• Car model: UAZ
  • Producing country: USSR
  • Year of issue: 1965
  • Body Type: The minibus

For the first time the UAZ 452 series car was designed by the designers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant in 1965 as a modification of UAZ 451. The all-wheel drive version was equipped with a new GAZ-21 engine and four-speed gearbox. The whole model range is UAZ.

In the new model range with the 4×4 wheel arrangement letter indexes are used, which determine the purpose of the car:

Letter indices
452A “Tablet” Sanitary car.  Capacity – 4 stretchers or 6 people at the sides.
452AE Modification of UAZ-452A to install specialized equipment.
452B “Cloth” Minibus for 10 people.
452D “Tadpole” Bort truck.
452G Sanitary. Differs from 452A by larger capacity.
452K “Medea” Remanimation. Released in small quantities. Wheel formula 6×4.
452P Td>

UAZ(y) 452 in a metal case attached a label “loaf” because of the external resemblance to a loaf of bread. This series has found surprisingly wide application for transportation of cargoes, people and as special vehicles. Another modernization, which took place in 1985, ended with the change of indexation and the end of the history of 452 series.


The bodywork design does not shine with the beauty of the design solution, but is subordinated to the principle of functionality. Flowability, based on speed indicators, high ground clearance (0.3 m), reducing the probability of damage to the lower parts and components when driving on bumps and pits. The width of the windscreen and side windows provides sufficient panoramic visibility when driving. Since the middle of the 70’s they have been installed on the doors of mirrors of the enlarged size, new lighting equipment.


There’s an orange section in the front lights. The rear lights have a rectangular shape, which is reflected in the shape of the rear body panels. They appeared behind the front doors, on the port and starboard sides, and repeaters of turns. Door hinges of external execution and contain press nipples. There is a U-shaped neckline on the front cladding, above which the UAZ emblem in the form of a seagull. Under the bumper there is a hook for towing. In the side niche there is a neck for filling the tank with gasoline.

Body Tuning

Changes in the appearance of the car start with the repainting of the body. The repainting must take into account the original colour. Camouflage colouring is not a problem. To do this, you need masking tape and two aerosol cans of the intended color. To prepare the body for painting you need:

  • Dismantle the bodywork and make the anti-corrosion treatment;
  • Steel to cover with film or paper;
  • Place a tape in accordance with future paint contours.

Place the paint to indicate the light spots first, then the dark spots. Then you can move on to the installation of the power components: reinforced bumpers, a protective tube arch, which is welded to the front bumper or made detachable, a trunk and a winch. It is better to install the winch in such a way that the pulling force is not less than five tons.

UAZ Buhanka tuning

The final stage is the installation of additional lighting equipment. For example: the front bumper is fitted with halogen headlamps and the trunk is fitted with working and high beam chandeliers. Any changes that do not provide for the design, require the approval of the traffic police to exclude possible problems.


Probably shouldn’t look for evidence of the comfort of this car’s interior. The car showroom is dominated by metal and leatherette. Inside the cabin, the protruding part of the engine reduces the free space. The dashboard records the minimum of the necessary current technical information.

It has a built-in stove air inlet. A heating oven is installed under the panel, and warm air enters the passenger compartment through the opening door. Insufficient heating in the cold season and the lack of cooling in the cabin in the hot season, poor sound insulation – a consequence of designer asceticism and the desire to make things cheaper.

UAZ-452 salon

Salon Tuning

The lucky owner of this model realizes how inconvenient the car showroom “loafers” in comparison with similar foreign variants is. But if we do not forget that comfort is secondary in the production of this car, then, having made efforts, means and creative approach, it is quite real to create a coziness in the salon.

  • It is possible and necessary to start with replacement of standard seats with modern soft chairs;
  • The next step in the car dealership tuning is to isolate external noise, internal rattling of the cabin elements and improve the quality of interior finishing;
  • Floors, door cavities and the back wall can be laid with vibroisol, covered with soundproofing and sealed with sealant;
  • Then do the interior cladding.

Bukhanki salon tuning

Today, the popularity of leather interior decoration. Often, additional elements are added to the interior in the form of gloves, modern lighting, shelves and ashtrays. It is better to replace the steering wheel with a comfortable and ergonomic one in a soft case, without forgetting about its secure fastening.


Pleasant notes in the tuning of the vehicle introduces the installation of electric window lifters, audio equipment and modernization of furnace heating. So, the convenience of using the “bukhanochka” created by the owner will undoubtedly add and mental comfort.

Technical characteristics

Briefly commenting on the table information we conclude the following: The “loaf” has two leading bridges, the UAZ “loaf” checkpoint is of mechanical type and together with the transmission represents a monoblock. Activation is carried out by means of a demultiplier.

UAZ-452 engine

The engine is a modernized GAZ-21 engine installed inside the cab. This allows for minor repairs without leaving the cabin. Good load-carrying capacity and cross-country ability are kept behind the vehicle as “off-roader” and “all-terrain vehicle”.

Technical characteristics
Modification Glass van UAZ UAZ bus
Wheel formula 4×4 4×4
Number of seats 2 or 5 9-10
Length, mm 4390 4363
Width, mm 1940 1940
High, mm 2064 2064
Wheelbase, mm 2300 2300
Ground clearance, mm 205 205
Wade depth, mm 500 500
Mass of the loaded car, kg 1805 for a closed van
1920 for glazed van
2005 – for 9 local buses
2015 – for 10 local buses
Gross weight, kg 2730 for a closed van
2845 for glazed van
Carrying capacity, kg 925 875 – for 9 local buses
865 – for 10 local buses
Motor Fuel, ZMZ-40911.10
Fuel Gasoline with an octane number of at least 92
Working volume, l 2,693
Maximum power, HP (kW) 112.2 (82.5) at 4250 rpm
Maximum torque, H-m 198 at 2500 rpm
Maximum speed, km/h 127
Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l / 100 km 9.0
Fuel consumption at 80 km/h, l / 100 km 11.2
Tank capacity, l 77
Gearbox 5-step, mechanical
Task Box 2-speed with front axle drive disconnected
Brake system Double-circuit, with vacuum booster, front disk, rear drum)
Tires 225/75 R16


The concept of driver safety was considered a secondary objective in the creation of UAZ. The main task was to implement the target destination. That is, meeting the requirements of the defense industry. According to some experts, the probability of survival in frontal collision on this vehicle is 30 percent.

Although, the first crash-tests conducted in 1971 did not confirm this figure. The design does not provide for seat belts, but it is good that the UAZ “loafer” line has decent strength characteristics. It is also impossible to deny the fact that traffic safety largely depends on the qualities and experience of the driver himself.

UAZ Bukhanka front view

Complete sets and prices

The price of this series depends on a number of factors. Technical condition, terms of operation, means invested in modernization, tuning, overhaul, taking into account how they were previously operated are taken into account. In dependence of the listed price in the market fluctuate in a range from 1000 to 12000 dollars.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Universality;
  • Movability;
  • Capacity;
  • Reportability;
  • The design is simple, allowing for troubleshooting in the field.

Cons of a car

  • Safety level for driver, passengers does not meet modern requirements;
  • Low comfort;
  • Higher fuel consumption;
  • The body shell is exposed to excessive corrosion.

We sum up

This vehicle is a good workhorse for everyday tasks. If desired and financially possible, it is successfully upgraded technically and externally. In this case, the “bukhanochka” becomes a delight for lovers of hunting, fishing and travel, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach places. Absence of scarce spare parts, simple enough repair and maintenance – the key to keeping the machine in a reliable condition.

UAZ-452 front view

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UAZ-452 photo

Vehicle drawing

UAZ-452 drawing

Test drive

Video overview

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