Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage
  • Car model: Bentley
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 1998 – 2009
  • Body Type: Sedan

The Bentley Arnage was first presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1998. Initially it was very similar to the Rolls Royce, especially on the outside. This is a high-end car in the sedan body. The native Englishman exhibited himself as a transporter, which perfectly combined comfort and aristocrats. The whole model range is Bentley.

Bentley Arnage acquired excellent running characteristics with the help of an upgraded rear suspension together with electro-hydraulic active shock absorbers. They all bring even more inimitable qualities and unique innovations to the car among their class. Often, Bentley Arnage is often referred to as a “smooth-running cat liner”. Persistent tires, brake systems Pirelli P-Zero Rosso as claws are absorbed into the road.

Strong engine, considerable luggage compartment, interior of luxury class – all this will not leave indifferent even those who love the most refined interior. Six years later, the Bentley Arnage brand has been completely modernized. And already in 2007 the second generation of Bentley Arnage was presented. It was necessary to produce a car in the style of the XXI century, but taking into account and preserving the spirit and traditions of Bentley.


Since 2004, the Arnage brand has undergone modernization. The appearance and interior of the car were changed. The headlights were rounded and the headlamps received xenon light. The hood is much more elegant than the previous model. In the restyled version, the radiator grille was reduced in size and received a mesh pattern.

Bentley Arnage auto photo

The appearance of the Arnage in the T version is dominated by the darkened grille elements, in the air intakes, and in the RL and R versions, by the chrome parts. Now the stands are decorated with the aristocratic sign of the British company. Above the Bentley engine some changes were used.

The inlet system received an updated tonal lacquering, and the turbocharger received a decoration of its own logo. Restyling affected the body structure, which was reinforced. Its update got the bottom of the car. Aerodynamic parameters of the model were sharply transformed.


Getting inside a car like this, you feel like a king. Due to the fact that engineers decided to increase the length of the car by 25 mm, the ergonomics of Bentley has improved many times. The information panel was designed on the TFT-technology platform and displayed the information required by the driver much more clearly.

The central console in the interior was replaced by a smaller number of buttons and an upgraded air conditioning control unit. An extended version of the 250 mm version was presented – the Arnage RL. With the help of this innovation, the useful space for passengers who sit behind has become much bigger. Adding a DVD-player to this car was designated as a DVD-player.

Bentley Arnage interior


The Bentley Arnage sedan was equipped with an eight-cylinder 6.75 litre V-engine. Upgraded turbines and valve distribution function provide the reality to develop 456 hp in R and RL versions, and up to 507 hp in T version. Such a powerful engine with 4-speed automatic transmission is synchronized, and in the case of Arnage T – six-speed automatic transmission with the possibility of manual changeover.

There was a modernized suspension on two axles, which gave the vehicle excellent road handling. It is necessary to tell for safety of cars Bentley – it is always at the height. Due to the six airbags, stability function on the road and air pressure gauges in the wheels – the company has risen to a special level.

Bentley Arnage engine

Price and equipment

Buying an elegant, beautiful and powerful Bentley Arnage sedan in Russia is possible from $63466 for a used car. The price variation will depend on the year of manufacture, equipment level and general condition of the car. The new car will have to be given away from $26,9732for the new car.

The standard modification includes: a steering column, which is adjustable in height, the ability to connect the phone with Bluetooth, a statuette of the company on the grille, with the ability to “hide” under the hood, music system and video.

Bentley Arnage 2004

We sum up

The Bentley Arnage Sedan is undoubtedly the most expensive and “authentic” Bentley in the modern range, which retains the native English spirit. This car does not require advertising. It is taken for the purpose when comfort, ease of control, elegance of the interior, but at the same time, and a great power. Truly a great brand!

Bentley Arnage 2005


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Bentley Arnage photo

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