Hyundai intends to beat the Toyota Prius

Hyundai intends to beat the Toyota Prius

Koreans are participating in the eco-car race and intend to surpass Toyota Prius. The main advantage of the new Hyundai is the presence of a hybrid unit and a fully streamlined bodywork. However, Koreans promised to produce fully electric versions, which do not need a traditional gas station at all.

Unlike “Priusa”, Hyundai loniq will be a normal, not weird machine. Both externally and internally, it does not differ from other traditional Hyundai cars, for example Hyundai Solaris 2014. In the bodywork, we were able to detect active grille flaps. The resistance coefficient is 0.24 – by the way, it is exactly the same for Toyota Prius.

Hyundai Ioniq photo

All is well under the hood

Initially, Koreans will be allowed to use a 1.6-horsepower hybrid with a 105-horsepower motor and a 43.5-horsepower electric motor from the conveyor belt. The battery will be lithium-ion battery, just like a Japanese one. The planetary gear will be replaced by a six-speed gear with 2 clutches. The alternative power plant will be more powerful – 141 hp in total.

For every 100 km, 4.5 liters of fuel will be used. A little later, the Koreans promise to release clean water to the “train”, but the maximum power reserve is still silent. By 2020, Hyundai plans to produce at least 22 different eco-models.

Auto Hyundai Ioniq

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