Ferrari 121 LМ Scaglietti Spyder

Ferrari 121 LМ Scaglietti Spyder
  • Car model: Ferrari
  • Producing country: Italy
  • Year of issue: 1955
  • Body Type: Rodster

Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder is an Italian racing car, demonstrated in 1955. The whole model range is Ferrari.

He took part in the Millais Millet competition of 1955. After the engine’s speed limiter once broke down, he went into disarray and it was noticed that the car accelerated to 282 km/h. Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder differed in its appearance from even its “relatives” in the company. It was a very elegant and very streamlined car, which weight did not exceed 850 kg.

Photo of Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder

The wheels were made in the style and popularity of the time, with the use of spokes. In front of it was characteristic of his brothers, a pair of main headlights and a pair of additional lighting in front of the radiator grille. The hood was equipped with a medium sized air intake. There was a streamlined fin behind the driver’s seat. Behind the front wheels there were also ventilation holes. The tank was located in a traditional location in the rear luggage compartment.


The interior of the car was made in principle for purely racing. Therefore, the main emphasis was made on the convenience of the driver himself. So, there was one small windshield protecting the driver from wind and other inconveniences. There were a couple of rear-view mirrors on the sides of the glass. Behind the three-spoke steering wheel was a dashboard with the most visible speed sensor of the power unit.

Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder Salon


The sports car was supplied with a native 6-cylinder engine, with a volume of 4.4 liters and developing power up to 330 hp. Maximum speed was 274 km/h, and the first hundred in 4.8 seconds, which was very good at the time. Transmission was 5-speed manual.

Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder engine


Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder is an elegant Italian racing supercar estimated at $4202880.00.

Ferrari 121 LM Scaglietti Spyder front view

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