The first Aston Martin crossover has been successfully tested

The first Aston Martin crossover has been successfully tested

British car concern “Aston Martin” has announced the completion of testing its crossover. The new model is code-named DBX.In confirmation that the tests were held at the highest level, the company Aston Martin has published photos of the first crossover. Neither technical characteristics, nor details of the interior or exterior of the car concern does not reveal.

But representatives of Aston Martin clarified that the crossover is moving to the active stage of testing. In addition to the Nurburgring highway, the car will be tested in desert conditions, in the mountains, as well as at low temperatures. In 2015, the DBX prototype was shown at the Geneva Motor Show. Compared to the conceptual version, the serial car was equipped with a 4-door body type. The appearance has changed a little.

Technical characteristics

Despite the fact that no data on the motor and other characteristics have been received, the experts already have certain hypotheses. The world’s first crossover company Aston Martin can get a V12 engine with a capacity of 750 horsepower and a volume of 5.2 liters. Four-liter twin-turbo V8 is another possible variant of equipment.

Front view of Aston Martin DBXSide view of Aston Martin DBXRear view of Aston Martin DBX

Photo of Aston Martin DBX

But his engine’s probably gonna have 600 horsepower. One of the “highlights” of the model is side cameras, as in the case of the new generation Lexus ES and Audi e-tron cars. Will there be a hybrid or even an electric version of the parquet flooring? This possibility should not be excluded.

What is known for certain is the place of production of the new product. It will be assembled at the plant located in Wales. Once upon a time there was an aviation base at the site of the plant. The official presentation will take place next year.

Why exactly a crossover?

Curious statistics. According to the company Aston Martin, 72% of Aston owners in the garage have a sports SUV as well. As a rule, preference is given to Porsche and Range Rover brands. However, the British car concern does not consider them as competitors. And the car is called his main opponent by the car Lamborghini Urus.

He can be accompanied by Bentley Bentayaga and Ferrari crossover (also in preparation), as well as Maserati Levante. The main target audience, which can afford the Aston crossover, lives in China and the United States. It is planned that at least 5000 parquet floorings will be removed from the company’s conveyor belt annually. For comparison, last year the company produced 5117 sports cars.

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