Lada Kalina 2

Lada Kalina 2
  • Car model: Lada
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Body Type: Hatchback

The last month of summer in 2012, on the podium of the Moscow AutoVAZ showroom, was the 2nd generation Lada Kalina hatchback for the general public. If you compare it with its successor, the car was able to retain its recognizable features, but felt better in appearance and interior, as well as technically.

Next year, on May 16, 2013, the company launched the Kalina 2 on the conveyor belt, and in the summer the customers could already buy it. Very funny, but to promote its model, the Russian company chose a little slang expression: Lada Kalina – Full stuffing! The whole model range is Lada.

The appearance of the new car has been significantly changed, as the main elements of design work of modern cars from Europe have been introduced into it. Much more and brighter now looks the nose part of Kalinas, as motorists are a little tired of the dull look of the previous generation. There are power lines of the hood, which are narrowed to the grille and create a feeling of expanding trapeze. All this also gives the exterior of the car a little sporty and aggressive characteristics.


The appearance of the second generation Lada Kalina remained recognizable, but received a more harmonious, cute and modern finish. The nose part of the car is decorated with a hood with characteristic ribs, and there is a stylish lighting with a dark background and a massive front bumper with a “mouth” of the air intake and chrome-plated decor (top equipment has additional fog lights).

Head optics smoothly passes into a narrow band of radiator grille. The front bumper of the relief type with a massive air inlet in the center, has on the edge of the fog lights, which were covered with chrome “eyelashes”. However, it should be admitted that the air intake of this size does not fit perfectly with the overall design of the Lada Kalina 2.

Lada Kalina photo

The streamlined shape of the new machine is immediately noticeable. They are not at all similar to the angular shapes, which were present in the previous models of VAZ. Thanks to the smoothed body corners, the aerodynamic component has improved, which made it possible to reduce the noise of oncoming winds and make travel at higher speeds more comfortable. If you look at the side of the car, you can see the presence of a sloping hood, slightly falling down to the back of the roof, large doorways and large wheel arches.

All this together allows the hatchback to have a light and moderately dynamic silhouette. The fact that there are no overtakes on the side of the body parts is compensated by the presence of door plates, which give the appearance of the car a certain relief on the background of the overall smoothing of the appearance. The arches of wheels turned out slightly bloated, and thanks to high road clearance of hatchback, its solidity is felt.

Lada Kalina 2 is compact and has beautiful lanterns, a neat lid of the luggage compartment and a small bumper with a plastic cover at the bottom, which performs a protective option. As a result, the domestic novelty looks quite good and fresh, and in terms of design is selected to foreign cars.

The boot door is decorated with a unique restyling optics, which connects the side and top of the rear bumper with its lower element. The new rear bumper has a pair of reflector strips integrated on the sides.


The second generation salon is retailed with modern design and high ergonomic indicators. Also, the presence of a massive steering wheel with 3-spoke spokes, behind which there is an informative dashboard, which is represented by two shallow “wells” and a modest monochrome screen of the board computer, is striking. To the left of the steering wheel, the control unit of light-amplifying equipment was replaced, and under it, an inconspicuous button was installed, which is responsible for the opening of the luggage compartment (this solution can be called one of the most important miscalculations in terms of ergonomic component).

The central console is mainly a color touch screen multimedia system, which is covered by a small visor from above. Underneath it is a control panel of the music system, and underneath it, there are 3 rotating “washers” of the climatic installation. In general, landing in a hatchback is rather convenient, partly because of the presence of wide opening doors and a large doorway.

Interior Lada Kalina

Thanks to the large mirrors together with the low window sill, the car provides good visibility. You can also notice the presence of a small box, which is placed on the console installed in the center. The volume of the glove compartment with the change shelf and pen holder has been increased.

There are a pair of cup holders and a pair of niches on the floor tunnel cladding, handbrake cladding where there is a folding cup holder, for backseat passengers, “prompting” gear shifts on the LCD display of the dashboard, multimedia system with Hands free option, electric drive of the recycling flap, new variants of interior painting, as well as new supports of the luggage compartment shelves to increase the loading opening.

The climate system, which was developed especially for Lada Kalina 2, looks interesting. It has become more efficient than previous machines and is much quieter. There is also an option “AUTO” (not on all modifications), which can distribute the air flow, change the speed of the fan and control the air dampers automatically.

The driver only needs to set the temperature inside the car. For the future, the company wants to equip the multimedia system with a GSM/GLONASS geosteering module. Many systems have been implemented that are designed to increase the level of comfort in the cabin. For example, there is the presence of adjustment of the steering column on the angle of inclination, steering with an electric amplifier, air filtration, which enters the cabin, a combination of instruments with the options of the onboard computer, the system of automatic activation of headlights and power unit.

In general, the Kalina cabin itself was assembled mainly of “hard” plastic, and the softest part is the steering wheel. There are no claims on the assembly itself, but there are still some defects that the plant could not cope with. In some places, you can see the joints, and screws are exposed and are not covered by anything.

If you look at the car in terms of budget hatchback, it has installed comfortable seats in front, where there is a soft filling and a wide range of settings, and the reserve of free space makes it possible to comfortably accommodate even tall people. The sofa installed at the back is quite comfortable for a couple of people, and if necessary, can accommodate three people, but the free space will be enough for only two.

Rear sofa Lada Kalina

The legs do not rest against the backrests of the front seats, and there is also plenty of space above the head. The luggage compartment of Lada Kalina is of the 2nd generation, about 260 liters. In shape, it is quite comfortable, although the arches of the wheels “eat” some free space. The rear sofa, if necessary, can be folded entirely and in parts, which as a result will provide about 550 liters of useful volume.

For all versions of the car, goes into the equipment of a full spare wheel, jack and key-cylinder. The luggage compartment lid is equipped with an electric lock, which can be opened only with the help of a button to the left of the steering wheel, or in the standard way – with a key.



Hatchback Lada Kalina, 2nd generation, will go along with one of the three gasoline-powered engines. These are 1.6-liter four-cylinder “atmospheres”. The engine with 8-valve system (VAZ-11186) is considered the most initial one, where there is a lightweight connecting rod and piston group of Federal Mogul company. It can produce about 87 horses at 5,100 rpm.

As a link between the engine and the wheels, there is a 5-speed mechanical gearbox with cable drive or 4-range hydromechanical “automatic” Jatco. However, no matter what kind of gearbox the car will be, there is only a front-drive configuration for the car.

The first hundred car reaches the speed of 12.2-14.2 sec, and the maximum speed is 161-168 km/h (where the higher value with manual transmission). In the combined cycle, the engine consumes about 7 – 7.7 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

Lada Kalina engine

Between them there is a presence of VAZ-21126, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism with four cylinders located in a row. It can already develop 98 horsepower at 5 600 rpm. This engine is synchronized only with an automatic gearbox, which allows it to reach a speed mark of 100 km/h in 13.1 seconds, and the maximum speed is already at the level of 175 km/h. In terms of average consumption, the engine consumes 7.6 liters per 100 km.

Next comes the most powerful 16-valve VAZ-21127, which is equipped with the latest electronic fuel supply system, reconfigured electronics and delivered a dynamic boost. All this allows it to produce 106 horsepower at 5 800 rpm. From the very beginning, for such a power unit, there was only a manual gearbox, which allowed the 2nd generation Lada Kalina hatchback to pass the mark of 100 km/h in 11 seconds, and the maximum speed of which is about 181 km/h. And the engine consumption is not huge, only about 6.7 liters per 100 km in average loads.

Running gear

We built the Lada Kalina 2 on the vase base 2190, which has been seriously improved. The front axle uses an independent scheme with McPherson racks, and the rear part has a semi-independent design with screw springs. The steering of the machine is carried out with the help of the built-in electric power steering, produced in Korea. Brake system is represented by ventilated disks of the braking system in front, and the rear wheels have drum mechanisms.


Security systems include availability:

  • The immobilizer.

Passive safety can be considered passive safety:

  • The chauffeur’s airbag;
  • Mounting for ISOFIX child seat.

Active safety and suspension include availability:

  • Anti-lock braking system with electronic brake booster (ABS+BAS);
  • Electronic system, which knows how to distribute the braking forces (EBD).

In modern conditions, the production of any car is simply unacceptable without the introduction of modern technical means to ensure an adequate level of safety. This can be attributed to the car Lada Kalina 2, which is already in standard configuration, the cheapest model has a presence:

  1. Driver’s airbags;
  2. ISOFIX child seat fasteners;
  3. Three-point inertial seat belts.

The most complete set of equipment can boast the presence:

  • Airbags for the front passenger;
  • Belt pretensioners;
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Emergency Brake Assist (BAS);
  • Course Stability Systems (ESC);
  • Traction control system (TCS).

The hatchback also features daytime running lights in the headlamps, a heavy-duty steel bodywork, a driver’s unbuckled seatbelt alarm, side safety bars, and L-shaped rear head restraints that can be folded together to improve visibility, as well as the ability to mute the multimedia system when the vehicle is in motion.

Complete sets and prices

In the market of the Russian Federation, the 2nd generation Lada Kalina car will be sold on three levels of equipment – “Standard”, “Norma” and “Lux”. The most starting equipment “Standard” will be estimated from 7019 $. It will have a rather small list of equipment. There will be only electric power steering, 14-inch steel wheels, front airbag for driver, immobilizer, pair of power windows and ISOFIX technology for children’s seats.

There will also be three-point inertial seat belts, overall fire, combination of devices with the options of a computer and electronic clock, separate seat installed at the back, upholstery of armchairs, illumination of a clothing box and trunk, a tool, which includes the presence of a jack and a combination wheel key.

The steering column can be adjusted to the angle of inclination, which can be said about the adjustable seat belts installed in front of the seats (in height). There will also be an air filter, which enters the cabin, athermal glass, full-size spare wheel and body painting by body color (pastel or metallized).

Lada Kalina front view

Norm set will already have a central lock, audio system, climate control system, power windows for rear doors, front airbag for the front passenger, ABS, BAS, EBD and alarm system. There will also be a mirror in the sun visor, a cigarette lighter with an ashtray, heated front seats, electric drive of the luggage compartment door lock with remote control and control from the cabin. The price of this modification will start from 7552 $.

Top complete set “Lux” will go already with “full stuffing”, which will be a full-fledged multimedia system with a screen that supports touch input, a system of control of directional stability, heated seats installed in front, rain and light sensors, electric heating of the front glass, fog lights, exterior mirrors with electrical settings and the option of heating and wheel rims made of light alloy metals.

Lada Kalina 2014

There will also be an overboard temperature display, a container for glasses, a secure car parking system, rear-view mirrors with body-colored color, door handles with body-colored color, black door frames and moldings. Prices for the top version will start from the mark of 8592 $.

It is important that already in a base complete set there is an airbag for the driver. More advanced modifications have side inflatable protective curtains, which can be purchased as a separate option.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Comfortable car;
  • Acceptable build quality;
  • Modern and quite stylish appearance of hatchback;
  • There is a choice between power units;
  • Increased motor power;
  • More convenient location of sensors and scales;
  • An airbag is even available as a basic package;
  • There is a reliable suspension, which has an increased resource;
  • Improved aerodynamic component of the machine;
  • Good height of road clearance;
  • Convenient interior;
  • Pretty good front soft seats;
  • A lot of free space;
  • Presence of the touch screen display;
  • Good top equipment;
  • Quite low consumption of power units;
  • Reinforced bodywork.

Cons of a car

  • Even in the basic configuration, the price of the machine is very high;
  • Small volume of luggage compartment;
  • Pretty light steering wheel without feedback from the road surface;
  • Noisy and obsolete 8-valve powertrain;
  • Hydraulic adjustment of headlights;
  • There is no sensor on the panel of devices which shows the temperature of a cooling liquid;
  • Still low quality of assembly;
  • Appearance on the amateur;
  • Weak engines;
  • Low level of safety;
  • The back row is convenient only for two passengers, the third will be extremely inconvenient.

We sum up

After the release of the Russian-made Lada Kalina hatchback of the 2nd generation, it is clear that AvtoVAZ does not want to stand still, but wants to move forward, gradually competing with other cars brought even from Europe. The overall appearance of the car has become fresher, it looks pretty, especially the front, youth, but at the same time stylish. The hood received small punches, and the side part, or rather the doors, have a characteristic molding.

The stern part has a fairly characteristic look for the company. Moreover, there is a large door with a convenient opening that facilitates loading and unloading of cargoes. Of course, the salon is far from perfect, there is a low-cost plastic, although it does not look the cheapest. The panel of devices of standard type, though for some reason, lacks a sensor of temperature of a cooling liquid, the strange decision.

Lada Kalina side view

On the other hand, there is a handy small touchscreen display, which is very convenient to operate. The front seats, as for the budget model have good upholstery and are soft. The back row can accommodate only two people with comfort, the third will be able to sit down, but will feel discomfort. Free space in the car is enough.

But the luggage compartment is not pleased, as it has very little useful space. But it is possible to fold backrests of back seats that will increase volume of a luggage compartment. The car comes with stronger power units, which are not the most powerful, but with their direct responsibilities, cope well.

Lada Kalina

The small consumption of these engines was a pleasant surprise, which will be a good plus, especially when driving in urban areas. The car has already received a driver’s airbag in the base, which is very good. The degree of safety is of course far from Volvo, but the fact that AvtoVAZ is gradually growing in this direction is encouraging.

There are various systems that will allow you to feel confident on the hatchback. It is obvious that the Russian car company does not sit idly by, but strives to be competitive.

We advise you to read the article: AutoVAZ history – LADA cars

Lada Calina 2 photo

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