Infiniti QX50

Infiniti QX50
  • Car model: Infiniti
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: SUV

The Infiniti QX50 is a premium compact niche SUV that is produced by the Japanese manufacturer Infiniti. The car has front or all-wheel drive, and boasts “outstanding looks, the most advanced technology, as well as the most spacious interior in its class. The whole model range is Infiniti.

The history of the car

The history of this model began in 2007. Then the car was called “EX”. After that, in 2013, the novelty was introduced (there was a rebranding) under the name QX50. It was the first generation of this crossover. However, many people did not like the car, so in November 2017, the Japanese company showed the second generation of the Infiniti QX50 during the auto show in Los Angeles.

The novelty became much better externally, and also changed the layout. The car arrived on the Russian market in the summer of 2018. Our article will talk specifically about Infiniti QX50 2nd generation.


As we have said before, the exterior of the second generation Infiniti QX50 has undergone a major transformation. The model has become more charismatic, received a strict appearance and clear lines. The nose part of the “Japanese” has a wicked look. The designers have decided to introduce a new radiator grille, which has a wave-shaped insert of mesh type, as well as a huge chrome edging. Interestingly, the customer can choose the color of the mesh insert, which can be black or chrome. In the center of the grille is traditionally placed a huge brand emblem of the Japanese brand.

However, it seems that the Infiniti QX50 2021’s front optics has changed the most. Efforts of designers turned out to give it more “evil” outlines, stretch the edges along the side. The upper part is decorated due to the daytime running lights, received LED-filling. Inside the optics engineers placed LED system. Standard equipment Infiniti QX50 has traditional LED elements, and here’s more sophisticated options will receive matrix optics.

Infiniti QX50 photo

The Japanese themselves call it I-LED. This version can hardly be confused with any other design. The standard version already boasts an adaptive mechanism and adjustment to the road surface automatically. This will have a positive effect on the quality of vision at night. Next, you can notice the modified bumper.

The new Infiniti QX50 2nd generation is the world’s first production car, whose engine has received a variable compression ratio.

Its lower part is decorated with the help of an additional radiator grille, which has received a pronounced protrusion forward. The bumper profile is equipped with two auxiliary air ducts that have pronounced C-shaped trims. To make its novelty more stylish, a group of designers and engineers introduced a pair of round fog lights with LED filling. Now the updated Infiniti QX50 2021 can not be called “soft” in terms of design.

Infiniti QX50 front view Infiniti QX50 side view Infiniti QX50 rear view

The entire front end turned out to be austere, sporty and chopped. As for the hood, it received strict lines, which resemble frowning human eyebrows. And it was decided to tilt the windshield back a little, having equipped it with light toning already in the initial variant. The profile of the new Japanese car also stands out due to innovations. Now there are no wavy lines. They have given way to more austere, which extend from the headlights and along the whole length of the body. The bottom part got dimples on the doors, and at the very end there is room for black plastic trim, which gives sports notes to the new Infiniti QX50 2020.

The side part of the Japanese model was embellished with several chrome trims. For example, door handles can be painted in body color or chrome trims can be applied to them. Now the chrome trim around the windows is not so thick. The chrome inlay on the front fender also looks very stylish. The mirrors have been improved. Their body is now more massive. The LED turn signal indicators haven’t disappeared.

The basic version is based on 19-inch light-alloy wheels, which have been given a unique design. However, as a separate option, you can equip your model with 20-inch “rollers”. Ground clearance height is quite good 218 millimeters. The back part also stands out. At once it is felt that the new Infiniti QX50 2021 is much better than its predecessor. Here you can notice the most broken roof, having huge “wicked” rear brake lights. Not only in front there is LED styling – the stern also got stylish optics. The design team was able to highlight the brake lights with separate sections.

In addition to this, the luggage compartment lid received a massive chrome line, which just connects with the brake lights. You can also notice the presence of a large spoiler, which received a small brake light repeater, several nameplates, allowing you to recognize the model. There is also a small notch for the license plate. The luggage door itself can be opened not only with a special key in the cabin, a key fob or using a non-contact option (to put your foot under the rear bumper).

Photo of Infiniti QX50

The rear bumper has oblong fog lights, and at the very bottom there is a plastic and metal overlay. Near the end there is a solidly shaped exhaust system. Expensive versions will have a panoramic sunroof or panoramic roof, which has an electric drive and a sliding front. There are also two side rails for attaching additional luggage.


Interior of the new Infiniti QX50 also changed very seriously. Previous interior quite a few car enthusiasts called obsolete, which certainly can not be said about the new model. The interior has become more modern and now looks stunning. The car has become more attractive and more innovative. The front row has leather seats, which can get an unusual design similar to the door trim. They have a comfortable profile and well-developed side rollers, optimal density of the filling and a large set of settings.

In front of the driver the Japanese have placed a 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel, which has a leather column with a chrome central spoke and keys. The last ones allow you to control the multimedia system and “onboard computer”. Then there is the dashboard, recessed inside the front panel. It is nice that instead of the analog version here is placed a 9-double system, which imitates the usual gauges, as well as displays navigation information and other things. Also the interior of the Infiniti QX50 has a projection on the windshield.

Infiniti QX50 interior

The new Infiniti QX50 now has an excellent interior, which stands out for its easy fit, spaciousness and quality of finish.

The central part was able to surprise in a good way. It is equipped with 8-inch and 7-inch screen InTouch. The largest was placed between the two vents of the ventilation system. It has a chrome trim. The first screen of the infotainment system supports the navigation system. And the lower one has a large number of keys for more comfortable operation. As for the screen itself, it is necessary for separate “climate” settings.

For those who like to listen to music, Japanese engineers decided to install Bose audio system, designed for 16 speakers. It is important to note that the “music” has a system of active noise suppression. It is positively reflected in the chic sensations of listening to the songs. If you take the right side of the tunnel, it, together with the transition to the central part, as well as the armrest, are covered with leather and alcantara. The initial part is equipped with cupholders, hidden under the cover.

Infiniti QX50 interior photo

Not without a compact gearbox handle, which is also trimmed with leather. Not far away there is a button, which starts the power unit. On the right side there is a place for a massive puck, which received buttons. The latter help to control the entertainment system more comfortably. On the back row there is a comfortable sofa for three adults. There are no questions about free space at all. There is a folding armrest, which has cup holders. There are even curtains in the doors, a couple of outlets, as well as separate ventilation deflectors.

If you take the standard condition of the cabin, the luggage compartment has 895 liters of volume. But it is possible to move the rear seats, using the skids. But if you remove the rear row, there is a flat cargo area, which has already 1,699 liters of usable space. Underfloor niche is equipped with an additional recess for small items, a second battery, a subwoofer, as well as tools. There is no spare tire, because the standard Run-Flat tires are installed.



Under the hood of the new model has a gasoline four-cylinder 2.0-liter VC-Turbo powertrain, which has a variable compression ratio. The motor runs on Otto or Atkinson cycles (depending on what degree of load). In addition, the “engine” has received a combined injection system, turbocharger, integrated exhaust manifold in the block, two balancer shafts, 16-valve timing mechanism, and variable valve timing.

This allows it to generate 249 “horses” (380 Nm), but this is a stripped-down version for the Russian market. The real power makes 272 horsepower. It allows already in 7.3 seconds to accelerate to a speed mark in 100 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed limit is 220 km / h. Fuel Consumption Infiniti QX50 amounted to about 8.6 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers of travel in a mixed mode.

Infiniti QX50 engine


For this engine, the Japanese have decided to use the Jatco variator, which has a torque converter and an imitation of 8 “gears”. Also, the specifications of Infiniti QX50 implies elektronno-controlled clutch, capable of transmitting up to 50 percent of torque to the rear wheels. You can activate the Sport-mode, which will make the steering wheel heavier, and the accelerator pedal will become much sharper response even to the slightest pressing.

Running gear

The second generation of Infiniti QX50 2021 decided to build using the “front-wheel drive” platform, having the code name “FF”. It implies a transversely placed power plant. The body structure has a high percentage of high strength steel. The body is also equipped with elements made of metal with a strength limit of 980 MPa. All wheels have independent suspension. The front has McPherson-type mechanisms and the rear has a multilever system. There are steel springs, amplitude-dependent shock absorbers and anti-roll bars everywhere.

The car is driven with the help of two types of steering. The initial complete set of Infiniti QX50 gets adaptive electric booster. But as a separate option it is possible to install a complex of systems Direct Adaptive Steering. In this case, the commands from the “steering wheel” to the wheels are not transmitted directly, but with the help of wires, bypassing the mechanical connection. The braking system of the crossover is all in order. It can boast of ventilated disc devices (330-millimeters, which are supplemented with an abundance of electronic systems (ABS, EBD and so on).


The Japanese model has been designed to help the owner see further, react more quickly and fully enjoy driving the Infiniti QX50, regardless of adverse weather conditions. Company engineers traditionally pay a lot of attention to the issue of safety, so Infiniti QX50 was also no exception. Novelty has a smart “cruise”, which allows you to automatically maintain a safe distance to the vehicle ahead.

At the same time, the crossover can independently slow down and accelerate again if necessary. Engineers went further and installed a system that prevents hitting obstacles while driving in reverse. It can notify the driver of a close approach to another car or a stationary object, as well as apply the braking system. While driving, the driver is aided by frontal collision warning technology, which scans up to 2 cars in front. It is able to warn the driver of a potential head-on collision.

And thanks to blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance systems, the electronics can warn drivers of an approaching vehicle with an audible beep. After that, the steering system can be activated to direct the effort to avoid a collision. There is also a system that warns and prevents lane departure and a high-quality adaptive front-lighting system. The latter can direct the light towards the turning headlights, allowing for increased visibility in the dark. A full list of safety features for the Infiniti QX50 is available on the website or at dealers.

Features and prices

As of May 2021, the price of the Infiniti QX50 starts at $47472.00 for the base package. However, it has a solid equipment. Thus, the “basic” car boasts:

  • Leather interior trim;
  • 19-inch light-alloy wheels with an unusual design;
  • Separate climate control system;
  • Keyless entry system;
  • Cruise control;
  • Electrically adjustable seats;
  • Servo luggage compartment lid;
  • Tire pressure sensors;
  • Hill-start assist.

Infiniti QX50 crossover

But the top version will cost at least $ 64722.00, which is quite a lot. But such a variant will be additionally equipped:

  • Parking system in automatic mode;
  • 20-inch “rollers”;
  • Improved multimedia system that supports navigation;
  • 360-degree view function;
  • Rear camera;
  • Ventilation of front seats;
  • Memory position for electric adjustments;
  • Technology capable of recognizing signs;
  • Blind spot and lane control.

Comparison with competitors

There are plenty of rivals in this class, but the main competitor to the Infiniti QX50 2021 is the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Lexus RX, Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo XC60, Cadillac XT5, and Mercedes-Benz GLC. The Japanese are seriously hoping that they can woo buyers away from such models by hovering around the premium class.

Pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Appearance;
  • Large wheels;
  • Height of ground clearance;
  • Comfort;
  • Reliability;
  • Visibility;
  • Driving performance;
  • Safety;
  • Spacious interior;
  • Quality of finishing materials;
  • Spacious trunk;
  • Dynamics;
  • All-wheel drive;
  • Manageability;
  • Electronic systems and assistants;
  • Virtual dashboard;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Front optics.

Cons of a car

  • Price;
  • Expensive maintenance;
  • Stiff suspension;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Not the most modern and fast multimedia system.

Summing up

So, the new 2nd generation Infiniti QX50 2021 can be called a full-fledged novelty, which has changed very seriously. The changes have affected the exterior, which has become more sporty and modern. The specialists have also improved the interior, adding a virtual dashboard and two displays of the entertainment system. There is enough space inside, which can be increased if necessary.

We should also mention a capacious luggage compartment, high safety level and all-wheel drive system, which together with a fairly good ground clearance allows feeling more confident on a bad road. It turns out that the Japanese crossover Infiniti QX50 2021 has all the chances in the domestic market, because the previous version was also quite popular. But how will the competing companies respond? And whether Infiniti will be able to keep the main places in sales. Only time will tell.

New Infiniti QX50

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Infiniti QX50 photo

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