Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458
  • Car model: Ferrari
  • Producing country: Italy
  • Year of issue: 2010
  • Body Type: Coupe

This car, no matter how you look at it, is a brand new car. It can be design, aerodynamic performance, ergonomic component or something else, but it will not be possible to pay special attention to one thing. If we say that every Ferrari car is innovative, it is simply not an exaggeration, but rather a statement of fact.

Taking into account the 458th model – the Italian company was able to make a significant step forward to the other cars of the sports set, which have a central-back position of the power unit. Interestingly, the production of Ferrari 458 Italia took place until 2015, and then it was replaced by a model with the name Ferrari 488 GTB. The whole model range is Ferrari.


The 458th model was designed by Pinininfarina’s studio together with designer Donato Coco. Running a little ahead, I would like to emphasize that the design staff did a great job. On external features of Ferrari 458 Italy, it is possible to notice that it is the real Italian with a sports and graceful body structure which underlines a scattering of aerodynamic details and huge wheels.

Restyling model Ferrari was able to conquer the majority of connoisseurs of quality cars, with the help of a unique appearance and technical component. The car can be distinguished from its predecessor by the increased level of body flowing and the new spoiler. On the nose of the car, you can see the large headlights, which get almost half of the hood.

Ferrari 458 Italia is a front view

That’s the “salt” of this car. The outermost parts of the bonnet, located near the headlamps, are slightly raised, and on the right side of the lamps, there are small holes. They are called air intakes and are part of the supercar ventilation system. With it, the clamping characteristics of the supercar are greatly increased.

In general, the size of the Ferrari 458 Italia differs in the angle from which it is viewed. For example, if you get close to it, you get the feeling that the car is not small. The front bumper has been installed in a wide version, and it borders slightly on the ground, and the radiator grille provides a more aesthetic content.

The small dimensions of the aerodynamic wing, which are designed to strengthen the Ferrari’s downforce and reduce frontal resistance, have been elegantly integrated into the air-conduits compartment. The machine also differs in the smaller luggage compartment, which has only 200 liters of free space plus 140 liters of useful space behind the seats.

Moreover, the engineering staff was able to reduce the ground clearance to 113 mm. It is not difficult to guess that with this kind of ground clearance it will be possible to drive only on a good road surface. Also makes you fall in love with this Italian car roof, which is able to follow the pressure on a special button, lift the back and tilt it back, giving the driver a great view for a beautiful daytime or a dark night with a starry sky.

14 seconds – just how long it takes to unfold and fold the roof – is a great result. However, this procedure can only be performed when the Ferrari 458 Italia is completely stopped. The whole process is quite smooth and clear. The impressive ridges behind the armchairs retain their place, which only adds to the aesthetics. However, who knows about the design of cars with original appearance and design, they are experts in this field.

Photo of a Ferrari 458 SpiderPhoto Ferrari 458 SpiderThe Ferrari 458 Spider

Photo Ferrari 458 Spider

The stern and upper bodywork have two large air ducts in front of the rear mounted lanterns – they are responsible for the direct cooling system of the powertrain department. In addition, you can find a triple Cue-style exhaust pipe on the stern, which resembles the famous F40 design. The body part of Ferrari 458 Italia was made of different types of aluminum alloys, which are used in the aerospace industry.

When designing the bodywork, the engineering staff of the company focused not only on strengthening the aerodynamic characteristics, but also on reducing the weight of the supercar and optimizing it between the axles. By the way, the aerodynamic drag coefficient is only 0.33. As a result, the weight of Ferrari 458 Italy is only 1,380 kg, the distribution between the axles is – 42%/58%, which is a good optimization for the new sports car.


Moving behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia, you realize that the interior is decorated at the highest level, all the elements were made with high quality. It will be quite difficult to pick on the interior. Italian designers managed to use only high quality materials and real leather. For example, the driver’s and front passenger’s seats were covered with leather. The driver’s seat is quite high, despite the fact that the car is quite low to the ground.

There is plenty of room above the head and this is after the engineering staff has lowered the roof by a few millimeters. Excellent visibility was achieved due to the grounded front hood. When you get behind the wheel, it feels like it’s before the game console. The steering is represented by a three-spoke steering wheel. A lot of control keys are located on the steering wheel. Already remembered by all buttons which are responsible for adjustment of an audio system and the onboard computer have taken out on a back part of a steering wheel.

Ferrari 458 Italia interior

Instead, they put the wiper and high beam adjustment buttons on the free space. Everything in the Italian company’s sports car is not so convenient, so it takes time to get used to it. The steering wheel produces only a few revolutions to the stop, and in order to rearrange it is necessary to turn the steering wheel a little bit in the required direction. If you turn the steering wheel, it is not very convenient to press the turn signal buttons and wipers. In the interior of the Ferrari 458 Italy not to find any excesses, installed only the most necessary. The chairs have a pretty good side support. Even if the trip is long, the driver will not get tired and will not feel discomfort. On all dashboard there is an integrated screen on which the sensor of a speed mode and the gauge of revolutions of the engine, or the information of navigating system is displayed. On the console, located in the center, placed a radio, and under it a small compartment for all sorts of small things.

There are 3 transmission control buttons next to this niche. The rear gear has found its place near the driver’s elbow and looks like a wide plastic lever handle with a Ferrari nameplate. Free space inside the “Italy” is provided only for a couple of people, but they do not feel the excess in comfort, because the purpose of the car in another – to get a full enjoyment from the speed, not comfort. The interior is almost completely impregnated with sportiness and has an ergonomic interface that makes this supercar stand out from similar models of its class. Inserts from carbon are also provided. The driver’s seat has a large number of settings for each demanding customer. Bortkomputer can also display information about the temperature of the power unit and rubber, the pressure in the wheels, determine the temperature of the braking system, the temperature of oil, antifreeze, fuel consumption, etc.


The motor works with a pleasant roar that will make you notice. The higher the speed of the power pack, the higher the sound of the motor becomes and becomes more beautiful. It feels like the ideal sound can be achieved by marking the engine speed sensor at 9,000 rpm. The machine also knows how to repeat the sound of other machines, which is possible with different throttle positions in the engine. For example, you can learn the sound of the KAMAZ truck and the high-frequency sound of the Tu-95 aircraft. Ferrari 458 Italia also has “good hearing” – it is possible to lower the sound when switching gears.

It’s nice that the gearbox is obedient to the driver and gives him the opportunity to choose the zeal he needs. Especially for this purpose there is a lever coin, which found its place on the right side of the wheel. When setting the lever to a safe position, the car rides calmly and smoothly. This mode provides a comfortable ride. If you have a different purpose, the gearbox, which is robotic, finds something to feed the engine itself, in order to speed up. As an additional drive, you can choose the Race mode, then the screens will be colored red.

Ferrari 458 Italia engine

The first speed allows to reach 78 km/h at once, the second allows the sports car to develop 110 km/h. Suspension function is the highest praise – if you use the “Uneven road” mode, the jolt on the road section will be significantly reduced. And what is the most important, it will not affect in any way sports characteristics of the car. Many irregularities and pits suspension swallows without much difficulty. Fresh stabilization system is able to control the differential sports car directly, without an intermediary. Modernized shock absorbers received a special fluid designed to extend the service life.

It is also interesting that the gearbox was installed in Ferrari 458 Italy of better quality than the Porsche. Pre-selective 7-range robotic DCT with two clutches works a little faster and shifts speeds more effectively. At car deceleration, the box functions more smoothly, without jerks. The brake system was made of specialized raw materials, which makes it capable of withstanding a considerable load. Ahead are 398 mm ventilated discs, and behind – 360-mm. With all this, the length of the braking track with a speed of 100 km/h is 32.5 m, and with a value of 200 km/h – 128 meters. The update of the sports car turned out to be very impressive, because even its rigidity was increased by 15% when compared to its predecessor.


Speaking of the external dimensions of the Italian, you realize that they all fully correspond to the rank of a sports car. Length of “Italy” is 4 527 mm, width 1 937 mm, height – 1 213 mm. The size of the wheelbase at the next level is 2 650 mm. As for the ground clearance, it is not so big here for obvious reasons – only 113 mm, which only has a positive effect on the stability and controllability of the car at high speeds and steep turns.

Complete sets and prices

The sale of the Ferrari 458 Italia sports car ended in 2015, due to the launch of a new Italian car 488 GTB. In various countries, the 458th model could be purchased at a price starting from 181886.07 US dollars. The standard equipment includes adaptive suspension, traction control, front and side airbags, bi-xenon headlights, dual zone climate control, premium audio system and leather interior.

Ferrari 458 Italia photo

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Original stylish appearance of the machine;
  • Reduced ground clearance for stability at high speeds and steep corners;
  • Improved aerodynamics of the machine;
  • Powerful and surround sound of the exhaust system;
  • The small weight of the car;
  • Improved body stiffness;
  • Stylish and ergonomic interior;
  • Presence of the digital instrument panel;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Sensitive steering wheel control;
  • Powerful atmospheric power unit;
  • The small expense of fuel;
  • Excellent performance of the gearbox;
  • Small brake way;
  • Qualitative suspension.

Cons of a car

  • Such low ground clearance will not allow you to travel to Russia everywhere;
  • Large tax on engine volume;
  • Small luggage compartment (because it is a sports car);
  • Cost.

Summing up

After getting acquainted with this car, only positive emotions remain. They begin with a first glance at the exterior of the Ferrari 458 Italia, which simply can not leave indifferent any connoisseur of sports cars. All the lines, ducts, as if hint at the sporty character of the Italian and make you ride with the wind on it. The body frame was improved, which became stronger by 15%. The total weight of the Ferrari is not large. Moreover, the engineering staff managed to achieve a minimum coefficient of aerodynamic resistance.

The low ground clearance makes it possible to be stable in corners and at high speeds. And the strong power unit will allow you to feel confident on any part of the road and during overtaking. Interestingly, this engine is not supplied with a turbine, that is, it gives out “honest” horsepower. It turned out to be a pleasant exhaust system with surround sound.

Ferrari 458 Italia car

The improved gearbox was a pleasure to see, which has proved to be very stable, quiet, easy to adjust and durable. The suspension is able to “swallow” potholes and provides additional comfort while driving. It is clear that there may not be a lot of free space in the luggage compartment, but in general, this car is not created for the transport of things – its purpose is to be fast, like lightning. A good medium-motor arrangement makes a good balanced weight distribution. In general, the Italians have made a beautiful car.

Although they are not accustomed to the fact that in terms of design, they are almost equal – they clearly create unique and stylish cars. It is a pity that the production of this car was stopped, but it does not mean that it was not in demand or of poor quality. The new 488 GTB model has just been released. With such a car you will be respected everywhere. Driving a Ferrari 458 Italia you will be driving as if you are present in Italy, because this supercar is “impregnated” with Italian style and high-speed character.

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Ferrari 458 Italia photo

Test drive

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