Lifan X50

Lifan X50
  • Car model: Lifan
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

The Lifan X50 is a K1 class SUV with front drive. The Chinese man was presented at the Beijing Motor Show last spring. The start of sales in the Russian Federation was planned for 2015. Manufacturers talk about the novelty as a youth crossover made in the European style, but in reality it is a raised hatchback with the qualities of an SUV. The whole model range is Lifan.

Car history

Among the advantages of the model, we can name its low cost and modern design. Based on statistics, not as many cars as planned were sold during the year. But if we speak for other Chinese cars, Lifan X50 is quite popular car in its own narrow niche.

A small parquet in the Celestial Empire was designed according to the already worked out plan. As a standard scheme, manufacturers take a compact hatchback, increase its height of ground clearance, put protective plastic around the car and in general, the vehicle is ready.

Auto Lifan X50

Chinese workers decided to take a compact sedan for their own car Lifan Celliya (530), cut off the stern area, increase the ground clearance, change the nose part and add a little plastic. It is clear that the powertrain together with the gearbox also moved from the Lifan 530. The vehicle is assembled at the Derweiss facility in Cherkessk, as well as other models of the Chinese company in Russia.

In addition, the company owns its own enterprise Lifan in Lipetsk, however, it could not be completed because of the crisis. Lifan X50 review of this model can be viewed on our website. If you have your own thoughts about this car, you can leave your comments at the end of the article.


If you look more carefully at the exterior of the car from the Celestial Empire, you notice that the car looks fresh, modern, original and even stylish. The nose part of the car, which has a front-drive layout, although has some similarities with the “Sedan’s” version of Celliya, shows a more massive bumper with a massive air intake trapezoidal shape, aerodynamic lip on the edge at the bottom and has a fashionable LED fog lights.

Between the large pointed headlamps with lenses and LED headlamps, a narrow slit in the grille has taken its place. In order to overcome the lack of roads in reality, one acceptable ground clearance is not enough. Even quite short overhangs hinder this activity.

Front view Lifan X50

In addition, the real clearance of the Leafan X50 is less than the declared one. But for traveling in urban areas or to the country house – Lifan X50 2015 will be perfect. Moreover, the appearance of the new Lifan fully meets the concept of the model: the nose area has X-shaped lines, and the rear – U-shaped lines. Chinese skillfully manage to easily circle customers around the fingertips, showing fake affection with Japanese roots.

The front part seems to have been taken with Mocca Opel. In order to raise the aggressiveness rating, the company has decided to introduce a bumpster located in the center, which seems to be aluminum. The side of the Lifan X 50 car is able to attract the eye with its flowing roof line and the rising side window line, as if it were a sports hatchback. The 15-inch rims will fit into the wheel arches without much difficulty.

Side view Lifan X50

These will be light alloy wheels with original design of the drawing. Paying attention to the wheel arches, it becomes clear that the size 15 is not the limit for them. The reasonable shape of the doorways will provide a comfortable fit not only on the first, but also on the second row. Small body overhangs, a small hood together with a compact rear part of the car, bloated surface of wings and doors eloquently testify to the fact that the Chinese car has aggressive qualities.

And only the plastic protection and rather high ground clearance speaks about its off-road features. The profile of the new car looks good. Here the design staff actually did a good job. They were able to combine the “trolley” of the sedan and the side of the hatchback in such a way that you will not immediately understand what is going on. The stern of the Chinese crossover Lifan X50 looks quite impressive and unusual, which sometimes gives the impression that it is not a Chinese car, but an Italian one Alfa Romeo.

Back view Lifan X50

This is partly due to the soft lines of the luggage compartment doors, which are fitted with compact glass. This image is completed by a spoiler, which also serves as a decoration, as well as the presence of neat drops of lamps and bumpers with pleasant lines. After the “inspection” of the exterior of the car Lifan X50, we would like to evaluate positively the work of the company’s designers.

The body part of the car is protected from chips and scratches by plastic protection of black color. Also good protection was introduced in the wheel arches, thresholds and both bumpers. At the stern, the designers were enough only for the intricate shape of the rear window. It is a real curse for drivers looking into the rearview mirror. The bumper has integrated fog lanterns as well as another “bump”.

Photo of Lifan X50

In general, the exterior of the machine is made in a standard Chinese style. Why? Because they took something from one car, something else from another. According to Russian dealers, the system of painting and bodywork has been improved.

This is partly due to requests from car owners. We also decided to increase the thickness of the paintwork, and difficulties with rust should appear less often. It is nice that the body is fully treated (lowered into a cataphoretic bath).


Despite the interesting appearance of the Lifan X50 crossover 2015, the designers have made the interior even more pleasant. It looks very memorable, elegant, stylish and even sporty. Perhaps red should have been used less when decorating the interior, as it is a very aggressive color and it can distract the driver from driving a car, and other passengers may be a little annoying.

On the dashboard, the instruments themselves are placed in “deep sockets”, and in the center is a large tachometer with a red background, inside which you can see the electronic speedometer. In front of the driver is a 3-spoke steering wheel, which contains the keys to control the audio system, and on the central console is located the audio control unit and a modest microclimate panel.

Lifan X50 salon

Inside Lifan IKS 50 crossover is made of inexpensive, but pleasant plastic, which is diluted with inserts of silver coloring, which imitate the metal. The front seats are not an example of lateral support and have a flat profile. It is worth noting that the monochrome dark plastic is very noisy when tapping, and also emits an unpleasant smell.

On the seats you can notice the lack of proper ergonomics. The pillow is short, but the seats are leather even in the basic version. The central console looks good. But the steering wheel can be adjusted only on the angle of inclination, and the departure of this will not do. The fact that the tachometer turned out to be a red half-win, the shooter also received a red color on it, because of which important information simply can not be seen.

Lifan X50 dashboard

It was nice to have a sufficient number of pockets and different niches for trifling, which has a good effect on the ease of use. There are several pseudo-lines along the torpedo, which as if should divide the panel visually into several parts, but in reality they only spoil the view. Although the seats are covered with leather, but their shape leaves much to be desired.

Lifan X50 rear sofa

Despite the fact that the height is enough height above the head for people sitting behind, but in the knees is clearly lacking space.  Due to the short wheelbase (a little more than 2.5 meters), the people behind are not very comfortable. In the luggage compartment under the raised floor there is a spare wheel.

In the pre-registration version, the luggage compartment was 570 liters, but now it has been increased to 650 liters. If necessary, it is possible to fold the rear sofa and increase the useful volume of the luggage compartment up to 1136 liters.



Speaking of the technical stuffing of the Lifan X50 crossover 2015, Chinese designers decided to install under the hood only one gasoline unit with a working volume of 1.5 liters, which has 103 hp. It is a four-cylinder, in-line, 16-valve engine of the LF479Q2-B series. It did not do without the system of changing the phases of gas distribution. Probably the engine has an aluminum block of cylinders and chain drive of gas distribution mechanism (but the data are contradictory).

The new Lifan Solano 2, for example, has been redesigned with a cast iron block and gas distribution belt. It is only possible to be more precise during the autopsy, as even the manufacturer himself provides different information due to translation difficulties.

Lifan X50 engine


The engine can drive the front wheels using a mechanical 5-speed or variable speed gearbox. With variable speed gearboxes, the car accelerates up to 160 km/h, and with mechanics up to 170 km/h. With a five-speed gearbox, the Lifan X50 consumes about 6.3 liters of gasoline in a combined cycle, and with a stepless variator about 6.5 liters for every 100 kilometers.

Of course, there is little faith in such a consumption, although it was pointed out by the manufacturer himself. In order to accelerate up to the speed mark of 100 km/h, the vehicle Lifan X50 2016 will take about 11 seconds.

Transmission Lifan X50


There’s a McPherson suspension in front and a torsion beam in the back. All the suspensions have been reinforced and their settings revised. On the rear axle of the Leafan X50 there is a stabilizer of transverse stability. The suspension turned out to be energy-intensive.

The steering unit has a rack and pinion mechanism and an electric control amplifier. It has disc brakes on all wheels. The front brakes are ventilated. ABS, EBD and BAS.


Speaking of the size of the crossover from the Celestial Empire, I would like to say that its length is 4 100 mm, width 1 722 mm, and height 1 540 mm. The ground clearance level of a real SUV is 208 mm, which is very good, considering the possible needs and quality of our roads.


The safety and comfort of the vehicle was ensured by such services as locking the rear doors, ABS, ESP, front and side airbags, air conditioning, hydraulic power steering and rear parking. Basic equipment includes child seat mountings and even a cigarette lighter ashtray.

Excellent visibility is achieved with the help of electric drive and mirror heating function. The interior was quite pleasant – there is leather upholstery with the option of heating the front seats, electric windows on the front and rear doors and multifunctional steering wheel. Inside it is quite spacious, not paying attention to the fact that the car has compact dimensions.

The screen, which is stylish and reliable, has large buttons and provides the opportunity to choose the song you like, while not being distracted by the car. Presence of the central lock and immobilizer gives the car confident protection against theft (though it is necessary to admit that nobody steals cars of the Chinese manufacture anyway). Among other things, there is an injury-free steering column and headrests.

Active and passive safety services:

  • Wheel Pressure Monitoring Service (TPMS);
  • Electric immobilizer of the power unit;
  • Presence of daytime running lights;
  • Confirm the presence of the front passenger;
  • Function of automatic unlocking of doors at possible collision;
  • Reminders of an unbelted seatbelt in front of the passenger;
  • Reminders of an unbelted seatbelt
  • If the speed exceeds the 120 km/h limit, a warning signal will be issued;
  • When the car moves at a speed of more than 20 km/h, the doors will be locked automatically.

Complections and prices

On the Russian market, the Lifan X50 crossover 2015 with Comfort MT basic equipment and 1.5 liter engine will cost $9441,43. The version with Lifan X50 crossover 2015 1.5 Luxury MT will cost about $10070,96. For the same model, but with a variator it will be necessary to pay another $629,53, and as a result the Lifan X50 crossover 2015 1.5 Luxury CVT is estimated at $10700,50.

Lifan X50 photo

The basic equipment includes ABS, front airbags, full electric package, air conditioning and basic audio system. More advanced equipment has a stabilization system, six airbags, multimedia system with color display, leather interior, rear view video camera and parktronic.

Today the Chinese car is one of the cheapest in the domestic market. In terms of cost, the vehicle Lifan X50 can be compared only with our cars, mainly in the basic configuration. It is necessary to recognize that a new player – Cherie Tigo 2 – has entered this market. I am pleased that already in the base there is a function of seat heating. Top equipment, among other things, has a navigation system.

Owner Reviews

If you pay attention to the Lifan X50 owners’ reviews, the reasons for buying this car are as follows: pleasant exterior, low cost and status of the foreign car. Some owners say that you can start a car only if you squeeze the clutch. Many people consider this moment convenient, though unusual, in fact it can happen so that the gear lever of a gearbox stands on gear before start of “engine”.

When it comes to suspension, it is characterized by good and comfortable. It is able to smooth out unevenness, and 185-millimeter ground clearance with a head is enough for daily city trips. Reviews about Lifan X50 show that the engine, which received only 103 horsepower, strangely enough, behaves perfectly at high speed and shows good dynamics.

When it’s freezing, the “engine” starts up easily. Even a 30-degree frost is not an exception. The gearbox includes speeds clearly and does not have any strange sounds. It is clear that the interior is hard to call quality and expensive, but it is quite pleasant and many people like it. The owners have not forgotten to praise the three-spoke steering wheel, which is conveniently placed on the buttons to control the audio system.

If you read the Lifan X50 2017 reviews, drivers like the comfort, economy, no vibration on the steering wheel and gearshift lever. Compared to VAZ vehicles, the inside is much quieter. However, many owners talk about permanent breakdowns after some time. The quality of paintwork clearly leaves much to be desired.

Luggage compartment has received a very modest volume. According to the feedback of Lifan X50 it became clear that the engine is a little dull at the start. This is partly due to the high gear ratios of the first speed. While driving on the road, the car overtakes other cars without difficulty. The use of cheap plastic does not add to a pleasant feeling, so the buyer should understand what is going on.

In addition, it was possible to increase the volume of the glove compartment. I was glad that the front seats had a heating function, but it is a pity that it does not have a power adjustment. Speaking in general, the buyer should understand that for such money, you can not buy a quality Chinese car. We will have to make a compromise.

Competitors Lifan X50

In this section you can find out who can argue with the Japanese perelitsitsennym Chinese production. This may surprise you, but almost all the competitors are also Chinese vehicles, however, with a more pleasant appearance. But first, let’s talk about European companies. It is clear that on the territory of Russia, the Chinese are forced to compete with domestic vehicles – Lada Grant.

Paying $9002,33, the driver will have the maximum equipment with rain and light sensors, climate control, medium acoustic system with navigation support and cruise control, a system of assistance at the start of the mountain. Of course, the domestic car has not received a leather interior, but it is a non-decisive moment.

Then come the compatriots – Haima M3, with a price of $9443,00, Geely GC6, which is a good sedan, but has only a powertrain, developing 94 horsepower. The model will cost $6767,49. For $8105,25 you can still buy a Brilliance H. Therefore, it is impossible to say that Lifan X50 feels comfortable in the niche of such cars.

Even Logan, who previously felt himself as an impregnable king, will have to squeeze in a little. Therefore, it will be very difficult for the Chinese, given the entry to the market of Grants and Priori, which, incidentally, should be removed from production in the near future.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Not a bad atmospheric power pack with an economical variator;
  • Not bad tooling even in the starting equipment;
  • High level of ground clearance;
  • Elegant and sporty appearance;
  • Perfect functioning of the suspension, which is able to “swallow” a lot of roughness on the road;
  • Small pricing policy of the company;
  • Modern appearance of the interior, which is not inferior to the current Japanese and European cars, which are much more expensive;
  • Li>Little fuel consumption;
  • LED lighting system available;
  • Good security system.

Cons of a car

  • The small width of the wheelbase will not allow to comfortably accommodate three passengers in the rear seats;
  • The braking system is not highly efficient;
  • Cheap plastic upholstery and mediocre quality of interior parts assembly can be felt;
  • There is an unpleasant smell inside the car;
  • Small baggage compartment;
  • Small selection of power units.

We sum up

The Lifan X50 SUV 2015 still looks more like a hatchback, although the manufacturer says it does. It really has a pleasant and youthful appearance, and also has a harmonious and even a little sporty interior. It has a low fuel consumption of 6.3 litres per hundred litres and has a rich set of equipment, even in the basic version.

The average ground clearance will allow you to feel confident on our roads. It is clear that the Chinese specialist managed to do for a relatively small amount of money worthy opponent not only Japanese cars, but also cars of European production. Even in the basic configuration, the car has a solid list of equipment, as well as a decent level of safety.

Lifan X50 crossover

It should be understood, however, that it is not a European model before you, so you should not expect anything powerful. People sitting in front of you are more or less comfortable, but this cannot be said for the second row of seats. There is enough space in the interior of Lifan X50 2017, but in legs and width, it is obviously lacking. The luggage compartment turned out to be very modest, which again positions the model more like a hatchback, but not a crossover.

Of course, the car has a good ground clearance, but it does not have all the off-road characteristics. Therefore, on the front drive, the owner can easily “sit on a belly” so that will require the help of others. Chinese experts are trying to lure customers with a pleasant exterior and low cost.

Lifan X50 photo car

But they are still very far away from thoughtfulness, practicality, and, most importantly, the quality of the assembly. After all, only on the paint coating is a lot of complaints. And if this includes unfriendly service, then many will decide to give preference to buying a car of domestic manufacturer, for example, Lada Grant, which can successfully compete with Chinese cars. In addition, some may decide to buy a used European car, which will serve them for many more years and will bring pleasure.

We advise you to read the article: History of Lifan Industry

Lifan X50 2015 Photo

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