Lifan Smily 330

Lifan Smily 330
  • Car model: Lifan
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: Hatchback

New Chinese hatchback Lifan Smile 330, came to replace the pre-winning version of Smile. Its popularization in the automotive market of the Russian Federation is far from ideal. Looking at the results of 2012, the company was able to sell only a little more than 3800 cars, the following year this figure fell to 2220 pieces.

The Chinese company’s management is hopeful that changes in the exterior and interior decoration, improved quality of materials used for finishing, improved power unit with low fuel consumption, which meets the European standard of atmospheric emissions Euro-5, will cause an increase in interest in the restyling model Lifan Smily among those people who have a rather modest financial capacity. This car was designed for the young generation of Russian motorists who live in big cities. The updated car was presented in Moscow in 2014. The whole model range is Lifan.


The body profile of a restyled Chinese car was left intact. It looks like the car before the upgrade, there are still smooth lines of the hood, roof, side window sill, almost ideal doors with rectangular shapes, massive rear roof rack with a slight slope, minimal overhangs, which were achieved thanks to the wheels arranged around the perimeter of the body, neat radius of the arches of the wheels with 14-inch steel or alloy wheels.

The new model has acquired a front end developed from scratch, where you can find the presence of massive lighting equipment, daytime running lights with the use of LED lighting system, a small grille and stylish LED fog lights with a large bumper with a trapezoidal air intake. Thanks to the use of the latest optics and bumpers, the company’s design staff had no choice but to refresh the shape of the car’s wings and hood.

Lifan Smily-330 photo

The car after restyling has become more aggressive and fashionable. The hood line forms a complete appearance of the machine. The windshield is protected from ultraviolet rays. The perfect ratio of 5:8 makes it possible to make a splendid view of the antenatal area. And protection against the effects of ultraviolet light, which is at the top of the frontal glass, can absorb bright sunlight, which increases the safety of the car.

The front bumper meets the latest requirements of European design and technology, and has energy absorbing properties that minimize possible damage to the car in a traffic accident. The side of the car from China has two doors, unlike the original Mini. Wheel hubs were made of an aluminum alloy, which gave them increased strength and resistance to damage.

Back view Lifan Smily-330

The rear of Lifan Smily has only a slightly redesigned rear bumper with two reflectors and the only fog lamp in the centre. You can also see the spoiler, which has stylish and beautiful shapes. All this completes the additional stop-light, which is placed on top of the glass on the 5th rear door, which clearly remains in place. The rear bumper has been designed to absorb as much energy as possible on impact, while minimizing damage to the machine.


The interior of Lifan Smily 330 was changed very much. Everything starts with the use of a fundamentally different rudder and ends with the finishing of the door cards, which have stylish inserts. Thanks to the new sports steering wheel, three spokes were installed on it, and the steering wheel itself was trimmed at the bottom.

The instrument panel has a large circle of tachometer and electronic speedometer in the center, and there is a modern front panel with ventilation system deflectors, which resembles the nozzles of jet engines, original audio and air conditioning control units, comfortable and comfortable seats on the first and back rows, stylish finishing of door cards with armrests, which are very ergonomic. Completes all this decoration with exquisite handles for opening doors, which were made in the style of solid chrome rings.

Lifan Smily-330 interior

The company’s management is convinced that the materials of interior decoration have grown considerably. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the updated Lifan Smily 330 has changed its interior very dramatically and now has a more plausible ability to copy the look of an English car. I would like to mention separately the color scale of Chinese hatchback interior.

Here, the design staff of Lifan has decided to apply contrast, at the same time abundantly diluting plastic of black color with plaque inserts on the steering wheel of silver color, as well as on the central console, gear shift handle, door cards and deflectors of the car ventilation system. If we talk about ergonomic properties, everything is not very good here, however, a similar situation is observed in the British hatchback.

Lifan Smily 330 photo salon

However, if it is a question of visibility, it is not the worst here, will be very useful massive side windows. Complete surprise will be the feeling of a spacious salon, because the passengers sitting behind, not only lack the free space, but also feel the comfort of the back sofa. Despite the rather acceptable size of the luggage compartment, the loading height is small, and the geometry of the opening is well thought out.

It is a little frustrating that the back of the sofa can be folded only completely. However, comfortable armrests and new handles have been installed. Work has also been done to improve the noise insulation of the interior. A variety of chrome parts were installed.



The technical component of the Lifan Smily 330 in 2015 remained almost untouched when compared to the previous 320 model. It is worth noting that the company claims to be working to reduce fuel consumption. Thus, Lifan Smily is supplied with the same 1.3-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine LF479Q3-B, which has a power equal to 89 horsepower and which is synchronized with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox or stepless “variator” CVT, which can be available only in a top-end configuration.

The power unit has an aluminum block and distributed fuel injection, as well as a 16-valve gas distribution system and gas distribution phase change system. There is also a Delphi electronic ignition with coils, which has been directly mounted on the spark plugs. The average fuel consumption is now around 6.1 litres per 100 km.

If the speed limit is 160 km, it reaches the first hundred, the car in 14.5 seconds. A disc braking system was installed in front of the vehicle, and a drum system was installed on the rear wheels. The car from the Celestial Empire is equipped with an electric power steering. The fuel tank volume is only 37 litres.


Due to the fact that new bumpers have been installed, the overall length of the Lifan Smily 330 has been increased by 30 mm, if you compare the car with the pre-recovery version. Now, the Chinese hatchback is 3775 mm long, 1620 mm wide, 1,430 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2340 mm and a ground clearance level of 135 mm, which is not much considering the full load and quality of our roads. The wheel track installed in front of the vehicle is 1385 mm and 1,365 mm at the rear. The curb weight of the car from Celestial Empire is 985 kg.


During the design of the Chinese car Lifan Smily, special attention was paid to the issue of safety. The machine was manufactured using high strength steel. Automated cooking of the car’s body was also used, which resulted in a 30% increase in body strength. There is also an energy-absorbing motor protective cover, in which the impact is absorbed into it and it deforms, which serves as protection for the driver and passengers sitting next door.

The exterior of the front bumper was made in accordance with the latest European standards. The front and rear headlamps were covered with a national patent-pending anti-shock inlay. When hitting not at low speed, it provides confident protection. Thanks to this, the driver will be able to significantly reduce repair costs and increase safety.

Thanks to the optimized front and rear suspension of the Lifan Smily 330, the machine’s performance has been improved. The equipment also includes daytime running lights, emergency braking assistance, powertrain crankcase protection, wheel pressure monitoring and gearing information.

Complete sets and prices

Chinese hatchback Lifan Smily 330 has several sets of equipment at its disposal. The MT Comfort package is distinguished by the presence of chrome-plated door handles, chrome-plated radiator grille and steel wheel rims with hoods. The optical headlights are complemented by OCTO and fog lights, the rear door is equipped with a glass cleaner and all wheel arches are equipped with mudguards.

Safety features include front airbags, three-point belts with buzzers and ISOFIX child seat mountings. The electronic system is the responsibility of EBD, EBA, ABS and the indication of an unclosed door. The interior is upholstered with fabric and the steering column can only be adjusted in height.  There is a rear parktronic, air conditioning, full electric package, adjustable front seats, radio recorder, four speakers and central locking. The car comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. This modification is estimated from $6215,07.

Lifan Smily-330 photo carLuxury MT package includes additional equipment – light alloy discs made of aluminum immobilizer, electric adjustment of mirrors with heating function, radio with USB, AUX and CD-player. The car in this modification is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. Such modification will cost from $6844,60. Complete set Luxury CVT works with a 1.3-liter powertrain with the help of stepless “variator”. The top equipment is estimated from $7631,52. Pluses and minuses Lifan Smily 330 сar benefits:

  • Interesting and unusual exterior;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Reminence to the world-famous Mini;
  • car brand
  • Little fuel consumption;
  • Improved interior quality;
  • In spite of its small size, the inside of the car is quite cozy;
  • Admissible luggage compartment;
  • Good car equipment even in basic equipment;
  • Secure security level;
  • Auxiliary systems available;
  • New lighting system;
  • Small pricing policy of the company.

Shortcomings are as follows:

  • Car exterior design for the amateur;
  • Tall people won’t sit comfortably
  • Little ground clearance level;
  • Lack of side supports on seats;
  • Still a weak power unit;
  • No choice of powertrain.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Interesting and unusual exterior;
  • Small size;
  • Similarity with the world-famous car brand Mini;
  • The small expense of fuel;
  • Improved interior quality;
  • Despite the small size, inside the car is quite cozy;
  • Acceptable luggage compartment;
  • Good equipment of the car even in a base complete set;
  • Decent level of safety;
  • Availability of auxiliary systems;
  • New lighting system;
  • Small price policy of the company.

Cons of a car

  • The design of the exterior of the car on the amateur;
  • Tall people will not be very comfortable sitting;
  • Small level of road clearance;
  • Absence of side supports on seats;
  • Still weak power unit;
  • There is no choice of power units.

Summing up

After getting acquainted with the Chinese hatchback Lifan Smily 330, you realize that the update was only good for him. This is noticeable from the slightly changed exterior of the car. The headlights became better with the use of LED lighting system. Changed the front of the car. Although the side and rear parts have not been changed much, a little bit different from the prerestyling model.

Small size of this Chinese car will allow you to feel confident and calm in the city limits. The car will be able if not everywhere, then almost everywhere to park without much difficulty. However, the small ground clearance will not allow the car to fight against impassability, however, and it is not necessary, in fact the given hatchback has absolutely other purposes. Inside everything became much better. The quality of finishing materials has grown, the interior has become more fresh and interesting.

Especially stands out is the dashboard, which has an unusual lighting and nozzles of ventilation system deflectors. Chinese models are always famous for the abundance of equipment, even at the basic level. The company has also not forgotten about safety issues, and the car has all kinds of assistance systems, as well as airbags. Although the engine is not a record-breaking one in terms of power, it copes with its direct duties perfectly. Moreover, it has a small fuel consumption. What else disposes to this hatchback is an inexpensive price for which you can use the “double” of the world-famous British car brand Mini.

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