Bentley Continental GTS Convertible 2

Bentley Continental GTS Convertible 2
  • Car model: Bentley
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2011
  • Body Type: Convertible

The Bentley Continental GTS Convertible is a luxury convertible from the English company Bentley Motors. The whole model range is Bentley.


Updates touched the bumpers, lighting equipment, hood, radiator grille and other parts. In addition, the British worked on the color characteristics of the machine. In addition to the base cast wheels, which have a diagonal of 20 inches, the version with all-wheel drive of the upgraded Bentley Continental GTZ convertible can be equipped with 12-inch wheel rims, which are presented in 3 versions.

The wheel styles have been specifically designed for the Continental GT Convertible to further enhance the vehicle’s athletic fit. The first modification of the GTC was retailed with its excellent elegance. But the updated version differs clearly against this backdrop by the use of rapid lines that give the car a modern and sporty look.

Bentley Continental GTS side viewPhoto of the Bentley Continental GTSPhoto of auto Bentley Continental GTS

Bentley Continental GTS Convertible 2011

Innovative solutions have also been used in the manufacture of parts: now the technology makes it possible to produce the front wings of aluminum without seams. And since welding is not used, it emphasizes the special quality of manual assembly. And due to the fact that we used a unique technology of “jewelry” headlights, it was possible to optimally adjust the lighting for movement at any time of day.

The side part of an expensive car carries a lot of arches of wheels with the same wheels. There are external rear-view mirrors on which you can find the presence of repeaters of turns. Original lines eloquently testify to the refinement and rich history of the company. The aft part was made in the form factor “double horseshoe”, which was first used in the Mulsanne.

This “double horseshoe” forms a small spoiler. They also paid attention to the presence of parking lights, which occupy a significant part of the wings. The exhaust system is represented by oval almost flat pipes, which makes the car sporty.

Side view of Bentley Continental GT

The body panels of the new Bentley Continental GTC were made of steel sheets and components. It should be remembered that there is no hard roof in the supercar, so the main bodywork elements were made of reinforced steel and mounted on a spatial tubular chrome-molybdenum steel frame to increase the rigidity and strength of the sports car.

Despite the fact that the weight of the convertible grew by 125 kg, the main emphasis was placed on ensuring the proper level of safety and reliability of the body saloon. Also very interesting is that in order to remove the unsightly image of the antenna, the soft roof was made of composite materials that can transmit GPS signal and radio waves.


The interior of the Bentley Continental GTC has been fitted with features that were previously unavailable. They are designed to increase comfort, but the interior design and decoration itself has been almost unaffected by the upgrade. The colour palette that will be used to colour the body is now 17. Moreover, the buyer will be able to choose one of 6 colors of soft leather top. Thanks to the wide possibilities of personalization of the interior, there are 7 variations of inserts made of wood of valuable species.

According to the manufacturer, the interior has improved not only in terms of practicality, but also in functionality. There is more space in the legs of the rear passengers and there are automatic seat-belt closers. As for the acoustic comfort of the driver and passengers sitting next to each other, the engineering staff of the elite company carried out the work, making the panels under the bottom of the car and adding a multilayer folding top.

Bentley Continental GTC интерьер

By the way, the audio system, which is called Naim for Bentley, has 14 loudspeakers that can demonstrate high quality sound despite the raised roof. Part of the reason for this success is the special arrangement of the loudspeakers in different parts of the body. As with many vehicles, special comfort is only available to the front driver and front passenger.

Bentley is worried about the health of its customers, so that the driver and front passenger will not be caught in the wind when driving with the roof raised, their necks will be heated by the “air scarf” created by the Neck Warmer climate control system, which has three power modes.

Bentley Continental GTC салон

The seats have a built-in osteochondrosis back massage system. The Bentley Continental GTC has a variety of intelligent assistance and comfort systems. For example, a janitor can not only understand that rain has begun, but can also determine its intensity in order to choose the optimal mode of operation.

The roof can be folded up if the speed limit is less than 30 km/h. Otherwise, it simply will not respond to the command to fold or unfold.


A powerful power unit is synchronized with an 8-range automatic transmission that transmits the traction to all 4 wheels. However, if in the previous models the ratio was 50/50, now it is 40/60, where a larger number is represented by rear wheels. The first hundred is achieved by the upgraded Bentley Continental GTC in 4.8 seconds, and the speed limit remains the same. Work has also been carried out to reconfigure the suspension and steering.

Complete sets and prices

The cost of a Bentley Continental GTC with a v12 powertrain in the Russian Federation starts at 12,386,000 rubles. The kit includes climate control, on-board computer, light sensor, rain sensor, standard audio system with CD and MP3 support, power steering, central locking, remote control, mirrors with electrical adjustment, heating of mirrors, front power windows, seat heating, steering column adjustment and height adjustment of the driver’s seat.

The basic equipment includes: a new multimedia system with a large touch screen, built-in navigation and thirty gigabytes of memory on the hard drive, ABC. At will also it is possible to get high-performance carbon ceramic brake disks.

Bentley Continental GTC вид сзади

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Improved exterior design of the sports car;
  • Large wheel rims;
  • Modern light-amplifying system of illumination;
  • Sports and youth qualities;
  • Folding roof;
  • The wheels were specifically designed for the Bentley Continental GTC;
  • Improved interior design;
  • Addition of new colour schemes for colour variations;
  • Navigation system with display that supports touch input;
  • Quality audio system;
  • Good provision of the proper level of safety;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Powerful power unit;
  • Good automatic gearbox switching;
  • The improved system of a full drive;
  • Various systems designed to help the driver.

Cons of a car

  • It’s a very expensive supercar;
  • Great price of service;
  • Hardly fits the winter mode;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Rear passengers do not feel as comfortable as those sitting in front;
  • Small luggage compartment.

Summing up

In general, when you talk about a car brand like Bentley, it’s still nice to talk about its disadvantages and advantages. Although the car has not undergone radical changes, its designers were able to improve without taking away recognizable stuffing. The car aspires to be always the first. The big arches of wheels with not less big rims of wheels, speak about serious intentions of a sports car.

The beautiful interior of the Bentley Continental GTC has already been pleasantly improved. Everything is in place and intuitively clear. All controls are easy to reach without being distracted by the road itself. The seats are very comfortable and feature a host of useful functions, including massage. Passengers sitting behind are not so comfortable, but there is nothing to complain about.

Bentley Continental GT photo car Bentley Continental GT front view Bentley Continental GT rear view

Although there isn’t much luggage space (because most of it goes to the roof, which folds up), but it is still there and the most necessary easily fits. The powertrain is very powerful and will allow you to feel confident with it in any traffic situation.

And the improved all-wheel drive system will only help to do so. They have not forgotten in the company about providing the proper level of safety, which the British company has always been on top of. There are various systems that are designed to help the driver on the road. Overall, the Bentley Continental GTC has turned out to be excellent. The upgrade was only for the benefit of the car, which was already excellent. We are confident that Bentley will continue to improve its existing vehicles and will not stop at producing new ones.

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Bentley Continental GTC photo

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