Amazing hatchback Lada X-Ray Cross: price and characteristics in Russia

Amazing hatchback Lada X-Ray Cross: price and characteristics in Russia

A serial version of the Lada X-RAY hatchback was presented in Moscow. It differs from the traditional version by a lot of small improvements. Part of it is visible at once, others are carefully hidden. And you have to try hard to find them. What is the novelty so remembered, what will be the prices in Russia? The whole Lada model range.

The appearance of the cross-version

The main purpose of the Lada X-Ray Cross is to drive safely on roads with poor or no pavement. This is one of the main reasons why the car was protected by plastic around the perimeter. We note the increase in clearance up to 21.5 cm, which makes the Russian hatchback more passable. Among other innovations – 17-lime wheels.

Lada X-Ray Cross Side View

Photo by Lada X-Ray Cross

Rear view of Lada X-Ray Cross

Lada X-Ray Cross

In appearance, the familiar Lada Cross is already guessing. The false radiator grille remains small, there are a couple of curved lines that “hold” the logo in the center. The front bumper acts as an air inlet.

As for the famous “X-design”, it is represented by chrome staples going to the sides of the bumper, smooth dimensions, double exhaust pipe. Side design strokes abound with inclinations, smooth lines. There are not as many differences from the outside as inside.

What was the interior like?

A large-scale and, undoubtedly, very successful work on the salon of the new Lada Cross was carried out. The interior is a direct confirmation of the fact that the Lada X-Ray Cross hatchback is not just a modernized car with an increased clearance, but a radically new version.

So, what are the prices of Lada X-Ray cross-version justified? First of all, comfortable front seats with three-stage heating system. This truck has more options for adjusting the steering wheel, it has become more functional due to new buttons. Not only the rear, but also the front passenger seat are folded. This makes it possible to transport large loads.

Interior of Lada XRAY Cross

Passengers were not left behind and even the sofa was equipped with a heating system. They also increased the space downstairs, people with long legs will be comfortable. In general, the interior of the car has become much richer, more thoughtful and interesting.

Due to the two-color finishing it looks fresh and creative and should be liked by young people. The dimensions of the vehicle remained unchanged. The length of the car is 416.5 cm, width – 198.3 cm. It is relatively low – 157 cm.

We will look under the hood

The domestic cross-hatchback is equipped with a 1.8-liter petrol engine with 122 horsepower. It is paired with a 5-speed “mechanics” or robotic gearbox. There are several mode switches, but the 4×4 Lada X-Ray Cross is not equipped with a four-wheel drive.

From the technical point of view the novelty seriously differs from the colleague. There are a couple of parts in the design that bring the Lada X-Ray Cross 2018 closer to Vestoi. These are L-shaped levers of the front suspension, which make the car more controllable, rear disc brakes.

By the way, it’s very rare on cars with a B0 platform. Small improvements have been made to the steering. Now there is a fully electric amplifier. Equipped with a 1.8-liter hatchback engine speeds up to 100 km/h in 10.6 seconds with an ICPD and 12.6 seconds with a robotic gearbox. Speed limits are 180 and 176 km/h. Curb weight of the cross-version is 1300 kg.

Lada X-Ray price

During the presentation, the manufacturer reported that the X-Ray Cross hatchback will have six sets of equipment. The cost of Classic starts at 729 900 rubles, for the richest Luxe Prestige will have to pay 888 900 rubles.

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