Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks
  • Car model: Nissan
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Body Type: Crossover

Nissan Kicks is a subcompact class parkette introduced in May 2016. However, the Japanese crossover’s conceptual version was presented to the world in the fall of 2014 during the exhibition in Sao Paulo. The Japanese company sought to release a budget and less flamboyant alternative Nissan Juke. However, not so long ago, the Japanese have presented the restyled Nissan Juke 2021. We will describe what has changed in the new model at the end of the article, but first, let’s find out about the model Nissan Kicks. The whole model range is Nissan.


It was decided to make the Japanese parker’s nose without deviating from the trends of our time. The radiator grille was made in the form of strips, but it still got holes. Along the contour, there is a V-shaped chrome edging, and in the middle part, there is a place for the traditional emblem of the Japanese brand. As for the front optics, it was also made completely new. In a way, it was decided to take from Nissan Kashkai, but it fully complies with the latest technologies. The top of it is slightly convex, and the bottom is hidden behind the front bumper.

For the Nissan Kicks, it was decided to use both LED and traditional halogen and lens fillings. The front bumper has a small protrusion, which protects the entire front of the Nissan Kicks from unexpected collisions with small objects. Its lower part is equipped with an additional grille, which helps better airing of the engine. On the sides, there is a place for fog lights and daytime running lights. At the very bottom of the bumper is set a chrome strip, gaining popularity from various manufacturers. The hood is slightly streamlined around the radiator grille and lies on top of the front headlights.

Nissan Kicks 2016

From the side, the new Nissan Kicks boasts sporty styling, curved shapes on the front doors, and raised rear doors with glass that suggest the car can be animated and maneuverable. Those looking for a difference from the Nissan Beetle are your way out. The rear door handles are placed in their traditional place, not in the corner of the glass. Rumor has it that only this kind of option is the most comfortable and attractive. The pillars around the perimeter will be painted black, and the roof is optional for the owner.

It can be painted orange, black, red and other options. The lower part of the doors has a curve accentuated by black plastic and a chrome line. Importantly, there is black plastic all around the bottom of the car. Essential equipment Nissan Kicks received 16-inch wheels, but you can equip the vehicle with 17-inch “rollers” as a different option. The height of ground clearance was quite average 179 millimeters.

Launch of Nissan Kicks began in 2017 at its own plant in the district of Resendi state of Rio de Janeiro, and sales geography covers more than 80 countries (but there is a modest chance that the car “will reach” the Russian market).

Nissan Kicks photo

Nissan Kicks front view Nissan Kicks side view Nissan Kicks rear view

If you look already at the rear of the 2019 Nissan Kicks, you can recognize similarities with the Beetle. This can be seen in the elongated rear optics, the raised back end and a similar luggage compartment lid. However, because of the enlarged body features, the opinion changes toward the new model. The uppermost part has an antifender, and there is a place for the LED brake light repeater underneath the interior. The rear window was bent on the sides, and at the bottom, there is a windshield wiper. Below is the “nameplate” of the Japanese brand Nissan.

The luggage compartment’s lid can not be called very convenient because it is wide at the bottom and narrower at the top, and again wide in the glass area. It turns out that it will not be so easy to place them in the trunk of the Nissan Kicks when transporting bulky things. The body-colored bumper and black plastic emphasize the lower part. Then there is the diffuser, which has fog lights on the sides. It’s hard not to notice the uncovered muffler spigot, rear suspension, and other elements from the underbody. Some believe that the Japanese should have lowered the rear bumper a little lower to cover all these elements.


Once inside, you realize the status of a budget car. There is a moderate amount of interior trim materials, modest parameters of the onboard equipment. The finishing materials include unique fabric, artificial leather, and inexpensive plastic. Some are dissatisfied with the front panel’s complicated relief, which has received a lot of visors, protrusions, and depressions. It is also impossible to call the shape and size of the massive vents put out to the panel’s edges very successful. It is impossible not to note the quality assembly and good-quality finishing materials, despite the Japanese crossover price.

The driver is welcomed by a three-spoke steering wheel of modern design, which has a quality finish and extended functionality, confirmed by a large number of analog keys on the spokes. Behind the steering wheel, you can see the instrument panel, equipped with an arrow speedometer, engine speed indicator, small screen onboard computer, as well as several LED indicators. The front seats have not the softest filling and only mechanical adjustment of positions and heated seats. Side support is conditional.
Nissan Kicks interior Nissan Kicks front seats Nissan Kicks rear seats
The center console is not functionally marked. It boasts a 7-inch multimedia display built into the upper part of the panel, shaded by a compact visor. Then you can see the remote control, which got analog buttons and pucks. This allows you to activate and select the modes of the main onboard options. Despite the compact size of the central tunnel, it is equipped with transmission control levers, wells for storing small items, a cup holder, and even a folding armrest.

Three people can sit in the back row, but only two will be comfortable. It isn’t easy to distinguish anything in particular, but there is a system for adjusting the headrests’ angle. The luggage compartment is not a record-breaker – 383 liters are available. However, three times, it can be increased if you remove the rear sofa with two asymmetric parts, but there will be no flat floor, and there is no hatch for long luggage.


Seal unit

The Japanese company has outfitted its parkett with a non-alternative atmospheric engine that runs on both gasoline and ethanol. The hood is equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder inline powertrain that gets a 16-valve timing device and multi-point fuel delivery technology. As a result, it produces 114 horsepower (156 Nm).

Technical characteristics of Nissan Kicks can hardly be called impressive, considering the engine power. The moderate speed and especially traction capabilities of the “engine” are compensated by the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of Nissan Kicks is about 6-6.4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

It is believed that the novelty could be fitted with a 2.5-liter engine from the Nissan Rogue, capable of generating 170 horsepower.

Nissan Kicks engine


For the non-alternative motor, the engineers have provided a 5-speed manual gearbox or a stepless variator, which directs the torque to the front only. Unfortunately, there is no information about the dynamic performance and the maximum speed.

The running gear

As the basis of Nissan Kicks, the Japanese have decided to use subcompact “Nissan” platform “V,” implying independent struts of McPherson type in front and semi-independent configuration with H-shaped cross member in the back. There are coil springs and transverse stabilizers everywhere. The car “steers” with confidence with a rack-and-pinion steering device, received an electric booster. The braking system has disk devices on all wheels (front ventilated), which support ABS, EBD, and others.


Despite the budget level of the Nissan Kicks 2020, the car boasts airbags for front occupants and side curtains for the rear row. Also, there are cameras around the vehicle’s perimeter, which allow you to display the full state around the parkette. Not forgotten are ABS, ESP, Parktronic, as well as safety belts. With the help of stabilization, the car will be held better even at speed while making a turn. A lot of safety systems of Nissan Kicks will be taken from Nissan Juke.

Settings and Prices

In our country, at the initial stage, the new model will be represented by the base version of its own production. When the demand will increase, the model list will be expanded with more advanced top variants. Estimated price of the Nissan Kicks will be in the region of 940,000 – 1,150,000 rubles. It’s nice that for domestic buyers will provide a huge list of additional options. If you decide to buy Nissan Kicks “in base”, you will have:

  • Two airbags;
  • Conditioning;
  • Music system;
  • Electric power windows;
  • ABS, ESP and so on

Nissan Kicks side view

Updated Nissan Kicks 2021

The management of the Japanese company is well aware that the car, which debuted back in 2016, can no longer compete almost on equal terms with its rivals, so they decided to release a restyled version of this crossover. The new Nissan Kicks was introduced back in 2020.

Changed design

Thanks to the planned update, the car boasts a more aggressive and assertive exterior. The front has a larger radiator grille and the headlights are equipped with faceted shapes. The front bumper features vertical side sections with seamlessly integrated fog lights.

The “Japanese,” as before, has a refined silhouette and darkened rear pillars, which create the effect of a “soaring” roof. But after the update, there is an expanded range of body paint options available to the car. On top of that, the novelty boasts new 16- or 17-inch wheels.

New Nissan Kicks

The rear of the Nissan Kicks 2021 doesn’t have many chances. Still, you can immediately notice the revised configuration of the lights. The restyled Nissan Kicks 2021 now has the central optic units linked by a jumper, thanks to which the car adds visual width. The rear bumper has also decided to change slightly.

Improved interior

Inside the updated Nissan Kicks 2021, there is an improved center tunnel with additional compartments and an armrest. The appearance of the fabric upholstery has been changed. Now you can order leather trim. The three-spoke steering wheel has a flat base at the bottom, which is very common in many car manufacturers lately. Behind the steering wheel is an 8-inch digital dashboard.

Nissan Kicks interior 2021

The updated Nissan Kicks 2021 boasts support for remote software updates, 3-color Prima-Tex seats with contrast stitching, and an exclusive Bose Personal music system, which has 8 speakers (this also includes 2 speakers in the front row headrests).

The front panel has a minimalist style and is not equipped with unnecessary elements. It has an ergonomic multimedia display, several ventilation system deflectors, and the “climate” panel. The parkette has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Installed in the front seats got side support, and the driver’s seat can be adjusted in six positions. The passenger seat can be adjusted in four directions. Despite the relatively compact size, there is enough space on the second row. Considering the interior space, the car is deemed to be the best in class.

Technical part

The restyled Nissan Kicks 2021 has only one engine. Under the hood is a 1.6-liter gasoline four-cylinder power plant with DOHC system, which generates 124 horsepower. The engine is powered by a Xtronic variator, which drives only the front wheels. The fuel consumption of this configuration is about 7.1 liters per every 100 kilometers. Electric power steering will help to control the car. The Japanese have also seriously worked on improving the safety systems of Nissan Kicks 2021.

Price and equipment of updated Nissan Kicks 2021

There will be three options available – S, SV and SR. The Nissan Kicks will be available from $18,879.00 for the base variant, which already boasts:

  • Automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian detection
  • “Cruise”;
  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Extreme braking system during reversing
  • Technology that monitors blind spots and obstacles placed behind;
  • Dynamic crossover control system;
  • Traction control technology;
  • Head optics with automatic light intensity adjustment;
  • Head optics with automatic light intensity adjustment
  • Rear camera that combines with parking sensors;
  • Assist while starting uphill

Nissan Kicks photos

The top-end version of the Nissan Kix 2021 will be available for no less than $2,092.40. However, the final cost will be known later. The restyled version will be sold in Thai, American and a number of other markets.

comparison with competitors

In the budget segment of crossovers the “Japanese” has enough rivals, so the company managed to update its model in time. As a competitor of the Nissan Kicks could be Renault Kaptur, KIA Soul, Opel Mokka, Ford Puma, Hyundai Creta, Lada XRay, Toyota HR-V, Mazda CX-30.

Pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Exterior;
  • Optics;
  • Spacious, high-quality and ergonomic interior;
  • The abundance of various electronic systems and assistants;
  • Safety level;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Dimensions;
  • Price.

Cons of a car

  • The ground clearance could be higher;
  • No all-wheel drive;
  • Not always enough power to the engine;
  • Not the most convenient opening of the luggage compartment.

Let’s recap

The Japanese managed to release the necessary restyling for their model in time. This will allow them to continue to compete in the market of compact crossovers. The updated car has an improved exterior, a more thoughtful interior, and an improved safety level. Of course, there are questions about the engine power, which is lacking. Still, on the other hand, it has a positive effect on fuel consumption. In any case, it is necessary to wait for the release of the official version on the Russian market to evaluate the new crossover completely. And that should happen as soon as this 2021 year.

Front view of Nissan Kicks 2021

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Nissan Kicks 2021 photo

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