robot”. Although slowly, but it copes with the task.

A significant new feature of Vesta Sport is the hubs with 5 fasteners – it is possible that they were borrowed from Renault Megan. Now you can install 17-inch discs with a unique design. Such a bold decision entailed changes in the braking system. Disc brakes are now installed.

Price, equipment

The novelty of the domestic car industry is available in several configurations. The most complete includes a rear view camera, heated windshield, multitulle, advanced multimedia system. The cost of the initial version will not exceed 1 million rubles.

Lada Vesta Sport

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