Lifan X70

Lifan X70
  • Car model: Lifan
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: SUV

Lifan X70 is a front-drive five-door SUV compact class, which belongs to the budget niche and is addressed, initially, to middle-aged people who need a practical car with a good level of comfort and acceptable price tag. The new car was officially presented at a special Moscow event in 2018. Prior to that, the crossover was available only in the Chinese market. The whole model range is Lifan.

For the first time, Lifan X70 was officially introduced as a concept model at the Shanghai Automotive Company in the spring of 2015. Later on, the concept car was transformed into a high-volume version of the vehicle with some minor improvements.

Despite the long transition from a concept car to a serial version of the crossover, the Lifan X70 2018 does not lose in terms of pleasant appearance and quality to actual machines of this kind. In terms of style and appearance, the new version of Lifan X70 2018-2019 is fresher, a little bit “evil”.

Lifan X70 car photo

The initial price list for the basic version did not pass the mark of 1 million rubles. Some will say that the crossover is not an original one, because it is a bit similar to the previous version Liphan X60 or other popular cars like Toyota Heiglander and a little bit of Toyota RAV4. However, the interior is unique and has a good functional set.


There are no special features that could distinguish the new Lifan X70 2018 among his “classmates”. Despite the rivals, the main features of the appearance of the “Chinese” borrowed from the machines of the company Haval and Hyundai. This may sound tired, but the Chinese company Lifang does not produce fully original cars.

Interestingly, Lifan was founded in 1992. It was designed to repair motorcycles. The first machine was produced only in 2005. Lifan is the youngest company that produces cars in China.

New Lifan X70

The nose area of the novelty looks peculiar and a bit like Hyundai Crete. The front optics of Lifan X70 2018-2019 has a modest bend in the lower part, and the insides are divided into sectors. As a basis for the optics decided to take “halogens”. In each set there is a correction of the angle of inclination. To give a formidable appearance, the background of the optics is made in black, and the elements are clearly separated among themselves.

The lion’s share of the frontal area of the Chinese crossover is allocated under the massive radiator grating, which is crowned with horizontally arranged lines of chrome and has a modest mesh insert. The unusual and modern look of the nose bumper “Lifana”. Plastic black overlay is stretched over the entire width of the lower edge. It gives its zest to the appearance of the Chinese car and prevents bumper from various damages. An additional radiator grille is not required.

Photo by Lifan X70

There is a silver plastic partition wall and two fog lights of round shape, with a black plastic trim. The upper part of the Chinese car’s front end, together with the hood and windshield, have not so many improvements and are completely similar to the previous model – the X60. The windshield of the car looks more modern.

The design team has hidden the front columns behind it, which improved the visibility and appearance of the Lifan. Unfortunately, there is no information about the function of full heating of the windshield. The top equipment will receive only heating of area of “wipers”.

The new Lifan X70 looks much better than its predecessor, the X60. Now appearance corresponds to modern tendencies of a fashion and practicality.

Lifan X70 car

The side of the novelty looks like a car like this on the base. The designers decided to raise the stern with the help of directional lines and general design. Starting from the front wing and up to the stern headlights several lines along the body are stretched. The chrome line in the lower part of the windows was raised, and the edging, along with the side posts, was painted black.

Among the new elements of the side part of the Lifan X70 2018-2019, we can highlight the additional glass and rear rack, which were painted black. As a result, it feels like the entire side is made of glass. The top-of-the-line mirrors will be equipped with LED turn-around repeaters, as well as electric adjustment drive, automatic folding and heating function.

The side area is equipped with 17-inch light-alloy rollers as standard. The top version of the Lifan X70 2019 will receive 18-inch wheels. The whole side part of the novelty is streamlined and proportional, the nose is long, and on the sides there are wide rounded wheel arches. The height of the road clearance is impressive 196 millimeters.

The back part of the Chinese crossover has strict sidelights, a large luggage compartment door, which received the original relief and stamped inscription “Lifan”. At the top of the rear door is a small spoiler, painted to the color of the body. You can also notice the presence of a weighty bumper, “dressed” in unpainted plastic with horizontally placed fog lamps.

The end faces of the car exhaust pipes have a trapezoidal shape and give their spice. The new Chinese car is not bad. A group of stylists decided to use a rather bold appearance with some features of Toyota FJ Cruiser, Land Rover Discovery and Jeep Grand Cherokee. All in order to make the novelty impressive.

Photo of Lifan X70

The appearance of the Lifan X70 2019 is slender, simple and organic. There are no strange, pompous or inappropriate details. And that’s what a reliable family SUV should be like. Do not rush to criticize Lifan for copying at once, because this young company used to specialize in motorcycles and buses.

It started producing cars just recently – a little more than 10 years ago. And that, the first vehicles produced were minivans and pickups. Therefore it is pleasant that the group of designers was inspired by the best representatives of this group and was able to create something more beautiful than a simple box on wheels.


Let’s move on to internal architecture. The ergonomics of the interior is far from ideal, so not every driver will easily get used to it in the Lifan X70 2019. However, it is nice that the steering column can be adjusted in height, and the steering wheel itself is multifunctional. The dashboard has an analogue structure, complemented by a color screen of the on-board computer with an abundance of functions, placed in the middle.

There are two unusual hands on the sides of the dial. If the left dial shows the speed of the power pack, the right dial shows the speed. The fuel level and temperature of the propulsion system can be seen in the “screen” above. The central console is made in the style of off-road vehicles.

Lifan X70 interior

The center has a large and well readable screen. Inside it is decorated with modern materials, though budget ones. The decoration is modest but tasteful. The assembly is not bad, for which you can praise the Chinese designers. The car has an abundance of cheap plastic panels, rigid to the touch, but it is pleasant that there are no sharp edges and untidy gaps.

Slightly brighten up impression from rigid plastic inserts “under aluminium”, and already in a base complete set of a seat possess artificial, but enough qualitative leather.

As in a reality and throughout time will work 9-inch multimedia system, it is not clear yet, but there are no difficulties with it. I like the fact that the system has received multifunctionality, logical and clear menu, as well as support for Apple Car Play and Android Auto to control many of the phone’s functions from the display of the machine.

Quite unusual, but inside the new Lifan X 70 there is no standard built-in satellite navigation. But this can hardly be considered a serious drawback, as nowadays many drivers can use such applications with the help of mobile phones. Below the screen there are logically located buttons and controllers for controlling entertainment and climate functions.

The front part has well profiled seats with tangible side supports, as well as a wide range of adjustments. The interior is also spacious and spacious, with plenty of space. Even if there are taller people in the front seats, the second row will be full of freedom. Although the level of comfort will directly depend on the number of people sitting on the back sofa.

Photo of Lifan X70

The two of you can sit comfortably, but the third one will not feel ideal in the shoulders, as well as because of the transmission tunnel located at the bottom. Speaking of luggage compartment, it is quite good, as for a compact car, the length of which does not exceed 4.4 m. A total of 419 litres is available.

If necessary, you can increase the Lifan X70 by removing the rear seats, which gives you 1,988 litres of usable space. Rear seats can be removed in the proportion of 60/40. The underground niche has the necessary tools and spare wheel. On the whole, the Lifan X70 2018 interior is much better than its predecessor. The more expensive equipment can boast:

  • chromed exterior decoration elements;
  • leather interior trim;
  • electric drive and front seat heating function;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • climate control;
  • with no key access and motor start with the button;
  • parking sensors;
  • Rear camera;
  • Advanced MP5 media system with color display (9 inches);
  • panoramic roof with hatch;
  • Cruise control;
  • by the lift assist system



For the Chinese front-wheel drive crossover, only one gasoline, 2.0-liter power plant was prepared. It has a distributed fuel injection, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism such as DOHC and variable headlights.

“Engine” is able to produce 141 horsepower and 150 Nm of rotational force. Consumption of this engine is about 7.5-7.7 liters for every 100 kilometers in combined mode. The fuel tank is designed for 55 l.

Powertrain Lifan X70


The standard version of the crossover has a 5-speed manual transmission that transmits all torque only to the front wheels. Optionally, a stepless variable speed gearbox can be fitted. Unfortunately, Chinese specialists did not provide all-wheel drive system.

To accelerate up to the first hundred, you will have to wait 13.8-14.3 seconds (depending on what modification and in favor of manual transmission). Maximum acceleration does not exceed 175-180 kilometers per hour.


The new Lifan X70 is based on a Toyota RAV4 front-wheel-drive platform with a transversely mounted engine and bodywork using high-strength steels. All the wheels are equipped with independent suspension with gas-filled shock absorbers. In addition, the Lifan X70 suspension has cylindrical springs and anti-roll bars.

McPherson racks are preferred in front of the truck, and Chinese experts decided to install a multilever architecture at the back. All wheels are equipped with disc brakes (ventilation is supported at the front) with the support of electronic systems ABS, EBD and others. The steering device has a rack and pinion mechanism and hydraulic power steering.


Of course, the level of safety of the new Chinese car Lifang X70 is unlikely to surprise us with the presence of modern active safety systems or assistants for the driver. However, as for an inexpensive budget car, the new crossover is quite well equipped. The car possesses:

  • Two airbags.
  • HILL Start Assist (HILL Start Assist), which prevents the machine from slipping off a slope while the driver moves his foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.
  • Rear camera.
  • Front and rear parking sensors.
  • Driver’s fatigue alarm, which offers a rest and relaxation from a long, continuous ride.
  • BOSCH’s 9th Generation ESP.
  • ABS.
  • Emergency call device ERA-GLONASS.
  • Immobilizer.
  • Tire pressure sensor (already in basic configuration) and others.

Complections and prices

In 2018, the Chinese company provided four sets of equipment for the Russian market – Basic, Standart, Comfort and Luxury. Basic version has a mechanical gearbox and is asked for it from $13361,85 This car is equipped:

  • Two airbags.
  • 17-inch light alloy rollers.
  • Electronic systems ABS, EBD, ESP.
  • High Start Help Technology.
  • Fog lights.
  • ERA-Glonass system.
  • Driver fatigue monitoring function.
  • Four power windows.
  • Audio system with 2 speakers.
  • Light sensor and so on.

Vehicle Lifan X70

A Chinese car with a variator will cost at least $15107,23 (from the Comfort package). Top option is estimated at about $14792,47 (with mechanical gearbox). The most “sophisticated” variant has:

  • Forward and rear parking sensors.
  • 9-inch media center display.
  • Electric drive and mirror heating.
  • Cruise control.
  • The leather interior trim.
  • Function for heating the seats installed in front.
  • Conditioner.
  • Luc.
  • 18-inch wheel rims.
  • Starting the power unit Lifan X70 with buttons and other “chips”.

Comparison with competitors

Due to its characteristics and dimensions, Lifan X 70 can be called a good alternative to compact crossovers. In the list of competitors “Chinese” it is possible to bring Ford EcoSport, Jeep Renegade, Nissan Juke and Qashqai, Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur and Hyundai Creta. It is clear that Lifan X70 2018-2019 directly competes with its “fellow countryman” Chery Tiggo 2, which is also an inexpensive Chinese crossover.

Owner’s Comments

Feedback from the owners of the Lifan X70 is different, but in many ways they converge. Drivers note the rich equipment, spacious luggage compartment, spacious interior and appearance. It is necessary to tell about acceptable height of a road covering of the Chinese crossover. Could please good optics – lenses are installed in the headlights, perfectly illuminating the road.

Inside there is a lot of free space, everything is located in its place. The presence of the big display with multimedia and navigating system, and also multifunctional steering wheel with management of a radio directly on “wheel” that is rather convenient at driving is pleasant.

On the other hand, feedback from Lifan X70 2018 indicates comments on the quality of assembly, noise from the suspension while driving on an uneven road, the whistle from the driver’s door at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. There are glitches with electronics. Inside there are uncomfortable seats.

The fifth speed is almost dead, as it is necessary to twist the power plant to the car at least somehow drove. Fuel consumption could be even lower. The engine power and all-wheel drive system are very much lacking. The front bumper and plastic thresholds begin to depart after driving on a bad road, so it is always necessary to press them by hand.

A lot of breakdowns happen even on new cars, which is very upsetting. If a car cost a little more than 500 thousand rubles, such and similar mistakes could be forgiven. But for such a “quality” it is a big deal to ask for almost a million rubles.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Modern appearance.
  • High ground clearance.
  • Little size.
  • Stylish and modern lighting.
  • Massive wheels.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Unusual dashboard.
  • Central console has a large multimedia and navigation system screen.
  • Large, enlarged luggage compartment.
  • Not a bad staffing level.

Cons of a car

  • Rear trunk door seems a little empty.
  • Quality of assembly.
  • Unreliability.
  • There’s extraneous noise in the cabin.
  • Low dynamics.
  • Higher fuel consumption.
  • Motors lack power.
  • Absence of full drive.
  • Quality of materials used inside.
  • Plain problems with electronics.
  • Non-rare breakdowns of different machine parts.

We sum up

At the end of the article about the novelty of the Chinese car industry there are quite mixed feelings. On the one hand, the model Lifan X70 2018 looks more modern, stylish and even more aggressive. Now it seriously differs from its previous version – Lifan X60. The novelty has a stylish and modern appearance, bright design, massive radiator grille, large arches of wheels and solid “rollers”.

On the side part there is a place for pleasant punches, and plastic dodging all over the car, testifies to off-road inclinations of the “Chinese”. Partly, these inclinations are complemented by high ground clearance, which allows you to feel more confident even on a bad road. There is plenty of space inside, and the increased volume of luggage compartment will allow you to take more necessary things with you.

Lifan X70

On the other hand, if the Chinese experts are talking about improving the quality of their model, it should be so. But in reality the situation is a little different. The quality of the assembly, both external and internal, is still limping. Inside, not the worst, but still cheap plastic is used. It is worth highlighting an unusual dashboard, which is intriguing with its work, as well as color and large display multimedia system Lifan X70 2019.

But the power unit does not always have enough power, so it has to be “twisted”, and this is fraught with increasing fuel “appetite”. Also missing is a four-wheel drive system and a wider range of safety and comfort systems. It is difficult to call the car cheap anymore, as its price tag is approaching 1 million rubles. It is obvious that the Chinese company does not aspire to sit back and tries to struggle in the SUV market even with more eminent automobile giants. Whether or not this will happen in the end, only time will tell.

We advise you to read the article: History of Lifan Industry

Lifan X70 photo

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