Chery Tiggo 8

Chery Tiggo 8
  • Car model: Chery
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: SUV

The mid-size version of SUV was presented at the end of April 2018 during the international car show in Beijing. The car has a colorful appearance, spacious interior and generous equipment, but under the hood is a single power unit, which transmits torque only to the front wheels.

It all began with the demonstration of the concept crossover Chery Exeed TX, and then was presented as a serial version under the name Chery Tiggo 8. According to some reports, the new Chinese vehicle will be sold in the summer of 2018. After the introduction of the new bodywork, the management from the Celestial Empire seeks to compete not only with more prominent brands, not only in the segment of small parquet flooring, but also large crossovers. Will they succeed or not? Let’s work it out together. The whole model range is Chery.


The novelty of the Chinese car industry Chery Tiggo 8 2018-2019 looks much more pleasant than the previous versions of the line “Tiggo”. This version of the crossover has become larger in size, but was able to save the native soft and rounded forms. When you look at the “in front” of the car, you will immediately notice the grille, which has received a huge size.

Unusually, but it is almost not covered with chrome, except for some horizontal type of lanes. The grille has a black color, looks beautiful and pleasant, but its shape is a bit unusual. The Chery Tiggo 8 2018 radiator grille is clearly not in harmony with its optics. The headlights themselves are small and have smooth curves.

Photo of Chery Tiggo 8

If we talk about the quality of filling, here the Chinese experts have not begun to save money – the highest quality LED lamps are used. The front bumper turned out to be large and equipped with a lot of non-standard dodger. On the sides of the additional air intakes are placed “foggers”.

On all perimeter of the car, including the bottom, the car has high-quality plastic protection, which is very good, given our roads and preferences of our drivers. The hood is flat, almost without relief. Besides, it does not possess any inclination, therefore the car has approached even to off-road models on appearance.

Finally, the appearance of the Chinese company Cherie’s “brainchild” is hard to blame for plagiarism – it is a completely independent car with its own design.

Chery Tiggo 8 side view

The side of the Chery Tiggo 8 2018 inspires respect and speaks of solidity. Even in appearance it is clearly seen that the “Chinese” has grown in size, so the model does not look so “simple”. The roof is falling down and has chrome-plated rails. There is chrome in the lower edge of the door. The glass is smaller in size, but still provides a good overview.

External mirrors are now more accurate and have repeaters of turntables, as well as folding system in automatic order. The door handles now have keyless access. The wheels have been completely redesigned, which is why their appearance is eye-catching. They are manufactured using lightweight technology. The height of the ground clearance is 200 millimeters, which is very good.

Auto Chery Tiggo 8

The driver may not worry and drive on a bad road. However, it will not be superfluous to remind that there is no all-wheel drive system on Cherie Tiggo 8 2018-2019, so the complete lack of roads is obviously not for you. As for the rear area of the car, after such a powerful “front”, stylish side part, it looks weak. The back door of the trunk looks too loose and does not have a skirt.

Paying attention to the optics of Cherie Tiggo 8, you remember the style of the Korean car company KIA. The rear bumper is big. On the edges there are 2 unusual recesses, which received additional stop-lights. In the mentioned niches, the exhaust system nozzles were also installed, which received a rectangular shape.

In general, the car turned out to be brutal, stylish and large. Now, there will be much more potential buyers looking at the “Chinese”. The Chery Tiggo 8 2018 is the largest single-volume truck of the Tigo family, which can accommodate 7 people. Indeed, it is the flagship of the Chery automobile company.


When considering the interior decoration of the new Chinese crossover, there are two senses. Of course, there are some shortcomings that are present in every Chinese machine and related to the quality of assembly. There are backlashes, creaks and creaks in some places. But when finishing the interior used quite good materials.

Auto can get a finishing either with a fabric with plastic or leather. In addition, there are no questions in the field of design thought. I am pleased with the large number of high-tech stuffing, which can be envied by even more expensive vehicles. The salon of five-door doors has high-quality ergonomics and a good level of performance.

Salon Chery Tiggo 8Back row Chery Tiggo 8Chery Tiggo 8 trunk

Chery Tiggo 8 Salon

The steering wheel is not small and has a large number of keys that allow you to work with “music”, navigation system, “cruise” and off-road adjustments. The “device” itself turned out to be modern, as it was performed in an electronic style, adjusted to the needs of each individual owner. There are several deflectors of various shapes on the sides of it.

The central console is stylish. It has almost no mechanical buttons, as all the controls of the sensor type. The upper part has a large 9-inch screen, which supports the touch view. The seats are comfortable and have a quality upholstery, taking the form of any person. They are equipped with a heating function, as well as adjustments by means of servo drives.

It’s worth saying right away that the range of settings is not high. I was pleased with the functionality announced by a Chinese company for a multimedia system. It is called Lion Cloud. It was taught to recognize the owner by face and fingerprint. In addition, it has a wide range of voice control options, which allows you to turn on the air conditioner, open a panoramic roof or luggage compartment. It provides high-speed Internet access in 4G networks with the option of Internet distribution over Wi-Fi, as well as remote control of the machine’s functionality from a smartphone.

Multimedia system Lion Cloud has a convenient and modern voice control function, which is perfectly honed and recognizes 32 dialects. However, it is worth adding that only Chinese is supported.

The tunnel with the torpedo is synchronized directly by a spacious compartment for the preservation of small items. The tunnel itself has such elements as gearshift lever, a significant number of keys, large cup holders, parking brake and a good armrest. The basic version of the Cherry Tiggo 8 crossover has a five-seater interior layout.

On the second row there is a comfortable sofa, flat floor and normal amount of free space. Sitting comfortably thanks to the panoramic roof. The rear row can be adjusted within the 260 mm range. As a separate option, you can install 2 more seats on the back of the car, which will be comfortable, perhaps, only for children. The volume of the luggage compartment can vary from 892 to 1,930 litres (taking into account the loading “under the ceiling”).

The seven-seater car already has 193 liters at the third row of seats, and without it the same 1,930 liters of useful space (it is important to note that the rear two seats can be folded so that there is a flat ground). The Chery Tiggo 8 2018 raised floor section has an additional section for different things and tools. The small spare wheel of the pressed rim is fixed under the SUV bottom.



The bonneted space of the new Cheri Tiggo 8 2018 has a four-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5-liter. It is equipped with vertical architecture, two upper camshafts, turbocharger, multipoint gasoline supply, intercooler, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism type DOHC and adjustable phases of gas distribution.

As a result, the power plant provides SUV 147 “horses” and 210 Nm of torque, and also meets environmental standards Euro-6. In addition, there is a weaker 2.0-liter engine, which develops 122 horsepower. Engine consumption is still unknown.


The basic version has a 6-speed manual transmission that transmits the torque potential to the front wheels. As a separate option, a 6-range double-clutch robotic gearbox can be fitted. Unfortunately, there is no all-wheel drive system. The maximum speed limit will not exceed 190 kilometres per hour.


Running gear

The Tiggo 8 2018 is based on the T1X front-drive platform with a load-bearing body, which is largely made up of high-strength steel. The engine is positioned transversely. The Chinese-made car has independent roundabouts, as well as hydraulic shock absorbers and transverse stabilizers. Ahead we decided to use McPheson type racks, and behind – a multilever system.

Such a large machine is easy to operate with the built-in active electric power steering. The braking system is made up of all-wheel drive units (the front ones are equipped with a ventilation function), which support the electronic technologies ABS and EBD.


The body of the new Chinese SUV has a more rigid body, which used more powerful spars. Such a base (T1X), which is installed on the already manufactured Tiggo 5 and Tiggo 7, has passed the crash-tests with a front impact on the barrier with a 40-percent overlap, as well as a side impact. It is a pity that the car did not get a newer “trolley”, called M3X, which promises even better prospects.

But despite all this, the structure of a large crossover Cherie Tiggo 8 2018 consists of high-strength steel, which significantly increases the strength of the body. It’s nice that the novelty has received a video camera for external review, the function of tracking the “blind” zones, an option that prevents accidents, a system of control when driving up and down, electronic technology ABS, EBD, front and side airbags, as well as a system of keyless access.

Price and equipment

The new Tiggo 8 crossover has received good quality equipment. The basic design already has front airbags, 9-inch multimedia system with touch screen control, electronic systems ABS and EBD, 4-speaker audio system, 18-inch light-alloy “rollers”, the function of heating and electric drive of external mirrors, electronic manual brake, keyless access system, air conditioning, hatch with electric drive, electric windows on all doors and other equipment.

This version of the machine is estimated in China from 98,800 yuan (about $ 15472). The seven-seater version is estimated at least 101,800 yuan (about $ 15853).

Chery Tiggo 8 photo car

The most expensive equipment has side airbags, an electronic dashboard for 7 inches, two-zone climate control, all-round cameras, non-contact luggage compartment rear door opening technology, leather interior decoration, cruise control, lane exit warning function, zone monitoring function and so on. Top equipment is estimated at least $21401. It is expected that this model will be available no sooner than by autumn 2018.


Since the Chery Tiggo has been able to grow significantly in many aspects, it can compete with even more prominent car brands. Here it is possible to carry Hyundai Santa Fe, Nissan Qashqai and KIA Sportage.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice and stylish appearance;
  • Enlarged dimensions;
  • Abundance of chrome parts;
  • Solid height of road clearance;
  • Modern optics;
  • Good cross-country ability;
  • Big and beautiful wheels;
  • Ergonomic interior;
  • The quality of finishing materials has increased significantly;
  • There is a 9-inch touch screen multimedia system;
  • Electronic dashboard;
  • Comfortable front seats with good side support;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Abundance of free space on two rows of seats;
  • Many chrome-plated elements inside the car;
  • Level floor for rear passengers;
  • The big trunk;
  • Not bad safety;
  • Convenient loading height of luggage compartment;
  • Rich complete sets Cherie Tiggo 8.

Cons of a car

  • In a city of this size, you need to be more careful;
  • Pretty weak powertrains;
  • Very poor choice of power units;
  • Lack of full drive system;
  • The third row of seats will approach only for comfortable placing of children;
  • Some important electronic security systems are missing;
  • The quality of materials used is still not high enough;
  • Rear seats are not distinguished by the level of comfort.

Summing up

In the end, I would like to say that the Chinese company Chery was able to successfully “expand” its line of Tiggo with a new big crossover. The design staff from China managed to make an attractive, modern and stylish car. The entire appearance of the Chery Tiggo 8 2018 is eloquent evidence of its enormity, grandeur and power. This vehicle has received an abundance of chrome parts that decorate the exterior of the novelty.

The Tigger 8 is equipped with stylish and modern optics, solid ground clearance height and large light alloy wheels. It is a pity, but the car has only a drive on the front wheels. Given the size of the crossover, its “muscularity” and the desire to compete with more prominent brands, many expected the drive to be on 4 wheels.

New Chery Tiggo 8

Perhaps for this reason, the Chinese engineers decided to equip the machine is not so strong power units, which are not always enough, as for such a huge machine, that already speak for a system of four-wheel drive. Now no one can reproach the Chinese for taking some other manufacturer’s car and copying it – it is a full-fledged unique model.

Everything inside looks beautiful, pleasant and technological. You notice that the car is more directed to the European market. There are comfortable front seats with good side support and adjustments, multifunctional steering wheel, behind which there is an electronic dashboard (in a simple configuration there is an arrow “dashboard”, and in the center there is an on-board computer display).

The entire central console is occupied by a 9-inch multimedia system display, which supports touch input and allows you to control many functions of the car. All the controls are in place and can be easily reached. Ergonomics at a high level. Certainly, it is necessary to recognize that finishing materials are still far from ideal, but essential growth of “Chinese” in this direction is appreciable.

Chery Tiggo 2018

There is plenty of space on the front and back row, so a person with any equipment will be able to easily sit down. The presence of a flat floor is a pleasure. The Chery Tiggo 8 2018 variant with a 7-seat layout is perfect for a large family, as the third row of seats can comfortably accommodate only children, leaving not much space for luggage. But if you remove the third row, the trunk turns out to be just huge.

Since the Chinese company is positioning this vehicle as a flagship, we should expect it to be a rich set of equipment – expectations are confirmed. It is a little unclear, but not all electronic systems can be found in the crossover. However, the most necessary technologies, including those related to safety, are installed and working. Only time will tell what the actual crossover of Cherie Tiggo 8 2018 is when the sales will start in Russia.

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Chery Tiggo 8 photo

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