Bentley Continental GT 2

Bentley Continental GT 2
  • Car model: Bentley
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2010
  • Body Type: Coupe

Originally, the Bentley Continental GT sports car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2003. The car was positioned as a successor to the Continental R and T models. After 7 years of production, the car received a lot of modifications and special versions.

After the upgrades of 2010, the following followed, which affected the Bentley Continental GT 2nd family. The machine has been further developed to provide an improved level of dynamism and driving quality. The whole model range is Bentley.


With the naked eye, it’s almost impossible to find any difference from the last model. But despite this, the second generation was really developed from scratch. One of the important differences between the “new” and “old” compartment is the headlights. Not only have they increased, but they have also received a beautiful frame – all lenses are now surrounded by built-in LED headlights that blind the eyes.

So the radiator grille and front bumper have changed. The radiator grille is positioned more vertically, which allowed to provide improved air supply and gave the car a more modern and aggressive look. Looking at the machine in more detail, the seam that used to divide the headlights in half has evaporated. Due to the fact that the size of the door became bigger, it was necessary to change the side component of the headlights – they were slightly shortened.

Bentley Continental GT

Looking at the side of Bentley Continental GT’s car, you notice that the windows are narrower and more elongated. Partly, it was done for the general direction of the new car to the sharpness of the lines. It is impossible not to notice muscular arches of wheels and the tightened prompt silhouette.

The aft part of the car also provided small changes – the overall lights together with the exhaust pipes became flatter, and the reversing lights went down even lower. The luggage compartment lid has also undergone changes. The rear is now very similar to the sedan Bentley Mulsanne.

Side view of Bentley Continental GT

Speaking in general, it turned out to be quite a classic, strong and muscular appearance of the car. But appearance can be deceptive. Although the exterior has been preserved, the engineering staff used the most advanced technologies to assemble the body part. The hood together with the aft part was made of solid pieces of aluminum with the help of the method of ultra-precise forming without welds, which made it possible to make the difficult sports car a little easier.


In short, restyling has had a positive impact on Bentley Continental GT, giving it the opportunity to get a new multimedia system, more luxurious trim materials and middle racks, seatbelt bindings and moved from the front seats to the front seats. This has made the seats a little thinner, freeing up extra space (5cm) for the legs of backseat passengers. Bentley’s interior is handcrafted. The salon promises to be stylish and comfortable, where 4 passengers can comfortably fit. The salon is soft and inviting.

The main control devices together with the equipment and the dashboard were not moved by a single centimeter, but they are more clearly integrated into the exquisite finish under the wood. There are softer shades. Everywhere you can see the presence of bright metal edges. Together with the multimedia system there is a built-in navigation system, with 30 GB of memory, as well as an 8-inch display that supports touch input.

Bentley Continental GT interior

The tunnel in the middle of it hasn’t changed much. But the door panels, along with the armchairs and the finishing and coloring materials, were new. The chairs were made thinner and easier. They can also be equipped with a 10-roller massage system as an option for ventilation. The combination of leather, which is very soft, with unobtrusive metal and wood, allows you to call the interior of Bentley Continental GT elegant and pleasant not only to the eye, but also to the feeling.

The presence of a stylish novelty in the salon – a case of exquisite appearance, which is folded up. It fits pens, keys or any other small thing. If necessary, you can take it off and take it with you. The quality of the noise insulation is excellent. All the details were aimed at achieving this goal. The car has built-in floorboards, acoustic lacquering, special case panels to suppress vibrations. The number of touch technologies just surprises.

Bentley Continental GT Salon

It turns out that in front of us is a real multimedia center with high-quality stuffing. The 8-inch touch screen displays all the necessary information and settings, including the adjustment of comfort inside the car, phone, setting keys audio system and navigation system.

When there was a question on application of materials of furnish, designers did everything possible that as much as possible to reduce presence of plastic, giving priority to a skin, a tree, aluminium and the tempered glass. The steering glass turned out to be massive and replaced by a more elegant three-spoke glass.


Mower unit

The machine is equipped with the previous 6.0-litre bi-turbo V12 engine. However, there were some changes, and they touched upon the power moments. If earlier there were 560 horses, now there are 575 horses. The maximum speed is 318 km/h and it reaches the first hundred Bentley Continental GT sports car in 4.6 seconds.

Consumption of the engine is about 16.5 liters per hundred kilometers on the average, the operation of the power unit is synchronized with the six-stage automatic machine ZF with the ability to switch speeds with the help of petal paddles. It also distributes torque to the four-wheel drive in a 40/60 ratio. Moreover, with the help of the leading technologies of FlexFuel, the engine can run not only on conventional unleaded gasoline, but also on environmentally friendly bioethanol, or mix them in any ratio.

Bentley Continental GT Engine

Interestingly, both types of fuel are filled into a single tank of 90 liters. The end of 2011 allowed the Bentley Continental GT to get another engine – a fundamentally new 4.0-litre and 8.0-litre engine with a capacity of 507 horses. It is 40% more environmentally friendly than its brother with 12 cylinders.

Brake system

Bentley Continental GT sports car brake system is represented by carbon-carbide-ceramic ventilated brake discs with six-piston supplements. These brakes are combined with options ABS, CBC, DBC, which allow you to improve the maximum braking effect in any mode of operation of the machine. The set also includes the presence of 20 inch alloy wheels with low profile Pirelli PZero tires.


The width of the Bentley Continental GT sports car is 1,944 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,746 and 2,806 mm, together with its long wheelbase, remaining at the previous level. But the car has grown by 14 mm in height and now stands at 1,404 mm. The car was able to lose 65 kg, so now it weighs 2,320 kg. The development department had to sweat well to remove all the extra parts, or replace them with lighter ones.

Complete sets and prices

The 507 hp version of the Bentley Continental GT in the Russian Federation is valued at $163,251, and the 2014 V12 version will be valued at $179,117.
The package includes:

  • Fully leather interior made of high-class materials in 17 color variations;
  • Elegant adjustable front seats with heating function and memory option;
  • Console control panel trim with unbleached walnut root veneer;
  • 7-colour solutions for the leather interior;
  • Safety belts and mats with leather interior trim;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Large ventilation openings with chrome control handles;
  • Electrically adjustable tilt and length steering column with memory option;
  • Automatic seat-belt feeding system;
  • Double armrests with storage space;
  • Footwell lighting and safety space on the centre console;
  • Multimedia system with 8-inch display that supports touch input and high resolution;
  • Integrated AM/FM radio;
  • Navigation system;
  • Hard disk;
  • Interface for iPod, slot for CD/DVD, slot for SD memory cards, integrated control system of suspension systems and control the level of pressure in the wheels;
  • Voice activation of all multimedia system options;
  • Satellite radio system Sirius;
  • 8 channels, 8 speakers of BMR audio system with perfectly clear sound;
  • Electronic handbrake with start control key;
  • Multi-zone automatic climate control system;
  • Alarm system with motion sensor;
  • Parking sensors with display of the required data on the touchscreen display and audible alarm;
  • Pedals of management with nameplate Bentley;
  • Lever of a gearbox with furnish by chrome and on colour of interior with an option of mechanical switching of speeds;
  • Front and rear airbags at chest level.

Rear View Bentley Continental GT

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Nice, new appearance of the car;
  • Modern lighting system;
  • Streamlined appearance;
  • Light weight of the car, which did not affect the quality of the body;
  • Large wheels;
  • Comfortable and expensive interior;
  • High-quality noise insulation;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Presence of the touch screen display;
  • The stern part became more stylish and youthful;
  • Comfortable seats which will allow to make even long trip comfortable;
  • The convenient central console;
  • Qualitative details applied at interior creation;
  • Good quality of safety;
  • Strong power units;
  • Good dynamism;
  • Moderate fuel consumption.

Cons of a car

  • High cost of the car;
  • High price of service;
  • For the Russian Federation the car has a low ground clearance;
  • Large dimensions of the car.

We sum up

This is noticeable in terms of improved exterior design, which has become more aggressive and modern, but has not lost its classic value. The car can be easily recognized by the entire crowd. LED lamps appeared, massive arches of wheels rise from the side, and 20 inch light alloy wheels are hidden in them.

Inside the quality has only improved, added a touch screen display, which displays all the necessary information. The dashboard of millet devices attracts attention, seats are rather convenient and equipped with various adjustments, including massage and ventilation.

Bentley Continental GT

We have not forgotten in the car about ensuring the proper level of safety. There are also various systems that are designed to help the driver on the road. Powerful power units will allow you to feel confident on the road, when climbing and during overtaking. Excellent dynamism will be provided! And there is no need to worry about the brakes, it was worried about the engineering department of Bentley. Of course, for such a car will have to pay a lot of money, but it is worth it.

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