Plymouth Barracuda

Plymouth Barracuda
  • Car model: Plymouth
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1970
  • Body Type: Coupe

We haven’t written about the maslkars in a while, so we’re gonna get better today. In turn, the magnificent Plymouth Barracuda, which is rightfully considered to be only a beautiful, but also the most original car model in the world. It is a car of one of 108 cars where Six Pack V. Even despite the honorable age (was released in 1971), the car was not subjected to any modifications.

On the web or by ear you can find different names of this car, ranging from Barracuda Formula S and ending with fastback (Ford Mustang 1967) and Barracuda Grand Coupe. The whole model range is Plymouth.


Note that the first generation of 1964-1966 was based on the Plymouth Valiant, with a wheelbase of 2692 mm. Even then, the novelty took from its predecessor the headlight frame, windshield, bumpers, ventilation windows and hood. In 1967, a new era of Barracuda started – they were completely transformed and began to be produced in versions of convertible, hardtop and fastback. As for the third generation, the production started in 1970 – Chrysler E. was taken as a basis.

Plymouth Barracuda photo car


Leather saloon and sports armchairs are just a small part of the advantages that the Plymouth Barracuda saloon contained. We will not dwell on the details, as the main snack is waiting for us inside, under the hood. Let’s notice only that already at that time the car has got disk brakes, the power steering, the improved differential and seats with the integrated headrests.

Plymouth Barracuda cabin photo


The standard engine for the first models was the Slant-6 170 Chrysler, which had an output of 101 hp. At the request of the buyer, the car could be equipped with a much more powerful Slant-6 225 with a volume of 3.7 liters and an output of 145 hp. The second generation was pumped with a new engine, which was called “big side” by the people.

It is a Chrysler B 383 V8 engine. The latter easily produced 330 horsepower at a volume of 6.3 liters. With the release of the third generation, a couple of new engines were added to the existing ones. These were gasoline Slant-6 198 – a budget version with 6 cylinders and a volume of 3.2 liters, and V8, which had a volume of 5.9 liters.

Plymouth Barracuda engine

Complections and prices

Today, the Plymouth Barracuda has become a tidbit for any collector. Exclusivity is added by the fact that in 2001 the Plymouth brand was completely disbanded. At many star auctions it is possible to meet versions of various complete sets. The car with Hemi is especially appreciated – recently the convertible of 1971 was launched with a hammer for $2400000!

Plymouth Barracuda 1970

We sum up

In its time, the car had time to be highlighted in many famous films such as the series about Nash Bridges and “Stolen in 60 seconds”. Did not stand aside and “Fast 6”. Like all such cars, the model is characterized by a very luxurious equipment and stunning appearance.

We advise you to read the article: Plymouth’s history

Plymouth Barracuda 1970 photo

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