Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo
  • Car model: Citroën
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 1996
  • Body Type: Minivan, Van

The Citroen Berlingo is a multi-purpose front-drive vehicle of the “compact category”, which is available in 2 main versions: 5-seater minivan “Multispace” and 2-seater van “Van”. The target audience of the first version represents, initially, family people for whom it is important to have a small size, a good organization of the salon.

The second version is more suitable for business representatives. Serial version of Berlingo began its “life” in 1996 (but before it was released as much as 3 showcases). Since then, this vehicle continues to “develop”, which is why the model is now quite a popular car on the “world stage”. The whole model range is Citroen.

Each year, these front-wheel drive vehicles acquire more than 100,000 drivers. The latest third generation of Citroen Berlingo Multispace was presented on 15 February 2018.

The novelty received a rather unusual appearance, a modern look of the interior and a wide range of turbocharged engines. Many motorists are interested in the price of Citroen Berlingo 2018 and when the new product will be sold. In our article you can find the answer to these questions.

Car history

The French car debuted in 1996 at the Paris car showroom. Citroen Berlingo was demonstrated brightly, and the main emphasis was placed on universal and functional qualities of the novelty. During the premiere, the manufacturer offered 3 conceptual versions with different types of body for viewing at once. A year later, the vehicle was named the best van in Europe.

Citroen Berlingo I generation (1996-2002)

After the introduction of the new generation of Citroen Berlingo, the model became the first machine from France for the company, which combines practical and comfortable qualities. The one-volume model is classified as a niche M and received a twin brother in the form of a Peugeot Partner. The first version of Citroen Berlingo was the result of cooperation between experts from the company Peugeot and Citroen.

It was not possible to take the universal combine car to any particular category. It was too big for a small version, too small for a van. On the outside, the vehicle looked pretty good, but almost nothing stood out from “classmates”.

Photo by Citroen Berlingo I generation

You can notice the presence of a little blowing top, a large glazing area, familiar headlights and a small U-shaped grille. The car was in cargo and passenger version and could transport up to 800 kg. Thanks to the compact size, we managed to achieve good mobility of the car, which is very important for urban purposes. At the beginning of the two-thousand years, the production of the vehicle was established at the Taganrog automobile plant.

One of the advantages of Citroen Berlingo of the first generation, it is possible to name small dimensions of the car, despite its huge functionality. The high positioning improves visibility from the driver’s seat. Inside the Citroen Berlingo, there are many different capacities that can be found everywhere in the car, even in unusual places, such as on the ceiling.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace 1998

The on-board computer displays all the necessary information, which includes a reminder of the exaggerated speed, the amount of mileage remaining before the next maintenance, and the automatic switch-on of the rear window wiper during reverse.

Depending on the equipment, the Frenchman’s equipment has an on-board computer, ABS technology, external mirror heating function, washer and headlight corrector, hydraulic steering wheel booster, height adjustment of steering column, electric heating of front seats, air conditioning, driver’s airbag and immobilizer.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

The salon has turned out to be very comfortable, despite the mediocre noise isolation. The height of the road clearance is at the level of 140 millimeters. The power list of the first series of Citroen Berlingo MultiSpace has six four-cylinder “engines”, which work together with five-stage “mechanics”. They can be diesel and gasoline. The drive is provided only on the front wheels. The gasoline line has received from 120-147 Nm of maximum potential and represents:

  • A 4-liter engine that develops 75 horsepower;
  • A 6-liter powerhouse with a maximum output of 109 “horses”;
  • An 8-liter powerplant producing 90 horsepower.

Diesel list has from 125-215 Nm of torque and received:

  • 9-liter 69 hp engine;
  • 9-liter engine and 71 horsepower;
  • 2.0-liter unit developing 90 “horses”.

The trunk of the first generation Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo of the first family was based on a front-drive platform with a transversely mounted powertrain. The machine has an independent suspension with McPherson columns at the front and a torsional structure at the rear. The basic equipment of the “Frenchman” has disc brakes on all wheels (the front are ventilated) with ABS system. Vehicle operation is easy thanks to the rack and pinion control system and hydraulic booster.

Citroen Berlingo I generation restyling (2002-2012)

With the advent of 2002, the French company decided to update its model a little bit. The specialists faced a difficult task – to upgrade the car, which in the history of production has not lost demand. As a result of fruitful changes in the restyling version was introduced not so much.

The “heel” has not received off-road modifications, which have already received recognition. There was also no all-wheel drive system. In the exterior, the main emphasis was made on a significant improvement of the “front end”. The headlights had a radically different appearance.

Citroen Berlingo 2002

Wings, radiator cladding and a bumper changed. The development department decided to raise the hood line a little bit. Improvements made it possible to make the raistyling “machine” more proportional and now the owner could feel the size of the car better. Tangible changes also touched the interior decoration.

Here you can see the presence of improved “device” with ventilation holes of the climatic system (which migrated from Citroen 3). An electronic type watch and a four-spoke steering wheel were introduced. The quality of the materials used in the finishing of the expected low level.

Interior Citroen Berlingo I

Plastic is tough and knocks when driving on a bad road. But it’s nice that the assembly is at a good level – the gaps between the panels are acceptable and even. The dashboard is well readable. Functional changes in cars have almost never occurred. The car, as before, could transport large cargoes, while remaining maneuverable. The number of pleasant details and compartments was increased. Now the gasoline list of engines lost its 1.8-liter variant, but the diesel family was supplemented by a 1.6-liter unit, producing 75 and 90 horsepower, respectively.

In addition, instead of a semi-independent beam, a full-fledged multilever system was installed. This had a good effect on the level of comfort and optimized the behavior of the “Frenchman” on the road. To date, you can buy Citroen Berlingo I on the secondary market from $ 1582 to 7910 $.

Citroen Berlingo II Generation (2008-2012)

The second generation of the compact and versatile machine debuted in the first month of 2008. A little later, in 2012 and 2015, the vehicle underwent two small upgrades.

Interestingly, at the time of the debut of the second generation, the first models continued to produce, as they were in high demand. The production was only completed in 2010.

In order to somehow divide these vehicles among themselves, the French company decided to change the name for the debut car to Berlingo First. The second family was based on PSA’s “trolley” 2, on which the Citroen C4 was created.

Citroen Berlingo IIPhoto of a Citroen Berlingo IICitroen Berlingo II car photos

Citroen Berlingo II rear view

The novelty from France was able to preserve the ideological concept of its previous model, but at the same time became more attractive from a consumer point of view. The car has a memorable design that attracts even young drivers. The “heel” has increased in size. The body is 85 millimeters wider and 240 millimeters longer, and the wheelbase has increased by 30 millimeters.

It is also interesting that the passenger variant has increased by 50 millimetres in height. The body, as before, combined a spacious “boxed” aft area with an aerodynamic front end. To protect the body of the car, he purchased a large bumper, large side moldings and bottom protection. By installing sliding rear doors, it ensures comfortable seating and disembarkation of people in almost any situation.

Among the outstanding elements are the large glazing surface, the Modutop roof (optional), which provides excellent illumination of the interior. The designers were able to distinguish the luggage compartment door with opening glass. The luggage volume of the compact version of Berlingo of the 2nd generation (up to 850 kilograms of cargo and 1.8 meters of length) has been increased by as much as 10 percent.

For those who prefer active rest, Citroen has prepared a vehicle with a Multispace attachment. It stands out from the standard version by the presence of a side overhang made of black plastic and other bumpers. To make this version more passable it was increased the height of clearance and installed more powerful springs and self-locking differential.

Side view of Citroen Berlingo II

Citroen Berlingo’s list of equipment includes airbags for people sitting in front, ABS, two-way steering, active power steering, on-board computer, air conditioning, fog lights, front electric windows, electric drive and heating of external mirrors, as well as standard “music” with CD support.

In addition, customers can optionally install many different options. Among them are climate control, panoramic roof, stability system, rain and light sensors, side Airbag, cruise control, parking assistants, leather braided “steering wheel”, rear power windows, “music” with AUX-connector and Bluetooth support, as well as the functions of heating the seats placed in front.

Second generation restyling by Citroen Berlingo (2012-2015)

The modernized version was released in 2012, but did not differ much in appearance. Among the advantages, we can note the installation of LED running lights, new light-alloy “rollers” and other bumpers. The interior had a redesigned dashboard and improved quality of finishing materials.

The next and last update of the second family of French “heels” took place in 2015. It touched on the appearance of headlights and bumpers. The interior was now more functional and received a modified multimedia box with 3-dimensional navigation charts, as well as the ability to read different video and audio files.

Citroën Berlingo Multispace XTRInterior of Berlingo Multispace XTRBerlingo Multispace XTR trunk

Citroën Berlingo Multispace XTR

The five-door salon is cute, relevant and neat. In addition, there are good finishing materials and good assembly. The salon can accommodate five adults in peace. The volume of luggage compartment starts from 675 liters and ends with an impressive 3000 liters of useful space with folded rear seats.

The dashboard with amber backlighting, which is well readable in any position, can attract the buyer. The driver’s seat is set high. The Citroen Berlingo has received 3 “engines”. The gasoline engines include “atmospheres” with a vertical arrangement of four cylinders, the volume of 1.6 liters.

The engines received a distributed injection system and a sixteen-valve version of the gas distribution mechanism, which as a result provides 110-120 horsepower and 147-160 Nm of rotational thrust. The diesel version is represented by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine and Common Rail system.

This allows the development of 90 “horses” and 230 Nm of maximum torque. All power units synchronize with the 5-speed manual transmission and front wheel drive. The diesel vehicle has also received a six-band robotic gearbox.

Maximum speed depends on the version and varies from 165-177 kilometers per hour, and it is possible to accelerate up to 100 kilometers per hour in 12-15.5 seconds. Gasoline-powered engines consume from 7.3-8.4 liters in combined mode, while diesel engines consume 4.6-5.7 liters of diesel fuel.

Berlingo Multispace rear view

The basis for this family of “Frenchman” was the base PSA PF2, where there is an independent design such as McPherson in front and a twisting cross beam at the stern. The machine has disc brakes on all wheels (front – ventilated), complemented by electronic systems ABS, EBD, BA and others.

The standard equipment received rack and pinion steering with electric booster, which received variable parameters. A supported version of the Citroen Berlingo 2 family is available from $4,429. The new model will be estimated from 19600 $.

Citroen Berlingo III Generation (2018-present)

The passenger and cargo version of the third family debuted on February 15, 2018 during the online presentation. The novelty is distinguished by its original exterior, 5- or 7-seater cabin, which received a modern design. Also, the French company has provided a wide range of turbocharged engines.

The compact car has a common style with crossovers C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross and switched to a modular structure. For the first time in its history, the car got 2 models (M and XL), prescribed powerful tubular power units and “armed” with a list of current options.


The exterior of the new generation of Citroen Berlingo is now in the style of the company’s recent crossovers, where an unusual two-storey optics is installed. The front bumper, together with the protective side plates, has received colorful inserts as part of the personalization program.

In addition to the completely rebuilt front end of the new vehicle, the car is distinguished by the reduced length of the hood, which became slightly higher. The windshield was moved a little forward. The nose area is stylish thanks to the original grille installed.

Photo of Citroen Berlingo III

On the side of the hood there are pretty holdings that make the appearance of the “Frenchman” look like its own highlight. Headlights have taken their place and have the above mentioned two-level structure, which is equipped with LED lamps and the original shape. The side part is distinguished by the presence of protective covers Airbump.

Above the arches of the wheels decided to use fashionable punches. It’s nice to note that the “family” saved the modification XTR, which has a protective “all-terrain” dodger. Taking into account all the innovations, the design team was able to preserve the characteristic look of side glass with beveled corners.

Side view of Citroen Berlingo

The XL extended seven-seater version is now neater – no coarse insert to the stern overhang. Citroen Berlingo Multispace has even 17-inch rims and eight variants of body painting, which can be attributed to the presence of black, white, sand, red, blue and green. In addition, there are two grey versions. The side part has large doors with ribs and contour windows. The external mirrors are placed on a special fastener, which guarantees the correct view.

The aft part has a solid boot door. Such a door is very necessary for convenient folding of luggage, as the car was created not only for the transport of people, but also for the cargo. The sides of the Citroën Berlingo’s 3rd generation rear end are lit up with a large amount of light. The third Berlingo family looks attractive, harmonious and progressive. Everywhere you look – the design staff tried successfully and gave the commercial vehicle the best strokes of cars.


After the impressive exterior of the five-door door, the interior of Citroën Berlingo Multispace was also pleasantly surprised. Inside there is a real revolution. If before there was a utilitarian salon, the new version has nothing of the kind, especially for expensive modifications.

Here you can notice the presence of a fashionable multifunctional steering wheel, a modern dashboard, far advanced to the driver of the central console shelf with a gearshift handle (as in a minivan). Above the ventilating system deflectors the designers placed a “multimedia” display.

Interior of Citroen Berlingo

More top versions received 8-inch display, and the multimedia system is able to work with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink, there is a navigation system, SOS key and the ability to wirelessly charge for smartphones. Passenger Airbag has been moved to the ceiling, so the front panel received an additional second glove compartment.

In total, the Citroen Berlingo III generation has 28 different compartments for trifling, with a total capacity of 186 liters.

A lifting rear window is available as an option. The multifunctional Modutop roof, which combines roof glass compartments and special segments underneath them, can withstand loads of up to 10 kilograms. This still adds up to 92 litres of useful volume.

As before, the 2nd row of seats has three separate seats of equal size, but now they can be comfortably placed on the floor. This gives you a level surface. The centrally mounted seat is now Isofix (previous versions had such fixtures only in the side seats). The rear windows are equipped with normal window lifters, while previously there were sliding windows. The long version of Berlingo has the 3rd row with a pair of seats.

Experts note the improvement in the quality of finishing materials, the increased number of electronic equipment, which is usually placed in machines of higher quality and safety technology. If you pay attention to the shape of the steering wheel, you can be sure – the view on the dashboard is excellent. The dashboard itself has classic round dials, a multifunctional board computer display and a monitor of the basic multimedia system. Under the console you can see the gearshift lever and controls “onboard systems”.

There is a tunnel with a closed curtain volume for the safety of various trifles, a handle “handbrake” and armrest, which turned out to be quite comfortable. All 5 passenger seats have the same settings and seat heating options. All the seats inside got dense packing, correct anatomic profile of the backrest and solid side support rollers.

The French novelty offers a rather high level of road comfort for the driver and passenger. The engineering staff equipped their model with a list of actual devices that are needed during long journeys. This includes a projection widescreen monitor, comfortable multi wheel, cruise and climate control, an option that can determine the lane and signs on the road, identifying dead zones.

As well as the emergency warning system, technology of immediate braking, the option of changing the dipped beam / long-distance light in automatic mode, the ability to start the car without a key, the platform for charging electronic gadgets, video cameras, panoramic roof, technology that determines the fatigue of the car manager and parking sensors.

Luggage compartment Citroen Berlingo

For convenience, the handbrake is electrically powered. Luggage compartment of the “M” modification has 775 liters of useful space, and the long version of the “XL” with a five-seater arrangement of the interior has a figure of 1,050 liters.

The manufacturer does not specify the maximum volume of the boot, but it is reported that when ordering the front passenger folding seat it is possible to transport things up to 2,700 millimeters in length in the “M” version and up to 3,050 millimeters in the “XL” model. But that’s not all. If necessary, both rear rows can be stacked flush with the floor, allowing the luggage compartment to reach a maximum capacity of 4,000 litres.



The last family of Citroen Berlingo Multispaces has only turbocharged engines. The gasoline line received a three-cylinder 1.2-l engine PureTech, which has direct “power”, adjustable phases of gas distribution and 12-valve architecture of gas distribution mechanism.

Such “engine” comes in 2 versions: 110 hp at 5,500 rpm and 205 Nm of peak thrust at 1,750 rpm, as well as 130 “horses” at 5,500 rpm and 230 Nm of torque at 1,750 rpm.

Berlingo Multispace XL

The diesel line received a BlueHDi 1.5-liter “four”, which has a system of battery injection and 8- or 16-valve gas distribution mechanism with three levels of efficiency:

  • 75 mare at 3,500 rpm and 230 Nm of maximum thrust at 1,750 rpm;
  • 110 “horses” at 3,500 rpm and 254 peaks at 1,750 rpm;
  • 130 horsepower at 3,750 rpm and 300 Nm of torque at 1,750 rpm.

Based on the test drives of Citroen Berlingo 2018, it was concluded that gasoline engines consume about 7.6 liters per every 100 kilometers. The diesel list has a lower figure of 5 litres.


These engines work in conjunction with a 5- or 6-mechanical or eight-band Aisin automatic transmission, which converts all efforts to the front wheels. The van reaches a speed mark of 100 kilometers per hour in 12-16 seconds, depending on which power plant is used.

It is possible to disperse the car from 161 to 177 km/h. The new version of Berlin’s XTR received the Grip Control system, which is able to change the modes of operation of the traction control system for a more confident ride on a bad road.

Running gear

The third generation of Citroen Berlingo 2018 is based on a combined platform that combines the front module of the EMP2 base with the independent suspension of the McPherson type and the aft part of the previous model, where there is a semi-independent torsion beam. All the wheels of the van have hydraulic shock absorbers, steel springs and transverse stabilizers.

The steering wheel is controlled by a rack and pinion mechanism and an electric booster. The brake mechanism is equipped with circular disc brakes (front brakes are ventilated) and a list of electric assistants.

Complete sets and prices

The new model Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2018 will be available in the second half of the same year. Already in the basic version has front airbags, hydraulic power steering, electric drive of front windows, heating of all seats, operational and road safety systems.

In addition, a wide range of equipment is available, including side airbags, keyless engine start, projection display, dual-zone climate control, 8-inch multimedia system, rear camera, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, traffic sign monitoring and more.

Berlingo Multispace photo

The approximate price list of Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2018 starts at $ 15820. Accurate information will be available later. Some experts believe that the cargo and passenger version of the “Frenchman” of the third generation will appear on the Russian market not earlier than the winter of 2019, but that will only show time in reality.

The Citroen Berlingo III XTR version is an “all-road” variant, which differs from the standard Multispace only in its off-road exterior decoration and installed electronics Grip Control. If we take everything else, it is the same standard car of 3 generations.

Comparison with competitors

Few automobile companies contribute money to the development and production of commercial type passenger and freight vehicles, which are able to compete with similar “products” of Citroen.

The list of direct competitors has the same price and performance characteristics of the machine. These are Ford Transit Connect, Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, Volkswagen Caddy and Opel Combo.


Every motorist tries to distinguish at least somehow his or her car from the general stream, let alone from the same models. Tuning can come to the rescue. Since the French model is quite popular in our country, many car owners seek to distinguish their “five-door” model.

To the tuning of Citroen Berlingo can be attributed the purchase and installation of steel overlays on the door handles, mirrors, thresholds, above the number on the luggage door. In addition, some people buy steel plates on the rear bumper and roof rails. Others decide to install steel front protection for the kangarooks, pipe side steps and so on.

The car can be improved by means of modernized lighting optics, aerodynamic dodging, mudguards and bottom protection. Inside, you can buy seat covers to your liking, rugs and lighting. It is important not to forget about very bright tuning of appearance – airbrush. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of cars.

Reviews from the owners

Since the third generation of Citroen Berlingo is not yet for sale, the reviews will concern the previous version of the machine. Car owners note the presence of separate rear seats, the convenience of landing at the “steering wheel”, comfortable seats that allow you to drive a long distance and do not get tired. It will not be superfluous to notice that the complete set of X-TR does not have a spare wheel. The owners will be pleased with the presence of noise even in the hood and the absence of crickets in the cabin.

The propulsion system starts in the cold almost always at the first time. Also, based on the feedback from Citroen Berlingo, it is clear that the acceptable height of ground clearance played an important role in the purchase. The French car has a good level of comfort, spacious interior, good visibility, small “appetite” of fuel, controllability, huge luggage compartment, reliability and pleasant appearance.

The child or adult can sleep horizontally in the cabin, which is very pleasing. Sliding doors make it much easier to get into the cabin. If you follow the car, it will not crumble. The car can be used for both passenger and cargo transportation.

Drivers attribute the lack of information output from the radio to the onboard computer. The radio itself did not receive a USB input. Disadvantages may include the following: not always a good assembly, gearbox, quality of noise insulation, the degree of traffic and dynamics.

Also, some people do not like the shape of the slightly outdated central console. Discomfort can be caused by a rigid suspension, so you should understand that you are not looking for a passenger car model, but a small “truck”. On the dirt road you can feel “wooden”.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • The last generation has received a pleasant and unusual appearance;
  • Stylish front lighting;
  • Good level of ground clearance;
  • Assembly quality;
  • Comfortable side doors, saving space;
  • “Sunny” roof;
  • Possibility of cargo transportation on a roof by means of rails;
  • The big back door and low height of loading of luggage compartment;
  • Large and spacious interior;
  • Comfortable and intuitive operation;
  • The quality of the used finishing material is much better;
  • A colorful big screen appeared;
  • Both in front and behind, anyone can sit comfortably on the seats;
  • There are a large number of various drawers and compartments for trifling;
  • Huge luggage compartment, which can be enlarged if you want, if you fold the rear seats;
  • Power units do not consume much fuel, which is very useful in the city;
  • Small size;
  • Good level of safety;
  • Many electronic help systems;
  • Reliability.

Cons of a car

  • Noise insulation is far from perfect;
  • Tough suspension;
  • Not always enough motor power;
  • No four-wheel drive system;
  • The new model will obviously have an overestimated price tag.

Summing up

It is worth noting with confidence that Citroen was able to take a confident step forward. The efforts of the design and engineering staff were clearly crowned with success. The proof of this is the new third generation of Citroen Berlingo. The appearance of the new product differs radically from all previous families of the brand. The car looks fresh, actual, a little sporty and stylish. Especially attractive is the front part with unusual two-storey lighting and long chrome-plated horizontal lines of the company’s badge, which literally spill over the entire plane of the front part.

The French have not forgotten that LED equipment is now in fashion, so Citroen Berlingo 2018 has received such an innovation. The side part has stylish doors with punched edges and pleasant for the eye bottom protective and decorative overlays Airbump. Wheel arches have a relief shape that fits stylishly into the exterior of the car. As before, the rear doors leave, which significantly simplifies the tasks, even in very cramped places.

Photo of a Citroën Berlingo

The wheels have a stylish design that gives elegance to the entire vehicle’s appearance. The rear part has stylish lanterns, a low loading height of the luggage compartment and a massive boot door. Inside, there are obviously no less changes. The design team has significantly updated the interior, improving the upholstery materials, installing a new comfortable multifunctional steering wheel and an informative dashboard. The central console has become a little lower, but has a large color display, which can display various information, including the navigation system.

Narrow but stylish ventilation system deflectors are placed all over the front panel, harmoniously blending in with the interior design. Gearshift lever at a convenient location for the driver. There is plenty of space inside for all people. No one will feel the lack of space. The interior has many different niches and compartments for things, and optionally you can order a small compartment on the roof, closer to the rear, where you can also put a variety of things.

Citroën Berlingo Multispace rear view

The seats can be arranged in such a way that the floor is flat. The luggage compartment is very spacious and practical. It can be enlarged, if necessary, by folding the rear seats. Power units, even if not the most powerful, but well cope with their tasks. It should not be forgotten that in front of us is not a racing car, but a car designed for a small business or family. Reliability of the model is at a high level. I am pleased with the presence of electronic systems and assistants that help the driver to drive the car and increase the level of safety.

The new generation of Citroen Berlingo 2018 will allow the car to continue to successfully compete with its competitors on equal, if not more. Even previous versions of this model have been honored, so the latest family is designed to increase the number of fans. Five-door doors are perfect for trips to the country house, recreation, for a large family and even for small businesses.

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Citroen Berlingo 2018 photo

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