Introduced sports modification Hyundai i30 fastback

Introduced sports modification Hyundai i30 fastback

Every year, buyers of cars are becoming more and more demanding. Most of the sedans and hatchbacks are depressing, and the Korean car concern Hyundai understands this. To fix the situation will try to Hyundai i30 Fastback 2018, a charged modification of which was presented in Paris.

Another reason for the release of fastback – indecently high demand for Hyundai i30 N. There are so many requests that the Czech factory cannot cope with the volumes. Hyundai produced almost 3000 i30, this was not enough.


Hundai i30 Fastback belongs to the third generation of i30. It was presented in Frankfurt. This is the first time that such a modification has been released for the Koreans. Previously, in the Russian market Hyundai i30 could be purchased only in hatchback versions (3 and 5 doors). It is necessary to give credit to Hyundai Auto Concern – the novelty turned out to be very nice.

Of course, to find some serious differences between Hyundai i30 Fastback and hatchback, the universal will not work even if you want it very much. But the insignificant ones, which were so lacking for their predecessors, appeared here in full volume. So, what new does Hyundai offer to all Hyundai i30 fastback 2018 customers?

Hyundai I 30 fastbackSide view of Hyundai i30 FastbackRear view of Hyundai i30 Fastback

Photo by Hyundai i30 Fastback

The radiator grille looks different, the bumpers and taillights have been slightly combed. The running lights have taken the form of boomerangs. The roof smoothly passes into the rear window, the boot lid has a nice edge.

What changed in the interior of the salon?

The internal differences are not so obvious, but they are. Hyundai I 30 fastback (version N) has armchairs with anatomical profile, dense padding of excellent quality. On the gear lever there was an original nablecloth and on the steering wheel – the N logo.

An 8-inch display is also available as an option. Advanced software records a lot of data: blowing pressure, lap time, etc. Otherwise cozy, familiar interior with excellent ergonomics, pleasant operation.

Hyundai i30 Fastback Salon


It’s a long way from a Korean sports car. The engines do not differ in advanced characteristics – 1.0 -, 1.4-liter capacity of 120, 140 horses. There is also a turbo diesel engine with the volume of 1.6 liters, the output can be 110, 136 hp. The transmission is manual, six-speed, but you can swing at the “robot” 7DCT.

There will be Hyundai i30 fastback N performance – plus 25 “horses”, improved brakes ahead, imitation of differential lock. In the basic version of the wheels are 18-inch Michelin, and here are 19-inch Pirelli wheels. The basic version accelerates to a hundred in 6.4 seconds, the Performance version does it a little faster – 6.1 seconds. But their maximum speed is the same – 250 kilometers per hour.

Hyundai i30 Fastback engine

For more sportiness, the clearance has been reduced by 5 mm and now is 145 mm. The suspension has become 15% stiffer, but the comfort level has not been affected. During the participation in the “World Touring” and the World Rally Championship Hyundai has accumulated a decent experience. And immediately applied it in the development of the “thirty”. There are 5 modes of movement available, an option of automatic re-gasping, lunch control, adaptive shock absorbers.

Depending on the equipment, Hyundai i30 fastback 2018 can be equipped with additional options: cruise control, emergency braking. Auto monitors blind spots well, headlights switch automatically. There are such necessary functions as wireless charging of mobile devices, support for Apple CarPlay.

Body Size

The main feature of the Hyundai i30 fastback 2018 was a slight understatement of the roof line by 2.5 cm, while the length of the car increased. The novelty has found an aggressive look. Fastback is 115 mm longer than its elder brother (total length – 4455 mm). The increased dimensions made the car more spacious. But because of the dome-shaped roof, millimeters above the heads of passengers were “stolen”.

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