A range of Chery Tiggo compact SUV

A range of Chery Tiggo compact SUV
  • Car model: Chery
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2005
  • Body Type: SUV

The Chery Tiggo car was able to play a “major role” in the formation of the automobile structure of “Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. This is the first car in the version of a compact crossover in the history of the company. It was it that after a while it was able to become a “tractor” of sales in numerous world markets, which can be attributed to the Russian market. For the first time the whole world learned about “compact SUV” from Chinese specialists in 2005.

But not the best memories are connected with the debut model, as this model was accused of “copying” Toyota RAV4 of the second family, moreover, not without reason. Interestingly, but in spite of such “trouble”, the vehicle was well received and it concerned not only China, but also other automotive markets. The latest model was released at the end of April 2018 – a medium-dimensional version of the SUV called Chery Tiggo 8. The whole model range is Chery.

Chery Tiggo T11 (2005-2012)

This vehicle came out in 2005 and was a Chinese parquet. However, the model was immediately accused of plagiarism with the well-known Toyota RAV4 second generation. China’s automotive industry has been developing rapidly for 2 decades.

The unprecedented speed of formation of the new product was able to provide the Chinese company with an incredible breadth of the range and well-functioning systems for rapid advancement of advanced technologies. Cherie Tiggo’s appearance was developed by Chinese specialists.

Chery Tiggo 2005

Despite the fact that to date it is clearly visible a slight similarity of their vehicles with more famous cars, we can say about Chery Tiggo that this car is quite an independent product. Certainly, it is necessary to admit that there were parallels all the same, and the “Chinese” seriously resembles “Toyota Pav4” and a little bit on “CIA-B Honda“, but if to be objective, the car is still attractive and original.

Production of the debut vehicle was successfully established at the Kaliningrad plant, so the Avtodor plant produces about 150,000 Tiggo cars annually.

Interestingly, until 2008, the car was not called Chery Tiggo, but Vortex Tingo.


The independence of Cherie Tiggo’s appearance can be seen when you look at the front of the machine. Here you can see the presence of a sloping hood with a central indentation, which reaches the grille and provides the exterior of the crossover aggressive qualities.

Lighting equipment has received a large drop-shaped form and is located directly above the “fogging” rectangular shape, which experts have built into the massive recesses. The volumetric convex arches of the wheels were made in a trapezoidal shape, where the smoothed corners are clearly visible.

Photo of Chery Tiggo

In general, the side part turned out to be quite strict. If you continue to look at the side of the Chinese crossover, there is already a noticeable resemblance to the Toyota RAV4 family of the 1990s. The rear part has a 5-th door of flat type and a massive bumper, which received a neckline for “spare”.

If to speak in general, the car is nice and quiet enough. There are no any shouting details. Partly it can be justified by the fact that the car claims to be a mass market, so it is quite natural for such a car.


The interior decoration was decorated in the style of asceticism. The grey tone prevails, which is sometimes diluted with blue door inserts. When building the salon used hard, but high-quality plastic. In addition, it can be pleasantly surprised by the level of fit of elements. As for the driver’s seat, it is comfortable, visibility is not limping.

The necessary free space is enough, but the chair has not received high orthopedic properties. Ergonomic component at a high level. Anyone can sit behind the steering wheel, but a little upset about the steering column setting.

Salon of Chery Tiggo T11

Interestingly, the interior of this car, if you look at it for the first time, is almost similar to the “Toyotovskiy” one. There is a central console in the form of a bulb, similar to the three-spoke steering wheel, seat design and even an armrest box. From “Chinese” elements it is possible to allocate presence of three switches of modes of work of the conditioner which were carried out in the form of gear wheels.

Already familiar white scales of 3 round devices are illuminated by a bright blue LED method. It was nice to see the back position, as the sofa was able to adjust the backrest in a large latitude. However, it is necessary to admit that the sofa is designed and even divided into 2 passengers by default. The luggage compartment has received an impressive volume.

This was achieved by installing an external “spare part”. And if we speak from the fifth door, it opens from the left side. It cannot be said that this is a very convenient solution. The noise isolation is only enough to prevent the sound from the power unit, which operates at idling speed, from entering the door.

As for the rest, it is quite mediocre. Part of the rear sofa moves back and forth. In addition, you can easily remove the rear sofa, which will increase the volume of the luggage compartment by almost one and a half times.


But if you look under the hood of a Chinese crossover Chery Tiggo, it is impossible to say that the content belongs to Honda or Toyota – the engine belongs to Mitsubishi. The “Chinese” has a 2.4-liter 130 hp engine Mitsubishi 4G64, which received a torque of 195 N / m. In general, the “engine” could leave a good impression, despite its sound of work.

Chery Tiggo T11 engine

If to touch upon a gearbox theme here have applied a five-stage manual gearbox which is allocated by high clearness of functioning and well-fitting gearing numbers. No speed “pops up”. The suspension is rigid enough that has almost no effect on the smoothness of movement on a flat road surface, but is clearly felt when there are gaps in the asphalt.

But there are almost no diagonal swings and rolls. The steering rack could be a little “shorter”, so that turning the steering wheel by 90 degrees almost does not entail deviation from the straight course. The way out is to move your hands even in a “normal” turn.

Price and equipment

The price of the budget version of Cherie Tiggo was about $16,499. The car was named after a 2.4-liter 130 hp engine, manual transmission, two front airbags, all-wheel drive transmission, electronic systems EBD, ABS, hydraulic power steering, height adjustment “helm”, electric drive of glasses and mirrors with heating function, air conditioning and heating of seats installed in front. Russian secondary market as of 2017, may offer such vehicles with the price tag 200 000 – 350 000 rubles.

Side View of Chery Tiggo

Updated Chery Tiggo FL (2011-2016)

With the advent of 2010, the popular Chinese compact car has undergone restyling, which affected only the appearance and changes in interior decoration. The novelty received a prefix “FL” to the already known name. The car had been waiting for renewal for a long time, as for 5 years of its existence, the crossover had an “unoriginal appearance” and had time to grow old. Sadly, the model came to us only in 2013.

Tiggo FL

Generally speaking, the update was successful. Tiggo FL had a completely new design of the front area. Headlights now have a fresher and more complicated geometric shape and are installed in the extreme high body points, which forms an elegant transition of the nose area to the wings of the car.

The headlamps installed in front of the vehicle received DXO ribbons with LEDs, and a massive streamlined bumper and a large air intake, placed at the bottom (made in standard “crossover style”), is carefully protected by a black plastic trapezoidal insert. The fog lamp optics are placed on contrasting dark inserts, which fit proportionally into the bumper surface.

Chery Tiggo FL

Jewelry also managed to make a hole in the grille of the false radiator, which has horizontally arranged bars and a bowl of chrome with the nameplate Cheri. With the help of a new unique (so that no one was bothered with the question of plagiarism) “front end”, it was possible to significantly refresh the appearance of the Chinese machine, equipping it with a serious and confident look. Unusually, the Chery Tiggo FL looks square on the photographs, despite the fact that in reality there are plenty of smooth shapes and roundings in its exterior.

It’s nice that after restyling we started to offer a towbar with a low fit, which is not very good, but in the basic version not so many opponents can surprise them. The design team decided not to change the side of the compact crossover. It is necessary to notice that they have made the right decision as “Toyotovskie” lines it is difficult to make more harmonious. The profile of Cherie Tiggo 2013 looks typical and compact, as for a crossover with an elevated 5-door body.

Also here you can find the arches of the wheels, a flat roof line, a large area of side glazing, modest overhangs and a muscular stern area with almost vertical stern. There’s nothing stunning about it – classic stylistics that looks proportionate and majestic.

Chery Tiggo FL

Of course, the changes in the rear area are not so fundamental, so they can be noticed only if you look carefully at the stern. The rear mounted bumper has new outlines with stop signals of rectangular type, which are reasonably located on the outer part.

The “spare parts” case looked different, and the overall lighting was filled with LEDs. Auxiliary stop signal installed in the spoiler improves the information during braking. The roof rack is also worth noting – the skids are moved and extended to fit the size of the luggage.

Tiggo FL Salon

The interior decoration has very pleasant changes. It is clear that the car is now interesting not only externally, but also internally. At interior furnish more expensive materials were used, architecture became more pleasant and richer even on the eye. Experts noted that the Chinese designers have worked well on noise insulation, which is very important for modern vehicles.

The driver will be pleasantly surprised by the new steering wheel, which is now multifunctional and has received unusual aluminum inserts. The updated version of Cherie Tiggo has a brand new dashboard that has two pairs of dials and an on-board computer screen.

Salon Chery Tiggo FL

At any time of the day readability does not limp, which is a pleasant surprise, if we take into account the origin and pricing policy of the vehicle, which will be agreed later. The designers thought not only about giving the interior a better look, but also to work out the ergonomics.

Management of various elements, which are placed on the central console, switch audio tracks, rotate ventilation system deflectors, etc., is very convenient and simple. All the controls are in place, so nothing gets in the way. The seats have an elongated cushion, which makes seating more comfortable.

Anatomically shaped and laterally supported, the necessary conditions are created for people sitting in the front row. This helps you to travel long distances without any difficulty. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in 6 directions and there is also a heating function.

The minus is the adjustment of the position of the “jar”, which can only be pushed back in height. The rear row can comfortably accommodate 3 people who will not feel uncomfortable. Of course, the transmission tunnel was not without it, and the seats were designed for two people, but despite all this, it is possible to sit in the center comfortably.

Chery Tiggo FL

By moving the seats, the volume of the luggage compartment can be controlled. When the machine is equipped with “default”, the boot has a capacity of 520 litres. However, by shifting them forward, the useful space can be increased to 790 litres. If necessary, it is allowed to fold the rear seats at all, but the flat floor will not be achieved, and the volume of the trunk will increase slightly.

Specifications Tiggo FL

For the restyled version of the Chery Tiggo FL, the technical part remained the same. In part, this is good, as the repair of important components is already known, so you don’t need to buy new spare parts to repair the machine. The updated Chinese version has familiar for Russian drivers engines.

Among them is a 1.8-liter 132 hp, 2.0-liter 136 hp, as well as new 1.6-liter power units (“atmospheric” DVVT, designed for 1.6 liters, developing 126 horsepower and “turbo” version with mechanical supercharging, volume of 1.6 liters, producing 150 “horses”).

Chery Tiggo FL engine

All basic equipment is equipped with 5-speed “mechanics”, but the “older” versions are equipped with a CVT variator. The suspension has been completely replaced by the pre-restyling machine. The all-wheel drive system works only with a 2.0-liter powertrain, with 138 horsepower.

Nicely that the company listened to the feedback from the owners and focused on the most important problems causing repairs.

Price and equipment Tiggo FL

Even the very first model was equipped quite well, so the updated compact crossover was no exception, and even in the standard version. On this company went in order to at least somehow compete with the stronger rivals, wanting to lure on their side potential buyers.

Chery Tiggo FL was produced in 2 versions – Comfort and Luxury. The starting version has a hydraulic power steering wheel, height adjustment of the steering wheel, LCD flatbed computer on the dashboard, electric mirrors with heating function, electric windows on all 4 doors, front seat heating function and adjustment in six directions, air conditioning, alarm system, central locking, parktronic, front and rear fog lights, as well as audio system for MP3 and CD playback.

Photo of car Tiggo FL

The Luxury version has an electric hatch, leather interior and music system with integrated hard disk drive. The initial version is estimated from $8702, and the more expensive version costs at least $9016.

Chery Tiggo 3 (2014-present)

During the International Beijing Motor Show in 2014, the Chinese company showed everyone a new crossover Tiggo 3, which has received a modern exterior and tangible changes in interior decoration (compared to the previous version – Tiggo FL).

This vehicle has replaced the slightly outdated Chery Tiggo FL compact crossover. In the company’s lineup, the novelty took a niche one step below the more massive Tiggo 5, but the appearance of both machines was carried out in the same style.

Tiggo 3 Exterior

Generally speaking, it is still felt that the basic characteristics of the machine were adopted when the company used the “repetition method”. The side and back of the truck looks a bit like its previous version, but the car received the original front end, adjusted bumpers and other lighting equipment, as well as more complex sidewalls.

If you look at the nose of the car, you can immediately remember the more massive crossover Tiggo 5. The optical part has been reduced in size, the false radiator grille has become more compact, but the large chrome trim adds innovation to this solution.

Chery Tiggo 3

As mentioned above, it did not do without a new, more solid and aggressive front bumper, which is inserted “anti-fog” round shape of the classic type, very suitable for the appearance of Chinese cars. At lateral inspection of the car it seems that this is the last crossover, not a new model.

At the moment, the design team decided not to add a lot of changes, but to upgrade the body of the point method. Thanks to this, it was possible to save the original appearance from the “donor machine” – the “Japanese” RAV4 (2nd generation). However, there are improvements.

Chery Tiggo 3

This can include the presence of plastic door linings, chrome-plated narrow moldings, light alloy wheels, updated exterior mirrors and LED turn signals on them. The back part looks thoroughly and significantly.

The case for the spare wheel was left in the same place, but now looks more elegant and original. The luggage compartment door is massive, swing type and has a comfortable handle that sits in the hand, as well as a large spoiler, additional stop-lights LED performance.

Tiggo 3 Salon

Based on the interior review, you realize that the salon now looks more solid, interesting and rich. Here you can find better quality finishing materials, used 6.5-inch touch-screen display to control the multimedia system. In addition, the specialists were able to save the level of comfort, good ergonomics, convenient placement of keys and controls that were in the predecessor.

In reality, the interior decoration can be said not so much. There is a possibility of comfortable placement of five people inside the car, taking into account the driver. The engineers have well thought out comfortable seats and microclimate system, which only add advantages to the “Chinese”. The controls are all at hand and intuitive.

Interior of Chery Tiggo 3

The steering wheel has received a small number of buttons, which simplify the control of some systems while driving. It is still comfortable to sit behind, but the passenger in the center will obviously be annoyed by the transmission tunnel. The backrests of the front seats have small pockets for storing different magazines or something similar.

The luggage compartment has got 550 liters of useful space, but if necessary it can be increased by removing the backrests of the rear seats. But there is no need to rejoice very early, because the even floor will not work.

Specifications Tiggo 3

As for the technical part, the novelty has no alternative 1.6-liter gasoline “atmosphere”, which has variable phases of gas distribution. This 16-valve four-cylinder version develops 126 “horses” at 6,150 rpm and 160 Nm at 3,900 rpm. Such forces are synchronized by a five-speed manual gearbox or stepless CVT.

The drive is only provided for the front end. Acceleration up to the first hundred takes about 14 seconds. The maximum speed does not exceed 175 kilometers per hour. For a basis of the given vehicle have decided to take a platform with racks McPherson ahead and multilever system behind.

All wheels have disc brakes (front wheels have a ventilation function). Parquet flooring can be easily controlled by means of hydraulic power steering.

Price and equipment Tiggo 3

Cherry Tiggo received 3 versions in 2014-2015: Comfort, Elite and Luxury. The first version of Comfort has alloy wheels, electric windows on all doors, central locking, which is complemented by a remote control, fog lights, electric mirrors, multifunctional steering wheel, height-adjustable audio system with four speakers, front airbags, rear parking, air conditioning and electronic systems EBD and ABS. This car will cost at least $12857.

Chery Tiggo 2014

The “Elite” version already has LED running lights, an electric hatch, leather interior trim, mirror heating and climate control. The most expensive version of Luxury has received the presence of cruise control, leather steering wheel, front seat heating, multimedia system, side “airbags”, navigation system and rear camera. The top-of-the-range performance is estimated at $14739 with a “variator”.

Restyling Chery Tiggo 3

After the improved Cherry Tiggo 5 came to the domestic market, its younger version – Chery Tiggo 3 2017-2018 – also pulled up. The Asian department has already started to accept applications for the updated car, and the debut vehicles will reach potential buyers in the spring.

The car has become more expressive and presentable. This is exactly what Chinese specialists were aiming for. Their product should successfully compete with more famous brands “on equal terms”.

The appearance of the updated Tiggo 3

The change of exterior of Chery Tiggo 2017-2018 allowed to reveal the modern and stylish exterior of the nose area of the car body. The exterior was improved thanks to headlights with a narrow profile, which received a linearized optical configuration, as well as a small radiator grille on two sides.

As for the grille itself, it is decorated with a strict black frame. In addition, it is crowned with a silver bar with the name plate of the company. The massive nose bumper attracts the eye with a huge segment of the air intake and side platforms, where chrome fog lights are painted. They, in turn, are highlighted at the top of the lines DHO LED filling.

Chery Tiggo 3 2017

The side part also received an abundance of pleasant innovations. There was a need for protective plastic pads with moldings on the doors, which decided to paint them in the color of the body, chrome door handles, elegant exterior mirrors with built-in repeaters of direction indicators.

Almost the entire length of the roof of the car is located narrow arcs of rails, which are exactly included in each set. The color scheme for the improved Chery Tiggo 3 2018 has seven shades. A little frustrating, but the wheels are only 17 inches in size. The ground clearance is stated at 200 millimeters, which is a good result.

The rear area of the restyled Chinese crossover has a large and very useful luggage door, which opens wide open and is used to fasten the “spare”. The upper part of the fifth door glass has a pleasant spoiler with a large strip of auxiliary stop-light. Fits perfectly under the style of the rear area of clear clearance lights and a small bumper, which received a special niche under the license plate.

After familiarizing with the exterior of the car, to say that the appearance of the updated Chery Tiggo 3 2018 has changed significantly, will be too loud, however, some body elements have become more modern. The “Chinese” looks more strict and attractive. The novelty is different from the Chinese car, and in terms of joints and fasteners, their quality has been improved.

The cabin of the updated Tiggo 3

After the door opens, it becomes clear that the car was assembled with a bias to European buyers, as the interior of Cherie Tiggo 3 2018 looks German! If you compare the appearance and the interior, the latter has been transformed more radically. We see the presence of a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, which received an artificial overlay under the matte satin-brushed aluminum, large “formidable” devices and a simple vertical center console with an 8-inch screen multimedia system.

Interior of the updated Chery Tiggo 3

This display can be operated using the touch buttons on its sides. I am glad that the budget car (based on the price list) has elements of pleasant to the touch (for example, a part of the front panel above the glove compartment lid), despite the fact that the front part is still hard. It is important to note that the plastic itself has improved significantly in quality, so the specific smell of “new Chinese machine” can not be felt.

“The device received a mechanical tachometer and speedometer, and in the center a monochrome screen of the “board computer” was installed (most of them complain that they did not install a color screen). With the help of blue dashboard illumination, the design of the novelty got its own style, and the data can be read even in bright weather.

Pleasure that as a older model of the Chery Tiggo 5, restyled “trunk” received a branded system Cloudrive, which allows you to fully synchronize the owner’s smartphone with the machine. This system works under the control of Android and Apple CarPlay.

Chery has done a very good job of improving the noise insulation, which in previous versions was quickly worn out. There are 4 speakers around the perimeter of the cabin, and 8 speakers can be added as an option. It’s also nice that the Chinese have not forgotten to put Bluetooth and a slot under the “SIM card”.

Above the above mentioned screen, on the same level as the dashboard, there are 2 deflectors, and under the screen there is a panel of climatic system. There is also a control panel for security services of the new product. If you choose a more expensive equipment, you can set the setting keys with the seat heating function, as well as quick access to the cameras.

Chery Tiggo 3

To charge your gadgets, there was a modest panel with USB-ports, there is also an AUX input and a cigarette lighter from 12V (it is allowed to recharge their gadgets). Under the panel there is a small compartment for mobile phone, keys and other compact things.
The engineering staff has carefully considered the level of comfort for the restyled crossover, especially for the driver and the passenger sitting next to him.

A high armrest was installed between the chairs, and a pair of cup holders and a mechanical handbrake with a high handle were placed near the gearbox lever. The steering wheel received a lower and side needle, which are crowned with silver plated plastic. Interestingly, this plastic should be resistant to abrasion, but as it will be in practice, only time will show. There is a USB-port and a couple of ventilation system deflectors for the rear passengers.

Specifications of the updated Tiggo 3

The technical part of the novelty isn’t so diverse. As well as prerestyling variant, only gasoline 1.6-liter 126 hp power plant and a pair of gearboxes (5-speed gearbox and seven-speed variator CVT) are available. All other elements were completely migrated from the previous version of Cherie Tiggo 3.

Safety updated Tiggo 3

The changes have also affected the electronic security services of Cherie Tiggo 3 2018, which have been improved. The engineers decided not to separate the vehicle by configuration, but to install a fixed list of systems everywhere. The standard vehicle has an immobiliser, front Airbag, aft parking sensors, ABS and EBD electronic technology, seat belts and seat belt tracking.

The active safety services of Cherie Tiggo in 2018 include cruise control, adaptive head optics, illumination of the ignition, central locking, blind spotting and a system of round-the-clock visibility. As more “fresh” security systems become available, the company promised to complete the new car. To date, the crossover can be equipped with side Airbags and safety shutters as an option.

Chery Tiggo

Price and equipment of the updated Tiggo 3

As it was written before, there are no special versions. Among the most important differences are the differences in the “box”, interior cladding and the list of comfort elements. Basic variant of Comfort MT is estimated not less than $12856. It already has:

  • Halogen headlamps with electric beam adjustment.
  • LED running lights.
  • Fog lights.
  • External mirrors with electric drive and heating function.
  • Four power windows.
  • Conditioner.
  • Cruise control.
  • Multifunctional steering wheel.
  • Functions of front seat heating.
  • Rear parking sensors.
  • Radio with 4 speakers and USB connector.
  • Moulded 17-inch discs.
  • Anti-blocking systems and airbags for driver and front passenger.

The next execution of Luxury CVT received the price list from 919 900 rubles. The “Top” version of Luxury Plus CVT costs from $14737.

Competitors of the Chinese SUV

There is no one to rival a Chinese company in this niche, so experts do not miss the opportunity to promote their model, offering a good set of equipment in the basic version. The main competitors of Chery Tiggo are SsangYong Actyon of the II generation, Nissan Qashqai of the I generation, the older model of its own production Chery Tiggo 5, Renault Duster of the I generation, Great Wall Hover H6 of the I generation, as well as Mitsubishi Outlander XL. The trucks were selected in the approximate price category. But it is up to you to decide which car to choose.

Chery Tiggo tuning

To date, you can meet a large number of “tuned” Cherie Tiggo. Owners go for such improvements for various reasons. Someone wants to allocate their vehicle externally so that it stands out from the flow of vehicles. Others want to improve the interior decoration, increasing the level of comfort. The rest improve the technical part, achieving a more pleasant ride and more power from the powertrain.

Technical Tuning Cherie Tiggo

Conversion of some characteristics of the power plant of this Chinese crossover can increase its dynamics, add power and make the operation of the engine more economical. How can chip tuning by Cherie Tiggo help? Initially, this will provide an increase in power, which will increase the dynamics by about 10-12% (if the engine is not turbocharged).

In the case when the motor with a turbine, this coefficient will already be 15-20%. It is also possible to reduce gasoline consumption by an average of 1 litre by means of such tuning. However, if you pay attention to the special firmware, you can achieve greater savings. Do not forget that this will affect other characteristics of the power plant.

Cherie Tiggo’s external tuning

In general, the appearance of the crossover is not bad enough, but there are nuances that can be “tightened” and make your car not only original, but also more practical. For example, you can install bumper and crankcase protection. For those who like to go out often to the country house or for a long vacation in the countryside, you can install a towbar.

On the hood can be placed a special deflector to protect this element of the body from contamination. It is noteworthy that such a deflector is mounted without drilling, so such manipulations can be made by yourself. Some drivers install bumpers with air intakes that give the crossover brutality.

Cherry Tiggo’s internal tuning

Some motorists decide to tighten seats, door panels, add inserts from quality materials in the panel, install a new steering wheel and other audio system. It is also possible to paste special overlays on the thresholds, preventing them from wearing out quickly. There are drivers who decide to improve noise isolation, which significantly increases the level of comfort inside the vehicle.

Owner feedback

Many car owners talk about the good dynamics of Chery Tiggo, which is enough to confidently stay in the city stream and overtake someone on the road. Based on Cherie Tiggo’s owner’s feedback, one can see the following advantages: good visibility, good ground clearance height, good suspension, which swallows all the irregularities and costs not so much.

Some drivers like the look, comfort and safety, an acceptable boot, an external spare wheel, all-wheel drive (for the FL model). The owners were pleased with the rather acceptable fuel consumption. This is unusual to say, but the quality of vehicle assembly from China is at an appropriate level, this can include the controllability of the car.

The Tiggo’s drivers consider the habitual weak paint coating to be the drawbacks, there are “redheads” on the chips. In addition, many people are upset by the only non-alternative powertrain. Transformation of the interior decoration is a little tense. The quality of the materials used inside is noticeably affected. Among the drawbacks, drivers highlight the lack of noise insulation. The brakes could be made better.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Little car value;
  • There’s a four-wheel drive model;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Pretty nice appearance;
  • The latest versions have a pleasant interior with touch screen multimedia control;
  • Interest dashboard (Cherie Tiggo 3);
  • Inside the machine there is enough free space;
  • Admissible volume of luggage compartment;
  • Not bad degree of security;
  • Good dynamism;
  • High cross-country ability;
  • Incost parts.

Cons of a car

  • Quality of assembly;
  • The materials used for interior decoration look cheap;
  • The machine does not always have enough power, especially in the all-wheel drive version;
  • If the rear seats are folded together, it will not be possible to achieve a flat floor;
  • Bad noise insulation.


We sum up

No matter what, I would like to note that Chinese cars have taken a confident step forward. Of course, they are still very far from Japanese or German vehicles, but Chinese companies are already making some of the world’s “giants” worry. And Chery is no exception.

If before they were considered cheap and low-quality cars, today their situation is changing significantly. And every year it gets better and better. Our article describes only a few initial models of Chery Tiggo, but it can be said that Chinese specialists do not sit idly by. Restyled Cherie Tiggo 3, which shows that it is aimed at European customers, is worth nothing.

Chery Tiggo 3

The novelty looks bright, a little aggressive, but stylish. High ground clearance allows you to feel more confident when going out of the countryside or when going to the country house. There is a variant with all-wheel drive, the “Chinese” can compete with more famous brands. Power of the motor is enough. The “appetite” at the crossover is quite acceptable and fits into the mark up to 10 liters for every 100 kilometers.

Inside the updated car became much better and more pleasant. Finishing materials have become more pleasant, the new dashboard and a multimedia system with a color screen that supports touch input are more pleasant. Inside there is enough space for both front and rear seats. The only passenger sitting in the center will feel a little discomfort from the floor transmission tunnel.

Photo of Chery Tiggo 3

The volume of the luggage compartment is not record-breaking, but it is perfect for everyday needs and even more. Transformation of the interior is a little bit upsetting when it is impossible to form a flat floor with the rear seats folded down – the “step” is obviously uncomfortable and takes away a lot of useful space. Chinese experts have not forgotten about safety and equipped their model with all necessary systems, including airbags.

Now many people are looking at Chinese cars from a different angle. The Chinese can now compete more widely with other even European automobile companies. Especially the more democratic cost of cars is bribing. Who knows, maybe someday Chinese automobile companies will reach a high level.

We advise you to read the article: Chery Automobile history

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