Battle of the Titans: Why is a gasoline engine better than a diesel?

Battle of the Titans: Why is a gasoline engine better than a diesel?

How many drivers, so many opinions. Europeans poke a finger at our cars and laugh – their diesel cars are incredibly popular. For our country, “heavy fuel” is still exotic. Last year, gasoline cars won with a score of 93: 7 in the difficult match “Gasoline vs. diesel”. Indeed, 93% of cars in our country are sold with a gasoline engine. But why?

Diesel or gasoline

We think that finding good diesel fuel in the country is impossible

Equal chance to run into bad fuel drivers have both diesel and gasoline cars. However, according to statistics, the frequency of warranty calls due to poor diesel fuel in the country has dropped sharply. It so happened “historically” that the owners of diesel machines have always been more attentive to the choice of fuel – in contrast to the relaxed in this regard, the owners of petrol versions.


We think diesel engines start badly in winter

Here you need to understand in detail what exactly is needed to start the engine. Diesel ignites upon contact with hot (about 400 degrees) air. To make it hot, you need to achieve fast compression. The first problem is solved by the installation of good glow plugs, and the second – more powerful starters and batteries. And you can also pour a low-viscosity motor oil into a diesel car – it is used everywhere today.


We are more than confident that the diesel engine will never pay off

Almost always a diesel car is more expensive than a petrol one, but it consumes less fuel. According to statistics, the efficiency of such cars is at the level of 30-40%. The second point is the cost of MOT. However, in fact, it turns out that the cost of maintenance is about the same.

Diesel harder to repair

It’s not like that at all. Problems on the part of “iron” in diesel engines are extremely rare. In addition, 80% of modern engines are equipped with a common rail system. Most mechanics have experience in repairing such engines, and spare parts for them are not as difficult to find as they were before.

Diesel engine

Diesel uncomfortable, “cold”, noisy, slow

Today, many diesel engines install additional electric heaters. So in the winter your windows just do not tighten the ice pattern. The slowness of the car on the “heavy” fuel is also exaggerated.

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