Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA
  • Car model: Lexus
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2010
  • Body Type: Coupe

The newest concept of Toyota car company has found its application in Lexus LFA supercar, which can be confidently called not just the first, but twice the first. They were launched at the beginning of 2010 and the car was produced for about two years. To produce this car, the joint specialists from Toyota and Lexus had to spend 8 years.

When the official demonstration was 2 years away, the debut sketches were shown. The car was designed to be a better known Toyota Supra. A total of about 500 vehicles were produced. LFA is considered to be the only supercar from Lexus. The whole model range is Lexus.


The light-amplifying technique installed at the front has a complex triangular configuration and passes into the arches of the wheels, which have a sculptural masculine shape. They will be able to accommodate low-profile rubber wheels with a diameter of 20 inches.

The long hood has two ventilation slots and flows into the bumper with the “L” logo at its own front point. The front part of the car has a folding roof line and a fried stern – which is, in principle, a classic solution in the bodybuilding of sports cars.

Lexus LFA photo

The side part has a line and is highlighted by a pair of bright air intakes. The one below was located on the border of the door and the rear wing, and the one above looks like a splash of water at the lower limit of the windows installed on the sides. The back of the Lexus LFA looks original and original.

The stop signals are positioned quite high, the bumper has air ducts, as well as a three-pipe exhaust system with a sporty character. Also at the stern you can find a diffuser and rear wing, which functions in automatic mode.


The driver’s seat and passenger seat were made at the proper level. The leather was covered not only with interior attributes that appear before the eye, but also with concealed details, such as a tunnel in the center, seats, door maps and torpedoes. Due to the fact that the ergonomic component of the Lexus LFA is at a specific level, the driver will have to get acquainted with the device for operation. With a tight passenger lock, you can be sure that the orthopaedic seats with side support rollers have eight principles of adjustment.

Taking up the sports steering wheel, you notice the presence of the steering wheel switches of the automatic 6-speed gearbox with sequential shift. Right in the middle of the dashboard there is an LCD screen with TFT technology that displays all the necessary information for the driver. This screen can display data about the digital speedometer, gearbox operation modes, gear engaged indicator, route computer data and information about the control of pressure in the wheels.

Interior Lexus LFA

The navigation, multimedia system and comfort will be the responsibility of the 2nd available information screen, which is placed on the console in the center. There is Remote Touch technology, which “replaces” the computer mouse and allows you to manage various comfort options in the cabin. Except all this, the car was installed with a navigation satellite system, which has a hard disk, as well as two-zone climate control and a powerful audio system, which includes 12 speakers Mark Levinson with Lexus amplifiers.

The steering wheel has a considerable number of options, which include the presence of the start button of the power unit. The seats can be adjusted with the help of an electric servo drive. To the right of the navigator and the climate control function there is a gearbox and engine mode switch. The interior itself is made of leather, carbon, alcantara and glossy metal. In the standard list of proposals for the design of chairs, there are 12 shades of leather and 10 to choose a set of paints Alcantara coating.

Photo of the Lexus LFA salon

The interior looks quite spacious, although the luggage compartment is not a record-breaking one, but rather the embodiment of minimalism. As a result, we are facing a sports, almost racing car, which is not designed for driving in the countryside or shopping. One of the most unusual things in the cabin – the presence of inflatable airbags of seat belts, which work and inflate in an accident, in order to distribute the weight over a large area of the body, if compared with standard belts.

At application of a sports mode, the standard colour of the screen becomes white, instead of black, and an empty space between figures of a tachometre will increase. It is possible to switch some of the options to the steering wheel. Among these options is the availability of a stopwatch, which can measure the lap time and adjust the warning indicator of the powertrain speed.

Speaking in general, the Lexus LFA is not a racing car, but very close to the car. At the same time, it is quite convenient for everyday trips, not just for skating on high-speed tracks. There is no need to pick on the quality of the salon’s performance, but there is nothing to surprise the fans of Italian style.



The engineering staff of Lexus Automotive Company was faced with an important task – to reduce weight and its distribution. Now the weight was correlated in the distribution forward and backward in the proportion of 48:52. These figures are the optimum figures for braking, acceleration and cornering. To achieve a balance, the engine was positioned behind the front axle line and linked to the rear mounted gearbox with a carbon tube.

Other smaller parts, such as the oil pump and the engine cooling pump, were mounted behind the V-motor to move the centre of gravity backwards. Just for this purpose, the radiators were placed directly behind the rear wheels. The levers, together with the hangers, were made almost entirely of independent transverse levers at the front and a multi-element assembly at the rear.

Among its features is the adjustable height of the KYB belt shock absorbers with moved oil reservoirs. There are also racing springs from Chuhatsu. Everything about the chassis has been designed based on the experience and know-how of Toyota’s engineering and design staff in Formula 1.

Lexus LFA motor

As a result, the Lexus LFA car weighs only 1,540 kg, which is quite low when compared to other strong members of the GT class. The weight of the Japanese car could be even less, but it did not allow a powerful atmosphere, which is a real monster performance. This engine was named 1LR-GUE and has a 72-degree break-up angle. The motor consists of an all-aluminum body and has 40 valves. The degree of compression is 12.

This engine uses titanium pistons and connecting rods. These small but very important points, together with the large diameter of the V-shaped engine cylinder and the separate butterfly valve bodies, provide the machine with excellent responsiveness. Powertrain turns grow and fall so quickly that the standard tachometer simply does not have time to monitor them, so engineers have provided an LCD screen for the function of the tachometer and other indicators.

The gearbox here is an automatic single-disc with six variable speeds with the possibility of manual control. There are 4 modes of gearbox operation: Wet, Normal, Sport and Auto. If to speak for a suspension, it in car Lexus LFA is presented by two transverse levers ahead, and behind there is a multilever which was carried out from aluminium with single-pipe shock absorbers and the taken out chambers. As electronic systems there is a masterpiece of stabilization system, which interferes in the control tolerantly and in dosage.


Driving a Japanese sports car Lexus LFA, the driver does not worry about his own safety. The car has passed a whole list of tests, according to which it was found to fully meet all the requirements and provide good safety not only for the driver, but also for the passengers sitting next to him. The lexus is often equal to the Ferrari 599 or Chevrolet Corvette C7. Probably not in vain, because the architecture of these cars is almost indistinguishable.

The secret is that the car was created and carbon fiber, whose properties – lightness and rigidity. The presence of inflatable airbags, which start to inflate in case of an accident and know how to distribute the weight on the most part of the body, can be referred to safety. Also, the proper level of safety is achieved thanks to the front crash boxes, front built-in airbags, ESP, ABS and traction control system.

Complete sets and prices

Of course, the cost of the Lexus LFA directly depends on the basic equipment, but it will not fall below 450000 euros. Having paid this money, the consumer has the right to demand from Toyota the maximum quality, good appearance and comfort.

In 2011, the Nurburgring version with 571 hp engine and fully developed aerodynamics appeared.  For European motorists, the car Lexus LFA is available at a price from $ 375,000. For a more powerful package Nurburgring will have to pay additional 70 000 $.

Lexus LFA rear view

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Stylish, unusual appearance;
  • Minimum ground clearance height, which increases stability and stability;
  • Aerodynamic appearance with various air intakes;
  • Low drag coefficient;
  • Working in an automatic mode the back antiwing;
  • Large and wide wheels;
  • Sports and aggressive design;
  • High-quality interior made of leather;
  • Comfortable and comfortable seats with pronounced side support;
  • The bodywork is made of strong and light material – carbon;
  • Convenient and multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Unusual front panel and dashboard;
  • Presence of the touch screen display;
  • Powerful power unit;
  • Excellent automatic transmission with the possibility of mechanical gear change;
  • Good dynamic parameters;
  • Proper level of safety;
  • Improved braking system;
  • Qualitative assemblage;
  • Good quality music;
  • Various electronic systems of the help to the driver;
  • Limited production.

Cons of a car

  • A small luggage compartment;
  • The height of the road clearance will not allow you to go everywhere in the Russian Federation;
  • The cost of the car;
  • Service price.

Summing up

Japanese supercar Lexus LFA, though not a racing car, but will be able to “roll” its owner with the breeze, and what else. The Japanese managed to make a rapid, aggressive and at the same time stylish design. Aerodynamic properties simply amaze and allow to feel more confident at high speed and at passage of abrupt turns.

The salon also differs in the quality of performance and its materials – alcantara, leather, aluminum and carbon. The cockpit is excellent, the seats are very comfortable and have a pronounced side support. The car is driven perfectly.

Lexus LFA side view

The machine’s dynamics are not overwhelming, it accelerates perfectly and also stops due to the more advanced braking system and the use of ceramics in it. Various safety systems are designed to help the driver to drive the car.

Safety has not been forgotten in the car and this aspect has been given due consideration. The salon is very well assembled, on the conscience. It’s a pity that the Japanese were able to make a real rival out of their brainchild. It’s a pity that they just produced such powerful cars in the limit of 500 copies.

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Lexus LFA photo

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