Lada Granta

Lada Granta
  • Car model: Lada
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 2011
  • Body Type: Sedan, Liftback

The Lada Granta is an affordable front-wheel drive vehicle that was developed at the Togliatti plant on the Lada Kalina platform. Mass production of the cars began on May 16, 2011, and began to sell the novelty at the end of 2011. In the AvtoVAZ’s line of vehicles, the current innovation replaced the classic Samara division. A couple of years later, the sedan body was joined by a 5-door elevator.

Nowadays, this vehicle is one of the best selling models of Russian production. In 2016, the Russian company produced a three-piece Drive Active, which was officially launched in the autumn. There is also Lada Granta Sport, which is a “sports” version of the front-drive four-door sub-compact class. The whole model range is Lada.

Car history

At the beginning of the 21st century, the management of AvtoVAZ was preparing to replace the traditional car with a newer one. The Lada-2151 concept was developed specifically for these needs, however, the car turned out to be too expensive and had a list of disadvantages, so it was decided to abandon its serial structure.

After that the queue reached the “Lada Grant” – an accessible “folk” car. The history of our guest dates back to 2008, when the need for fresh cars reached a critical level. In addition, it is important to take into account the crisis, so the price list for the car should not have been large. The new car was expected to be of improved quality. Anyway, they decided to develop the newest model on the platform of Lada Kalina.

Photo by Lada Granta

The debut sketches were prepared in the spring of 2009, and by May the project on construction of Lada Granta was approved and production of a new car began. To create a new model the design staff spent 2.5 years. If there hadn’t been a “trolley” in a digital sample at that time, this period would have been longer. For the car to have its own design, which would be different from the original Lada Kalina, it was decided to announce a competition among the designers of the company.

The winner was Ivan Lepeshkin. After Ivan’s sketches, the specialists began to design a new vehicle. The design plan was based on the transverse radiator bar on which the Lada nameplate is located. A rook was used as an emblem, and a chrome line characterizes the Volga River.

Side view of Lada Granta

Based on the first tests of the novelty on the road section, its reliable and safe qualities have been confirmed. According to the design of the Russian car, it was perfect for domestic roads. The novelty had a good capacity, which made it the best. In addition, it received a good height of ground clearance, long body base and minimal overhangs.

According to Batishchev, the main task in designing this car was to make a new popular car, which could be bought by most car enthusiasts. In addition, it was expected to be a worthy replacement of outdated classics not only in Russia, but also in the neighboring countries.

Rear view of Lada Granta

Vasily Batishchev, who can be called the father of the new car, was in charge of the Lada Granta design project. He was responsible for coordinating the work of the design and engineering team, as well as other participants in the process of creating, preparing and manufacturing the sedan. During the development of the car, there was a need for a comprehensive analysis of low-cost vehicles from competitive companies.

There was a place for advantages and weaknesses of these machines. Creating the Lada Granta, the design and engineering groups tried very hard to prevent errors and save such advantages. It was planned that the car would become a budget car, but to the extent that it would not be expressed in terms of quality and safety.

Photo by Lada Granta

Any decision was evaluated for rationality and how it would affect the cost of innovation. This approach helped to produce a Russian-made sedan inexpensive, but not less qualitative than Kalina and other machines.

Considerable investment in the positive result of the novelty brought not only a small cost of the car, but also personal interest of Vladimir Putin in the “factory tests”, the organization of a special racing cup “Lada Granta Cup” in 2012 and a well-designed marketing campaign. Already in 2014, the “updated” Russian model of “Grants” in the back of the liftback appeared on the market.

Lada Granta photo car

The name for the future vehicle was chosen within the framework of the program “People’s Machine – People’s Name”. Pavel Zakharov from Krasnoyarsk won this competition and was awarded the new Lada Kalina.

It is important to remind that the development of the new sedan was carried out on the “trolley” Kalina with the use of technologies of the French association Renault-Nissan. If you take the dimensions of the “Grants”, it is a little more massive than its “donor” model, so it is often mistakenly attributed to the niche C, not B.

Exterior Granta sedan

The appearance of this vehicle is far from ideal. The exterior looks rather dull and simple. To develop such a look for the Lada Granta sedan, the design department used a seriously outdated computer program. The resulting layout was so bad that the company’s management decided to invite the English expert Steve Mattin. He was appointed Chief Designer.

Lada Granta 2011

To say something about the design of the four-door is simply meaningless, because many people did not like it. Most of all the novelty looks unpleasant in a base variant “Standard” where there are unpainted bumpers and 13-inch stamped disks.

However it is not necessary to forget that before us there is all the same budgetary vehicle for modest means, therefore questions of beauty here are obviously not on the main place. I am glad that it is possible to choose various body colors of “Lada Grants” that at least slightly refreshes its appearance.

Interior of Granta sedan

The interior decoration of Lada Granta sedan turned out to be much better than the exterior. And here the question is not in the aesthetics and ergonomic component, in the open losing budget foreign cars, which can be attributed to the Chinese models. It’s all about free space and its creation.

In this segment of “Grant” is more attractive than the same “Kalina”. Even its luggage compartment volume is much larger – 520 liters against 400 liters of Kalina. Taking into account all this, the interior of “Grants” is as simple as the appearance, that is, with a large decrease in the number of parts used. For example, the door upholstery “Kalyna” has 9 parts, and “Grant” only 3.

Interior Lada Granta

Such a direction can be traced not only inside the novelty, but also in other nodes and units. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the cost of cars. But this does not mean that the model is “simple”, as it was decided to design about 400 original elements for the sedan, the vast majority of which were purchased abroad.

Even the basic equipment of the Lada Granta has a driver’s airbag, which greatly improves its position in relation to the competitors.

The Lada Granta village

The driver is presented with a simple steering wheel, behind which there is a standard dashboard with two large wells of speedometer and tachometer readings. Between them all the necessary information about the condition of the car is displayed. The central console has a pretty good design. The upper part is occupied by two large round deflectors of the ventilation system.

Between them, the designers have placed an emergency button. Below is a music system with button control and CD support. Underneath them you can see 3 “climate” regulators. At the very bottom of the central console there are buttons for various functions, such as rear window heating. Considering how quickly modern electronic devices are discharged, the presence of a cigarette lighter will be very useful.

Photo of the Lada Granta salon

Russian specialists have not forgotten to allocate space for two cup holders, which are bordered by the gearshift lever of the manual gearbox, so the gearshift should be careful. The rear part is designed in theory for three adult passengers, but in fact, can be conveniently located only two people.

Besides it is necessary to make a reservation that seats far not the most convenient, therefore at long trips fatigue will be felt. If there are three people sitting in the back, the central floor transmission tunnel will interfere with the center. On the positive side, it is possible to note the presence of head restraints for all three passengers and seat belts.

Specifications Granta sedan


To date, a new Russian sedan is being offered with two gasoline-powered propulsion systems. Both engines have the same 1.6-liter engine, distributed gasoline injection and electronic control system. The engines meet the European requirements of Euro-4, however, received a variety of gas distribution devices and connecting rod piston groups.

The Lada Granta engine

The basic version has an 8-valve SOHC type timing system and develops 87 horsepower. The second power unit already has a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and produces 107 “horses”. The torque of the motors is 140 and 148 Nm respectively.

It is pleasant to note that based on the feedback from Lada Granta car owners, both engines perform well enough during our winters. They are started almost half a turn (there is no exception, when the “engines” begin to fail, even in the summer).


All the above engines are synchronized with the 5-speed manual transmission. However, the “top-of-the-range” engine can also be equipped with either a Japanese 4-speed Jatco automatic transmission or a robotic manual transmission (since February 2015, the “robotic mechanics” has been created on the “basic mechanics” automated platform with the participation of ZF).

Interestingly, it was the Lada Granta that became the first VAZ machine to be fitted with an automatic gearbox as standard.

Running gear and brakes

Although all the suspension elements were given to the new Kalina sedan, they were significantly improved. For the first time VAZ specialists decided to use the negative angle of rear wheels breakdown (-1o), which is formed during the factory production of the car and does not need to be adjusted during the subsequent use.

Such actions, along with a list of other improvements, allowed to achieve improved stability of the sedan on the road and improve its performance. Speaking about the suspension layout, an independent McPherson was put in front of the truck, and the rear end received a semi-independent design.

The system of brakes is installed in the most usual way and is quite simple. Ahead are disc brakes, and the rear wheels have a drum mechanism. However, despite such a simple device, the company has already recalled several tens of thousands of sedans, as there were problems in the braking system.


Comparing Grant’s car with the Kalinas, the first one has an elongated base platform, hood safety walls and thin wiper pads. Together with foreign German and Japanese companies, the “Vazovtsy” carried out the development of airbags for the driver, the “steering wheel”, which is produced taking into account modern technology, as well as modernized seat belts.

The company provided a standard package in which it was possible to install another Airbag for a passenger sitting in front for 30 000 rubles. In order to increase safety in the sedan, massive mirrors were installed, which significantly improve visibility.

The driver’s airbag is already installed in the “standard” version, and the “Norm” version with automatic transmission has two airbags: for the driver and passenger. The luxury version already includes additional airbags placed in the front seat sidewalls. In addition, the rear seats are equipped with ISOFIX child seat mountings.

Price and equipment Grant Sedan

Based on the plans, the management decided to release the new product in 3 sets: Standard, Norma and Lux. The standard version of “Standard” includes the presence of stamped “rollers”, special connectors for audio equipment, seat belts with an indicator, driver’s airbag and immobilizer. For all this you will have to pay at least $4705.

Lada Granta restyling

“Norma” has an air conditioner, a partial electric package (electric windows of front glasses, the central lock and a drive of a door of a luggage compartment), the amplifier “wheel” and headrests for back sitting. The price starts from 5489 $.

Suite version has two airbags, multimedia system, seat heating, climate control, BAS system and ABS. In addition, there is an electric mirror drive and automatic window lifters. Such a version is estimated at not less than $ 7058.

Lada Granta Sport

Lada Granta Sport is a “loaded” modification of the front-wheel drive sedan of “sub-compact” category (class “B” according to the European standards), created by the works of the specialists of the “Lada Sport” division, oriented initially to the younger contingent. In addition to the “main variant”, there is also a “contested” version of “Drive Active” and racing car “Cup”.

Lada Granta Sport was officially shown at the Moscow Motor Show in 2012. When it comes to the “standard Grant”, it is difficult to refer it to beautiful cars, but you can already take a closer look at the “Sport” version. It looks the same car, but some more massive and inflated. Maybe it’s all about steroids? Not at all!

Granta Sport

Here you can find new, more voluminous bumpers with sports relief, other thresholds, a small anti-wing on the lid of the luggage compartment and massive, 16-inch wheels, made in the form of many small spokes. Red-and-white name “Sport”, painted on the luggage compartment, helps to stand out as well, below the nameplate “Granta”.

The sports version of the sedan was able to become more beautiful, more stylish and modern, and such features can significantly increase the audience of adherents. The height of road clearance of Lada Granta Sport is 140 millimeters. The “combat” equipment of the Russian sports model is equal to 1 075 kg, and the total weight is 1 560 kg.

The interior decoration of the Lada Granta sedan “Sport” has got the usual architecture of the front panel, which received in this modification a rather massive screen supporting touch control. A little bit lower you can see the “twists” for setting up the air conditioner.

Interior of Lada Granta Sport

If to speak for interior furnish it hasn’t been cardinally changed, but experts have decided to cover a steering wheel with a skin where there is a red stitching which can be noticed on the gear lever and armchairs. The seats themselves (installed at the front) were made of materials of a more pleasant structure and quality.

In Lada Granta Sport they have a well developed side support, which is quite good for holding a person. The rear part does not stand out, so it can also accommodate 3 people, and the luggage compartment has received 520 liters of useful space. Sports modification Lada Granta Sport has a powerful (according to “our” criteria) 1.6-liter atmospheric engine designed for 4 cylinders and 16 valves, which supports the system of distributed injection.

As a result, the power plant develops 118 horsepower at 6,750 rpm and 154 Nm of torque at 4,750 rpm. It was decided to synchronize such a “powerful” engine with a five-stage transmission, which allows the “charged” sedan to accelerate to a speed of 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds.

The speed limit is 197 kilometers per hour. Such an engine consumes no more than 7.8 liters of gasoline in a combined cycle.

As mentioned above, the sports version of the Russian car is built on the platform of the “base” car, however, has a list of improvements. The vehicle has a suspension of independent type McPherson in front and a semi-independent torsion beam at the back, but is distinguished by more “clamped” springs and shock absorbers.

Photo of Grant Sport

The four-door sports sedan was equipped with a gear-rail steering device, which functions together with an electric power steering. Lada Granta Sport brake system has disc brakes “in a circle”. The discs are 280 millimeters in front, which are ventilated, and the discs are 240 millimeters behind.

Lada Grant Sport is offered to buy for Russian customers in 2017 from 609,900 rubles. The car has two front airbags, 16-inch “rollers”, four power windows, heated seats installed in front, rear parking sensors, air conditioning, multimedia center and audio system with 4 speakers. There are also light and rain sensors and an on-board computer. In addition, the basic equipment already has ABS, BAS, EBD, fog lights and ISOFIX fixtures.

Lada Granta Liftback


Despite the fact that the exterior of the car is basically the same, some innovations have been implemented. It is enough to pay attention to the photo and video materials to make sure of it personally. The front side has a noticeable new bumper, which has become more modern. Moreover, the front cowl, which was enclosed in a black frame of the air inlet, was also replaced.

The niches for the fog lights also found their new place. Looking at the front of the Lada Granta elevator, the eyes immediately notice the improved exterior mirrors, which have acquired rotary signals on its body. Despite the fact that the front part does not show off a lot of changes, those that are already there, were able to refresh the appearance of the car.

The new Lada Granta Liftback

When they designed the new body for the Lada Granta, which is called a hatchback at the factory, they used the Lada Granta sedan as the basis. The power frame, together with the cage of the salon, has not been changed. But the design staff was no longer faced with the task of saving on the appearance of the car. As a result, as we can see, the car received a modern, dynamic and laconic style.

On the hood you can see, even if thin, but still well distinguishable profile stampings, which run from the line of glass installed in front to the edges of the hood. The side part of the new Lada Granta Liftback was able to attract attention with an ascending line of window sills, dome-shaped roof and a neat transition to the luggage compartment.

Lada Granta Liftback

It is clear from the frying of the stern, painted on the body color of moldings, that this car is going to surpass the appearance of its own single-platform. The body of Lada Granta can be painted in one of 8 varieties of color. For example, green, blue and burgundy shades are available. Interestingly, one color variety is called “Glacial” and the other is “Ice”. The darkest color is called “Black Pearl”.

When they created the design of the car, they wanted to make the car more stylish than a budget one. Despite the fact that the side of the elevator looks simple, it turned out to be as stylish as it is and corresponds to the modern standards of car design. Both front and rear lanterns “flow” a little on the side of the novelty.

Rear view of Lada Granta Liftback

The stern of the car is a little different. There is not even a hint of similarity with the “sedan” version. There is a massive luggage compartment door, a large glass trunk with built-in windshield wiper. It is nice that the original rear part was equipped with a large fifth door, which was made in such a way that in bad weather, it is contaminated to a minimum.

It is also possible to find the presence of nice sidelights, which is relevant for our time bumper, which built fog lights based on LED lighting system. The bend of the luggage compartment door was changed, which influenced the purchase of new presses at the plant.

The rear number plate, thanks to the body features, found its new place on the rising fifth door. In the sedan version, it was attached to the body itself.


When you first open the door of a new elevatorback, which is produced in our country, you can see the salon “Sedanovskoy” version of the Lada Granta. Therefore, we can conclude that the leadership of AvtoVAZ did not bother at the moment, but just moved the interior from the sedan to the “hatchback”, making a few spotty adjustments.

The dashboard looks the same as before: there are a couple of wells with a board computer screen in the center, the standard layout. Inside the Lada Granta Liftback control lamps are not invisible until they are lit up, which makes the instrument “board” a bit empty. For example, the driver will now need to change gears with a new gear lever.

Lada Granta Liftback Salon

You can also monitor the temperature level of the coolant from the new indicator. If to speak for seats, on them there was a different cut of an upholstery and a decorative insert. The central console has silver colored edges for ventilation system deflectors, the same can be said about door handles, but the latter can be installed only in expensive modifications.

The whole central panel looks massive enough, but the elements on it are conveniently located, does not make it bulky. In addition, attentive motorists can notice the elements from the famous car Logan and Sandero (blow-down deflectors and almost the entire top part).

The interior of the Russian novelty has a sufficient number of various departments for storing trifles on the road. Such a move of the specialists will please the drivers, as such niches were seriously lacking in the past models, even in the Prior. The central console also has a large 7-inch touch screen display, which is able to transmit a picture from the rear camera (however, it will need to be installed then, separately, with a multimedia system).

Lada Granta Liftback Display

The more available versions have a 2DIN radio or plastic plugs. The music recorder has an SD card slot. The lowest part received the keys to enable or disable the front seat heating function. If we consider in detail the interior of the car Lada Granta Liftback, there is a standard, as for the company modest textile upholstery of seats.

For drivers who appreciate comfort on the road, fabric upholstery is a quality standard that has already been tested over time. Thanks to the soft pile of textiles, even a long ride is not too tiring for the back of the owner, and on the corners of the body is held by a chain of textile base.

Driver’s seat setting level is solid. And the steering wheel can be adjusted to the angle of inclination if desired, and it has an electric booster. It will not be superfluous to say about the roof of the car, which even those who have high height, gives enough free space, and they will not feel discomfort in the driver’s seat.

The rear row of seats can accommodate up to 3 passengers, who will also not have to rest their heads against the roof, and the driver’s seat allows them to feel free in their legs. A passenger sitting in the centre will clearly feel uncomfortable with the transmission tunnel on the floor. It is a pity that modern “g-head restraints” are installed only in more expensive versions of the car, in the standard version they are simply absent.

Photo of Lada Granta Liftback

Although it should be noted that the armrest installed in the center of the armrest was not superfluous in Lada standard. Since it makes little sense to speak for the interior, you can pay attention to the luggage compartment. Despite the fact that the Lada Granta was built on the platform of Lada Kalina, the car has a larger luggage compartment, but the elevator itself loses a little to its “brother” by 40 liters (440 liters of useful volume at the elevator back).

But, if necessary, it is possible to lower backrests of back seats that as a result will give the whole 760 litres of useful space. The loading length on the flat floor is more than 1.5 m. However, there are some nuances here. On the novelty installed various strong hooks for bags, bags, also offered a mesh for luggage, a powerful shelf, which consists of a pair of sections, which is able to withstand quite a heavy load.

The trunk of the Lada Granta Liftback

In the area of loading, it’s all thought out. The most interesting thing is that this powerful and useful shelf does not make extraneous noises, does not interfere with and irritate the owner and passengers sitting next to him with its creaks. Details were adjusted very qualitatively, so the shelf turned out quiet and reliable.

Despite the cheap finishing materials used, they do not create a sense of budget. In the underground, the necessary for the owner of the car, a thing, tools and a full spare wheel on a stamped disc, which on vehicles with 15-inch “rollers” is marked as “docking” with suitable speed restrictions.


Liftback power pack

Lada Granta Liftback, a domestically produced car, will be powered by a pair of gasoline-powered engines that meet Euro-4 environmental standards. The basic version of the car is the atmospheric 8-valve four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine (VAZ-11186), which has 87 horses at 5,100 revolutions per minute. “The engine eats not so much, about 7 liters of gasoline in a combined cycle of riding.

The top engine is a four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.6 liters (VAZ-21127), which has an electronic fuel supply technology and dynamic boost. As a result, it produces about 106 horsepower at 5 800 rpm and 148 Nm at 4 000 rpm.

Lada Granta engine

Also, it should be said that until the winter of 2015, the five-door engine with 98 horses was installed, which was synchronized with the Japanese automatic Jatco box at 4 speeds. However, the “robot”, which was created by VAZ specialists together with ZF, was able to squeeze the automatic box on the conveyor due to cheaper production costs.

Liftback transmission

Synchronized 1.6-liter “engine” with a mechanical cable drive box, with which the elevator reaches the first hundred in 12.2 seconds, and a maximum speed of 166 km / h. Together with the manual 5-speed gearbox, the “top-of-the-range” 106-horsepower engine allows the elevator to accelerate to the mark of 100 km/h in 10.9 seconds, and the maximum speed will be at 179 km/h.

Moreover, for this engine is available 5-speed automated manual transmission (“robot”), resulting in the first hundred will be achieved for 1.4 seconds longer, and the maximum speed will remain at the same level. This engine will consume about 6.6-6.7 liters per 100 km in mixed mode.

Liftback running gear

The car itself, as well as the “Sedan’s version”, is designed on an improved platform of the Kalina model. The vehicle has an independent front suspension, which is based on McPherson shock absorber stands, and a semi-independent rear structure with a torsion beam and screw springs is used at the rear.

As a basic equipment, the steering mechanism without an amplifier with the number of revolutions of the pinion 4.02 acts as a steering mechanism. More “saturated” copies already go with a shortened steering rack (from the stop to the stop of 3.1 revolutions) and an electric power steering wheel. The braking system is represented on the elevator by ventilated discs at the front and drum brakes at the rear. More expensive equipment is supported by ABS+BAS and EBD.


It is logical to conclude that the new bodywork will have other dimensions. Therefore, the new Lada Granta has a length of 4,247 mm, width of 1,700 mm and height of 1,500 mm. The wheelbase is at 2,476 mm.

The height of the ground clearance is 170 mm, which is not so bad in general, especially if we take into account the quality of our roads and the possible environment for the use of the car, for example, trips to the country house.

Safety liftback

The power bodywork scheme has been developed together with foreign specialists, and availability is envisaged:

  • ESC with slip-resistant system;
  • Driver’s and passenger airbags;
  • Front straps with pre-tensioning device;
  • L-shaped rear seat headrests (3 pieces);
  • Unbelted seatbelt warning device;
  • Three-point rear seat belts;
  • Child restraint seat locations (ISOFIX);
  • Safety bars in four doors;
  • Safety damping inserts in the front doors;
  • Ventilated brake discs;
  • Anti-slip system;
  • Systems of the help at moving on lifting.

Crash test

Grant in the sedan body has already passed the crash-test, however, with the release of a new model in the back of the elevator, designed on the same “cart”, there is a logical question: is there a difference between the sedan and the elevator back in terms of driver safety? In order to get an answer to this question, Lada Granta liftback crash-tests were carried out. The car has an initial set of equipment, and the test methodology has not been changed.

Generally speaking, this vehicle meets the actual needs of affordable cars. The starting version has a driver’s airbag. The airbag is supplied to VAZ by the Japanese subsidiary of the company Takata, which is located in Germany.

Crash test Lada Granta

The Russian engineering staff was able to make the correct settings for airbag firing. As a result, two dummies collided with the cylinders’ heads exactly in the center, so that the pressure on the head and neck of the spine did not exceed the baseline values. It appears that the dummy has remained in the “green zone”. According to the measurements made, the air cylinders opened within 28 milliseconds after the impact of the car with the barrier.

The steering wheel has moved, but not critically: only 66 millimeters upwards and 52 millimeters to the driver. The doorway led, but in the allowable interval, the width was reduced by 72 millimeters. Such achievements testify to good bodywork reliability. The result could have been improved if the test machine had a height-adjustable “hand wheel”.

In fact, a special intermediate shaft is mounted to adjust the steering column. This element is able to increase safety, because the steering wheel with it shifts less. If we talk about the power structure of the cabin and the body design, they have done their job well. Sliding members, which are designed to reduce impact energy, have performed their functions as planned.

Lada Granta crash test

The body of the elevator has several additional welds, which were not found in the body of the “Kalina”. During the strength tests, not a single seam has been removed, which indicates a solid and strong body. The floor near the feet was moderately damaged, without damaging the legs. As for the pedal knot, it was moved, but not significantly: The “clutch” was 88 millimetres towards the car owner.

The “brake” was placed closer – 125 millimeters. It is worth saying that the knees of the mannequin during the crash-test still reached the rigid plastic type. The contacts were in the area of the torpedo and steering column, which resulted in the dummy getting injured. However, the level of damage is non-critical and remains in the yellow zone.

Lada Granta impact deformation

Speaking in general, the new version of “Grants” in the back of the elevator has a fairly strong design. According to the color scheme, which reflects mannequin injuries in various areas of the body, you can see that it is painted in green, yellow and orange, that is, the level of safety of the owner of the car and sitting next to the passenger, has a satisfactory level.

The overall score is 8.4 points – the same as the sedan. Up to 3 full-fledged stars, Lade Grant is short of one point with a small one. Initially it may seem that the achievement is small, but looking at the results of classmates of the Russian car (“Solaris“, “Accent”, “Chevrolet Lanos” and “Fiat Albea”), it can be noted that they received almost the same assessment. “Solaris” – 8.5, “Accent” – 8.9, “Lanos” – 8.1 and “Fiat” – 7.5 points.

Complete sets and prices

The car can be bought in one of 3 complete sets: “Standard”, “Norma” and “Lux”. The basic equipment has a driver’s airbag, central lock, adjustable on the angle of the steering column and painted under the body color of bumpers. As wheels, there will be 14-inch rollers. A similar car will cost from $6339.

The next set of equipment, which is located in the middle, will already have ABS, electric power steering, front power windows, audio system with USB and Bluetooth support. In addition, head restraints will be installed on the rear seats. This variation is estimated from 6753 $. To install an automatic gearbox, it will be necessary to pay an additional 54,000 Russian rubles.

Photo by Lada Granta Liftback

The top version of the Lada Granta Liftback will cost from $8520. There will be a full electric package, two airbags, a multimedia system with a 7-inch display that supports touch input, additional noise isolation and improved suspension.

As wheels, 15 inch casting rollers will be installed at the back. In addition, there will be climate control, fog lights, LED front fog lights, electric drive, heating and turn-around repeaters on the exterior mirrors of rear visibility, heating, microlift for seats installed in front.

Comparison with competitors

It is clear that the Russian car is not the only one of its kind, so it has no less strong competitors who are also fighting for respect. The main rivals are Renault Logan, Lada Priora, Daewoo Nexia and ZAZ Chance. It should be noted that the most expensive car from our list is considered to be Renault Logan, however, it is the only “European” model, which has certain significant advantages.

Reviews from the owners

Based on the feedback from Lada Granta, we can conclude that the car is quite unpretentious and if you follow it, does not require a lot of money. It is nice that the body is not so expensive, so if you get into a small accident (you will need to replace the bumper, headlights, wings, etc.), it will not hit your pocket hard.

In general, this model is chosen because of its low cost, acceptable level of comfort (if compared to previous cars), good dynamics and solid luggage compartment. Owners of Lada Granta like the presence of running lights on the headlights, a well-functioning stove, a decent height of ground clearance, a simple and clear dashboard, good visibility, as well as a pleasant and functional interior.

Many owners do not like the lack of noise isolation and the presence of “crickets”. Interestingly, you can hear them not in the front panel, but in the back doors. A little bit strains the howling of the boxes. Lada Granta elevator is not controlled in the best way, on the road there is a feeling of insecurity because of the fact that the car is high and light. OEM lighting could be better, but it is cheaper.

The quality of plastic, which has a synthetic smell, suffers. The front windows do not sink to the end, and the handle of the turntable does not always return to its place. It’s not easy to find the hood opener handle. Unexpectedly, there is no power pack temperature sensor (only a light bulb). In general, we are looking at a simple and budget car that does not want to fight with famous foreign cars.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant appearance of the car;
  • Stylish front of the car;
  • Modern lighting;
  • Repeaters of turns on mirrors of rear visibility;
  • High trunk and rear bumper;
  • The big luggage door;
  • Touchscreen display on the centre console;
  • Plastic though and the simplest, but does not look budgetary;
  • The back row has received headrests;
  • Free space is enough for everyone;
  • The driver’s seat has a considerable quantity of options;
  • Good volume of a luggage compartment which if necessary it is possible to increase, having folded thus back backs of seats;
  • There are airbags;
  • The small expense of fuel;
  • Pretty good dynamic characteristics;
  • Quite a good pricing policy of the company;
  • Good height of a road lumen.

Cons of a car

  • Design for the amateur;
  • Small wheels;
  • The quality of the interior still suffers;
  • Cheap materials for interior decoration;
  • The front seats have no side support;
  • The power pack sometimes lacks power;
  • Insufficient level of safety;
  • Often breaks down.

We sum up

Car company AvtoVAZ, it turned out to be a pleasant one. I am glad that the company has moved away from the old designs and updates the appearance of cars, refreshing them. Thus, the car looks modern, youthful and stylish. At first glance, you can confuse a car with a foreign car. The front hood has small punches, and the side part has indicator lamps on the rear view mirrors.

On the stern there is a high trunk and an unusual rear bumper. In the back of the elevator, the luggage compartment door is large, which is very good. The car has a good ground clearance height. The interior cannot be called luxurious, but it has everything you need. This and convenient dashboard and even a touch screen, which is installed on the central console (only in the “top” version).

Lada Granta

The quality of materials used in the salon is far from ideal, but there is no sense of budget. The front seats could be equipped with side support and comfortable seating, but taking into account the price tag, you can simply close your eyes on a lot of things. The driver’s seat can be adjusted to any person, as well as the steering wheel.

The rear row can accommodate three adult passengers, who will also have plenty of free space above their heads and knees. The presence of head restraints on the rear row of seats is a pleasure. The luggage compartment has a good volume, which can be increased if necessary, while adding backrests of the rear seats.

Lada Granta sedan

In general, a lot has been done here for the convenience of cargo transportation, because even a shelf can withstand a lot of weight. The car is also equipped with front airbags, climate control and various systems – ABS and so on. Power units may not be the most powerful, but they cope well with their direct duties. A plus is the low fuel consumption, which is very important, especially for driving in urban areas.

The car is not so expensive, but for this money you can still look at other models, where, for a little extra money, you can get better comfort and quality. It is clear that the AvtoVAZ automobile company strives not to lag behind other companies and wants to be always competitive. Partly, it succeeds due to updates of existing models and production of new cars at a reasonable price.

We advise you to read the article: AutoVAZ history – LADA cars

Lada Granta photo

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