Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth Road Runner
  • Car model: Plymouth
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1968 – 1980
  • Body Type: Coupe

Plymouth is an independent unit of the Chrysler team, operating from 1928 to 2001. Plymouth Road Runner is a machine with a high specific capacity, produced between 1968 and 1980s. The company paid Warner Brothers $50000 for the operation of the name and image of its animated hero on a personal new car, which was based on the coupe body with the middle rack Belvedere, thanks to which the world was presented Plymouth Road Runner. The whole model range is Plymouth.

Although Plymouth Road Randner was not one of the first Maslkars and was not the fastest or most beautiful car, and did not enjoy great popularity, nevertheless, he managed to make his name in automobile history.

The designers of the Road Randner decided to return to the classic maslkars, which were based on the affordable coupe and supplied with a powerful V8 engine. At the time of sale of Plymouth cars in 1970, they became the sales leaders in the U.S. The car was bribed by its relatively low cost, which did not affect its performance and controllability.

The American became famous in sports and not only. In racing series NASCAR car took part under the “pseudonym” of Superbird and differed from opponents (except for Dodge, which before the Plymouth introduced this innovation) by its long wing, the height of which was as much as 80 cm, which is even now a lot. Therefore, the Dodge and Plymouth brands won about 75% of the races because of their “advantage”. However, in 1971, they made adjustments and were practically banned, fixing for cars with such “upgrade” severe restrictions on engines.

However, this did not escape the attention of the car. So already in the third part of the film “Fast forward: Tokyo drift” it was driven by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). Three years later, in the 4th part of the Hollywood film “Fast-forward-4” in this car died Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). And already in the last part of “Fast Track 7” in 2015 the car was presented as a means of transportation of the main character Dominic Torreto in Tokyo and later it was on it that he chased Deckard Shaw (Jason Statem). Later on, production of the car was stopped due to stricter environmental regulations.

Plymouth Road Runner photo car


The appearance of the car was dominated by truncated rectangular shapes, which were popular in past times. The headlamps in front of the car seemed to be paired lamps, which were divided by a large metal grille. This was a bit similar to the Chevrolet Chevelle. Moreover, the front of the American coupe was decorated with a shimmering steel bumper with a small amount of rough curves.

The Plymouth coupe gave rise to a slight surprise in most people’s minds, mostly in the back of their feet, and in the position of the lights that looked at each other. The then standard metal bumper and a couple of large exhaust pipes are easily noticed behind the car. Plymouth was distinguished by its large luggage compartment, which was a couple of cm shorter than the hood. The wheels came with shimmering 15-inch rims.

Plymouth Road Runner car picture


The interior was full of its unpretentiousness and modest qualities, because all the emphasis was made on good dynamics and reasonable price. Ahead of the salon felt a large amount of free space, which is why it is easy to place a huge 3-seater sofa. The gearshift handle was located behind the wheel, and all other interior details were borrowed from the inexpensive Plymouth Belvedere.

Interior of Plymouth Road RunnerPhoto of Plymouth Road Runner salonPlymouth Road Runner photo salon


The Plymouth Road Runner coupe was equipped with a proven 6.3-litre V8 engine, capable of accelerating this American to the first weave in 7.5 seconds. The manual 4-speed gearbox helped to do this. Moreover, even then the car was supplied with disc brakes and rigid suspension.

On the technical side, the car was perfectly designed. For such a “successful” car, the company asked for only $2869, the price of which was clearly lower than that of the competitors of the brand. And for an additional fee, the Plymouth Road Randner Coupe was equipped with a Hemi engine with an output of 425 hp, capable of bringing the maslkar up to 100 kilometers in almost 5 seconds.

Plymouth Road Runner engine

Prices and equipment

The only way to buy a Plymouth Road Runner coupe is to bring a car from abroad. The price will vary from $9000 per car in 1980 to $30000 in 1968. The price may vary depending on the installed power pack.

The V8 383 CID with a capacity of 6.3 litres and 335 hp, as well as the V8 426 CID with a capacity of 7.0 litres and a V8 440 CID with a capacity of 7.2 litres and 375 hp can be implemented. The prices of the auction models are significantly higher than the above prices.

Plymouth Road Runner rear view


Summing up, it is possible to notice that from Road Randner the reserved car which on a traffic light on a shoulder without problems to overtake the opponent has left. The elegance of the appearance and scarcity of interior smacks, but we forget in what years this model was released, for what purposes and with what price bar.

Plymouth Road Runner car of 1965

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Plymouth Road Runner photo

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