Chery Tiggo 2 and its subsequent modifications

Chery Tiggo 2 and its subsequent modifications
  • Car model: Chery
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: SUV

In this article we will talk about newer cars of a rather large line of Chinese cars – Chery Tiggo. The review will cover the sub-compact parquet Chery Tiggo 2, the extravagant Chery Tiggo 7 and the “youthful” Chery Tiggo 4. The whole model range is Chery.

Chery Tiggo 2 (2016-present)

The sub-compact niche parquet flooring was officially launched for the world in April 2016 during the Beijing Motor Show. The “Junior” version is aimed at young customers, so it has an expressive appearance and fashionable interior decoration, but the technical part is quite simple.

This vehicle has taken the “lowest” step in the line of the company from China. In the domestic automotive market, the novelty was launched in the autumn of 2016, and Russian car enthusiasts were able to see it in spring 2017 (the car was named Tiggo 2 in order to avoid confusion with Tiggo 3). The story of the “existence” of the new Cherie Tiggo on the assembly line began in January 2017.

Chery Tiggo 2 photo

Interestingly, the domestic Chinese car market knows the car under the name “Tiggo 3x”, and export models received just a prefix “2”.

The Chinese company counts very much on this “youth” crossover, as it characterizes a new stage of development of the Chinese company. The management strives to pay as much attention to this model as possible, and also to confidently establish itself in this class. To achieve this, the development department has endowed the vehicle with a memorable exterior, a rich level of equipment and functional interior decoration.

Exterior Tiggo 2

A team of specialists, led by James Hole, was responsible for developing the look and feel. This specialist is known for his work at Daimler Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. In addition, following Hole’s appointment as Chery’s Chief Designer, the car has its own personal and recognizable style, which has brought the model to another level of progress.

The “Double” got an expressive and interesting look. The car is distinguished by a narrowed head optics, where there are running LED lights, clear edges of the body, a spoiler on the luggage compartment lid, a solid front bumper and a honeycomb radiator grille. It traces a certain amount of aggressiveness.

Chery Tiggo 2 carsChery Tiggo 2 crossoverPhoto of Chery Tiggo 2

Photo of Chery Tiggo 2

The side of the car looks manly. As for the window sill, it is quite high. The roof is arched. The bottom line of the body is made of black plastic. Thanks to this, the car got eccentricity. The back part is not so spectacular. Lanterns slightly protrude behind the general body line.

The lid of the luggage compartment has a characteristic curve. It would be desirable to tell confidently that at design group it was possible to create the fine, stylish and effective car which actually will not be lost even between more well-known “classmates”.

The height of clearance with a box on the “mechanics” is 186 millimeters, and with the “automatic” – 178 millimeters. The wheels are 16-inch alloy wheels. Railings on the roof and enlarged wheel arches only emphasize the appearance of Chinese parquet flooring.

Interior Tiggo 2

The interior looks pretty nice and “youthful”. The interior was made in the European style, so the architecture of the front panel is “not much”. If to speak for quality of applied materials at interior furnish it still limps. The dashboard is organized in the form of 2 broken lines of speedometer and tachometer. Between them there is a screen of the board computer. The panel is informative and easy to read.

The advantages include a rather unusual display of the instrument “board”, which may entice some customers on their side. Located in the center of the console has a large 8-inch screen multimedia system. It includes a radio, navigation system, rear mounted camera and phone.

WheelDashboardPhoto of Chery Tiggo 2 salon

Interior Chery Tiggo 2

On top of that, it can be synchronized with mobile devices and supports USB-connector. The driver’s seat has acceptable side support rollers, but the driver’s profile is far from perfect. The way Cherie Tiggo 2’s cabin was designed is mostly similar to that of the older Tiggo 3. When finishing the Chinese experts decided to turn to the materials of the budget type with a black color, which have contrasting inserts on the front panel and seats.

The ergonomic part here is much better than in Tiggo 3. For example, the keys to activate the seat heating function are located on the console installed in the center, not in the central box, and the handle of the “music” volume control moved from the “climate” adjustment unit to a more convenient location. The steering wheel in the “youth” Chinese parquet flooring can only be adjusted in height, and there is no adjustment of the driver’s seat at all.

The huge central tunnel rises by almost 13 centimeters and makes the rear passenger feel a little uncomfortable. The luggage compartment got the novelty from the hatchback and got 420 liters. However, its ratio entails many nuances, mainly by means of very protruding in the middle of the arches wheels. The stern sofa can be folded in two unequal parts, which allows you to increase the useful volume by more than 3 times. But to get a flat floor is still not possible.

Specifications Tiggo 2

The new parquet flooring by Cherie Tiggo 2 2018 1.5-liter Very hatchback atmospheric propulsion system, operating on gasoline, moves. Such an engine produces 106 “mare” (135 Nm) and operates together with a five-speed manual or “standard” four-speed automatic gearbox.

Chery Tiggo 2 engine

It is similar to the French DPO/AL4 box, which has not proven to be a reliable technical part. The engineers decided to use independent McPherson spring type columns in front of the box, and a semi-independent spring type suspension with shock absorbers (deformable beam) in the back.

The machine is easy to operate thanks to the robust rack and pinion unit with hydraulic booster. All wheels are equipped with disc brakes (with ventilation in front), which work with electronic technologies ABS and EBD.

Price and equipment Tiggo 2

We offer Cherie Tiggo 2 2018 in 2 versions – “Comfort” and “Luxury”. The basic version is estimated at no less than 12046 $. It has two airbags, 16-inch wheels, electrically adjustable mirrors with heating function, electronic ABS and EBD technologies, electric windows on all doors, combined interior decoration, front seats with heating function, air conditioning and music system with 2 speakers and USB-input.

Photo Cherie Tiggo 2

The top-of-the-range suite has aft parking sensors, temperature and tire pressure monitoring technology, cruise control, electronically controlled “climate”, multifunctional steering wheel with leather design, multimedia system with 8-inch display, rear camera and “music” with 4 speakers.

Chery Tiggo 7 (2016-present)

This version of Chery’s Chinese car industry was also demonstrated in April 2016 during the Beijing Motor Show. The car has an original appearance, attractive and high-quality interior decoration, powerful engines and a rich list of equipment. Recently, the Chinese updated Chery Tiggo 5 crossover was added to the automotive market, however, the expected demand for the novelty did not meet the expectations of the management.

Therefore, at the top of the board decided to make a quick decision to produce a fresh crossover Cherie Tiggo 7 2018, which we are going to talk about right now. The manufacturer wants both the five and seven to be released simultaneously for a while, and after a while the new Cherie Tiggo 7 will be able to completely replace the five.

Exterior Tiggo 7

Despite all the efforts to improve the exterior of the new Cheri Tiggo 7 2018 to the European style, not so few elements still reveal its Chinese beginning. Chinese cars have curved shapes of parts and an abundance of chrome – all this can be seen in the Chery Tiggo 7 2018. Many “reforms” of the exterior plan fall on the “front end” of the vehicle.

The novelty has an elongated front optics in the form of a trident, at the base of which a “halogen” is laid. It is pleasant that as an additional option it is provided installation and LED filling. All equipment received technology of electronic adjustment of nose optics. The top is reserved for DRL running lights filled with LEDs.

Chery Tiggo 7 photo car

Indicators of rotation can be noticed right next to the radiator, and most of them are allocated for high beam and dipped beam lenses. On the central part of the new Chinese crossover there is a small radiator grille, where there is an emblem of the company and a bar made of chrome, dividing the grille into 2 areas. As a default insertion, the designers decided to attract a black grid, where there are chrome-plated lines of wave-like type.

According to the manufacturers, Chery Tiggo 7 is able to overcome fords up to 60 centimeters deep. It can be seen that Chinese specialists are working hard to give off-road properties to their crossover.

Chery Tiggo 7 car photosChery Tiggo 7 side viewChery Tiggo 7 Rear View

Chery Tiggo 7 Front View

If you pay attention below, the design team has placed a couple of additional grilles, which are designed to blow the power unit. At the corners of the bumper there are round LED “foggers”, which received a chrome-plated diamond-shaped edging. To increase the sportiness of the Chinese crossover Chery Tiggo 7 2018 and its formidable appearance, the lower part of the bumper decided to decorate with the protection of a silver motor with a small grip on the front of the bumper.

Speaking for the hood, it looks like the Infinity QX70. There are elevated features from the optics to the front struts, low center and center line from the radiator grille to the windshield. However, unlike Infinity, the Chinese engine is not as strong. The front windshield was tilted to the back, which resulted in an increase in positive dynamic data. The basic equipment has received the usual glass, and the other two versions have the function of heating in the normal position of the “wipers” or full heating of the glass.

When you look at the car from the side, you notice that it has not received a lot of changes here, although the elements of design, the car looks like a real SUV. If you compare the model with the Chery Tiggo 5, it has convex arches of a stake and black plastic protection around the perimeter of the vehicle. Designer lines can be seen all over the side. The door handles were not touched and left as is.

Basic versions of the machines do not have side window tinting, but as an option, the rear side windows and luggage compartment lid can be dimmed. There are also the latest pulse-type power windows, which can prevent pinching. The side of the Chery Tiggo 7 2018 is decorated with 17-inch light alloy discs, which received a special design. More “advanced” equipment has 19-inch “rollers”. The ground clearance height is 210 millimeters, which is quite an acceptable result.

Chery Tiggo 7 photo

Many Chinese crossovers are famous for their uncomfortable boarding in the salon. Door dimensions are more often than not designed for people with compact physique. But the new Cherie Tiggo 7 2018 from the very beginning was designed for the European buyer, so he has wide doors and thoughtful forms.

The stern of the Chinese car is a bit similar to crossovers from the car company Hyundai. At the top gives a special kind of spoiler sports type, which has an LED repeater stop-signal. Cherie Tiggo 7’s rear door has several noticeable curves that repeat the side lines of the car. If you take the height, the back door cover is massive.

In addition, there are no steps at the bottom, so loading and unloading things from the luggage compartment is much easier. The rear feet are filled with LEDs and are shaped like the feet of the same Hyundai. Some parts, as before, were placed on the lid of the luggage compartment, and the other part was placed on the car body.

The bumper turned out to be quite unusual, its side was painted in the color of the body, the black insert, located in the center, took almost 80 percent, and the bottom part is crowned with a silver diffuser. On the sides of the bumper mounted fog lights filled with LEDs, which are slightly smaller than the rear footsteps.

It is nice that the company has provided a wide range of available paints for painting the body. We can highlight the presence of black, red, coffee, green, silver, white, blue, golden and burgundy.


Inside the Chinese car, the layout is well thought out, which looks good and gives the driver and the passenger sitting with him a comfortable location. However, it is necessary to admit that the decoration is not distinguished by its luxury. The novelty possesses internal furnish from an imitation leather, plastic, a fabric and metal, not bad multimedia system and the decent list of additional equipment.

An important place on the central console was given to a large 9-inch display, which supports touch control. Vertical deflectors and modest keyboards are located next to the display, helping to set up a variety of systems for the Chery Tiggo 7 2018 crossover.

Steering wheelSalon Chery Tiggo 7Panoramic roof

Interior Chery Tiggo 7

The most colorful in the interior is the tunnel, which has a transmission control lever, a small number of keys, pockets, which have connectors for accessories at the bottom. In addition, there are a couple of small cupholders hiding under the curtain and a modest armrest, which tilts when not in demand.

The steering wheel was made by Chinese designers not so interesting – it looks the same as on other Cherie’s cars. On the outside, he received artificial leather or fabric, and on the thick spokes there are a small number of additional keys.

However, when creating the dashboard, the design staff tried to be famous. “Device” was made in the form of a huge oval, in different corners of which the main mechanical type sensors were placed. They decided to fill the middle with a monitor of the “board computer”. Inside the Chery Tiggo 7 2018 salon you can find not the best, but still comfortable seats.

They were made using leather and good filling with soft material. The front seats have side support, heating functions, and either mechanical or electrical adjustments. The second row of seats has received functions of heating only in the most expensive complete set, and from settings there is only a folding backrest and armrest.

Photo salonChery Tiggo 7 Salon PhotoRear couch

Photo of Chery Tiggo 7

There’s plenty of room on the front row and the back couch. Luggage compartment got 414 liters of useful space, which is not bad. However, this is not all, if necessary, you can remove the 2nd row of seats, which will increase the useful volume to a mark of 1 100 liters of space. In the niche under the raised floor there is a set of tools and “stock”.

Cherie Tiggo 7 2018 interior decoration palette has brown, black, gray, beige and burgundy color.

Specifications Tiggo 7

The Chery Tiggo 7 2018 is available with two gasoline four-cylinder engines. The basic engine is a 2.0-litre engine that develops 122 mare (180 N/m). The engine has a distributed fuel supply, a sixteen-valve DOHC valve arrangement, and configurable valve timing.

A more interesting variant is the turbine version of the 1.5-liter engine, which already develops 152 “horses” (205 N/m). The engine has multipoint gasoline technology, sixteen valves and phase shifters at the outlet and inlet. The basic power unit works with stepless variable transmission.

Chery Tiggo 7 engine

All torsional forces are transmitted exclusively to the front wheels. The older model works with a six-speed manual or six-range DCT robotic gearbox. The vehicle is accelerated to the mark of 185-190 km/h. These engines consume an average cycle of 6.3 to 6.7 liters of fuel per hundred (depending on which version).

For the basis of Cherie Tiggo 7 2018 decided to use a front-drive “trolley” with a transversely positioned “engine” and carrying body, which has a lot of high-strength steel in its structure. The suspension on the machine is independent, has transverse stabilizers, cylindrical springs and shock absorbers of hydraulic type: McPherson is in front of it, and a multilever system is behind it.

Chinese crossover is equipped with rack and pinion steering center and electric power steering. In a role of “brakes” disk mechanisms (forward are ventilated) with support of electronic services ABS, EBD and others act.

Safety Tiggo 7

The newest car from Celestial Empire has a solid arsenal of both passive and active security services. Despite the fact that the car was produced in China, numerous tests were conducted on the European structure. One of such tests is C-NCAP, which allowed to win the crossover of 5 stars. Employees of the plant were able to refine the body of Cherie Tiggo 7 2018.


It was made of an alloy of steel and aluminum, door plates, as well as spars and individual roof elements were reinforced. Six airbags were placed along the entire interior of the vehicle, and auxiliary airbags or security shutters can be installed as a separate option. Among the active technologies of Cherie Tiggo 7 is the availability:

  • Circular viewing technologies;
  • Stabilisation technologies from Bosch;
  • The assistant at start under a bias;
  • Tyre pressure monitoring options;
  • Emergency brake assistant;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Rain and light sensors;
  • Remote control;
  • Factory alarm system;
  • Central lock with gadget control option;
  • Parking assistant;
  • Navigation system with main point memory function;
  • Parktronic;
  • Shift Assistant.

It is very important that the list of active systems continues to grow, because the company works closely with engineering staff and is interested in the demand for the car market. Cherie Tiggo 7 cars, which will be assembled by 2019, want to be equipped with technology that recognizes pedestrians and signs on the road. In addition, the car will be automatically parked.

Price and equipment Tiggo 7

Already in the base the car has front and side airbags, cruise control, “rollers” designed for 17 inches, “foggers”, electronic systems ABS, EBD, ASR, ESP, air conditioning, power windows on all doors, multimedia system with 4 speakers and other equipment. Such variant of Comfort will cost from 16 600 dollars.

The Russian market will be able to officially offer our customers Chery Tigo 7 2018 at the end of 2018. The next version of Luxury costs from $18,600 and is distinguished by improved equipment and security. The most top-of-the-range equipment will cost at least $20,100. This car will have only a variable speed box and several auxiliary systems.

Tiggo 7 2018

Chery Tiggo 4 (2017-present)

Cherry Tiggo 4 presents the SUV compact niche, which was demonstrated for the first time in spring 2017 at the Shanghai Motor Show. Already in the autumn of the same year, the car began to be produced in series. In reality, the car is a restyled version of the Tiggo 5 with reduced parameters, but the Chinese company still defines it as a new vehicle.

Exterior Tiggo 4

The new car is almost entirely covered with wave-like relief, which serves as the most important element of the decor. In addition, judging by the photos of the car you can see the presence of details made with the use of chrome, plastic inserts and a variety of air intakes.

The Chery Tiggo 4 2018 nose area has a hood cover with a relief appearance, located under a slight slope to the ground, behind which the Chinese workers installed the main air intake grille, covering the radiator. It has the shape of a rectangle, and from the inside has a fairly serious grid and a narrow line of chrome, which stretches along the equator.

Chery Tiggo 4 Front ViewChery Tiggo 4 Side ViewChery Tiggo 4 Rear View

Photo of Chery Tiggo 4

There are headlights on the sides of the grille, which have the shape of a triangle. Inside, Chinese workers installed “halogens”. The lower part of the bumper, Cherry Tiggo 4, had a wide air inlet opening extending along the edges. On the border it has a chrome finish, and inside there are several nets and fog lights.

If you look at the side of the new model, it has a lot of wavy relief, rather modest glasses, which are trimmed with plastic throughout the border, “tidy” rearview mirrors, which integrated repeaters, “inflated” wheel arches, elegant “rollers” and so on.

In general, the vehicle looks nice. The height of the ground clearance is 190 millimeters, which is not bad enough, given the quality of our roads. The Chinese designers and aft area have unusually made out the Chinese designers. It starts with a large visor, which hangs over the window.

After that, you can see the presence of triangular optics of massive size, which is connected to each other by a thin line of chrome. At the bottom is a little bit protruding on the outside of the dodger. It has fog lights, false air intake grids and a metal insert.

Interior Tiggo 4

Due to the fact that we are facing a budget Chinese machine, so we should not expect expensive and high-quality interior decoration. Despite all this, the engineering team was able to surprise by placing in the salon Cherie Tiggo 4 2018 acceptable multimedia system, equipping it with a bunch of assistants. Among the finishes can be distinguished fabric and plastic, but can be found and inserts of artificial leather, as well as metals.

The main detail of the interior on the Chery Tiggo 4 2018 centre console is the massive screen of the multimedia system, which supports touch control. Next to it there is an “emergency” button and several ventilation system deflectors. Near the tunnel there is a panel with nuts and bolts that regulate the operation of the air conditioning system.

Interior Chery Tiggo 4

The interior of Cherie Tiggo 4 2018 has a minimalist spirit, but at the same time his salon looks beautiful, non-standard and fresh. The tunnel itself looks nice. It has a selector switch gearbox, a massive panel with keys to adjust the chassis and seat settings, connectors for connecting gadgets to the multimedia system, two rather large cup holders and a comfortable armrest.

Unusually designed steering wheel. The “steering wheel” has an average size and has a fabric finish. In the center there is a large part of the oval type, on the sides of which there are panels with keys. Behind the steering wheel there is an unusual “dashboard”, which is a display of “board computer” of considerable size in the center and a couple of semicircular sensors of the arrow type on the sides of it.

As for the chairs, they could have been better. Only fabric is used as the finish, and the filling is made with a rigid material. A little bit of the first impression is corrected by the heating system of the front seats and their electrical adjustments. The rear sofa has a three-seater type and has only a folding backrest.

The luggage compartment is not characterized by record figures – a modest 340 liters. If necessary, the volume can be increased by removing the backrests of the rear seats. This already provides 1,100 litres of usable space. A spare wheel and tool kit can be found under the floor.

Chery Tiggo 4 interiorChery Tiggo 4 SalonChery Tiggo 4 trunk

Chery Tiggo 4 Salon


Chinese car has only one single power plant, which is expressed in a gasoline four-cylinder 1.5-liter engine, which received in-line arrangement of cylinders, turbocharger, distributed fuel injection, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism and adjustable phases of gas distribution. As a result, the engine produces 147 hp.

Synchronized operation of the “engine” with a 6-stage “mechanics” or six-band robotic box DCT, which received a double clutch. To reach the mark of 100 km/h it will take 9.7 s, and the car accelerates no more than 190 km/h. “The appetite for this type of powerplant ranges from 6.5 to 6.9 litres of gasoline for every hundred journeys at an average driving speed.

Engine Chery Tiggo 4

As with the above version, Cherry Tiggo 4 2018 contains a front-drive platform with a transversely mounted engine and a load-bearing body. It was manufactured using high-strength steel, which significantly improves the safety of the Chery Tiggo 4 2018. In addition, the Chinese model received an independent suspension type McPherson in front and a multilever structure for the rear wheels.

Hydraulic shock absorbers, cylindrical springs, and anti-roll bars are installed everywhere. The compact SUV has a steering mechanism, which is assisted by an electric power “sheep”. All 4th wheels have disc brakes (ventilation function for front brakes is supported), equipped with ABS, EBD and other technologies.

Price and equipment Tiggo 4

Offer a Chinese car at a price of about $ 11255. The novelty will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Interestingly, in their country (China), parquet flooring is known as Tiggo 5x. The basic equipment is equipped with two airbags, “cruise”, “rollers” designed for 17 inches, electronic systems ABS, ESP, EBD, LED-style running lights, air conditioning, multimedia system with a screen, 9-inch diagonal, music system with 4 speakers, parktronic, traction control technology and other “favorites”.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Stylish, modern and pleasant appearance;
  • Sufficiently acceptable price tag;
  • Good level of security;
  • Various electronic systems designed to help the driver on the road;
  • Good height of road clearance;
  • Spacious salon;
  • Not bad dynamics;
  • Solid equipment;
  • Comfortable and ergonomic interior;
  • Possibility of transformation of a salon;
  • Small fuel consumption;
  • Almost flat floor on the back row of seats.

Cons of a car

  • No four-wheel drive system available;
  • The quality of the interior and the materials used to create it still want the best;
  • Insufficient choice of power units;
  • Not always enough engine power;
  • Tough suspension.

Summing up

Summing up, we would like to say that the cars have a fresh, pleasant and stylish appearance, bright light optics, high road clearance and inspire respect. The general opinion is worsened by the absence of a large choice of power units and four-wheel drive system, which negatively affects the vehicle’s cross-country ability.

In addition, there is not always enough motor power. In general, Chinese specialists today are able to compete quite successfully with even more prominent brands. The car from the Celestial Empire takes first of all its acceptable pricing policy and good equipment. Every year the car becomes better and more comfortable inside.

Auto Cherie Tiggo 4

Ergonomics increases, seats become more comfortable and have good side support. I am glad that the centre console has a large colour display that supports touch control. There is plenty of space in the front row as well as in the second row. It is very pleasant and important that on the second row there is almost no transmission tunnel that essentially facilitates life of the passenger sitting in the center.

The luggage compartment has not received record figures, but for the city crossover Cherie Tiggo 2018 it is quite enough. It’s nice that the backrests can be removed, which will allow you to achieve more free space. There are many electronic systems available to help the driver to drive the car.

Cherie Tiggo 4 side view

The Chinese did not miss the issue of safety of their cars, because nowadays this moment is given much attention. It turns out that the car is great for a family living in the city limits, which can sometimes go on vacation or country house. However, the Chery Tiggo family cannot be called a full-fledged off-roader.

We advise you to read the article: Chery Automobile history

Chery Tiggo 7 photo

Test drive

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