New Russian UAZ Pro trucks 2018

New Russian UAZ Pro trucks 2018

The novelty of UAZ Profi Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant was presented in Moscow at Comtrans 2017. This is a domestic light-duty vehicle, which is positioned by the manufacturer as the main competitor of GAZelle Next. The vehicle can be purchased from official dealers, the minimum price is 729 thousand rubles. All UAZ model range.


The appearance of the new low-tonnage UAZ Pro 2018 is quite typical for the LCV segment. This is a new-generation commercial vehicle, which is designed to carry 1500 kg of cargo and 2-3 people depending on the model. The manufacturer plans to supplement the lineup of UAZ Profi with an extended version with a double-row cabin. It will be able to accommodate 5-6 people.

Long hood makes the vehicle more attractive. The front bumper is sewn with black plastic, resistant to damage and rainfall. The same material is used to create expanders to cover the wheel arches. Small corrections were made to the grille, headlights. Count on fog lights only in the “Comfort” version.

UAZ Profi photo auto

From the point of view of UAZ Profi’s appearance the price is quite justified – the car looks no worse than other cars in the commercial segment. UAZ looks especially nice with a cab painted in green “metallic”. Besides it, 4 more shades will be available.

Salon equipment

The interior of the new “Profi” directly depends on the type of transmission. The rear-wheel drive versions have a double sofa next to the driver’s seat – two adults fit in. However, the fate of the average person is not jealous, because his knees rest on the console. There are also pluses – under a pillow of a sofa there is a capacious box. Even large-size things fit in.

The all-wheel drive version has only 2 seats, and next to the gearbox lever there is another one. It activates 4×4 mode. As for the interior decoration, the impressions are the most pleasant. All devices are readable, lots of small pockets, materials of decent quality.

Interior of UAZ Profi

Technical characteristics

And the UAZ-236021 rear-wheel drive truck and its all-wheel drive assembly are equipped with a 2.7-liter engine with 4 cylinders and a power rating of 149.6 hp It fits perfectly with the manual transmission of 5 gears. And now, attention, fanfare – the new UAZ Profi works with gas (LPG).

Power will be slightly reduced – 143 hp, and the torque will be more modest. However, taking into account gasoline and natural gas prices, the savings will be significant. So the purchase of the new product is economically beneficial for drivers who are professionally engaged in cargo transportation.

Dimensions, capacity

Dimensions of UAZ Profi differ depending on modifications. The market will receive 2 versions of the car: rear-wheel drive UAZ-236021 and all-wheel drive UAZ-236022.

Rear-wheel drive dimensions:

  • Length and width – 594 cm and 231.5 cm, respectively. A wide platform will add a couple of centimeters to the truck, the width will grow to 254.5 cm. The situation with the height is the same. The standard value is 190 cm, if there is an awning it will grow to 255 cm.
  • The wheelbase of the truck is 355 centimeters, the clearance is good and is 21 cm.
  • Constrained weight – almost 2 tons, with cargo, passengers – 1510 kg. U-turn – 5.9 m.

All-wheel drive dimensions:

  • The length, width and height of the model 236022 are the same as the mono-drive version. Differences only in turning radius (6.7 m) and curb weight – 2065 kg.
  • Lifting capacity is a little less – 1435 kg.

Prices, equipment

UAZ Profi-236021 in the package “Standard” can be purchased for 729 thousand rubles Equipment is modest, represented by ABS, one airbag, electric windows, central locking, rear view mirror. There is a heating.

Comfort” set was estimated at 50 thousand rubles more expensive. But it is better to take such “one and a half lorry” of UAZ company. After all, for this money the motorist can count on:

  • Pretty decent air conditioner.
  • Signalization and fog lights.
  • Class chair adjustable.
  • Good multimedia system.
  • Heating the seats, the glass.
  • High-rechargeable battery.

UAZ Profile cargoes

That’s the kind of guy UAZ made the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. Whether the “lorry and lorry” will be able to challenge GAZelle Next seriously is still difficult to judge. However, there is no doubt that a part of potential customers will make a choice in favor of UAZ. This is especially true for car enthusiasts who need all-wheel drive trucks.

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