McLaren 625C

McLaren 625C
  • Car model: McLaren
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Coupe

So, soon the most beautiful car McLaren 625C will be available to a wide audience. It is necessary to tell directly that the described car is a deformed variant of the model 650S, however it practically means nothing. Our car possesses simply huge speed with which it is necessary to reckon with. What are the main features of the car? What is it remarkable for? Let’s get acquainted with it a little bit closer. The whole model range is McLaren.


The manufacturer himself boldly notes that this supercar can accelerate from scratch to a hundred kilometers in some three seconds, as its predecessor 650S. However, acceleration from zero to two hundred kilometers per hour is a couple of tenths of a second slower than the predecessor, and up to three hundred kilometers per hour – one second slower.

Our supercar McClaren 625C is capable of accelerating to a maximum speed of 332 kilometers per hour. Truly, the car’s performance is over the top. Its engine is a real powerful “heart”. It is characterized by the volume of 3800 cubic centimeters and the power of 626 horsepower with the specific power of 2.15 kilograms per one horsepower. The car weighs 1336 kilograms.

McLaren 625C photo auto

The McLaren 625C features the latest shock absorbers as well as advanced electronics that control the adaptive chassis. Thanks to these innovations, cars can be freely used in everyday life. McClaren 625C is more durable than its predecessor 650S, which is, in fact, a real racing car. It is also worth saying that this modified car, first of all, is created to please the Asian market.


The interior is leather, the car is decorated with a bright yellow color. McLaren 625C is a two-door sports coupe, on which the developers have worked for fame.

McLaren 625C Salon


Purchase the car described above, first of all, will be able to residents of Hong Kong. The market will gradually expand. The cost of the new car was kept secret for a long time and was not disclosed.

McLaren 625C front view

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McLaren 625C photo

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