Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman
  • Car model: Porsche
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: Coupe

What does Porsche Cayman have in common with crocodiles? South American crocodiles are called Caymans, although who exactly decided to take Cayman as the name for the Porsche is still not known. But this man would like to erect a monument, because the machine really turned out to be excellent. It has a powerful motor, sharp teeth and very dynamic character. For the first time Porsche Cayman has shone in the market in the middle of 2006, but to Russia has come hardly later. The whole model range is Porsche.


Many people could hear about the beautiful and fast car Porsche Cayman, which is produced by the German company Porsche. Only a few people were able to admire it, contemplating its movement on quality asphalt in expensive areas.

“Predator made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. The model appeared in set of moments surprising. Created on the roadster Boxster platform, the closed car was not even a sports coupe, and almost 3-door hatchback.

Auto Porsche Cayman 2006

However, it’s not easy to recognize this from the outside. The German vehicle has a double cabin, medium-duty configuration and rear-wheel drive. At the onset of 2009, experts decided to upgrade the car. If to speak about changes of the external plan they had only cosmetic character, however technical component of changes have affected much more. If earlier the car was equipped with weaker engines, now it was equipped with a 265-horsepower engine with a volume of 2.9 liters, as well as an improved 3.4-liter engine, which produces 320 horsepower.

Auto Porsche Cayman 2009

Instead of an automatic gearbox, customers received a 7-speed robotic gearbox PDK. Since 2010, the range also received a version of the “P”, where there was a reduced weight of the body, low suspension and forced to 330 horses engine, which volume was equal to 3.4 liters.

The second-generation two-seater medium-duty sports car was produced in Germany (Osnarbyk) in 2013. Cayman has not acquired much improvement in appearance during his “life activity”, but this is not surprising, because it is not necessary. He is magnificent in his own primordial form.


The basis for the car was the model Porsche Boxster, the price of which is slightly higher (from $47100,00). However, it differs from the younger brother in that it has an open body. Cayman has a closed body.

The appearance of the car shows only one thing – we have a car in front of us, literally radiating strength and athleticism. In many respects it is explained by several transitions between the convex and concave shape and new geometry of air intakes.

Photo by Porsche Cayman
Auto Porsche Cayman
Porsche Cayman

Side view of Porsche Cayman

The edge of the front spoiler has not been increased by accident – this has significantly reduced the lifting power on the wheels in front. As standard, the Cayman Porsche is equipped with halogen headlights and fog lights.

The latter are built directly into the air intakes. The sharp curves of the front and rear wings only emphasise the silhouette. The German’s appearance is chic, however, many people think that he lacks aggressiveness.

Some exterior features

You can see the corporate identity of the manufacturer, which is clearly visible in the shape of the headlights, where there is a lined filling. The large bumper has a so-called lip, and air intakes have niches for round fog lights. The large area of the windscreen, which contributes to excellent visibility, cannot but delight you.

Side view of Porsche Cayman

The latter delivers air to the power unit. In addition, the body has a smooth aerodynamic line, rear-view mirrors, which, as follows the sports coupe, stand on the leg. The roof line is sloping. Very stylish look massive oval notches, which are designed to distribute the flow of oncoming air. This indicates the sporty character of the machine. The 17-inch wheels fit in well with the overall Porsche look, and they are asked to be replaced by an even larger radius.

Porsche Cayman's photo of the car

The aft part of the Cayman has a small LED optic which is connected by a spoiler. The latter is equipped with an LED stop signal. The large bumper is equipped with a small diffuser in the bottom, in the middle of which there are exhaust pipes. The back of the supercar looks powerful and dynamic. Bright elements include flattened taillights and a huge rear window. Very nice looks neat rear wing.


Let’s start with a detail that plays a very important role in the comfort of the cabin. These are seats. Even in the minimum complete set they are made thoughtfully and ergonomically. The central insert – alcantara, which provides the highest comfort of use. Even if you make a turn at high speed, such seats do not constrain movements.

They are mechanically adjustable in longitudinal direction, guaranteeing the comfort of both high and low drivers. Everything else is standardized: six airbags (most likely the car owner will fly it, not ride), xenon, good quality air conditioning and a radio. Basically, what else is needed is a good sports car.

Porsche Cayman rudder photo

Except that the owner of such a car will want to replace his 17-inch wheels with something more suitable in time. Like a sports car, it is driven by a three-spoke steering wheel with a pleasant leather rim.

Interior decoration radiates sports excitement along with real male solidarity, which, in fact, will not confuse the beautiful sex. It is clear that the level of quality of the interior, along with its functionality and visual attributes is an absolute luxury, which is not available to every car.

If we talk about the individual details, then according to the customer’s needs, for example, for a separate surcharge can be replaced by an already high-quality and stylish design of artificial leather for natural decoration. Virtually every detail of Cayman interior is impregnated with ergonomics and excellent functionality. There are handles, keys, switches, skillfully made of expensive plastic and metal.


A beautifully designed dashboard will catch your eye while you’re getting into the machine. Three dark wells, including a tachometer, a speedometer and a fuel gauge, were joined by an elegant visor. The instrument panel also features a 4.5-inch color display of the on-board computer. All this is very pleasing to the eye and does not cause irritation. Speaking of the cabin, it is worth saying that it is quite spacious. The driver does not feel lack of space, feels comfortable and free.

Porsche Cayman instrument panel

Pedals were also designed and made in sports style. To sum up, the interior was made in the best German traditions. Here we observe straight geometric lines, strict design and simplicity of elements. The steering wheel also has elegant aluminum inserts, and for an additional fee you can make it multifunctional.

Stylish and solid looks like a new console. It has a 7-inch color display. Already basic version of the car has climate control and Bose audio system. A narrow tunnel with a gear lever is pleasing to the eye. It is surrounded by a considerable variety of keys and control buttons.

Porsche Cayman trunk

The two luggage compartments with 275 litres of usable space at the back and 150 litres at the front also make us happy. In addition to the standard glove compartment, there are a couple of deep “hidden” niches behind the back of the seats along the side windows, and the doors are not very large, but comfortable pockets with hinged lids on the sides.



The manufacturer provided 4 different 6-cylinder V-engines. The base engine is considered to be a gasoline six-cylinder engine of opposite distribution, the volume of which is 2.7 liters. This is followed by a similar engine, however, increased in volume to 3.4 litres.

Therefore, its capacity is already about 325 horses. On this basis, it is logical to conclude that the dynamic characteristics of the Cayman Porsche have increased. Now, to reach the first hundred will take only 5 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 283 km/h.

Powertrain Porsche Cayman

It is followed by the next engine, similar to that of the previous one, but with increased power by 20 horses. This has not resulted in significant improvements in dynamic performance – acceleration and maximum speed remained at the same level. The most powerful engine is a 3.8-liter 385 hp engine.


If there is a 5-stage ICD in the base, the more powerful variations provide Tiptronic automation. There is a variant of 6-speed manual gearbox, as well as a 7-speed robot PDK with a pair of clutch disks. In reality, the robotic gearbox named Porsche Doppelkuplung is nothing but a modified DSG gearbox from Volkswagen.

The transmission mechanics are so long that if you follow the traffic rules, you can’t get the 3rd gear on. But already on a line Cayman can show itself in all beauty, confidently keeping a trajectory on any high-speed site.

Transmission Porsche Cayman


It feels like the car is too tightly pressed against the road, which is explained by the upgraded suspension and longitudinal position of the engine. Cayman’s suspension has excellent technical data for sports riding, because it was developed taking into account the sports orientation of the car.

In other words, it meets the racing standards, because the Cayman model can not be called a city or family model, although it has a rather spacious luggage compartment in front and behind. Thanks to the perfectly adapted hinges of independent front and rear suspension, it is possible to achieve a fairly rigid attachment of the chassis to the bodywork.

Suspension Porsche CaymanBut the adjustment system provides the ability to set the performance of the sports coupe with a difference of millimeters, which is very important to a real professional racer, who directs obedient and adjusted only for him sports car to win. In general, in technical equipment, Cayman managed to significantly surpass his own ancestor Boxter. The body component of the sports vehicle became more than 2 times tougher, but did not put on weight, and vice versa.


The machine weighs 1,340 kilograms. This was achieved due to the fact that the car was half made of steel, and half – of aluminum and some elements of magnesium alloys. Suspension is a full-fledged independent type of McPherson. Despite its rigid adjustments, it is very comfortable. This has been achieved partly due to the excellent energy consumption of the suspension. The front suspension has shock-absorbing columns with special placement of longitudinal and transverse levers.

Porsche Cayman photo auto

Thanks to this idea, the wheels can be set very precisely in sync with a high level of comfort. An additional spring with a stop in the shock absorber stand is also provided, which starts to work during intensive transverse acceleration and minimizes the roll angle.

This means that Cayman is able to maintain greater stability while cornering at high speeds. The rear wheels have decided to install on two transverse levers, which are directed by longitudinal levers, transverse rods and shock-absorbing columns.

Rail steering

The steering was complemented by a hydraulic booster, and the insurer’s electronics was represented by ABS and PSM stabilization system. The mechanism itself has a little more than two and a half revolutions with variable force on the steering wheel.

It is necessary to admit that at low speed it will be necessary to apply moderate efforts to work with the steering wheel. The new model has an electric power steering.

Brake system

Ventilated disc brakes are installed at the rear and front. Parking brake electronic. Four-piston aluminum monoblock fixed calipers are used.
The entire product range is represented by 6-piston aluminium monoblock aluminium calipers on the front axle.


The Germans have always paid a lot of attention to security. It provides for advanced AirBag technology with full-size airbags for the driver and front passenger. They are able to determine the force and type of collision and can be opened in two modes of effort.

In addition, all models are equipped with the Porsche Side Impact Protection System. It features side impact protection and a pair of airbags on each side. The sides of the seats have integrated cushions to protect the human chest.

Safety Porsche Cayman

The door panels received pillows designed to protect the head from damage. They open from bottom to top. As a separate option, the Porsche Dynamic Light System can be fitted with an intensive 4-point daylight, headlight washers and a dynamic headlight corrector.

The Adaptive Rotary Lighting Service is able to adjust the direction of the light beam of lamps according to the steering angle and speed of the machine. This improves the road surface illumination.

High level of safety is perfectly combined with the sports qualities of the car. Optionally, LED headlamps with PDLS Plus can also be installed. This LED system is more efficient and has a long service life. Among the features of the PDLS Plus is a dynamic high beam control system.

Porsche Cayman LED headlight
LED headlight

The camera is able to recognize the light of cars that are moving towards, or along the way. On this basis, the service constantly and smoothly changes the range of light. In other words, it will be much easier and faster for you to see the roadway, pedestrians, or various sources of danger. However, you will not create any difficulties for other road users.


Cayman already has an automatic course stability system in his basic equipment. Thanks to the sensors, it is always possible to analyze the direction of travel, speed, snaking and lateral acceleration. In the event that there will be deviations from a given course, the service will begin to use the brakes of each individual (depending on the situation) wheel. The machine will stabilise at the optimum speed.

Porsche Cayman PSM
PSM service

Thanks to the ABS system, which has optimized settings, the shortest possible braking distance is ensured, which has a positive impact on possible safety. Accelerated on roads with different pavements, the PSM is able to adjust the tractive force with the integrated ABD and ASR options. The standard PSM has strong sporting settings – the service will only intervene in the vehicle accurately and only as a last resort to help the driver in a critical situation.

Passive safety

Cayman’s body structure implies a high degree of protection during collisions and has a very deformation-resistant interior. The front part of the body has patented by the German company Porsche longitudinal and transverse elements of protection.

The bearing bundle of structural elements contributes to the distribution of forces appearing in the collision in the direction of reducing internal deformation. The engineering staff installed a rigid front cross beam made of high-strength steel.

It is able to additionally take on the force of deformation from the front longitudinal protection elements. Work was carried out to reduce deformation for the foot space. As a result, a higher level of safety for the knees and feet of passengers was achieved.

Complections and prices

With 10 hp more powerful and 30 kg lighter than its predecessor, the Porsche Caymann was able to overcome the Nurburgring North Loop in less than 8 minutes. While the price of the novelty is appropriate – the average motorized Porsche in the basic configuration will be bought at a price of $39250,00.

And even if the more powerful “escort” passes a little steeper turns, but it costs $49125,30. However, for the base Porsche 911 is asked 4 with a ponytail of a million rubles. After such figures the price of the new Cayman does not seem so terrible anymore.

Photo of Porsche Cayman

Basic equipment includes ESP, leather interior, 6 airbags, mountain start/stop system, climate control, light sensor and good audio system. The most expensive equipment with the strongest motor will cost about $86145,90.

Surprisingly, given the rather immodest price tag, the car will not have maximum equipment in the cabin. In addition to the above-mentioned base, you will be added xenon optics and adaptive lighting.

All other options – paid. Among them you can highlight the presence of multi steering wheel, heated and ventilated chairs, parktronic, adaptive cruise control, keyless access, rain sensor, folding mirrors, navigation system and improved music.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant stylish appearance;
  • Adaptive lighting system;
  • Qualitative and expensive interior;
  • Color screen on the centre console;
  • Comfortable and comfortable seats with strong side support;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Good flowability;
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics;
  • Large number of different safety and driver assistance systems;
  • Comfortable salon;
  • German quality;
  • Pair of luggage compartments;
  • Easy and clear control;
  • Many of the available options that can be set up by paying for them in advance;
  • Pretty acceptable fuel consumption;
  • Medium motor arrangement of the power unit;
  • Ability to change gears manually;
  • Massive wheels and wheel arches;
  • Small size;
  • Diverse glove boxes and storage space for different trifles.

Cons of a car

  • High pricing policy of the company
  • More standard equipment;
  • Expensive maintenance;
  • Mediate noise isolation;
  • Little ground clearance height;
  • Lack of luggage space.

We sum up

So who is he, the new Porsche Cayman? In principle, it can be an entrance ticket to the world of Porsche cars or a conscious purchase and antipode 911. There is an opinion that 245-powered Cayman will be bought by those who count money, but real walkers and thrill lovers will swing at the “estuary”.

The choice between Porsche becomes richer and, at the same time, more difficult. Germans have always been famous for the production of quality and practical vehicles, so Cayman was no exception. The car has small overall characteristics, powerful power unit, fine and qualitative salon.

Porsche Cayman supercar

Inside you will be able to feel any people, as you can set up everything personally for yourself. The company has also not forgotten about ensuring the proper level of safety not only for the driver, but also for the driver and other road users. For example, there is a system of adaptive lighting, which is able to adapt to certain situations.

However, it seems a little strange that the basic equipment does not have many useful functions. They can only be, if you buy them additionally – this is a little frustrating, based on feedback from potential buyers.

Auto Porsche Cayman 2014

It is not possible to say of course that the salon in the standard equipment looks poor, no, there everything is at the height – equipment, seats, quality of materials used, all of which eloquently indicates the status of this German coupe. If you add here even more expensive service, the car will come at a large kopeck. It is nice that the designers have provided a couple of small luggage compartments that can accommodate the necessary things.

After all, do not forget that this model is still not provided for the transportation of goods. It is visible that company Porsche does not stand still, and constantly improves, modernizing the already existing cars and making new ones. Thanks to it it is possible to compete successfully in the huge world automobile market.

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