Broken Ferrari F12 Bellinetta has been charged a price of 77,000 euros

Broken Ferrari F12 Bellinetta has been charged a price of 77,000 euros

Born in Germany, he sells a broken Ferrari F12 Bernette for a price equal to the value of a premium quality machine. What is the price of a completely broken car? We know that this price can be considerable.

For example, one German driver who had a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and burned out completely, was able to estimate his own car at 9 500 euros. But as the following case shows, this is not the border yet.

Photo of Ferrari F12 Berninetta

By the way, if you want to buy a car that is not subject to regeneration, you should start by choosing the right car. It is logical to conclude that the more expensive the car, the better.

It seems that this scenario was followed by the driver of the Ferari F12 Berlinet, who was able to estimate his personal beat-up car at 77,000 euros. This cost is noted in the ads for the implementation of used cars on the resource

The Ferrari F12 Bellinetta engine

The announcement states that the new supercar, which is estimated to cost approximately €335,000 and is equipped with a 6.3-litre powertrain with an output of 740 horsepower, has covered approximately 15,000 km of mileage, after which it was involved in a traffic accident. It is not yet clear what exactly caused the accident, but the photos show that the Berliner’s Ferari F12 can no longer be rebuilt.

Ferrari F12 Bernette Salon

Although it seems that it is not a big deal and worries the driver of the car, taking into account the cost that he indicated for the supercar is not on the move. However, the car was not completely damaged and some expensive parts that may be useful to the consumer, such as disks, engine and gearbox parts and interior elements remained intact.

And the question of whether a person who would agree to pay such a high price for a pile of scrap metal, which used to be, undoubtedly, a supercar, remains open.

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