UAZ Hunter

UAZ Hunter
  • Car model: UAZ
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 2003
  • Body Type: SUV

The model “Hunter” is produced by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant since 2003. The prototype was, of course, UAZ 469, which has become a legend of the car industry and has passed numerous tests in difficult road and operating conditions, which confirmed the practical value of this vehicle. “Hunter” 12 years proved the right to be the successor. The whole model range is UAZ.

In 2015, the moral and technical backwardness of UAZ Hunter dictated a reasonable decision to discontinue production, but it was necessary to take into account the opinion of buyers who still wanted to buy a car. Therefore, before removal from the assembly line the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produced a chord UAZ “Hunter” of 2016 model year under the name “Victory Series”. The Russian car market presented the model in 2016 with the following releases:

  • “Classic”;
  • “Trophy”;
  • “Victory Series.”

The updated model retains the qualities of an SUV: unpretentiousness, passability, relative cheapness and reliability.


The car is equipped with a bodywork with five doors and a rigid metal top. The appearance, in comparison with the prototype, has not undergone radical changes. This is a military SUV, adapted to work in the city and countryside. It is distinguished by its characteristic rectangular shape and minimal external creativity. But taking into account the fact that the car is designed to move on a difficult terrain, external modesty is justified.

Photo UAZ Hunter

The bodywork has five doors. The radiator grille is made in the form of two strips, on the sides of which are placed round, slightly protruding headlights. Above the hood behind the hood is the air intake cover, which is adjustable from the cockpit. Towing hooks on the steel stamped front bumper. On the side, to the left and right of the windshield, repeaters made of yellow plastic.

UAZ Hunter car

Narrow doors open 90 degrees. Door awnings of external execution. Side mirrors at a speed of over 100 km. per hour sometimes seek to change the position independently. The presence of windows around the perimeter creates a panoramic view. The rear part of the body is vertical with one door on which the spare wheel is fixed. Above the rear bumper is a block of rectangular headlights of vertical design. External minimalism, however, opens up new horizons for tuning enthusiasts.

External Hunter tuning

The advantages and disadvantages are peculiar to the machine. Therefore, the “Hunter” is suitable for modeling and interesting improvements. For this vehicle, the necessary modification will be the installation of a hatch in the roof of the cabin. This will help to eliminate the problem of ventilation and the problem of lowering the temperature in hot weather.

It is better to buy a ready-made aluminum hatch in a shop and use it to make a markup for metal cutting. It is better to cut the steel roof with a Bulgarian, remembering to cool the seam with water and remove the cladding beforehand. It is better to install the hatch with a helper, using sealant and sealant.

UAZ Hunter tuning

Arrangements expanding additional functions can be made by yourself, if you don’t strive for presentable appearance. In another case, it is better to buy a professional version of the bodywork. The requirement for dodgers is to be strong and not bulky. Powerful dodgers are designed with the winch in mind and the wheel format is increased to improve cross-country ability.

The specifics of the SUV include equipping it with a special expeditionary boot. For this purpose, the frame is cooked from the profile and reinforced with a metal mesh. Then the fasteners are welded to the roof of the car. Additional lighting equipment is installed on the boot.


The interior of this model has some emphasis on comfort. The front and rear seats are equipped with headrests. The armchairs are equipped with adjustment elements for a smooth change of the backrest tilt position, longitudinal direction and lumbar support. This is a prerequisite for comfortable seating. Passenger seats are folded in to increase the luggage area or removed. There are seat belts present.

UAZ Hunter cabin

The presence of the headlamp headlamp rectifier, which changes the vertical flow of light, is a pleasure, as it is necessary when loading the luggage compartment. The floor is insulated with carpeting. The front panel is made of plastic. The speedometer is located in the projection of the steering wheel, and it impairs the view of the speedometer when driving.

The rest of the instrumentation is of authentic design to the right of the steering column. Above them is the lamp unit for control and signalling. Underneath them are the keypad and controls. Under the dashboard there is a heating unit in the field of view, where the required temperature control has not been achieved.

UAZ Hunter salon photo

There’s a cigarette lighter on the panel opposite the passenger seat. The steering wheel is fixed rigidly and without adjustments, but the presence of power steering makes it easier to drive the car. There are no glass lifts. Instead, the air vents are tightly sliding to the side to ventilate the passenger compartment. Transmission is manual. It is controlled by five-speed gearbox lever and transfer gearbox lever, and all-wheel drive.

Salon Tuning

Tuning the salon, of course, is necessary. At least to compensate for deficiencies in the factory assembly, design, equipment. The task is to transfer the construction from a state of minimum comfort to a state of acceptable comfort. You can start with insulation. In factory execution there is only a hint at that. The reason for tuning gives also a blatant imperfection of heating of factory assemblage. Temperature regulation is primitive.

UAZ Hunter SalonChoosing the type of insulation for the floor and doors is not difficult, but it is better to buy foil, as having reliable thermal insulation properties, felt or bitoplastic. Before the beginning of insulation, the gaps and joints are insulated with sealant, although the foam is also suitable for installation.

Make additional noise insulation of the underlay area. When changing the interior, replace the chairs with anatomical ones with a sufficient number of adjustments and even heating. The steering wheel and the heater can be modified. The latter should be replaced with a modern one that meets the comfort requirements.


Mower unit

The vehicle is equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. UAZ “Hunter” has a gasoline engine ZMZ-409.10 with fuel consumption of 13.2 liters at cruising speed of 100 km/h. UAZ “Hunter” diesel engine is equipped with ZMZ-5143.10 engine with fuel consumption of 10 liters at a speed of 90 km/h.

UAZ Hunter engine


Korean five-stage. The gear change scheme is standard, but the gear change in Korean is easier than in the arzamas box 469. In the second gear “Hunter” accelerates up to 80 km/h. Front and rear axle of UAZ “Hunter” type “spacer”.

Transfer case is two-stage. The front suspension is spring dependent, reinforced with telescopic type shock absorbers. Rear – dependent, reinforced with hydropneumatic shock absorbers.

Photo UAZ Hunter

A transverse stabilizer is installed to compensate for sags in potholes. The wheels contain 16-inch pressed or cast discs. Stamped discs, compared to cast discs, are suitable for off-road use, and have an impact absorbing capacity. Cast discs are suitable for use in urban environments. Rear drive with rigid front drive connection. The performance balance is confirmed by the detailed description in the summary table.

Technical characteristics
Geometry and mass
Number of places5
Length, mm4100
Width with mirrors/no, mm2010 / 1730
High, mm2025
Wheelbase, mm2380
Front/Rear Wheel Gauges, mm1465 / 1465
Ground clearance, mm210
Forward depth, mm500
Constrained mass, kg1845
Gross weight, kg2520
Carrying capacity, kg675
Engine and transmission
Motorgasoline engine
Fuelgasoline with octane number not less than 92
Working volume, l2,693
Maximum power, hp. (kW)128 (94.1) at 4600 rpm
Maximum torque, H-m209.7 at 2500 rpm
Wheel formula4×4
Gearboxmechanical 5-step
Task Box2-speed with front axle drive disconnected
Drivefixed rear, with front rigidly connected
Suspension, brakes and tires
Forward brakesdisk type
Rear brakesdrum type
Forward suspensiondependent spring with stabilizer
Transverse stability
Rear suspensiondependent, on two longitudinal semi-elliptic
leaf springs
Tires225/75 R16
Speed and economy
Parametersgasoline engine
Maximum speed, km/h130
Fuel consumption, l/100 km:
at 90 km/h
Total fuel tank capacity, l72


“Hunter”, “Patriot” are all based on the same frame. According to the representatives of the plant, there is no point in talking about improving the safety of the car, if it will lead to an increase in the cost of the produced model. That’s why it’s impossible to find the Hunter’s crash tests. Then let’s pay attention to the results of the Patriot test, at least for comparison.

Photo UAZ Hunter

Crash-test was conducted by auto specialists from among the employees of “AvtoRevyu” magazine. The collision occurred at a speed of 64 km/h with an obstacle covering 40 per cent of the frontal surface of the car. The evaluation was carried out on a 16-point scale. The result was 2.7 points. The conclusion is not comforting. Safety on frontal collision is low.

Complections and prices

The new UAZ “Hunter” exists in three slightly different sets of equipment. The price in 2017 for the new “Hunter” varies depending on the equipment, in the range of 11000-15600 dollars. The cheapest “Hunter” complete set “classic”.

Complete set
ModificationsEngine volume PowerKPPDisksColorProtection
Classic2693 cm³128 bpHyundai Dimos MTSteel stamped R16Black, grey, brown, green, whiteno
Trophy2693 cm³128 bpHyundai Dimos MTExclusive light alloy R16“Rushmo” (brown – metallic grey)Roller traction, gearbox, transfer case
Victory2693 cm³128 bpHyundai Dimos MTSteel stamped R16Army defensiveRule rods

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Interability in extreme off-road conditions;
  • Rugged frame chassis, engine and spacious body;
  • Li>Small serviceability;
  • Not capricious in the cold;
  • Swivel gear, seatbelts and unbelted seatbelt indicator;
  • Spacious salon;
  • Available service and spare parts.

Cons of a car

  • Indirect assembly quality;
  • The body is prone to corrosion and paint chips;
  • Seat too close to the steering wheel;
  • Durability of transmission;
  • Lack of tightness of windows;
  • When driving in the cabin, noise.

We sum up

“Hunter”, indeed, is a machine designed for difficult roads, practical, unpretentious and irreplaceable in something for many years. Freely overcomes steep ascents and descents on the lowered gear. Successfully moves on the broken track, if to keep necessary clearance. Energy-intensive suspension, reliable braking system. Manufacturer provides minimum comfort. Weaknesses in operating conditions: suspension components, steering, pump, thermostat, fuel system components.

UAZ Hunter offroader

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UAZ Hunter photo

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The UAZ Hunter drawing

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