Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron
  • Car model: Bugatti
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2009
  • Body Type: Coupe

Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car (until 2013) of serial production of Bugatti company, which is a part of Volkswagen car concern. The title of the car was obtained under the clarified circumstances. The car was disconnected from the speed limiter, which worked at a speed of 415 km / h. Recall that in 2010 Veyron set a record of 431 km/h. The whole model range is Bugatti.

Car history

It still started in 1999, when the EB 18/3 “Chiron” model was announced at the Tokyo Motor Show. It had a 6.3 litre engine with a capacity of 555 horses. But the head of VW said that the car did not meet expectations, because the emphasis was more on luxury than speed. In 2001, at the Geneva fair, the world was able to see a sample of today’s Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron.

Bugatti EB 18/3 Chiron
EB 18/3 Chiron

It was a different case. Everything from the engine to the bodywork design was changed. The start of production was planned for 2003. But due to the change in the company’s management team, this event was postponed until 2005. That’s when the first Bugatti Veyron EB16/4 appeared on the market. Their production was completed in 2011.

Veyron 16/4

From 2005 to 2011, a large number of special and exclusive variations of the model were also produced. Among these variations was the Veyron Grand Sport with an open top. This car has even undergone modernization.

In 2010, the last modernization of the standard model appeared, and more specifically the Veyron Super Sport. Its distinguishing features were great dynamism and some changes in the exterior. The engine was also improved – it began to develop power up to 1200 hp. Production was completed in 2014.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The history of Weiron began at the dawn of the twenty-first century, when VW management decided to create the fastest production machine in the world. On sale was this fast vehicle in 2006. By that time, the car was able to make a real sensation with only one exterior.

In order to achieve the highest speeds and normal behavior of the car after a speed mark of 300 kilometers per hour, the aerodynamic component of the car decided to work to the smallest detail. As a result, each line and deflection has a functional value.


Despite all this, the aerodynamic drag values have not been specifically reduced to the lowest values. During the non-activated active aerodynamic system, this value is equal to 0.35. When the vehicle reaches and exceeds the mark of 220 kilometers per hour, the spoiler installed at the rear of the vehicle rises to combat mode, which reduces the aerodynamic index to 0.42, but all this significantly improves handling, along with the downforce on the rear axle.

Photo of Bugatti Veyron

Although the sports car’s spoiler does not exert so much pressure on the rear axle when reaching the speed limit that it provides only 54 kilograms of downforce as a result. As a comparison – at a speed of 220-350 kilometers per hour, the downforce is about 350 kilograms.

During intensive braking, the anti-wing is installed in a special “rack” at which the drag is reduced to 0.68, which in turn provides extremely fruitful braking.

Auto Bugatti Veyron

The high weight of the vehicle is due to the rather heavy engine and its corresponding cooling system, which is designed to ensure that, despite the extreme loads, the engine and gearbox can operate in the optimal temperature range.

Materials used

Such engineering flights of thought can be seen almost everywhere. The bodywork itself was made using composite material as well as aluminum. It has incredible rigidity and resistance to twisting. This value is 6,000 Nm/grad. In general, the machine is quite wide, but its dimensions could be smoothed by perfectly adjusted steering. It is not difficult to guess that if the machine is special, then the tyres should be special. Original rubber has non-standard sizes.

Bugatti Veyron photo auto

The appearance of the two-door door can not leave anyone indifferent – the car is not a standard of beauty, but it can almost instantly turn on themselves enthusiastic views and cause a storm of emotion. Hypercar has a wide stocky body, which rests on wide 20-inch wheel rims. All this allows the French model to brag not only about its muscular manners and smooth lines, but also about aerodynamic, precisely verified forms.

Side view of Bugatti Veyron

Veyron is able to reduce clearance automatically when the ground clearance is already 89 millimetres high. The bodywork components are made of super lightweight and durable components – carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum alloy.

But despite this, the Frenchman is one of the heavyweights in his own segment – the total weight is 1,880 kilograms. For example, McClaren P1 weighs only 1,400 kilograms.

Bugatti Veyron photo

Behind the driver’s cab, experts have installed a pair of air intakes that protrude 60 millimeters above the body surface. There is no hood as such – the engine room layout is very dense, so the designers decided to leave the engine open to achieve improved air circulation.


If we talk about the Bugatti Weiron salon, it also has significant differences from other hypercars, for example, Lamborghini Veno. This is due to the fact that the application area of the French two-door is not racing tracks, but standard roads. On this basis, it is envisaged that the driver should feel inside the car extremely comfortable.

The interior of the car is not only stylish and extremely functional, but also has the maximum luxury that can be purchased for money. All materials have the highest quality, exquisite design, as well as a large number of stylish accessories and trifles in the cabin. There are comfortable seats made of genuine leather, elegant cockpit, carbon and aluminum trim.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Climate control, on-board computer, adaptive cruise control and other various options are available in any configuration. However, in general, each performance is fundamentally individual. This can include the color of the body, interior, finishing materials, or options for configuration – all of which depends on the requirements of the buyer.


The dashboard looks very unique, with the most important element being the dial, marked from 0 to 1000. Based on the idea of experts, it is required to display information that shows what exactly the power value is currently used by the pilot.

Bugatti Veyron instrument panel

No less interesting is the fact that Veyron can be ordered in some variations from the factory. One of them provides for inlaying the speedometer with 1-carat diamonds. Each diamond has a 16-sided shape, embodying a 16-cylinder engine.

The interior of Bugatti Veyron is packed with rigor, solidity and brevity, but, based on modern measurements, the interior of the model looks a little boring, because there are no touch screens, other gadgets. But here you can see the perfect combination of shapes and lines that are mired in luxury and impeccable quality.

The presence of classical arrows, where the tachometer plays a major role, a beautiful three-spoke steering wheel, a sloping console, on which the stylish analogue clock, ventilation system deflectors, steel blocks of the sound system and climate control are located, is striking.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport photo salon

The engineers tried to assemble the salon so that inside you could not find anything that would distract you from the movement at high speed. It’s worth saying that they did it. In the cabin you can see aluminum, strong leather and lacquered carbon fiber. Salon Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a pair of bucket seats, where there is a strong lateral support. They have a carbon fiber frame and mechanical adjustments.

Veyron Super Sport driver's seat

If you have hand luggage in front of the cabin, it was provided with a luggage compartment, which is, in principle, more formal, because there will be able to place only one sports bag, and then, not any size.



Taking into account the monster located “under the hood” of Bugatti Veyron, you clearly understand why the engineers allowed such a high coefficient of drag. The rear of the car has an eight-liter sixteen-cylinder V-shaped engine of its own design, which is equipped with four turbochargers.

Based on the statements of the car manufacturer, such an engine produces 1 001 horsepower and torque of 1 250 Nm. However, in reality, any power unit produces 20-40 “horses” more power than it was declared. The force produced by such a powerful engine is transferred to all 4 wheels, as the machine has a four-wheel drive system.

Bugatti Veyron engine

If you fill the car not with 98th but 95th gasoline, the power plant will be able to develop only about 850 “horses”. The engine consumes about 24.1 liters for every 100 kilometers in a combined cycle. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature regime for the power unit, the cooling system has 10 radiators, and the hood, as mentioned earlier, is not provided.

The cooling system cools not only the engine, but also the gearbox, which operates in extreme conditions. The first hundred is achieved in a unique 2.5 seconds, and the maximum speed of Bugatti Veyron reaches 407 kilometers per hour. It takes 7.3 and 16.7 seconds, respectively, to reach the 200 and 300 km/h speed limit.


The role of the transmission was decided to shift the seven-stage robotic DSG gearbox from Volkswagen AG to a pair of clutches. One clutch works with even speeds, the other with odd speeds. A similar design makes it possible to prepare the speed for switching in advance and reduce the response time to 15 milliseconds. Speed shifting is carried out with the help of a torque converter, however, if the driver wishes, it is possible to switch to manual gear shifting with the help of the steering paddles.


In order to increase the speed, the German car decided to equip with an adjustable suspension, where the height of the ground clearance changes. During typical driving, the ground clearance is 125 millimetres, which makes it possible to comfortably operate the machine in the city and not to be afraid that it is possible to hit an obstacle on the road.

Bugatti Veyron suspension

Following the fact that the supercar will accelerate up to 220 kilometers per hour, shock absorbers will begin to rise, and the ground clearance will fall to the mark of 80 millimeters in the front and 95 millimeters – in the back. During switching on of “Top Speed” mode the clearance will be lower by another 15 millimeters.

The suspension itself is beautiful. It’s tough and can handle cornering well, and it’s generally excellent handling. There is a two-lever independent spring suspension at the front and back.

Brake system

The car is equipped with unique carbon-ceramic ventilated brake discs. In the presence of an anti-wing. All tyres are made of several layers of rubber by hand. The time to a complete stop is only 10 seconds. Eight-piston brake calipers are used.


Veyron Pur Sang 2007. The weight of the vehicle was reduced by 100 kilograms, the body was not painted, and some aluminum elements were replaced with carbon fiber elements. Five models were made. Each copy is estimated at about 1430462.21 US dollars.

Veyron Pur Sang

Veyron Fbg par Hermes 2008. Luxury version. The design solution of the salon was developed and performed by creative artists of Hermes fashion house. In total, 4 cars were produced, each of which cost about 1583726,02 US dollars.

Veyron Fbg par Hermes

Veyron Sang Noir 2008. The body part was fully covered with coal-black coating, and the interior was made of bright orange leather. Only 12 cars were produced, each of which costs about 1532638,09 US dollars.

Veyron Sang Noir

Veyron L’edition Centenaire 2009. It is a unique series of 4 cars created in honor of the popular racers of the first half of the twentieth century. Each car has a unique monochrome colouring.

Veyron L’edition Centenaire

Veyron Nocturne 2009. It has a black bodywork with polished aluminium inlays, which blends perfectly with the white finish of the interior. The dashboard was made of black magnesium and the centre console was covered with platinum. They made 5 cars at the price of 1685901,90 US dollars.

Veyron Nocturne

Veyron Grand Sport 2009. The variant is a roadster body, which has a removable roof made of hard polycarbonate or soft cloth tent. In total, 150 copies were produced. The basic versions cost from 1430462,21 US dollars. In addition to the standard versions of the trucks, about 20 special versions were produced, which differ in the original design, body color and interior.

Veyron Grand Sport

At the beginning of 2010, the “charged” Bugatti Veyron Super Sport coupe car was released, and 2 years later – the Veyron Sport Vitesse roadster. Both variants have significant changes in the power plant, so their technical component is divided with the serial version.


The brake system, together with ABS, reacts very quickly when the wheel stops rotating. In addition, they can easily adapt to the pressure to start torsion again. This makes it possible to increase the machine’s controllability during braking. The stabilizer of lateral stability quickly responds to reaching the allowable limit and in automatic mode reduces the power of the power unit, or offers fast braking to reduce the risk of loss of control.

Bugatti Veyron photo auto

In addition, the sports version has several driver and passenger airbags specially designed to prevent head injuries in the event of their triggering. In addition, the seatbelts are fitted with automatic tensioners, which in combination with AirBag offer an excellent variation of protection during a collision.

It is clear that the developers of the machine have scrupulously approached the protection of the model from theft. The French vehicle will be able to start only when the original key chip is used. The latter, in turn, is made personally at the enterprise under each car, therefore to start work of the engine to someone, besides the owner of a chip-key, will be extremely difficult to start.

Crash test

Complete sets and prices

The cost of the new French hypercar started at $1,650,000. Based on the words of the representatives of Bugatti, despite such rather immodest price tags, they are unable to justify the investment in the production of this model.

The basic equipment includes six airbags, aluminum 20-inch wheel rims, bi-xenon optics, first-class interior decoration, ABS, EBD, ESP, premium audio system produced by Puccini (Italy), 2-band climate control, power windows and “lunch control”.

Bugatti Veyron sports car

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant stylish appearance;
  • Powerful power unit;
  • High-quality adaptive suspension, which can change the height of the ground clearance depending on the speed mode;
  • Comfortable seats with bright support;
  • Not refined, but stylish and pleasant interior;
  • There are adjustments of seats in many directions;
  • Amazing dynamic characteristics;
  • It is possible to order a complete set under the own preferences;
  • High-quality brake mechanisms;
  • Well developed degree of safety;
  • Strong and reliable body frame;
  • Massive wheels;
  • The title of the fastest production car in the world;
  • Good streamline;
  • Quality of assemblage;
  • Full drive system.

Cons of a car

  • Small luggage compartment;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • High cost;
  • Small weight of the car;
  • Very expensive service;
  • Fits only two passengers;
  • Few specialized service centers;
  • A full fuel tank is enough for a short time.

Summing up

Although the Bugatti hypercar now does not have the title of the fastest in the world, it still remains the most famous and recognizable both live and in the photo. Who hasn’t seen or even heard of this machine? It has certainly left a bright mark on the history of mechanical engineering.

In general, this hypercar will suit wealthy people who have already accumulated good capital. After all, the question is not only in the acquisition of this vehicle, but also in its maintenance, which is very expensive. Such a car is not so common, because it is mainly made to order. There are not so many good roads to drive on Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Veyron is a hypercar

The car itself is of very high quality. The power plant asks to accelerate it to full capacity. The design of the super-compartment always attracts attention. Dynamic characteristics simply make it one of the fastest production vehicles in the world.

But the model is not suitable for driving in the city limits, as fuel consumption is simply clouded, and the luggage compartment is very modest. Bugatti Veyron is suitable for short trips to rest. Only a couple of people can be accommodated inside, but they will not feel any discomfort because of the power unit installed behind their backs.

Photo of a Bugatti Veyron

Everything was thought through to the smallest detail. Despite the rather “modest” panel, everything is intuitively simple, understandable, and easy to get to all controls. Basic equipment has all the necessary functions, which is expected from a car with such a price tag.

It is pleasant that in such a fast two-door door the engineering staff has not forgotten about ensuring the proper level of safety. Hypercar Bugatti Veyron will remain forever in the history, museums and hearts of many motorists of the world.

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Bugatti Veyron photo

Test drive

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