Lexus GS

Lexus GS
  • Car model: Lexus
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2011
  • Body Type: Sedan

Lexus GS is a Lexus car and is qualified as a sports sedan. Represents S-series, E. GS segment in Japan was called Toyota Aristo. The whole model range is Lexus.


If you compare this car with the previous model, the modification of GS increased in all directions. The vehicle is 4,850 mm long, 1,840 mm wide and 1,455 mm high. The wheelbase is 145 mm, which is not so much considering the quality of our roads. Body stiffness of the new Lexus HS has been increased by 17 percent, and the frontal aerodynamic drag is only 0.26 Cx, which is a good result for such a large sedan.

As a color for painting the body of the new Lexus HS 2013, provides a significant number of variations of high quality enamel, the choice of which starts with a standard black and ends with metallic colors, among which there is the presence of pearl white, light silver, beige, gray, red, blue, dark blue bronze and black.

Lexus GS photo

By paying attention to the car in more detail, you can see the tidy light-amplifying technique at the front, without any drawbacks in finishing. The bottom of the headlights is framed by LED strips, which have an L-shaped shape. The grille has two levels. Moreover, the upper level has an excellent design of the chrome frame, which is pleasantly shiny, and the lower part starts after the large crossbar. The bumper, which has an aerodynamic streamlined shape, has holes in the auxiliary air ducts and foggles.

Lexus GS car

If we talk about the sports modification of F Sport for the Sedan modification, its relief bumper, which has 3 ducts and has no fog lights, the car looks formidable and serious. With a similar “look” as F Sport has, the other cars will give you free space in the flow of cars with only one headlamp signal. Smooth inclination of the hood, bypassing the windshield, slowly passes into a large roof, which does not have sharp drops.

The side part of the car looks quite calm, there are carefully located sides and arches of the wheels, which contain 17 and 18-inch rims, and in the version of sports, even 19-inch wheels with mirrors on special legs of the sports style. The door handles also look elegant.

Lexus GS car picture

The aft part of the car has a powerful roof rack with an inherent design bend and a small rounded back part. The rear lights, which are complex in shape, look large enough and have an LED system, a large rear bumper and a small luggage compartment, an integrated diffuser and an exhaust pipe. In the compartment, it all looks beautiful and hints at the sporty character of the Lexus GS. Speaking in general, the car has a memorable, interesting and solid appearance, while producing a sense of comfort and speed.


If you open the doors from the driver’s side, the steering column and the seat diverge on different sides, so that you can get into the car comfortably and without much effort and difficulty. It is worth saying that the seat itself is very comfortable, has a quality and ergonomic profile. Depending on the equipment, the driver’s seat can be adjusted electrically and from 8 to 14 directions, and can keep in mind the adjustments of different positions.

The seating position can also be changed mechanically in four different directions. It turns out that it is possible to choose the necessary settings for each person. The steering wheel has an optimal diameter for good work and has a leather braid. There are also a number of keys on the steering wheel that make it easier for the driver to control additional functions, such as audio, telephone or cruise control.

Lexus GS interior


On the dashboard there is a pair of large dials and an on-board computer screen. The colour of the illumination may vary depending on the selected driving mode (from economical blue to sporty red). The entire front end, together with the console, torpedo and tunnel, looks quite massive, solid and expensive. The torpedo has a large EMV screen, 8 or 12.3 inches diagonal, and below its luxurious clock, along with a remote control climate control system.

There is also a new audio system, which has 12 speakers and supports many formats and USB, as well as a rear view camera, navigation system in optional order. It should be noted that in the Lexus HS Luxury, this audio system, among other things, is equipped with premium music from Mark Levinson, which includes a total of 17 speakers.

On the high tunnel there is a convenient joystick Remote-Touch to make various settings of all options in the car and a specialized switch of a mode of movement: Normal, Eco, Sport S or Sport S+. In addition to all this, there is a comfortable armrest of normal size for excellent comfort and a heated front seat ventilation.

Lexus GS cabin photo

On the second row, you can get more space for your legs and head. If we talk about a passenger sitting in the middle, he will be frankly disturbed by the transmission tunnel. In the Luxury version, passengers who sit in the rear seats can control their two-zone climate control unit, which they can adjust from the armrest located in the center. Also available in the version is a heated armchair and curtain on the window with electric drive. The volume of a luggage compartment makes 530 litres of useful space at version Lexus HS 350, and the hybrid version Lexus HS 450h has only 465 litres.

In general, the most beautiful and comfortable salons are produced by Lexus company. This is understandable, because the brand is a luxury, and therefore inside everything should be so. And the interior of the car in 2015-2016 is decorated with natural wood, the seats are upholstered with high quality leather, and the console, located in the center, has a large multimedia display for 12.3 inches. Also, the smart climate control system is able to automatically recognize the presence or absence of passengers.

From the comfort inside the car answer:

  • Electric power steering;
  • Rudder adjustment in two planes;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Light washers;
  • Remote luggage compartment opening;
  • Electric glass drive;
  • Mirror electric drive;
  • Driver seat adjustment;
  • Adjustment of passenger seats;
  • Remote control.



In the automotive market of the Russian Federation, Lexus HS is presented with 3 engines: Lexus GS 250 V6 Dual VVT-i for 2.5 liters, which is designed for 209 horsepower. With such a power unit is synchronized 6-speed automatic transmission of sequential type with the drive on the rear wheels. It is able to reach the first hundred in 8.6 seconds, and the maximum speed is 225 km/h. The average fuel consumption is 9 liters per 100 km. Next comes the Lexus GS 350 AWD V6 Dual VVT-i of 3.5 liters, which contains 317 horsepower and works in conjunction with the same 6-speed automatic gearbox, but has a four-wheel drive system.

The first hundred is picked up in just 6.3 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited by the electric system at 190 km/h. The average fuel consumption is 10.2 litres per 100 km. There is even a new hybrid version of the Lexus GS450h V6 Dual VVT-i for 3.5 liters, which has 292 horsepower and an electric motor of 147 kW (200 hp).

Lexus GS engine

The total power is about 345 horsepower. As for the box, it goes here without steps and has all-wheel drive electrical control. This installation allows to accelerate up to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 250 km/h. If not to “drive” strongly, it is possible to receive the expense in an urban mode about 6.7 litres on 100 km. The family of the fourth generation of Lexus HS was designed on the improved base of the previous HS. Speaking of suspension, it is completely independent here. A multilever system is installed in front of it, and on the back – double transverse levers with separately installed shock absorbers and springs. The brake system is a disc system with ABS and EBD electrical systems, anti-spin (TRC), VSC, and Hoist Assist (HAC).

Also used were VDIM (Variable Dynamic Dynamic Control System) and AVS (Suspension Stiffness Adjustment) systems on modifications with the FSPORT package, electric power steering with variable characteristics. Suspension adjustments of the new Lexus HS were tightened, and the steering wheel became with improved feedback, more vigorous and sharper in a straight line. Though, at turns, there is a feeling of artificial connection. The brake system is informative and tenacious. You can immediately feel the dynamism of the car, get behind the wheel of the Lexus GS.


All HS vehicles were equipped with running lights made of LEDs, headlights with bi-xenon with automatic tilt correction, ten AirBags, etc. The engineering staff could not seriously approach the HS safety solutions. A large number of active and passive safety services have been installed, which are designed to reduce the percentage of damage and not to exacerbate the impact of collisions, driver assistance systems.

To confidently overcome all kinds of situations on the roadside, designed to help the function of managing the dynamics of the machine, which is complemented by options for tracking “blind spots”, which warn of the machine is located nearby. The driver and passengers will be monitored for reliable protection of the airbag function.

rear view Lexus GS

Auxiliary safety can be provided by the seat-belt pretensioners. And on a projection-type monitor, which displays all the important information on the windscreen, you can see the necessary readings. The lighting option turns the headlamp modules when turning, giving you better visibility and maximum safety when driving.

The machine frame, which has become more rigid, is made of lightweight, high-strength steel and absorbs collision energy evenly. 2-stage airbags are installed in front of the vehicle,which calculate the impact force and the position of the seats. This later influences the choice of cushioning algorithm for impact. There are also airbags to protect the knees of the driver and the passenger sitting next to him and side air  curtains.

Complete sets and prices

You can buy a new Lexus GS 2016 in the Russian Federation from 2,451,000 rubles for the basic equipment GS 250, which includes xenon light, daytime running lights, color screen, 8-inch diagonal, mouse Remote-Touch, 2-zone climate control, 10 AirBag, light and rain sensors, rear view camera, electric drive of front mounted seats and heating function with eight directions and memory option, upholstery of seats with fabric, etc. The GS 350 equipment will have to pay from $50882,05. And those who want to buy a hybrid version will need from $59679,79 – $68713,59, depending on what modification.

Side view Lexus GS

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Nice appearance;
  • Beautiful luxurious interior;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Good car dynamics;
  • Spacious salon;
  • Extended door space, making it easier to get inside;
  • Relatively capacious luggage compartment;
  • Availability of hybrid car model;
  • Rich set, even in the basic version.

Cons of a car

  • Slight ground clearance;
  • Not very economical power units;
  • Higher value;
  • Three passengers, the back row of seats will be uncomfortable because of the transmission tunnel.

We sum up

The car Lexus HS 4th generation has turned out in the best traditions of the company. The sedan is able to chain a look at once with its unusual design. Not having time to leave it, you get into a perfectly ergonomic interior of Lexus GS, where everything is intuitively clear, everything is in its place and looks very attractive. What are the inserts made of wood worth?

Truly it is a luxury car, and to style and quality, engineers have always strived to show the highest possible level of comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. The hybrid version helps to improve environmental awareness and significantly reduce fuel costs. A really good model.

Lexus GS car picture

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Lexus GS photo

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