Aston Martin DB3S

Aston Martin DB3S
  • Car model: Aston Martin
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 1954
  • Body Type: Rodster

Aston Martin DB3S is a racing sports car, which was built on the same name English company and is designed to replace the car Aston Martin DB3, because it was too heavy and uncompetitive. This is one of the debut and most “right” cars for racing, the company Aston Martin. The whole model range is Aston Martin.

Aston Martin DB3S photo auto

This brand of car Aston Martin attracts its attention, the presence of non-standard design solutions, uniqueness and remarkable origin. The body of the car had a small value of the drag coefficient, so the speed of Aston Martin DB3S increased.

Aston Martin DB3S rear view

However, the machine also had a high lifting power, which made it unstable on the road, especially at high speed. The exterior design of the car was changed almost every year, thus eliminating aerodynamic and other problems.


The interior did not look super attractive, but it was not expected from a sports racing car, which was required to win the race, including the famous 24-La Man. The driver could see the three-spoke steering wheel, behind which various sensors were “hiding”, among which clearly stood out, located in the center of the engine speed sensor. The speedometer found its place a little to the left and the bottom of the dashboard, near the gear lever. The ignition key was also on the dashboard.

Aston Martin DB3S salon photo


Aston Martin DB3S was produced together with the native, 6-cylinder engine, 2.9 liters capacity and 246 hp with the use of an air blower. Torque was transmitted to the rear wheels using 4-speed gearbox S430.

Aston Martin DB3S


Buy Aston Martin DB3S – a real example of aerodynamics in the English style, available for $ 1381270.

Aston Martin DB3S 1954

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Aston Martin DB3S photo


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