Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo
  • Car model: Volkswagen
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 1975
  • Body Type: Hatchback, Sedan

Volkswagen Polo is a family of front-driven sub-compact machines, with a hatchback (three-door or five-door version) as the “base” version. How much this vehicle is very popularly depends on the market, but in general, we can confidently say that Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular vehicles of the German concern Volkswagen in the world arena. The whole model range is Volkswagen.

I generation (1975-1981)

The debut Volkswagen Polo family officially presented to the public in 1975 during the Hanover exhibition. Serial production of the machine began in the same year at the company’s main plant in Wolfsburg. The vehicle was built on the Audi 50 platform and stopped production in 1981.

During this period, the vehicle underwent a small modernization in 1979. Despite the short lifespan of the first generation of the Volkswagen Polo, the model dispersed in circulation of more than 500,000 cars. The original Polo version is a front-drive three-door B-class hatchback model, and the two-door version in the sedan body was named Derby.

Volkswagen Polo 1

There was a characteristic feature of the German appearance in the form of round ventilation holes on the rear posts. Otherwise, the vehicle looked simple and met the design standards of the past years. Ahead of the vehicle, only two headlights could be seen, separated by a long grille. In the center was the Volkswagen nameplate. On the bumper located slightly below, the sides were visible marker lights and direction indicators.

It is noteworthy that the body of the sedan and hatchback, the external rearview mirror was only on the driver’s side (left).

Volkswagen Polo first generation

The interior decoration was also simple and inexpensive. Only the most essential equipment was present. Behind the thin rim of the steering wheel was a round speedometer on the left and various sensors on the right. The central console allowed to control the airflow and other modest devices. The luggage compartment turned out to be very spacious – 258 liters of useful space.

If necessary, it could be enlarged and the backrests of the rear seats could be folded together, which resulted in about 900 litres of space. Volkswagen Polo I has gasoline four-cylinder engines with in-line configurations, an eight-valve gas distribution system and a carburetor power system.

Interior of Volkswagen Polo 1

The motor volume was from 0.9 to 1.3 litres, and the power from 40 to 60 “horses” and from 61 to 93 Nm of rotational forces. The gearbox was a four-speed manual transmission, which directed the entire torque to the front wheels. As a basis for the Volkswagen Polo 1 generation took the platform A01, which involves the installation of an independent “walk” with McPherson racks in front and a semi-independent device with a twist beam H-shaped rear.

The steering has a rack and pinion type mechanism. The brake system has disc brakes at the front and drum mechanisms at the rear. Early models were equipped only with drums on all wheels.

Photo of Volkswagen Polo I

As soon as the new product was born, it had a list of advantages that encouraged drivers to buy a car. The car was distinguished by its attractive appearance, reliable construction, comfortable and energy-intensive suspension, quite powerful power units and their varieties, as well as affordable pricing policy of the company.

II generation (1981-1994)

With the advent of 1981, the official presentation of the Volkswagen Polo 2 family took place. Almost immediately, the machine stood on the assembly line in his hometown. After 9 years (in 1990) German sedan has undergone a significant improvement because of which its appearance and interior decoration has changed.

At the end of August 1994, production of second-generation cars was stopped. During the 13 years of production, about 2,000,000 Volkswagen Polo 2 cars were produced. Front-wheel-drive version of the B-class was available in some body versions – 3-door hatchback, coupe (in reality the same hatchback, but with a sloping back door) and 2-door sedan (Polo Classic). As there are various modifications, the second generation of the “German” pulled from 3 655 to 3 975 millimeters in length.

Volkswagen Polo IIPhoto Polo IIPolo II sedan

Photo of Volkswagen Polo II

The width of the car did not exceed 1 570 – 1 600 millimeters, and the height of 1 350 – 1 355 millimeters. Between the axles there was a capacity of 2,335 millimeters. The height of the road clearance is 118 millimeters, which is not so much. Taking into account the camping condition of Volkswagen Polo II, its weight was from 700 to 810 kilograms.

The second generation of the famous machine has a wide range of power units. The gasoline line was equipped with four-cylinder engines. The volume of power units began from 1.0 liters and ended with 1.3 liters. All this made it possible to produce from 45 to 116 horsepower and from 76 to 148 Nm of torque.

3-door Volkswagen Polo II hatchback

In addition, there are two atmospheric diesel units, with a working volume of 1.3 and 1.4 liters, respectively. The output was 45-48 horsepower and 73-85 Nm of maximum torque. As a synchronization it was decided to use only a mechanical five-speed gearbox and front-drive transmission. Volkswagen Polo II generation was built on the platform A02.

The vehicle has the following layout of “walking” – McPherson racks in front and a semi-independent H-shaped beam at the back. In a role of brake system with diagonal division of contours disk devices in front and drum mechanisms behind act. The steering gear has a rack and pinion type, but there was still no amplifier.

III generation (1994-2001)

With the advent of autumn 1994, during the international Paris Motor Show, the Volkswagen management presented the third generation of Volkswagen Polo to the general public. There were three-door and five-door variants. The next year it was decided to introduce a four-door sedan, which received a Classic prefix, as well as a universal Variant.

After 6 years, the car has experienced a significant improvement (in reality, it affected only the hatchbacks). The models continued to be produced until 2002, but in Argentina it was produced until 2009. Despite the unprecedented success of the second family, which, as we already know, existed for no less than 13 years, the car was quite outdated and was close, both morally and technically.

Polo III

The future family was recognized as a big step forward during the market entry, mainly in the niche of security and capacity. Although Volkswagen Polo III is no more than 372 centimeters long (as well as Nissan Mikra K11 and Opel Corsa B), it makes you wonder about the amount of free space inside the “German”.

To look a new vehicle became in a new way. The headlights became rectangular, and the length of the grille was reduced. Polo’s plastic bumpers were installed quite unusually. They were placed below the front and rear lights, and they do not reach the bottom edge of the body.

Front view of Volkswagen Polo III

There are metal aprons below them. It is this part that is often exposed to corrosion due to stones that damage the paintwork. Too bad, but the rust does not spare the wings. Versions that have already been produced as modernized, corrosion resistance is higher. The interior decoration has improved several times!

Behind the comfortable three-spoke steering wheel you can see a well readable dashboard with two large rounded sensors of speed and speed of the engine. It is not easy enough to get to the 2-row 3-door version. However, if you are already there, you may be pleasantly surprised, as there is no lack of free space. The luggage compartment has a modest 245 litres. Partly, the space available is used by the wide arches of the wheels.

Interior of Volkswagen Polo III

Volkswagen Polo III has a wide range of engines that run on both gasoline and diesel. In the gasoline list of engines decided to include “atmospheres”, with four-cylinder units that support the system of distributed injection. As a result, it allows to produce from 50 to 120 horsepower and from 86 to 148 Nm of torque.

The diesel list has atmospheric and turbocharged versions, the volume of 1.4-1.9 liters, which produce 60-90 “horses” and 115-202 Nm of peak traction. Together with these engines there is a 5-speed manual or 4-range automatic gearbox, which redirects all efforts to the front part.

Polo GTI engine

VW used the A03 architecture for the VW “cracker”, where there are McPherson racks at the front and a twist beam in the back structure. The steering is rack and pinion type and works together with the power steering. Nothing has changed in the system of brakes – in front of the disk mechanisms, and behind the drums. Optionally, the machine could be equipped with ABS with electronic distribution of braking forces.

IV generation (2002-2009)

The world premiere of Volkswagen Polo of the 4th generation took place in September 2001 at the Frankfurt exhibition. Officially the car was started to be sold at the beginning of 2002. After 3 years, the model survived the planned restyling, which affected the exterior and interior. The model was completed in 2009.

The vehicle was available in 3 bodywork versions: A 3- and 5-door hatchback and a 4-door sedan. The main difference of Volkswagen Polo IV is the presence of characteristic headlights, with which the car was nicknamed “eyepiece”. In addition, the car is almost no different from its classmates.

Volkswagen Polo 2004

The German is a classic little hatchback in a three-door or five-door version. In general, the car became more stylish and smooth. The body itself has a good corrosion protection and a high level of safety, rated by EuroNCAP at 4 stars.

Based on the tests of the new car, many people claimed that high quality materials were used to finish the interior decoration. In reality, however, these statements were groundless, as nowadays a large number of cars have significant signs of wear and tear.

Restyling Volkswagen Polo IV

Plastic can be scratched quite easily and the gearshift knob burst, as well as its casing. Those who already owned the German model, note the appearance of the squeak of the front panel when moving along the unevenness. It is unpleasant, but after a while the upholstery material begins to wipe.

Despite the good equipment, often fails the control unit of the ventilation system, electric windows, immobilizer and headlight corrector. But what Volkswagen Polo of the 4th generation is good about is the large amount of free space for passengers and luggage – 270 liters for the hatchback version and 430 liters for the sedan.

Interior of Volkswagen Polo IV

Importantly, the market can find well-equipped models with air conditioning system, 4 airbags, ABS, ESP, audio system with 8 speakers and 2-color “device”.

Many will be pleased with the pleasant blue backlighting, which is not so strong, but still soothing. The dashboard looks simple and clear, all data is easily readable. The central console has 3 ventilation regulators. Below they can be seen a niche for small things and conveniently located gearshift lever. To the left of the steering wheel there is an external light switch regulator, which is moved out as a separate element.

Photo of the Volkswagen Polo IV salon

In terms of technical equipment, the fourth generation has three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines. Gasoline engines include “atmospheres” and turbochargers with volumes from 1.2 to 1.8 liters. They are able to develop from 55 to 150 horsepower and 106 to 220 Nm of torque.

The diesel list includes atmospheric engines and 2 turbocharged “engines” with the volume from 1.4 to 1.9 liters, which produce from 64 to 101 “horses” and 125 – 240 Nm of torque. Together with the engines there is a five- and six-speed manual gearbox and a 6-speed “automatic” gearbox. For the basis of the “four” decided to take the front-drive “trolley” A04 (PQ24).

1.2 litre engine

An independent suspension with McPherson columns was installed in front and a semi-independent suspension with a V-shaped twist beam was installed at the back. The steering mechanism has an adaptive electro-hydraulic power steering with variable force. As a braking system there are front disk (ventilated) devices and rear disk or drum, depending on the power of the power unit. There is support for electronic systems ABS and EBD.

The auto possesses the whole list of advantages: attractive appearance, reliable design, soundproof interior, economic power units, perfect controllability, chain brakes and good sound insulation of internal furniture.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, such as a small volume of luggage compartment, modest ground clearance, not ideal seats and expensive service, as for a B-class car.

V generations (2009-2015)

Another fifth family of the famous Volkswagen Polo car was officially demonstrated during the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. If you compare the vehicle with its previous versions, the V generation has become better in everything. The changes are noticeable in appearance, interior design and technical characteristics.

Volkswagen Polo V Generation

Five years later, the Swiss exhibition showed everyone a restyled version of the hatchback. The changes also affected the appearance, the interior and the technical stuffing. It was decided to check the parameters of the “walk” and expand the list of available equipment.

The idea of the chief designer of Volkswagen Group, Walter De Silva, was as follows – all the machines of the company should have a clearly separate style. The fifth generation clearly proves it: there is a terrible squint of car headlights, a sparing and closed grille, as well as clear body lines that emphasize the dynamics of the silhouette.


When inspecting the car it is easy to see the simplicity and clarity of the lines, as well as the pleasant and correct body proportions, which were to the liking of drivers of different ages around the world. If you look at the car from any angle, it looks very attractive. The presence of straight lines can be seen on the hood and body sides, the roof and the strict design of the bumper.

Radiator grille, along with the additional air intake, headlights and fog lights in front, perfectly combine simplicity and straightness of the lines of the new Volkswagen Polo with the shape of the aft body elements, which can be attributed to the correct trunk door, compact lanterns and a strict bumper.

The designers managed to make a car that would satisfy the requirements, if not all, of many motorists. Despite the strict appearance, the hatchback is not too aggressive. It will not be superfluous to notice that the body of the car with a double-sided zinc coating is produced with a wide use of high-strength steel.

Volkswagen Polo of the 5th generation has made it the safest compact vehicle in the world. The German silhouette is harmonious and tightly knocked down due to the slightly sloping roof line, expressive “folds” on the sides and developed outlines of the arches of the wheels.


The front seats have a dense filling, bright side support in the thighs and back area, and an anatomical profile. Even taller people can comfortably and comfortably fit in, thanks to the large adjustment of the armchairs and steering column.

I am pleased with the optimal size of the steering wheel, informative devices with on-board computer display, convenient and correct placement of the lever gearbox, steering levers, all keys and regulators. All controls are so standard and familiar that the owner’s adaptation will take a few minutes.

Interior of Volkswagen Polo V

If to speak for quality of materials of furnish and assemblage in a car all in German pedantic style – gaps of the minimum plan, and finishing materials are pleasant to the touch. Salon “five” as a whole looks modern, strict and relatively inexpensive, as well as it does not find ergonomic errors.

Three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel has received convenient forms. The dashboard has a pair of arrow dials and a “window” of the board computer. On the central console you can see the presence of a 7-inch display, which fits well into the interior of the German hatchback.

Rear seats

The second row of seats allows you to seat three people, but only two passengers can sit comfortably. The width and height of the aft area of the cabin has a reserve, but there is no plenty of free space in the legs.

Drivers note uncomfortable landing on the back seats of the 3-door version of Volkswagen Polo V generation. Luggage compartment has got the volume of 280 liters of useful space, which is not so much. But if necessary, you can lower the backrest of the rear seats, which will already provide about 952 liters.



The fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo has the widest range of engines that work in conjunction with five- or six-stage mechanical or seven-band robotic DSGs. The drive only goes to the front wheels. The TSI 3-cylinder engine made of aluminium begins the list. It has a volume of 1.0 litres and variable valve timing, as well as a 12-valve arrangement.

This “engine” has received an atmospheric and turbine version. The atmospheric variant has a distributed injection and gives 60 or 75 horsepower and 95 Nm of rotational potential. The turbocharger version has a direct “power supply”. The power is 95 or 110 horsepower and 160 or 200 Nm of torque.

Photo engine Volkswagen Polo V

Initial versions of engines are followed by gasoline-powered engines. These are TSI 1.2-litre engines with four cylinders, multipoint injection, variable valve timing and a 16-valve device. Two levels of boost are available: 90 “horses” and 160 Nm of torque or 110 “horses” and 175 Nm.

“Leading” modifications have an aluminum 1.4-liter TSI engine, which received a system of direct fuel supply, sixteen-valve gas distribution mechanism and turbocharger. As a result, the engine is able to produce 150 horsepower and 250 Nm of peak thrust. The diesel side is represented by a turbocharged 1.4-liter three-cylinder 12-valve TDI unit, which received Common Rail fuel injection. It is able to develop 85, 90 or 105 horsepower (210, 230 and 250 Nm of torque, respectively).

From zero to the first hundred, the fifth version of the Volkswagen Polo can be accelerated from 7.8 to 15.5 seconds, and its speed limit is 161-220 kilometers per hour. The gasoline line consumes no more than 4.1-5 litres of fuel in mixed mode for every 100 km, and the diesel version needs 3.1-3.5 litres of diesel fuel.

Diesel engine Polo V

Volkswagen Polo V generation decided to build on a platform with a front drive under the name “PQ25”, which implies the transverse installation of the power unit. The body part of the machine has acquired a wide introduction of high strength steel (about 60%). The front end received an independent suspension and McPherson racks, and the rear semi-independent scheme with a torsion beam.

Already in the base, the German hatchback has a rack and pinion steering mechanism, where there is also an adaptive electro-hydraulic amplifier. As a braking system, a disc system was used in front, with ventilation support, and standard disc mechanisms at the back.

Price and equipment

There are 5 sets of equipment available: Trendline with transmission on “mechanics” (from $7110), Comfortline (from $8377), Highline (from $9589), Sochi Edition (from $8666) and Style with the numbered “engine” calculated on 85 “hooves”, received volume of 1.6 liters (from $8718).

The Trendline version has 14-inch steel wheels, body-colored bumpers in front of the Airbag for the driver and adjacent passenger, electric windows in front and behind, height settings for the owner’s seat, height and departure settings for the steering column, electric “hand wheel” amplifier, external material of Metric seats, screen with route electronics, luggage door opening function with the help of the button from the interior, central heating system and immobilizer, radio preparation, 4-speakers and antenna, anti-lock electronics.

Volkswagen Polo 3-doorThe new Polo 3-doorRear view of Volkswagen Polo 3-door

Polo 3-door

Comfortline has received wheels made of steel with the size of 15 inches, exterior mirrors and door handles painted in body tone, “music”, exterior mirrors with electric type settings and heating function, electric heating of seats installed in front, air conditioning and body painting in metallic/pearl color without additional means.

Highline also features 15-inch wheels, front fog lights, central locking with remote control and two folding radio-clips, central armrest in front, chrome interior trim, Livon upholstery, anti-theft electronics, electric front window heating, Climatronic climate control system, steering wheel and leather levers, as well as “music” with radio and other services.

Sochi Edition includes Olympic options. These are “rollers” made of light alloy Estrada, designed for 15 inches, Sochi Edition nameplates on the wings installed in front, gearbox and parking brake handles made of leather and have a contrasting blue stitching, overlays on the sills marked Sochi Edition in front, as well as mats of fabric in front and back. The use of contrasting blue stitching only emphasized the uniqueness of the interior decoration.

Style has an improved interior, contrasting grey stitching and chrome inserts. A black lacquer finish is provided in the central area of the front panel. In addition, there are Style nameplates on various elements of hatchback interior decoration.

VI generation (2017-present)

The model list of Volkswagen 2017-2018 vehicles was supplemented by the latest version of the VW Polo 6 hatchback family. The next car was shown to the public on June 16, 2017 during the planned show in Berlin. The grand presentation for the whole world was scheduled for the beginning of autumn, during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Photo Polo VI generation

The updated machine has made a real breakthrough in the field of electrical equipment, having received a list of still unseen for this segment of digital devices. Moreover, the hatchback has grown significantly in size, significantly improved both internally and externally, and received a wide range of advanced engines.

It is important to note that the car is now not available in a three-door version, but acquired a “charged” version of the GTI with a turbocharged “engine” TSI to 2.0 liters, designed for 200 hp.

Exterior Polo VI

Five-door version of Volkswagen Polo 2018 decided to build around the modular “trolley” MQB-A0, which not so long ago was able to “estimate” the Spanish “sorodich” Seat Ibiza. Despite the transformed ratios and significantly redesigned appearance, the new hatchback still remains true to the traditional style of the brand, which provides for the seriousness and conservatism of the exterior.

However, it is interesting that thanks to the applied corrections which have added sharpness in lines and body passages, it has turned out to make the car important, cute and imposing. Ahead you can notice completely fresh headlights of stylish shape, which received a broken line of individual running lights and actual optics.

New Polo VI

Daytime lighting has already been purchased from the factory with LED filling, dipped beam and high beam has LED equipment only in expensive versions. The side part has an elongated dynamic appearance, where there is a long roof line that ends with a spoiler, as well as an effective arrow-shaped indentation that forms the shoulder area of the machine.

The appearance of the new product may differ from the modifications and additional design packages. There are only 5 standard versions: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, Beats and GTI. In addition, there are R-Line, Black and Style packages.

Photo of Volkswagen Polo VIRear view of Volkswagen Polo VIVolkswagen Polo 2017

Auto Polo VI

The stern area of the newest hatchback has graceful lighting technology with attractive 3D-graphics and already mentioned LED equipment. Vehicles of the German company have long been famous for their conservative and strict design solutions of the exterior of the machines. Proceeding from this, the novelty, despite the sharp and straight lines, graceful ribs and punches shows a hereditary relationship with the past family.

Experts from the company VW AG managed to make such a machine that no matter how you look at it, it looks fascinating from any position. What are the stylish exhaust pipes on the sides of the bottom of the bumper.

Interior Polo VI

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback’s interior decoration was “painted” on the basis of “general Volkswagen patterns”, so it looks not only pleasant, fresh and laconic, but also quite significant. The console, installed in the center, is slightly unfolded in relation to the owner and has a multimedia system with a screen that supports touch input.

The size of such a monitor starts from 6.5 to 8 inches. In addition, there is a perfectly designed climate control unit. Three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel has a stylish design solution and relief outlines. Behind it you can see a simple, but quite informative dashboard. As a separate option, you can install a fully virtual dashboard.

Interior Polo VI

Together, both screens can build a holistic source of vehicle information that facilitates better reading and processing of on-board data. In order to be able to combine the displays and combine them into a single visual unit, the development department decided to transfer the ventilation system deflectors to the central part under the screen.

The new product supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirror Link, Internet access, a large number of applications and services Volkswagen. Inside, the ergonomic component has been very well thought out and good finishing materials have been used. The assembly quality is high.

The car is designed for five seats. The front seats have been intelligently profiled by engineers. The seats themselves received distinct side support rollers and a solid list of settings. Rear passengers can be satisfied with a decent supply of useful space (on all sides) and cozy seats.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment, Volkswagen Polo VI has wireless charging for smartphones, keyless access Keyless Access and start the engine with a button, a large panoramic roof, excellent “music” Beats, with a power of 300 watts. If to sum up, the salon of novelty VW Polo looks diplomatic, conservative, however effective. The spaciousness is pleasing.

Steering wheelPhoto of Volkswagen Polo salonRear seats Volkswagen Polo

The trunk of Polo VI

The free space has been added due to the increased overall dimensions. The engineers managed to arrange everything not only compactly and attractively, but also quite comfortably. One cannot but be impressed by the use of the color scheme in the salon, where the colors of the front panel, stitches on the armchairs and decorative elements that adorn the handles of opening the doors are beautifully echoed.

The luggage compartment volume is 351 litres of usable space. If necessary, the useful volume can be increased by folding the backrest of the rear seats, which results in more than 3 times more space. Under the raised floor of the German hatchback placed a small spare wheel and the most important tools.

Specifications Polo VI


The sixth generation of 5-door hatchback has a wide range of engines. Starts the list of Volkswagen Polo specifications 3-cylinder atmospheric engine MPI, which received a volume of 1.0 liters and runs on gasoline. It received distributed injection and twelve valves. All this allows the engine to develop 65 or 75 “hooves” and 95 Nm.

After that, the 1.0-liter TSI three-cylinder “engine”, operating on gasoline, has a turbocharger, “direct” fuel supply and 12 valves of gas distribution mechanism. The unit is available in 2 versions: 95 “horse” forces and 160 Nm of peak thrust or 115 “horses” and 200 Nm.

Polo VI engine

The most powerful is considered to be the 4-cylinder 1.5-liter TSI power plant, which received a turbocharger with a tunable geometry. Also the direct injection and 16-valve system of gas distribution mechanism is provided. All this allows the engine to produce 150 “horses” and 250 Nm.

The company was glad that it also provided a diesel 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine TDI, which received direct fuel supply, 16-valve hydraulic fracturing and turbocharger. It is capable of producing 80 or 95 “horses”. In addition, there is a methane version of Volkswagen Polo 6 generation. It has a 1.0-liter 90-liter strong “engine” TGI.


Modifications of the new German hatchback, the power of which is less than 100 horsepower, work in conjunction with a 5-speed manual gearbox. All other models are synchronized with the 6-speed gearbox. In addition, it is possible to install a 7-band preselective DSG “robot” on engines with power from 95 “horses”. The methane version comes only with a 5-speed mechanical box.

Running gear

The Germans decided to use the new modular platform MQB-A0. The structure of the base received a sufficient amount of high strength steel. The front part is an independent suspension with McPherson racks, and the rear part is a semi-independent construction, where there is a resilient beam. Optionally, VW Polo of VI generation can have a reinforced “sports” suspension.

The steering control has the electric amplifier of a steering wheel. Brake mechanism is formed with the use of disk devices on all wheels, and in front they are ventilated. Do not forget to install auxiliary electronics in the form of ABS and other.


Cars of Volkswagen company are made qualitatively, as it is accepted at Germans. Laser welding achieves excellent body quality. It is not the first year that a strong and reliable car body is a matter of special pride for the company. The key is that a fully automated laser welding system is used to connect the outer body panels.

After all, the rigidity of the bodywork determines the accuracy and comfort of driving. This is why the new generation of the machine is resistant to our climate and road conditions. Corrosion protection procedures must be carried out during normal welding operations. Laser seams are solid and therefore extremely airtight.

The German company gives a 12-year warranty against end-to-end corrosion. Safety systems include 3-point seat belts for all seats, front airbags, ABS system, Isofix rear seat mountings, daytime running lights, headlight tilt corrector.

The Trendline range boasts rear disc brakes, and with the “Safety” package, side airbags, and a stabilization system. More expensive versions receive “fog lights” with the option of illumination of turns, sensors of parking in front and back, sensors of light and rain, DHO with a dipped beam assistant and the option “Coming Home”.

Complete sets and prices

It is unlikely that the novelty will reach the Russian market, but in Europe the model is estimated at 12,875 euros in standard version. The initial version is available:

  • Two airbags;
  • Anti-blocking system;
  • Stabilization system;
  • Electric window lifters;
  • LED running light;
  • The conditioner;
  • External mirrors with heating and electric regulation function;
  • Automatic braking system and other “chips”.

Side view of Volkswagen Polo VI

In addition, there is a list of optional equipment, which includes LED headlights, wireless charging for a smartphone, climate control system, automatic parking technology, panoramic roof, tracking “blind” zones and more.

Reviews from the owners

Most Volkswagen Polo car owners are happy with their choice. They note the warm saloon, comfortable seats, rather fast acceleration. An armrest helps on the country track. Wipers are low, do not distract from the control and do not interfere with the view. The engine is quite economical. I am glad that the body was galvanized. The car holds the road quite well. You can conveniently close the lid of the luggage compartment from the inside, without stacking your hands.

The luggage compartment itself is quite spacious. Any button is not made of expensive materials, but to the touch is pleasant. All 4 glasses received door closers. When the driver’s door opens, the gasoline pump starts working. For our winters there will be an option of heating the windshield and rear window, as well as the driver’s seat. The worthy height of road clearance is pleasant.

Not like the owners of Volkswagen Polo, that the glass reflected in the cladding of air ducts, and in the city is not so convenient to use the handbrake, because of the armrest. Expensive maintenance at official dealers. Very fast and easy dirt flies under the hood.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out repairs on your own, as there are higher technologies than on the Zhiguli. Springs are a little bit stiff. The first and second gears are too short. Some are dissatisfied with the small mirrors.


The main competitors of the German car Volkswagen Polo include Skoda Rapid, Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Cobalt, Renault Logan, Nissan Note, Toyota Yaris, Lada Vesta.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice appearance;
  • Small size;
  • Choose from a wide range of available powertrain options;
  • Good aerodynamics;
  • Acceptable level of safety;
  • Sufficiently inexpensive car;
  • Even the base complete set will please the features;
  • Not bad dynamic characteristics;
  • Small consumption of fuel;
  • The last generation has received the improved noise isolation;
  • Stylish interior;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Enough free space;
  • The considerable volume of luggage compartment, as for a similar class of the car;
  • Two colour displays – one on the dashboard and the other on the centre console – are available in the top versions;
  • The rear seats are folded up;
  • Original and stylish wheels;
  • Ahead and behind is the latest optics with LED filling;
  • Convenient multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Possibility of wireless charging of the smartphone;
  • The most modern equipment;
  • Pleasant colouring of a salon.

Cons of a car

  • There’s not much room on the back sofa for a central passenger;
  • Small volume of luggage compartment;
  • Most of the useful options are only available if they are purchased as an option;
  • High cost of the car.

We sum up

Volkswagen Polo in any bodywork has always been respected by many motorists around the world. The car has a rich history, but despite the most serious changes, it was able to retain its recognizable family appearance and style. The last sixth generation of the “German” has taken a significant step towards innovative technologies. Even the appearance of the car itself speaks of its swiftness, sportiness.

Exterior turned out to be youthful and modern. Headlights simply can not leave anyone indifferent. Original and unusual wheel rims will help to give uniqueness. The hood, along with the side of the car received bright punches and pleasant lines. The rear part has changed parking lights and stylish exhaust system nozzles.

New hatchback Volkswagen Polo VI

After getting inside, the pleasant sensations don’t go away. The interior looks expensive, high-quality and pleasant. Ergonomics at the highest German level. All details are perfectly assembled and fitted. There is everything that is necessary for the driver – the convenient multifunctional steering wheel, the colour display of the dashboard which on the right side borders with the touch screen of the central console.

Thanks to this, it was possible to remove unnecessary buttons, which greatly simplified the operation of the machine. It is impossible not to please two-color colouring of the interior with pleasant contrast stitches on the seats. There are a large number of available options. Different assistants are provided.

Germans are scrupulously concerned with ensuring proper safety, so Volkswagen Polo VI generation was no exception. It is a pleasure to sit on German seats. Rear seats can accommodate three adults, however, sitting in the center will not be so comfortable because of the transmission tunnel. There is plenty of space on both rows of seats. Although the luggage compartment is not famous for its record volume, it will satisfy the needs of every customer.

Volkswagen Polo VI car photo

Power units do not have such a high fuel consumption that it is very suitable for urban daily driving. The power allows you to overtake the cars and move up the mountain with confidence. It is also nice that the German leadership has provided for Russia a large number of power units to choose from, so any buyer will be able to choose the right engine for themselves. The acceptable height of the ground clearance allows you not to worry about driving on our roads.

It is possible to tell confidently that the updated car has left in necessary time that will allow it to compete confidently with the direct competitors. The sixth family of VW Polo made very technological and modern, which is smoothly intertwined with German quality and functionality.

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Volkswagen Polo VI photo

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