Lifan Solano

Lifan Solano
  • Car model: Lifan
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2008
  • Body Type: Sedan

Lifan Solano is a five-seater class C sedan, production of which began in China in 2007. In total, 3 versions of the car were produced: Lifan Solano (620), restyled Lifan Solano (630) and Lifan Solano II (650). The second generation of Chinese sedan in Russia was presented at the end of 2016. If we compare the novelty with the previous debut family, the Lifan Solano II has grown significantly in many respects, leaving a fairly acceptable price tag. The whole model range is Lifan.

Car history

Solano 620

For buyers in Russia, the car did not go on sale until two years later, in 2010. Production of the car was organized at the Cherkessky plant Derways. The whole line of the company Lifan is very popular among Russian drivers, for many reasons, one of which is an affordable price, modern technical equipment and presentable appearance.

In the autumn of 2013, the car underwent a restyling process, which helped to attract even more customers by increasing the variation of the gearbox, improving the quality of the cabin and replenishing the list of equipment. The basis of the car was the Breez model, but it was slightly larger than the Breeze model.

Exterior Solano 620

The nose part of the machine was designed in accordance with the latest trends in car design. It has elements that reflect style and acceptable taste. The basis was taken as a U-shaped line, which today has a lot of success around the world.

This line continues from the front of the car to the bottom of the bumper and breaks the nose into a large number of planes. Thanks to the sharp edges and corners of the headlights, the car has received elegance and nobility. Leafan Solano has a long hood and a shortened back, the design aspect of which emphasizes its stability and consists of a large number of details.

Photo by Lifan Solano 620

With the help of the belt line of the side of the car, it was possible to give it volume, as if in front of us a sports car. However, here they did not overdo it, so the car looks neat and at the same time stylish. The filet part of Lifan Solano has clear contours. The rear window has a high-tech antenna and heating line, which makes the car look more expressive and pleases the eye. With the help of the sloping roof, the machine has a streamlined shape, as well as reduced the air resistance coefficient.

Interior Solano 620

Once in the Lifan Solano 620 sedan, the two-colour interior trim, which attracts attention, is immediately striking. Cardinal changes in the interior of the car, the update has not made. Mainly great attention was paid to the quality of finishing materials. Now the interior has become much brighter and fresher, and the use of the best quality plastic has made it more pleasant to the touch.

The manufacturer assures that he has upgraded the seats installed at the front, and now they are much more comfortable. The instrument panel stands out at once, because it is made of grey plastic and is decorated with red inserts. The inner part of Lifan Solano pleases with good equipment and design, especially if you constantly remind yourself of the price of the vehicle.

Lifan Solano 620 Interior

Driver’s seat Lifan Solano 620 has a four-spoke steering wheel with music control buttons. The steering wheel itself can only be adjusted in height. The dashboard received analog sensors and an on-board computer. The console, installed in the central part, has an audio system, which is very easy to control. Underneath it there is a control unit for the climate system, which is presented in the form of convenient “twists”.

Next you can see the compartments for trifling. All this smoothly brings the eye to the tunnel and the selector gearbox. On the tunnel there is a box, and near it there is a free space for the armrest. Driver’s and passenger seats have mechanical adjustments and are covered with leather in a top version.

Lifan Solano 620

The second row has 3 seats and passengers of medium height can be accommodated there freely. And there is enough free space above the head and in the legs. Luggage compartment is rich in 650 liters of useful space. To increase the free space, it is enough just to pull a special lever and the back of the rear row of seats can be folded together. The updated version is distinguished by a new design of the dashboard and modified central console.

Specifications Solano 620

Powertrain Solano 620

Currently, Lifan Solano 620 sedan is delivered to our country with a pair of gasoline engines. The power units are made similarly to each other, both 4-cylinder, with in-line arrangement. They have a 16-valve DOHC system and a multipoint fuel supply system.

The first of them has a volume of 1.6 liters and develops 106 horsepower. He is able to accelerate the Lifan to a hundred in 15.5 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 170 km/h. At the same time, its fuel consumption is 7.4 liters in mixed mode.

Powertrain Solano 620

The other engine is installed in top order and has a volume of 1.8 litres. It can produce 125 hp. It can reach 100 km in 12.3 seconds. It also increases the maximum speed of 200 km/h. The average fuel consumption is 8.2 litres.

After restyling there is a new 1.5-liter power unit with a capacity of 74 horsepower.

Transmission Solano 620

Both engines work together with a 5-speed manual transmission. Optionally, the new CVT variator can also be installed.

Solano 620 chassis

The chassis of the Lifan Solano 620 is designed on the platform of a sturdy load-bearing body. Ahead it has an independent suspension with McPherson columns, and behind it is based on a semi-independent beam with longitudinal arms. After restyling, the suspension has been changed and is now adjusted to our roads. All wheels have modern disc brakes (front mechanisms are ventilated).

Specialists of the company supplemented the brake system with a mechanical “handbrake” and electronic assistants ABS, EBD. The steering mechanism received a rail and hydraulic power steering. Thanks to this restyling, the machine was able to improve safety, adding some changes to the structure of the body frame. In addition, the 2-stage airbags control program was almost completely rewritten, the workflow of the safety steering column was improved and the stiffening ribs of all doors were reinforced.

Solano 620 safety

The ABS+EBD systems are responsible for traffic safety. ABS helps to prevent the wheels from locking up when slipping, which allows the machine to remain in control and prevents slipping. The EBD service makes it possible to realize the maximum braking force on the rear axle, preventing the machine from drifting. These systems increase braking efficiency and ensure proper traffic safety. Each wheel is equipped with disc brakes to improve driving safety.

Passive safety has:

  • Children’s door lock;
  • Three-point safety belts with height adjustment;
  • Signal switch for unbelted seatbelts;
  • Signal switch for unbelted seatbelts
  • Door opener alarm.

The car was tested for a crash test. The sedan was tested for frontal, lateral and rear collision. All the airbags that were available were opened, the A, B, C racks were not damaged, the cab was not deformed, and the dummy was not thrown out. Also, there was no significant steering shift, and all 4 doors opened effortlessly. The body has a “cage” structure (carrying body) and a solid board.

The racks were reinforced (A, B, C), which indicates the formation of a strong cabin. This will improve the additional safety of passengers in case of a possible collision or a fall of the car on its side. Additional reverse sensors had also been used. The aft part of the LIFAN Solano has a parktronic. If there is an obstacle in the way of movement of the car which goes backwards, the car will make a clear sound of a certain frequency, and on the dashboard will light up the warning signal having red colour.

Security systems include availability:

  • Central Castle;
  • Automatic door locking on the move.

Passive safety refers to the presence:

  • Driver airbags;
  • Safety cushions for the front passenger.

The active safety and suspension can be attributed to the presence:

  • Anti-block brake system;
  • Systems that can distribute the braking forces.

Complections and prices

Lifan Solano sedan in Russia is presented in a couple of variants – DX and CX. This way, the DX version with 1.6 liters engine and the IKPP will cost about $6767,49. It includes a chrome grille, steel discs with a diameter of 15 inches, foggles, height and angle adjustable steering column, four power windows, spare wheel, heated side mirrors, front airbags, central locking, as well as an audio system with six speakers and air conditioning.

Complete set of CX with 1.6 liters will make in the price of $7082,25, and for installation of a variator box plus $944,30 more. It includes an improved audio system, cast wheels, rear parktronic, steering wheel with multimedia control and leather interior. The Lifan Solano 620 sedan 2014 with a 1.8-liter engine under the hood is estimated at $755,44, without a variator transmission.

Lifan Solano 630

In Russia, the presentation of the sedan “New Solano” or, as it is called in the Celestial Empire, Lifan 630, was held as part of the MMAC-2014. The new product was launched closer to the beginning of 2015. The new model in reality can hardly be called the “new Solano family”. In fact, this is only a restyled version of the popular car, which has long needed a more modern look.

In reality, the restyling of the Chinese car has affected the appearance to a greater extent. Specialists of the company have slightly improved the interior, but did not touch the technical equipment. The car is still a noticeable competitor for the products of the Volga Automobile Plant. At the same time, Lifan Company is seriously ahead of other car manufacturers from the Celestial Empire.

Lifan 630

The novelty of the Chinese production has not the most obvious changes, according to which we can say that we have a new car in front of us. However, these changes are the brightest. Thanks to the elaborated details of the body, its solidity increases, and all appearance looks courageous. There is a familiar, stretched hood.

The additional ribs on the bonnet improve the aerodynamics of the “Chinese” and the increased shape of the headlights is a bit like the optics Chrysler. With rounded headlamps and extended lamps, the road surface illumination is improved. Pleasant effect can be achieved with the help of LED bulbs on the lower edge of the road. To emphasize the increased sophistication and solidity of the body, the designers installed a chrome grille.

Photo Lifan 630

Interestingly, the name “Lifan” translates to “Going on all sails”.

The front bumper of the upgraded Lifan Solano 630 2015-2016 is unusual. Some of them find Lexus strokes in its style. There is the same V-shaped area of the license plate and architectural accents on the sides. By the way, Chinese experts have installed DHO lamps in a zigzag style.

At night, you can easily confuse a Chinese car with a more prestigious car. The acceptable height of the road clearance (150 millimeters) allows not so worried about hooks or bumper plastic damage. The side part has not received new details.

Lifan 630 side view

There are already familiar smoothed lines and rounded edges of the wings. The simple design indicates that the company is not ready for experiments. The Chinese have found an original shape for their car, which can be easily sold. The design can not be called outdated, so it continues to be used on the updated version of Lifan Solano 630.

As for the rear stern, it also does not shine with an abundance of innovations. The headlamps have a triangular shape and are protruding above the rear fenders and luggage compartment lid. All other elements did not change. The structure of the stern is justified by the functional luggage compartment.

Auto Lifan Solano 630

Despite all the good reviews and benefits of the Chinese sedan Lifang Solano 630, there is one thing that confuses potential owners and car enthusiasts. The Chinese company copies not so few elements from other car companies. The model “630” also has such a tendency, as the nose area is similar to the “Lexus” and “Chrysler”, and the rear and side with the “Opel”.

Interior Solano 630

There’s not much change inside the Chinese sedan either. Lifan Solano 630 now has a slightly redesigned dashboard and climate control unit in the cabin. The chairs are still soft and quite comfortable, but still lack even minimal side support.

The level of plastic used still leaves much to be desired, but to demand something else from a car with such a price tag would be stupid. Inside it is spacious to sit spaciously. Four adults will be easily accommodated, but it will be a little more difficult to take the fifth on board. This is evidenced by the way the rear sofa and floor, rather high transmission tunnel are designed.

Solano 630

The trunk still has 650 litres of usable space. Earlier, the Chinese company Lifan was often accused of low-quality assembly, but this time it tried to pay special attention to fitting the elements. As a result, gaps that could have been easily noticed in the past have disappeared. It wouldn’t be possible to say that everything was okay, but the growth was noticeable in quality. For example, there are no difficulties with door locks, which caused serious problems for their owners.

Specifications Solano 630

The list of engines for the Lifan 630 has been moved from the last “620” model. The car still has two “old” four-cylinder engines running on gasoline. They are equipped with an aluminum block, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism, distributed fuel injection and Delphi electronic ignition system with coils, which are placed directly on the spark plugs. The first power pack is a 1.6-liter, 106-horsepower version operating with a 5-speed “mechanics” or stepless variable speed gearbox. Next comes a 1.8-liter, 125 hp version, operating with the same list of gearboxes.

As for the chassis, it stayed the same. You can notice the presence of a front-drive platform, independent suspension of McPherson in front and a semi-independent torsion beam at the back. It is important that the suspension was readjusted, which had a positive effect on the smooth running.

In addition, the company’s engineers were able to replace a whole list of elements that could not stand the test on the Russian roads. Although the braking system was not changed, it was also reconfigured to reduce the braking distance. But the steering device now has an electric booster, which replaced the outdated hydraulic booster.

Complete sets and prices

The restyled version of Lifan Solano 630 was sold in 3 versions: Comfort, Luxury and Luxury CVT. The initial version is estimated from $6923,30. The basic equipment is rich enough and has:

  • 15-inch pressed rollers
  • Halogen optics with electric corrector;
  • Rear fog lights;
  • Chromed parts of appearance;
  • ABS and EBD;
  • Electronic systems
  • Two front airbags;
  • Cloth salon;
  • Conditioner;
  • Rear parktronic;
  • Electric window lifters;
  • Central lock;
  • CD-audio system designed for 6 speakers.

Solano 630 photo car

The next set of Luxury costs from $7316,75. It is equipped with an immobilizer, alloy wheels, leather interior, remote door opening and an audio system with six speakers. The most expensive version will receive only a variator box CVT. Its cost is $8182,36.

Lifan Solano II Generation

The second generation of the Chinese triple-volume aircraft (under the internal label “650”) was presented at the end of summer 2016 in Moscow. Compared to the previous model, the new model has improved significantly in terms of design. In addition, the sedan was equipped with upgraded equipment. In China, 2nd generation Lifan Solano was officially introduced in spring 2015. How did the car turn out?


On the outside, the new Lifan Solano 650 looks more cute than its predecessor. The design team tried to equip the outer part of the sedan with a more modern and stylish look, bringing it as close as possible to the vehicles from Europe. The efforts of the development department were only useful. The nose area of the car does not have super-original design solutions, but can attract a good layout at first glance simple elements.

The presence of headlamps with beautiful lined optics, radiator grille with 3 horizontal bars, as well as a laconic bumper with two “fog lights” spread on the sides and a small cut of the air intake in the center are pleasant. The side part of the new Lifan Solano has the outlines of a standard sedan with familiar proportions.

Photo by Lifan Solano II

The new 15-inch light alloy skating rinks were able to improve the appearance. However, they can be seen only in older equipment. The side of the sedan has a rib on duty, passing along the line of the door handles. In addition, there are elegant mirror bodies, complemented by repeaters of direction indicators. The height of the ground clearance has increased and now is 165 millimeters. The car can be painted in one of six colors. It can be white, black, gray, silver, brown and cherry.

Lifan Solano II side view

Lifan Solano’s new 2nd generation appearance is fresh and modern. At night, the “Chinese” can even be confused with a more expensive European model.

The back of the new Lifan Solano corresponds to the front area. Simple shapes and clean lines are used. In this vein, the company’s specialists decided to make the lanterns, trunk lid and rear bumper. In the lower right part of the bumper there is a small exhaust pipe of the vehicle. In general, the external design is very interesting and attractive.


Inside the Chinese four-door door has a completely redesigned front panel with a completely new placement of controls. If you compare the interior of the “first” model with the second generation, it feels like the interior of Lifan Solano II is almost a reference. The driver is presented a little bit simple, but rather informative dashboard with soft backlighting of scales.

Before the “dashboard” there is a new three-spoke steering wheel (more expensive equipment has a multifunctional steering wheel). In the center there is a more interesting and modern structure of the console, which allows you to easily manage multimedia functions or adjust the temperature inside the sedan.

Salon Lifan Solano 2

Among the finishing materials we can highlight the use of inexpensive, but quite good materials. There is a hard plastic, glossy “decor”, inserts “under the metal”. It is also nice that the central console has a 7-inch touch screen, which is eloquently evidence of the use of modern technology. Even the basic equipment of Lifan Solano 2 has artificial leather on the armchairs.

The seats installed in front have not received the most comfortable profile and poorly developed side support. However, the general impression is smoothed by wide ranges of settings. As for landing, it is quite comfortable, but the tall passenger will lack freedom over his head.

Interior Lifan Solano II

The volume of the luggage compartment has always been one of the strengths of this sedan and the “630” model inherited this nice bonus. The customer can count on 650 litres of useful space. If necessary, this figure can be increased by removing the rear seats. The underground niche has a full-size spare stamped wheel. A new generation sedan has received an attractive, concise and reasonably strict salon, which can argue with its rivals.



For the Russian market, the second generation of Lifan Solano is offered by a Chinese company with two 4-cylinder gasoline powered atmospheric engines. They have a cast iron cylinder block, adjustable gas distribution phases, multipoint fuel injection and a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism type DOHC. The basic version is a 1.5-liter, 100 hp power plant (129 Nm).

Next comes a more efficient version, designed for 1.8 liters. It develops 133 horsepower and 168 Nm. Chinese sedan does not accelerate more than 180 kilometers per hour. The car spends 6.5 to 7 liters of gasoline in a combined cycle for every 100 kilometers of the way.

Lifan Solano 2


All two engines work in tandem with a 5-speed manual transmission, and the older versions can be optionally equipped with a stepless CVT variator. All torque is transmitted exclusively to the front wheels.


The new Lifan Solano 2 generation sedan is based on an improved base from the previous family, with an independent McPherson front suspension and a semi-independent structure with a twist beam on the rear wheels. Stabilizers of lateral stability are on both axles.

The machine has disc brakes (front ventilated), which work together with electronic systems ABS and EBD, as well as other electronics. The new Lifan Solano 2 2017 sedan is easy to operate with the electric power steering mounted on the shaft.


Although the model is modern, there is no need to demand from it an abundance of security systems. Already in a base complete set there are a couple of airbags and the basic auxiliary systems. The most “minced meat” will be in maximum performance. Top sedan Lifan Solano 2 2018 has:

  • Forward and rear airbags;
  • ABS and EBD;
  • Electronic systems
  • Unbuckled seatbelt indicator;
  • Automatic door locking at the beginning of movement;
  • Indicator of open doors;
  • Blind zone monitoring;
  • Parktronic;
  • Navigation system;
  • Children’s lock on the back door;
  • ISOFIX child seat fixture;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Standard alarm system;
  • Inclusive access.

Photo by Lifan 650

Very often Chinese vehicles in the standard version do not shine with an abundance of pleasant “things” and security systems. However, according to the company’s representatives, Lifan Solano of the 2nd generation is one of those cars that have a good “base”. Starting from the standard equipment there is already one:

  • Conditioner;
  • Full package of power windows;
  • Central lock and other systems designed to improve comfort.

Complections and prices

The new Chinese sedan Lifan Solano II 2018 can be bought officially at various dealerships of the company. Potential customers can choose from 3 different options: Basic, Comfort and Luxury. The standard equipment is estimated at $7867,60. It can boast:

  • Two airbags;
  • Audio system with four speakers;
  • Four power windows;
  • Standard alarm system;
  • Central lock with remote control;
  • Conditioner;
  • AbS;
  • Electronic system
  • Seat lining made of leather substitute;
  • Metal wheel rollers.

Auto Solano 2

Comfort with a price tag of $8969,28 is next in line. In addition to the above mentioned functions, there is a cigarette lighter, ashtray, immobilizer and front seats with heating function. The top complete set of Luxury is already asked for at least $9441,43. The already existing list is joined by rear parktronic, rear camera, mirrors with the function of heating and electric drive, multifunctional steering wheel, standard navigation system and 15-inch light-alloy “rollers”.

Lifan Solano Tuning

Any driver strives to distinguish his vehicle from the total flow of cars. No matter how you turn it, only the driver himself can make his car original. Here everything depends on the amount of funds and imagination. What works can be done independently?

External tuning

There are a lot of tuning options for Lifan Solano, and some of the work can be done with your own hands. This can include replacement of the grille, installation of new headlights or fog lights, as well as installation of exclusive equipment and accessories. Thanks to the purchase of a fresher grille it will be possible to make your sedan more aggressive and solid.

Due to the technical features of the suspension of the Chinese machine, it can only be underestimated. This procedure should be done correctly to prevent possible breakage of the body. Some owners of Lifan Solano decide to install new, beautiful and suitable disks that significantly transform the appearance of the sedan.

Tuning Lifan Solano

Other owners use the installation of the bodywork elements. It can be purchased together with sills, bumpers and spoilers. However, it is necessary to install the kit to those who know how to do so, to avoid various difficulties and malfunctions. All other installations can be performed independently, having previously familiarized with the training videos.

There are fans of air intake modernization. These works include installation of zero resistance filters instead of the basic filter element. In addition, it is possible to bring the air intake outside to an overpressure area, for example under a radiator grille. Such manipulations are carried out only to improve the exterior of the vehicle, because no increase in power at this time is out of the question. The maximum that can be achieved is a slight reduction in fuel “appetite”.

Professionals do not recommend removing the adsorber, because it will also not increase the power for your power pack.

Chip tuning and catalyst shutdown

There are tuning centers that offer services to upgrade the power plant of the atmospheric type. Employees of the company can use the program to increase the power and torque of the engine, adjust the electronic throttle pedal, as well as switch off the catalyst and reflash the control unit to Euro-2.

To stitch the gasoline engines of Chinese sedan Lifan Solano, experts use the OBDII diagnostic connector located in the pedal unit area. With the help of chip tuning you can increase the injectivity of the “engine” over the entire operating range of the engine. Mainly it concerns “bottoms”, the response time of an accelerator pedal is reduced, mechanical power increases and twisting forces in a range of 8-10 percent increase.

It is also possible to disconnect the catalyst programmatically. To do this, the oxygen sensor behind the catalyst must be disconnected. If there is a problem with the catalyst, it is no longer necessary to install Lifan Solano mechanical tricks.

Comparison with competitors

The Chinese car company has six direct rivals. And only one car comes from China. In the list of main competitors Lifan Solano 2: Geely Emgrand 7, Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, LADA Vesta, Nissan Almera and Renault Logan.

The most affordable option is a French sedan. It comes with a 1.6-liter 82-, 102- and 113-horsepower engine, synchronized with a 5-speed manual, 5-speed robotic or 4-speed automatic gearbox. But the Chinese model has a number of advantages, so everyone should choose personally.

Owner Reviews

Despite the skepticism about the Chinese car industry, many owners of Lifan Solano speak quite well about this sedan. Drivers are amazed by the level of comfort and abundance of free space. Luggage compartment is actually huge – 650 liters. Interestingly, the sedan is not a “huge clumsy ship”, but has the optimal size.

Although the saloon is dominated by plastic, but in the last generation it has become more pleasant. The level of ergonomics is good. In winter, there are no difficulties with the establishment of a power unit. Everything inside is pleasant, you feel like a normal person. The owners of Lifan Solano 2 like the presence of a CD changer, as well as aux and USB connectors. In the cold season, the function of front seat heating comes to fruition, and in summer – air conditioning. The stove heats up very quickly – 5 minutes of heating and can be in the car without headgear.

Appearance of 2 generations is much higher than previous versions of this model. Nevertheless, the quality of assembly leaves much to be desired. Inside, instead of plastic, you want to see more expensive materials. Noise insulation also suffers. Despite the rather weak range of motors, the actual consumption is obviously overestimated and does not meet the stated characteristics. But remembering what the cost of this sedan, you can simply close your eyes to a lot of things.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Improved build quality;
  • New and stylish appearance;
  • Adding several peculiar “chips”;
  • Relatively low cost of the car;
  • A sufficiently spacious and cozy salon;
  • Admissible equipment;
  • LED lighting;
  • Not bad security level;
  • Capacious luggage compartment;
  • Available value;
  • Appceptable ground clearance height;
  • Good manageability;
  • Incost maintenance, repair and spare parts.

Cons of a car

  • Low quality of finishing materials;
  • Automobile has low dynamic characteristics;
  • Highly rigid suspension;
  • Little gasoline consumption;
  • The quality of the assembly leaves much to be desired;
  • Slight noise insulation.


The second generation of the Chinese sedan Lifan Solano 2018 became even better. The appearance of the car meets modern trends. There are stylish lighting, pleasant lines, massive radiator grille, indicating the ambitions of the company. Lifan Solano 2 has been equipped with improved equipment, increased height of ground clearance, new motors and improved safety.

Lifan Solano 2018

The inside of the house has been markedly transformed for the better. Many people will love the new dashboard or touchscreen on the centre console. The seats are now more comfortable. The Chinese have time to update their line of sedans, which will allow them to compete with their direct competitors for some time.

It is interesting, but many people give and will give preference to the Chinese car. Partly because of the acceptable pricing policy of the company. Chinese specialists with each new release of the car improve the quality of assembly and the level of the car as a whole, which is certainly pleasing.

We advise you to read the article: History of Lifan Industry

Lifan Solano II photo

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