DS3 Crossback Electric Carrier Overview

DS3 Crossback Electric Carrier Overview

You’ve probably heard of the French brands Renault and Pegueot. What about DS? This is a premium car manufacturer, which produces a very interesting transport with an almost cloudless price tag. In autumn 2018, the French showed another novelty and the closest competitor Audi Q2 – electric crossover DS Crossback.

To begin with, let’s get acquainted with DS brand. In fact, it is a luxury division of Citroen, and DS3 Crossback is the second parquet flooring company. The model should go on sale at the end of 2019. In addition to Audi Q2, it will be competing with Volvo XC40.

Stylish gentleman

Like other models of the brand, DS3 Crossback is interesting with its expressive design. It fits perfectly into the corporate identity of the brand. Most of the details resonate with the DS7 Crossback – the “fins” of the front struts remain the same. But DS3 became a five-door crossover. Door handles are originally recessed and slide out automatically when the car key is within a radius of 150 centimeters.

The same option is available in the Range Rover, but it was the first time it was placed on a compact parquet floor. And also the doors of the “stylish Frenchman” open with the help of a smartphone. The unique appearance of Citroën DS Crossback is expressed not only in the shape of the body. At the disposal of the buyer as many as 10 variants of disks and the same number of colors of painting.

Rear view of DS3 CrossbackRear view of DS3 CrossbackSide view of DS3 Crossback

Photo DS3 Crossback

“Smart matrix headlights are able to shine high beam all the time without disturbing other drivers. Tail lights are united by chrome molding – everything is similar to DS7. Crossover dimensions are very compact – 411.8 cm long and 179.1 cm wide.

Premium salon

The inside of the DS3 Crossback is as beautiful as the outside. It has one of the biggest screens in its class – 10.3 inches. The dashboard is fully digital, there are 5 interior design options. Once inside the DS 3, you’ll want to touch and feel everything right away.

The interior is decorated in an unusual geometric style – the theme of crystals appears almost everywhere. It is the steering wheel, the engine start button, and even the grille. Despite such avant-gardism, ergonomics remained at a decent level. It is easy to understand the menu, even a beginner will not have any questions. There is definitely more room behind than the competitors.

DS3 Crossback Salon

You can count on climate control and other nice bonuses in expensive packages. For example, here is just a fantastic multimedia system with a built-in modem to use the Internet. Audio system Focal is equipped with 12 speakers, the total power of which exceeds 500 watts.

Specifications, electronics

Let’s talk about the main thing – under the hood filling of the new French CD-cross. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, 100 kW and 136 horsepower allow to achieve acceleration up to a hundred in 8.7 seconds and power reserve of 450 km. Of course, in fact, the duration of ride of the French crossover was less by about 100 km. But with speed all is rather disputable – because of the limiter it will not be possible to accelerate faster than 150 km/hour.

The premium Citroen division positions the car as a compact SUV of luxury. The torque is 260 Nm. Approximately 20% of the charge can be recovered through regeneration. In the city cycle, this is made possible by braking and descending from the mountains.

DS3 Crossback photo auto

If you connect the machine to the Wallbox charging station, the charging time will take 5 hours. For those who are in a hurry, we have provided accelerated charging of 100 kW. In just half an hour of downtime, while you’re drinking coffee, the battery will charge to 80%.

Interestingly, the buyer will be offered traditional versions of DS3. Among them there will be cars with a 1.5-liter diesel engine of 100 hp and a 1.2-liter gasoline unit with an output of 155 hp, 8-speed automatic transmission.

DS3 Crossback photo

They say that the main task of DS3 Crossback is to fight with the Germans of the Big Three BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz for thick wallets of customers. And although DS marketers claim that the brand separated from Citroën is not a direct competitor to German cars, its avant-garde and originality look like a clear step of crosses from Germany.

Of course, it will be difficult to promote DS3 Crossback on the Russian market. To begin with, potential customers need to get acquainted with the DS brand itself, because many people hear about it for the first time. Then to explain, why for a mono-drive crossover it is necessary to give such mad money. The exact price list will be known shortly before the start of sales. But already today it is clear that it will not be cheaper than Audi Q2 and other competitors. Obviously, such cars do not always choose the mind.


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