Bugatti Divo

Bugatti Divo
  • Car model: Bugatti
  • Producing country: France
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: Coupe

The Bugatti Divo is a sports car of the Bugatti automobile manufacturer. The car is named after the French racer Albert Divo, who raced for the Bugatti team in the 1920s. He won the Targa Floria race twice. The new car was unveiled in 2018 in Pebble Beach. The French company quite rarely produces new models. However, those cars, which then come to the “judgment” of the public, cause a lot of interest and excitement. The whole model range is Bugatti.

The history of the car

The appearance of the new model was kept secret until the opening of the event. The Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic was used as inspiration, and the design concept was taken from the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. The company planned to produce only 40 cars. Assembled them in the main factory. All 40 cars were sold on pre-orders to existing Bugatti Chiron owners before the opening of free sales.


The appearance of the Bugatti Divo reminds some elements of the famous Chiron model, but there are elements that were made completely from scratch. The front of the car decided to change, for example, it touched the upper part, but the lower part remains recognizable. Clearly innovations are noticeable due to the LED equipment of the headlights, which have a distinct C-shaped LEDs.

If we talk about the optics itself, it stands out for compactness, it has divided sectors, as well as LED elements. Then there is a place for similar recesses and dynamic rails placed throughout the front. The large front bumper has a large number of air intakes, and the largest diffuser was placed along the entire bumper.

Bugatti Divo front view

The front part of the Bugatti Divo is equipped, as before, with a compact trunk, which will only hold two small bags. The side has received original details and design. Every detail performs its role to ensure the best aerodynamic performance of the car. At the back of the doors you can notice the huge air intakes, which have a distinct line of sharp type along the doors.

The exterior mirrors are mounted on the doors. They have LED turn signal repeaters, automatic folding, heating and electric drive adjustment. Now, instead of the classic door handles, the engineers have changed them to hidden in a curved line.

Bugatti Divo side view

The roof of the “Frenchman” also looks original. It has additional directions for the ribs and air ducts. Near the spoiler there is a place for rails to increase downforce readings. The roof is made of carbon fiber.

We would like to note the presence of wheels with an exclusive design, special fins near the front wheels and air intake near the rear wheels, as well as two-tone tires and the French flag on the sides.

Bugatti Divo rear view

The rear of the Bugatti Divo 2018 has a unique design. The new model looks more aggressive, unusual and stylish in comparison with previous models. Separately, we should highlight the presence of bright LED stops. The design team came up with an unusual form for them, where there is a place for the protruding coating.

Such an effect was achieved thanks to 3D printing. Every brake light has 22 LED elements. At the very bottom of the rear bumper Bugatti Divo has a large diffuser, as well as the exhaust pipes of the four-pipe exhaust system. On top of that, there are two more exhaust tips on the sides of the diffuser. If you compare Bugatti Divo sports car with Bugatti Chiron, the first car has a stationary spoiler, equipped with an adjustable angle in automatic mode.


Inside Bugatti Divo, the company decided not to get too excited and not to apply new ideas. They adopted everything from the Chiron model. Among the changes here we can highlight the presence of other finishing materials, inserts with the model name on the seats and plastic, a different pattern on the door cards, as well as a special color scheme. The list of equipment and the overall structure remains the same. Bright blue inserts prevail.

The main part of the panel is divided into two parts: for the passenger and driver. The central part of the console is equipped with selectors to control the climate system, air flow, button “emergency stop” and automatic transmission lever. A couple of small deflectors are installed on the sides of the console. The lion’s share of Bugatti Diva’s interior elements is made of carbon fiber.

Interior Bugatti Divo

Natural quality leather is also used. This was done for the sake of reducing the weight of the car. The design team has modernized the digital panel. Such work has improved the display of the screens. The central part still has a massive round speedometer with a marking more than 400 kilometers per hour. Expect no special latest systems or huge screens of the multimedia system, because the main task of the engineering group was to increase the dynamics, as well as to reduce the weight of the sports car.

The steering wheel has a racing structure, flattened lower part of a rim and black chrome in the center. Not without handy transmission paddles. There are also function keys on the side spokes and two additional round buttons to control the power unit and “onboard computer”.

Bugatti Divo Interior

It’s nice that the company has provided height and depth adjustments for the steering wheel. As for the Bugatti Divo seats, they have good lateral support. The high monolithic backrest with headrests does not go anywhere. Similar lateral support is at the bottom of the seats. The seats can be adjusted in 6 directions. As you can see, the Bugatti Divo cabin is very similar to the Shiron model, but it is not deprived of some distinctive features.



In this case, the company did not hide the “heart” of the sports car and the transmission. The car got the same engine as the Shiron. In the rear there is a gasoline W-shaped 16-cylinder 8.0-liter power plant. Four turbochargers work instead with this “engine”. As a result, the engine develops 1,500 horsepower (1,600 Nm). Fuel consumption Bugatti Divo is about 6.7 liters in the city mode, and on the highway – 15.47 liters per every 100 kilometers.


Together with the engine, engineers have provided a 7-speed robotized transmission. All torque is transmitted to all wheels. There is also electronic control of the rear differential. Maximum speed is 380 kilometers per hour. Although acceleration data is not yet available, it is unlikely to differ from the Chiron’s figures of 2.4 seconds to the first hundred.

Three driving modes are available: EB, Autobahn and Handling.


The car does not accelerate more than the Bugatti Chiron, but the novelty is much sharper, especially during cornering. By efforts of engineers the weight of the sports car was reduced by 35 kilograms. The specialists successfully improved the suspension, were able to increase the wheel camber and adjusted the chassis for sharper and more accurate control. The Bugatti Divo’s braking unit was also improved. It is equipped with special heat shields, which protect the tires from a high degree of heat “pancakes”.

Features and price

As mentioned above, only 40 of these coupes will be produced. The price of the Bugati Divo starts at 5,000,000 euros. However, it will not be possible to buy the car, as they are all already sold out. Interestingly, the price tag on the Chiron was two times less, but the company explains this by the use of innovative materials and extremely limited edition release.

Bugatti Divo 2018

Summing up

It is nice that the French company does not stop there and continues to produce original, fast sports cars. The speed of the Bugatti Divo is especially felt during cornering, as this is where the car feels excellent. But in a straight line the novelty loses to Bugatti Chiron.

On the whole, the car is successful. It is literally stuffed with modern technologies, plentiful electronic systems and powerful power plant with all-wheel drive system. It is a pity that such sports coupes were produced in very limited quantities.

Supercar Bugatti Divo

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Bugatti Divo photos

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