New Ford Focus 2019 bites the price

New Ford Focus 2019 bites the price

The design of the new Ford Focus was presented 9 months ago. The Ford machine has everything to firmly occupy its niche in Russia. The only thing that prevents us from doing this is the price. Over the last 12 years, we have bought more than 500,000 tricks.

This is a significant proof that the model is in demand in our country and has become almost a popular car. However, over the past few years, sales have fallen dramatically. The consumer is ready to pay 600 thousand rubles for Ford Focus, but not 1.2 million.

Looks – candy

Despite the numerous whispers of critics who saw in Ford Focus whether the grille with Aston Martin or KIA Ceed, the car turned out to be cute and attractive. Koreans try to keep up with the times and instantly introduce actual details into their cars.

This applies to the rear and front optics, the wheelbase, which has grown by 5 centimeters, the enlarged trunk and the legroom for rear passengers. The silhouette has undergone minor changes. Now the car reminds BMW of the first series or even Mazda in some way. The rear wheel is neat under the rack.

Ford Focus 2019Auto Ford FocusSide view of the Ford Focus

Front view of the Ford Focus

The hatchback and wagon body is smoothly transferred to the roof spoiler. This is not only a stylish, but also a practical solution. The aerodynamic effect helps to relieve the rear axle. The horizontal position of the headlamps allows for an extension of the boot space.

The only drawback is the ground clearance. By modern standards, it is catastrophically low here – only 17 cm. It is not enough for Russian roads.

Technical novelties of Ford Focus 2019

Ford engineers claim that the updated C2 platform has increased body stiffness by 20%. But when we look at the power schemes in detail, it becomes clear that we have a well-designed platform of the previous Focus. We decided not to change the rear suspension, and that’s good. Multileverage SLA has always been famous for making the car controllability one of the best in this segment.

Another interesting innovation is the 3-cylinder engine. At low load, one “pot” is automatically switched off. By the way, before this scheme could be found only on engines with 6 cylinders. Automatic transmission has not changed much, but the mechanics, which is so much loved in Russia, has been improved to almost perfect condition. IKPP works clearly and harmoniously, which is already pleasing.

Ford Focus engine

2 diesel engines and 3-cylinder gasoline engines seem to suggest that the owners of Ford Focus 2019 will not go bankrupt on fuel purchase. The car is not only docile (thanks to the C2 platform), but also economical.

Salon property

The salon looks juicy and pretentious. It seems that the engineers used all modern options without exception. Here you can find a digital dashboard, a large enough monitor, and the ability to project the image onto the windshield. The system of braking is perfectly realized.

The assistant of obstacle detection is so good that you will not face an obstacle when you rent it back. The box of automatic machine and variator have got a washer. The central dashboard has gone down, so there is much more room for the driver and passengers.

Despite the “sweet” equipment and no less tempting appearance, powerful engine and decent functionality, the results of the car upset. Everything in it is good, except for the price. By modern standards, the cost of Ford Focus 2019 is simply cosmic. And for this money “our people” will look for something more practical and higher.

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