Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Plymouth Hemi Cuda
  • Car model: Plymouth
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1970
  • Body Type: Coupe

Plymouth Hemi Cuda coupe was produced in the period from 1970 to 1971 and existed not as a full-fledged car, but as a sports variety of Plymouth Hemi Cuda coupe of the 3rd generation. The car was designed on the basis of “Chrysler E”. The whole model range is Plymouth.


After years of rivalry with Ford and Dodge, the firm decided to release Plymouth Barracuda (Plymouth Barracuda). It became available in 1964, a couple of weeks earlier than Ford Mustang. The company Chrysler put a lot of hope on this car, although in principle it was a variant of Plymouth Valiant in the body of the fastback. The car was delivered with a radicular 6-cylinder engine or V8, with a power range of 145 – 235 hp.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Next year, a new V8 Commando powertrain was added, which was mounted on the version of Formula C. Already in 1966, the name plate Valiant was removed, and the next year Barakuda existed as a fully independent model with a V8 and 180-280 hp engine. However, there were some incidents.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

The model with the strongest engine did not come complete with power steering, which certainly pushed customers away. All attempts to “disguise” this drawback, and specifically the car releases in different bodies, coupe, fastback (Ford Mustang 1967) and cabriolet in 1967, were unsuccessful. Therefore, the next year, the designers were able to embellish the exterior of the car, which gave it a sports image in the finals.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

It was decided to release a limited version with all known HEMI engines. Mainly these cars were designed for professional drag racing, which was not an advertisement for a casual consumer. After a short time, a new engine, the 440th V8, was introduced with a capacity of 7.2 liters.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda side view

It was the most powerful engine on the pony carts. And finally, in 1970, the company’s management decided to prepare a completely new machine on the basis of E-Body. The name was shortened to Cuda.


Due to the new platform, the car became slightly shorter, up to 4.75 m, but increased in width to 1.9 m. Now the coupe and convertible acquired an aggressive appearance, the window line was raised and unusual, fully stylish “gills” on the side of the car appeared. The 28-year-old John Goerlitz was responsible for the design.

Moreover, very bright colours were now used to colour the bodywork, which gave it an attractive look and drive to the car’s design. Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1970 retailed from other cars, classic balanced appearance and engine, which was also, if not more famous than the American himself. In the construction of the machine was used a load-bearing body made of steel. The machine was equipped with Rallye wheels.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda rear view


As a result, customers were offered cars in two versions: standard and sports. The sports car was called Cuda and its retail outlet was decorated with high quality leather, and armchairs with built-in headrests. Moreover, additional measuring devices were installed, the original radio with a cassette recorder. Black interior, looks great.

It is complemented by a wooden insert near the gear lever made of wood. For a three-spoke steering wheel, there are various measuring devices. Among them, the biggest is the speedometer, on which the maximum value is indicated in 120 miles, which in practice was much more. The rear passengers were comfortable, if not perfect, especially if they were sitting with a couple of people.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda salon photo


In the standard version, Plymouth Hemi Kuda was equipped with 6.3 liters 383 engine, which produced 335 hp. Variations with 440 and Chemie engines were supplied with improved suspension parts and had a much more flexible body design. The most powerful modification was the Hemi Cuda, which was designed for autonomous tuning in its garage.

It differed from the standard model, large rear wheels and tyres. The set included an engine with a volume of 7.0 liters and a pair of four-chamber carburettors and was able to adjust to a huge output – 620 hp and 884 Nm.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda engine photo

This “monster” was synchronized with a 4-speed manual transmission. In the front suspension there were double transverse levers on the torsion bar. There were semicircular leaf springs at the back. Adjustable Koni shock absorbers were also introduced into the vehicle. Disc brakes were installed on the front and drum brakes on the rear wheels.

Complete sets and prices

You can buy Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1970 coupe at an auction, but the prices will be just huge. Thus, the real American muscle will be in the range from 549067$ to 738965$. Usually the condition of such machines is excellent, because they are restored. Standard equipment is available.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda maslkar

We sum up

Plymouth Hemi Kupe is a real American muscle caramel. It is distinguished by its powerful, well-known and ready to boost engine, racing appearance and pleasant asceticism in the salon. This car is undoubtedly respected by all motorists in the world and wants to have it in their garage.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1971

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Plymouth Hemi Cuda photo

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