McLaren F1

McLaren F1
  • Car model: McLaren
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 1998
  • Body Type: Coupe

McLaren F1 is so famous in the world of automotive industry that only a beginner can confuse it with some other car. It is this “rocket” 12 years in a row (1993-2005) was considered one of the fastest. From 1992 to 1998 only 106 different variants of cars were produced.

65 of them were standard street equipment, five more were prototypes of Le Mans (LM). Exclusive models of McLaren Automotive produced three, racing versions of GTR were 28, 5 prototypes of XP and a single prototype of LM (XP LM). The whole model range is McLaren.


Even today, the McLaren F1 looks great. Just imagine what a sensation it made in the 90s! Powerful anti-wings and aggressive spoilers, magnificent body construction, small, but terribly nice windows on the sides… Not only to control – even to look at McLaren F1 in the own way it is pleasant!

The number of doors is 2, but there are three seats in the salon. McLaren F1 was stretched 428.8 cm long and 182 cm wide. The height of the car in the peak point is only 114 cm, and the wheelbase is 2718 mm. The trunk has a capacity of 245 liters, and there is no room for expansion. It is possible to fill 90 liters of gasoline at a time. The total weight of the car is 1062 kg.

McLaren F1 photo


The design of Chief Engineer Gordon Marry is a continuous compromise. Even at the initial stage of development, he was fighting for maximum weight reduction of the car. Don’t be surprised, but 5500 car parts are made of ultra-light carbon. Titanium was used where carbon fiber was not used. Thanks to this, even today in the world there is no supercar more powerful and at the same time lighter than the McLaren F1.

Interior McLaren F1


It is noteworthy that inside the cabin you will not find a steering wheel with hydraulic booster, ABS and airbags, or anti-slip system. But McLaren supercar boasts excellent air conditioning and audio system, leather chairs, woolen mats on the floor. In a word, English primed snobs have distinguished themselves here, combining rigid weight saving and extreme equipment with comfort and luxury.


To create a truly powerful engine for the new supercar, the developers have redesigned the V12 layout with two S50 engines from the BMW M3 E36. The working volume of the motor was easily brought up to 6.1 liters (to be exact, 6064 cm3). It weighs 266 kg and has an incredible power of 627 hp. The cylinder has a diameter of 86 mm, the piston stroke is at the level of 87 mm.

McLaren F1 engine


Price and equipment on the Russian market

It’s worth understanding that you’re unlikely to be able to buy a McLaren F1. Of course, if the reader of this article is not a dollar millionaire. In the secondary market, the price of such a car with zero mileage is about $3000000. This is the basic equipment of the model.

There are more expensive options, such as the McLaren F1 LM version. A total of six such models were released. The engine power in this modification is increased by 41 “horses” (668 hp), torque 705. To increase the downforce of the car was used aerodynamic dodger with a fairly high spoiler.

McLaren F1 supercar

We summed up

Despite all the strangeness, exploits, as well as myths and trophies, McLaren’s F1 car will always remain in the memory of motorists as the greatest sports car of the XX century.

McLaren F1 car

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McLaren F1 photo

Drawing McLaren F1

McLaren F1 drawing

Test drive

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