Chery Tiggo 5

Chery Tiggo 5
  • Car model: Chery
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Body Type: SUV

The Celestial Empire continues to tear the world car industry budget crossovers, which look attractive, and behave on the road without any complaints. Chery Tiggo 5 2014 replaced the Tiggo, which has stagnated since 2006. Taking into account the fact that the Tiggo has dispersed in Russia with a very good circulation, the prospects of the novelty seem to be more than rainbow.

Is this really the case? In this article we will try to answer this question. In 2015, the Chinese company presented the restyled version of Tiggo 5, which received the prefix “FL”. The whole model range is Chery.

Chery Tiggo 5 (2013-2016)

Before us, one of the representatives of the 2nd family of compact crossover (the number “5” in the name and enlarged dimensions – qualify it as a “senior”), which received the index “T21”. From the previous version of “T11” the model differs to everyone!

There is no cheap car now – it is a modern version of the crossover with an acceptable appearance, spacious interior and quality “filling”.


When you look at Chery Tiggo 5 for the first time, you realize that this car is modern and stylish, especially when you compare it to your older brother, who has a strong personality. Headlights are approached to the form of a rectangle, look rather compactly enough and have the lenticular optics of high and near illumination.

As for the daytime running lights, they have LED filling and have an original, angular design. The grille of the false radiator has received a chrome frame and the name plate of the company, which looks quite elegant. The strong bumper, below the edge of which there is a protection of unpainted plastic – eloquently testifies to the off-road properties of Tiggo 5.

Chery Tiggo 5

Not superfluous were “foggers”, which found their place in the bumper on the unique inserts, as well as air intake slots. The side of the car from the Celestial Empire looks like the side of a real crossover. The surface of the hood turned out to be flat, in the middle it has two ribs, which go from the headlights to the front roof posts.

Repeaters of the direction indicators appeared on the rear-view mirrors. The wings, together with the doors, have “blown” surfaces with a window sill rising to the rear. The arches of the wheels received the presence of original wave-shaped forgings. The roof line goes down to the aft part of the body line with minimal overhangs. Everything looks original and fresh. All correct crossover proportions were observed.

Chery Tiggo 5 side view Chery Tiggo 5 front view Chery Tiggo 5 rear view

Tiggo 5

The Chery Tiggo 5’s stern features an impressive bumper that also features plastic protection. The exhaust pipes have been spread on different sides and have trapezoidal nozzles. Large bulbs are equipped with LEDs. The upper part of the rear door is equipped with a spoiler, which is also equipped with an auxiliary stop-light. Despite the fact that the luggage compartment is large, the door opening at the bottom is slightly jammed, which may create some difficulties when transporting oversized cargo.

Generally speaking, the crossover has become more mature, serious and has received some solid weight. It is able to easily overcome the flat asphalt and impassability. The appearance of the car really turned out to be unique, so it is not easy to find in it similar features with other crossovers.


The name Chery Tiggo can be easily confused with the well-known for the Russian market car Chery Tiggo FL. However, there are almost no similar moments, except in the name. Looking inside the car, you will immediately realize that these are different cars from the Celestial Empire. It is clear that the differences are not as fundamental as in appearance, but still visible.

The most important highlight was the dashboard of optitron dashboards, on which the on-board computer display was installed. Multimedia complex is very advanced and has a display, the size of 7 inches and support for touch input. It is possible to connect various external devices, phones, or tablets, and also it is possible to charge them not only through the cigarette lighter, and with the help of a separate connector.

Interior of Chery Tiggo 5

All this allows you to configure not only the music system, but also the phone, navigation maps. The display also shows the image from the rear view camera. The changes also affect the centre console with the front panel. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the materials used in the interior decoration, have improved quality, and as for the assembly itself, it has also increased.

The wheelbase has grown by 100 mm, which has allowed to add free space in the luggage compartment. We have not forgotten to give more legroom to the passengers who are sitting on the second row. The rear seats can be converted. The longitudinally installed sofa is adjusted in such a way that the floor of the luggage compartment is flat and its space is increased.

This transformation is performed by lightly pressing a couple of buttons. The interior of the car does not lose to the stylish look and has its own individual modern image. European quality materials were used for finishing of the 5-seater interior. The quality of plastic used has increased.

If we speak for the sports car manners that the manufacturers talk about, the chairs are still simple, but have a variety of adjustments (6 levels), support the heating option and have a device that supports the side.

The front passengers are provided with maximum comfort, however, three people sitting behind them will not feel any discomfort, except for the average one, as they may be disturbed by the transmission tunnel. The cabin has a two-color solution, which is very good. The improved noise isolation of the interior is a pleasure.

Trunk Chery Tiggo 5

For example, the multifunctional steering wheel, a stylish dashboard with chrome finish, which integrated a couple of wells with dials and an on-board computer, is easy to operate. The powertrain can now be started using the convenient “Start” key. Luggage compartment has a volume of 790 liters. This volume allows you to put all the necessary things for everyday travel, as well as without much effort to load food and other goods for the country rest.


Mower unit

Chinese 2.0-liter 138-horsepower gasoline power unit has 4 cylinders in a row, gas distribution phase change system, distributed gasoline injection and gas distribution mechanism with 16 valves. Such an engine makes it possible to accelerate up to 175 km/h.

Consumption of a similar “engine” of the order of 8.2 liters of fuel with a mechanical gearbox and 9.8 liters of variable speed gearbox for each hundred in the combined mode.

When driving on the road, you realize that the engine power is really not enough, and the noise isolation is not at its best. In the near future, the list of engines will be supplemented by the engine running on gasoline, but turbocharged, which volume will be 1.6 liters. It will be able to produce 156 horses.

In addition to this, there will be a 1.4-litre turbomotor, the characteristics of which are not yet available. For European consumers there will be a diesel version.

Specifications Chery Tiggo 5


For the 2.0-liter powertrain, a standard 5-speed manual or stepless variable speed gearbox CVT is available. With mechanical gearbox “Chinese” is able to reach a speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour in 12.8 seconds.


The car has a front drive, but setting the driving axle back is only a matter of time, as there are many prerequisites, and this design was created from the beginning not only on the front drive, but on four wheels. When designing the body, the specialists were able to increase the weight of aluminum in the bodywork, and it has most of the areas of programmable deformation, with the help of which the level of safety is greatly increased.

As for the suspension itself, it turned out to be pleasant, has a suitable shock absorber work and is independent. We decided to install McPherson’s mechanisms ahead, and provided for the presence of double levers of transverse type for the rear wheels.

All 4 wheels have disc brakes with electronic assistants ABS and EBD. The compact “Chinese” is controlled quite well by means of a rack and pinion steering device, which is synchronized with the hydraulic booster “steering wheel”.


In terms of size, the crossover from the Celestial Empire loses almost nothing to Volkswagen Tiguan and Land Rover Freelander. Its length is about 4,506 mm, the wheelbase is 2,610 mm, the body height is 1,740 mm, and its width is 1,841 mm.

The weight of the Chery Tiggo 5 is 1,495 kg. The size of light alloy wheels varies from 16 to 17 inches. To confess, based on the arches of the wheels it is very much requested to put 18- and even 19-inch wheels there, but, alas, it is only a desire.


According to representatives from the Celestial Empire, the body of the car turned out to be really strong, as up to 45 percent of the bodywork elements were produced using high-strength steel. The car was “assembled” in such a way as to strongly suppress energy in frontal and rear collisions.

There are programmed deformation areas that take a blow so as to preserve the vital space inside the Cherry Tiggo 5’s crossover. The deformation of the interior is minimized by welding the body using laser technology. This helps to improve the efficiency of molecular-based element joints.

The reliability of such joints is 30 percent higher than that of conventional welding. It is nice that the cheapest set of equipment already has four “eirbags”. In addition, there are side airbags which significantly increase the safety of the people inside. The driver can avoid critical injuries with the help of a special steering column, which has an energy-absorbing feature.

When a frontal impact occurs, such an element allows the vehicle to deform (in other words, the steering column really folds up). In addition, there are electronic safety technologies of active and passive type.

Chery Tiggo 5 safety

Based on Chinese crash-tests, which are carried out on the method of C-NCAP, this parquet flooring was able to earn 5 stars. They took into account the frontal impact with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour with 100% overlap, frontal impact at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour with 40% overlap, as well as a side impact.

Chery Tiggo 5 FL (2015-present)

Chery Tiggo 5 FL is an updated version of the “senior” Chery representative. This model was shown to the public in November 2015. In the same year, the Chinese compact crossover began to be sold in the home (Chinese) market.

The novelty hit the Russian market only at the end of 2016. Hasty modernization of the car did not affect its technical characteristics, however, it significantly refreshed the exterior and made some improvements in the interior.


It is well known that the compact version of Chery Tiggo 5 parquet flooring was released at the end of 2013, but in the autumn of 2015 the company decided to upgrade the vehicle unexpectedly. Generally speaking, the novelty has not changed much in appearance. However, the car looks fresher and bribes. Packetnik received the latest lighting equipment with LED-fill, modified bumpers and newly baked radiator grilles.

Lined headlamps have transparent polycarbonate glass, and lined optics do not allow for the fragmentation of light and increases the contrast between light and darkness. There is a horizontal line of 9 LEDs, which give safety to movement in daylight.

New Chery Tiggo 5 FL

Because of the correct design of the optical type of dipped beam/far beam lenses increases saturation and the light is distributed more evenly.

Cherry Tiggo 5 FL has 17-inch aluminium alloy rollers, which are quickly starting to like. The rear part has strong LED headlights with smooth “flowing” outlines and successfully combined with the shape of the headlights installed in front. The Chery Tiggo 5 FL is decorated with a dual exhaust system that combines power and function.


As for the interior decoration of Chery Tiggo 5 FL, after the update, it has become more pleasant and looks fresh enough. This is partly due to the new multimedia equipment with a massive display, a color display of the “board computer” in the combination of devices and an increased list of color options for finishing the interior of the crossover. More specifically, the interior has a stereoscopic “dashboard” with a colour display.

Such a display provides more than 200 types of information “online”, which can include a tire pressure sensor, warning of fatigue of the owner, alarm of over-speeding and the rest. The centrally mounted console has soft and smooth contours and is also pleasing to the user.

Cherie Tiggo 5 FL Salon

The driver will be glad to have a multifunctional “lamb” trimmed with leather and equipped with an abundance of control keys. You can adjust the menu, turn on the “Bluetooth”, adjust the “cruise”, volume, etc. The main thing is that there is no need to be distracted from the crossover control while driving. The sunroof hatch has 2 operating modes: folding or retractable. All this can be adjusted with one key.

The armchair construction complies with standard ergonomic standards, which guarantees a rational positioning of the torso. The seats are not slippery, which is ideal for seating, but with double stitching and perforation in the center, they improve breathability and comfort for different passengers.

All interior materials are environmentally friendly, meeting the standards of Johnson, the world’s largest independent aftermarket supplier. Restyled Tiggo 5’s standard 5-seat boot provides 370 litres. However, when needed, this figure increases with the removal of the backrests, which will provide 1,000 litres of space. In addition, the Cherry Tiggo 5 FL underground has been fitted with a full-size spare wheel.

Specifications Tiggo 5 FL

Tiggo 5 FL

mower unit
The updated Chery Tiggo 5 FL crossover is powered by Acteco’s SQR484F atmospheric gasoline propulsion system. “The engine received a working volume of 2.0 liters and meets Euro-5 environmental standards. The in-line four-cylinder engine has a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism such as DOHC, inlet phasers and multipoint power supply technology.

Tiggo 5 FL

Together with a rather weak, as for such a car engine, Chinese experts have provided a mechanical 5-speed gearbox or variator of stepless type CVT. Only the drive to the front is provided.

Dynamic characteristics of the compact Chinese crossover do not differ in any interesting way: the first hundred is achieved in 12.8-15 seconds, and the maximum speed does not exceed 165-175 kilometers per hour.

Tiggo 5 FL chassis

The updated version was built on the basis of iAuto, where there is an independent type of suspension in front and back. The car has McPherson type racks and double levers of transverse type. The restyled version is controlled as easily as the simple version of Tiggo 5.

This contributes to the steering device rack and pinion type, which also has a hydraulic power steering (luxury equipment received electric power steering). The brake system has disc brakes on all wheels (the front ones have a ventilation function) with the support of electronic technologies ABS and EBD.

Safety Tiggo 5 FL

The Chinese company Chery strives not only to conquer the world market with the number of its vehicles, but also to increase the level of safety of new models. The compact crossover of Chery Tiggo 5 FL is no exception. During the adjustment of high-strength steel plates produced by German specialists of Bentler Company, they used only laser welding, which increases the strength by 30 percent.

The productive boundary between the bow and stern beams is up to 1,600 MPa. With the help of the electronic stabilization of Bosch 9.0, we have learned to implement highly productive safety options such as ABS, EBD, TCS and so on. HHC’s electronic technology helps to hold the vehicle when starting from a slope or on a hill.

Chery Tiggo 5 safety

When the machine starts on an inclined roadway, HHC technology does not allow it to slide for 2 seconds after releasing the brake. This gives the Cherry Tiggo 5 FL crossover the ability to easily continue in a given orientation.

Based on the consequences of the crash-tests, Tiggo 5 FD received 5 stars for safety assessment during accidents. C-NCAP was in charge of the tests. The car has 4 airbags produced by Swedish specialists Autolive Company. They provide the highest possible level of safety not only for the driver, but also for the passengers sitting next to him.

There is also a speed alarm with an adjustable adjustment range, which provides the current audio and text message. Don’t forget to equip your model with TPMS tire pressure control technology.

Price and equipment

For our market there are 3 versions of Chery Tiggo 5 FL 2017 – Standard, Comfort and Luxury. The basic version of the Standard version, which is rated from $15678. It has two “airbags”, cast “rollers” designed for 17 inches, “fog lights”, aft parking sensors, electronic technology, ABS and EBD, four power windows, the function of heating the seats installed in front, air conditioning, “music” with 4 speakers and other equipment.

Updated Chery Tiggo 5

“Comfort” is already estimated at $16462. “Top” performance costs from $18500. In addition to the above mentioned options, it has a side-mounted airbag, electric hatch, 8-inch multimedia system, rear camera, ESP, ASR, HHC, EBA and DTC electronic technologies, cruise control, leather trim, dual-zone climate, 6-speaker music system, electric front seat drive and keyless access technology.

Owner feedback

Based on Chery Tiggo’s owner’s feedback, we can conclude that drivers prefer comfortable interior decoration, pleasant appearance, sharp enough powertrain and modern security mechanisms in the “Chinese”. Some owners note quite good dynamics of Chery Tiggo 5. The advantages also include acceptable height of the ground clearance, small consumption of gasoline, rather democratic cost.

At low temperatures, the car is started without much difficulty. It is convenient to sit in a chair even for tall people. The suspension is not the softest, but not bad swallows domestic pits. In general, the car is not bad enough, but obviously not suitable for off-road travel. This is rather a compact urban crossover.

The disadvantages include a high transmission tunnel on the back row, so it will not be possible to comfortably accommodate a passenger sitting in the center. Well, if the car had a four-wheel drive system, then it could be explained at least somehow, but before us a simple parquet flooring with front drive. The dashboard information is a little tense, so it takes some time to find the right item.

Comparison with competitors

There are plenty of opponents for the hero of our review. And the car competes even with its “fellow countrymen”. This includes Chery Tiggo 7, Geely Atlas, Geely Emgrand X7, Geely Vision X6, Lifan X60, Hawtai Boliger, Mitsubishi ASX, Nissan Terrano, Nissan Qashqai, SsangYong Actyon, Citroen C-Crosser, Suzuki Vitara, Mitsubishi Outlander XL I and “noopener noreferrer”>Renault Duster.

Chery Tiggo 5 II generation (2017-present)

A car company from the Celestial Empire demonstrated a compact version of the new Tiggo 5 crossover family at the Shanghai Motor Show. The second Chery Tiggo 5 family has a different appearance and interior design, and the list of options that are available for the car has been supplemented with new options.

If we look a little ahead, we would like to note that the new car can no longer be perceived as a low-cost Chinese car, so it can compete with more famous “classmates” from Korea and Japan.

Tiggo 5 II Generation Exterior

Based on the words of the Chinese company’s management, James Hole, who previously worked for General Motors, worked on the appearance of Cheri Tiggo 2018. For some people, the exterior of Chery Tiggo 5 II generation may seem unattractive, and others may have a list of questions about it, but the car does not leave anyone indifferent, so we can say with confidence that James was able to fulfill his goal.

Chery Tiggo 5 II

The new body, which shows its muscular structure and a lot of unique details, is not without a new body, which shows its muscular structure and a lot of unique details, which can be confidently attributed to the solid head optics with excellent compartments of the running LED-lighting, massive grilles of the false radiator, which received the form of a trapeze, powerful bumpers and protrusions on the side doors with a wave-shaped relief.

The original fog lights and the super-carried fog lamp diffuser can’t be missed. The side of the new Chery Tiggo 5 2018 has an important and significant appearance. This has been achieved thanks to the large wheel arches, huge doors and light alloy “rollers”, which received a diagonal of 18 inches.

Chery Tiggo 5 II

The clearance at the car does not exceed 190 millimeters, which, in principle, should be enough for our roads. However, it is worth recalling that the car is clearly not suitable for off-road driving, at least because there is no all-wheel drive system.

The rear part of the Chinese parquet flooring Cheri Tiggo 5 2 generation is a bit like “KIA Sportage and has a large and comfortable for loading / unloading of various cargo door luggage compartment, bulky LED lights and a modest spoiler. The presence of 8 colors of body painting, and also some executions of disks with different registration pleases.

Tiggo 5 II generation interior

Chery Tiggo 5 2nd generation salon is elegant, practical and of the highest quality of all Chery cars produced. There is a small and fashionable front torpedo, which can be finished with alcantara or eco leather as a separate option (there are different colors of coloring), as well as complemented by inserts of a decorative sample under carbon fiber.

Interestingly, in such a niche and such a cost of the car, a similar level of equipment can be found very rarely. When you drive a new compact crossover, it is hard to miss the presence of a neat three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, as well as a digital dashboard. The digital panel is designed in an unusual way, so not everyone will like it.



Salon of Chery Tiggo 5 II

The central part of the torpedo has an 8-inch screen of the multimedia information system. Below it, there are neat twists to adjust the climate system. The seats installed in front have a comfortable seat, good side support and a list of settings (as a separate option you can set the electrical adjustments), so this car is convenient to get in each person.

Between the chairs, the designers have placed a modest armrest, which hides all sorts of trifles. On the second row there is a comfortable sofa that can accommodate up to three adults. By means of the necessary arrangement of free space is enough in all directions. Luggage compartment, based on the original data, has 420 liters of useful space.

Cherie Tiggo 5

In addition, this part expands when the backrests of the seats are folded back. Very strangely, but in the luggage compartment there are no hooks and pockets, but it did not go without the lighting and a pleasant and practical covering, allowing you to forget about the above disadvantages. Speaking for the level of assembly, he was able to pleasantly surprise, which makes us give credit to the designers and constructors of the company.

Specifications II generation

Generation II mower unit

Under the hood of the Cherry Tiggo 5 2017 was a famous, 4-cylinder, turbine, gasoline engine with a working volume of 1.5 liters, which “twists” 148 hp and 205 Nm. It will take about 13 seconds for the crossover to reach the 100 km/h speed limit.

Generation II transmission

A new five-speed manual transmission or a 7-range variator works together with this engine. Too bad, but the machine is only available with front wheel drive. However, no one rules out that the car will be predominantly equipped with an optional all-wheel drive system for Russians.

Generation II chassis

Chery Tiggo 5 II generation is based on the upgraded “cart” of the previous car and has an independent type of suspension, which is represented by standard McPherson racks in front and reinforced triangular levers on the stern. The vehicle is easy to operate thanks to the electric power steering. Brake system is represented by front and rear disc brakes, which are complemented by electronic assistants ABS, ASR, DTC and others.

Safety 2nd generation

To date, products manufactured in China provide their customers with a proper level of safety, so it will not be possible to attribute the mark “Chinese machine”. The safety of Chery Tiggo 5 2 generation only confirms this.

The novelty has LED-type running lights and fog lights, immobilizer, rear parking sensors, anti-lock technology, electronic means EBD, HHC, DTC, ESP, technology, which prevents slippage, front and side airbags, 3-point belts, unbuckled warning system, cruise, disc brakes, rear camera, etc.

Representatives of the company emphasize that during the design of the vehicle, they used a higher quality and stronger steel division, which significantly increased the rigidity of the body on torsion. As a result, the car claims to be the safest vehicle in the Chinese company’s product line. However, without independent crash-test EuroNCAP, it is too early to speak confidently about it.

Price and equipment of II generation

Sell a new car Tiggo 5 2017 in China will begin with the third quarter of 2017, the year 12 900 $ Top version of the car will cost at least 18 000 $. In total, there are 3 options: “Standard”, “Comfort” and “Suite”.

Already the standard version of “Lux” has 17-inch cast “rollers”, daytime running lights, LED filling and fog lights, rear LED-lights, alarms, immobilizer, rear parking sensors, electronic technologies EBD and ABS, Two airbags, a remote door opener, central locking, fabric upholstery, ISOFIX child seat fixtures, full electric package, on-board computer, multifunctional steering wheel, radio and 4 speakers.

Chery Tiggo 5 II

The more expensive version of Comfort already has a rear camera, a cruise, keyless cabin access, keyless engine start option, Start/Stop system, multimedia system with 8-inch and 6 speaker color display, support for Bluetooth wireless protocol and USB+iPod connector.

The most expensive variant has a leather and alcantara interior finishing, front row seat heating, electric hatch, electric drive of external mirrors, electronic technologies ESP, EBA and DTC, side airbags, assistant at the beginning of the movement in the mountains, electric drive of the driver’s seat, 2-zone “climate”, a circular camera (360 degrees) and others.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Rich equipment in basic configuration;
  • Solid appearance;
  • Modern and spacious salon;
  • Appropriate behaviour on different types of roads;
  • Energy suspension;
  • Good assembly;
  • The technical component is executed at a decent level;
  • Pretty powerful and relatively economical, as well as simple and reliable powertrains;
  • Appceptable ground clearance height;
  • Good security level;
  • LED lighting system;
  • Touchscreen display;
  • Large luggage compartment;
  • Approved pricing policy of the company;
  • Not bad passability;
  • Modern lighting (LED filling is present);
  • Sophisticated interior decoration;
  • Comfortable front seats;
  • Back sofa has plenty of free space;
  • Good cabin transformation for the carriage of bulky luggage;
  • There are various electronic technologies that help the driver to drive the car;
  • The last generation has improved not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

Cons of a car

  • Empty steering wheel;
  • The power pack does not always have enough power;
  • Simple seats;
  • Medium noise isolation of the interior;
  • A small ruler of power units;
  • There is no winter package;
  • No mudguards;
  • Ideal interior ergonomics;
  • Some option keys are not comfortable;
  • No ESP option;
  • Small luggage compartment opening;
  • No four-wheel drive (at least for now);
  • Increase in the cost of the car.

We sum up

After the release of a new SUV Chery Tiggo 5 II family, the car became better, more interesting and more comfortable. It is a pity, but so far the car is not equipped with all-wheel drive system, but connoisseurs of this brand do not lose hope that soon there may be an optional all-wheel drive version.

Front view of Chery Tiggo 5 II

However, despite this, the model can now compete with more prominent Korean and even Japanese brands. Now the car from China should be more respected and it is the merit of Chery’s employees. It is hoped that the company will continue to improve its cars and produce new ones, winning the hearts of car enthusiasts with its functionality, practicality, good equipment and quite low cost.

We advise you to read the article: Chery Automobile History

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