Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail
  • Car model: Nissan
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

Nissan X-Trail is a compact SUV, produced since 2000 by the Japanese on the famous base of Nissan FF-S. Since 2007, experts of the Japanese division have created and produced H Trail Nissan 2 generations, and in 2013, the world community saw 3 families of cars on the “cart” CMF. In this article there will be a review of the Nissan X-Trail. The whole model range is Nissan.

Car history

First generation (T30)

Japanese car Nissan X-Trail 1 series was presented by the Japanese in 2001, and was based on the Nissan-FF-S base. It should be remembered that such models as Primera and Almera were created on it. The car was produced until 2007, and it was replaced by a 2 series crossover.

The “first” Japanese had two gasoline engines with a capacity of 2.0 and 2.5 liters, which produced about 140 and 165 “horses”. The engines were synchronized with a five- or six-speed manual gearbox or a four-range automatic gearbox.

Nissan X-Trail (T30)

There was a front and four-wheel drive. For the front and rear wheels of the Nissan X-Trail 2007, an independent spring suspension was provided. The front wheels have ventilated disc brakes and the rear wheels have simple disc brakes.

It is not difficult to control the Japanese crossover, as the steering mechanism has an amplifier. When the year 2003 came, the company’s employees carried out modernization. Changes have affected the interior torpedo, which includes the instrument “board”, power unit adjustment blocks, automatic gearbox and ABS.

Nissan X-Trail (T30) side view

On the technical side, the exhaust system catalyst was replaced by a car intended for Japanese consumers, and a single metal catalyst was installed instead of a double ceramic catalyst, as for European cars.

In addition, the restyled crossover has two exclusive versions – Rider and AXIS, which differ from the outside by bumpers and radiator grilles, rollers and the latest colors of body painting, and inside – interior decoration.

As for the crash tests, the Japanese car received 4 stars out of 5 possible in terms of passenger safety according to Euro NCAP tests. But for the pedestrian, the score was 2 stars out of 4. Russian car enthusiasts know the car of the debut family well, because the model was in great demand here. The vehicle is distinguished by its central location of the “instrument” in the middle of the torpedo. Rear-mounted seats, if folded together, can form a flat floor, which is a very practical solution.

Nissan X-Trail (T30)

Among the advantages of the crossover are its attractiveness, brutality, reliability, good off-road characteristics, functional interior, clear behavior on the road surface, comfortable suspension, good dynamics and controllability.

The car is also quite repairable and has available spare parts. Unfortunately, the lacquer coating of the model leaves much to be desired. In addition, there are unnecessary noises during high speed. The automatic box does not work very quickly, and the chairs installed in the car are not the most comfortable.

Photo Nissan X-Trail (T30)

The debut model Nissan X-Trail T30 is a compact crossover, where there is a five-seater interior layout. X-Trail dimensions: the length of the crossover is 4,510 millimeters, width – 1,765 millimeters, height – 2,625 mm. The wheelbase is at the level of 2,625 millimeters, and the height of the ground clearance is 200 millimeters. Gross vehicle weight of Nissan X-Trail 2007 is from 1,390 to 1,490 kilograms. The difference in weight differs from the level of equipment, powertrain, transmission and gearbox.

Second generation (T31)

Nissan X-Trail of the 2nd generation made its official debut in 2007. Three years later, Trail T31 has undergone a lightweight restyling process, which has given it a fresher look and interior. The exterior of the second series was carried out in an angular-strict and simple design solution, where there were no stylistic luxurious innovations.

Though due to such male and brutal appearance, where there are muscular and correct proportions, it was possible to allocate “Japanese” from a number of passing cars-crossovers, which are full of “licked” forms.

Nissan X-Trail (T31)

Based on the size of the 2nd generation Trail T31, the vehicle can be classified as a “compact SUV”. The length is 4,636 millimeters, the height is 1,700 millimeters and the width is 1,790 mm. The wheelbase of the 2 families is 2,630 mm, and the height of the ground clearance is 210 mm.

The exterior of the cabin has a square type, high degree of functionality and conscientious assembly. The owner sees a multifunctional steering wheel and “dashboard”, which has a simple appearance and excellent information.

The small console, installed in the center, has a screen that supports touch control, a diagonal of which is 5 inches. In addition, the console has a “music” adjustment unit and other elements, as well as three “twirlers” of the climate control system.

Interior of Nissan X-Trail (T31)

The panel installed in the front looks strict, however, quite modern. Among its peculiarities one can note the verified ergonomics. The interior of Nissan X-Trail 2 is made of attractive plastic, which is diluted with silver elements under the aluminum.

More expensive equipment was provided with leather upholstery. Employees of the plant tightly adjusted all the elements of the panels to each other, so the gaps are small. The front seats received a clear profile and quite good side support rolls. They can be adjusted in 6 different directions.

On the back row, the sofa can comfortably accommodate three passengers, while having a solid reserve of freedom on all fronts. To increase passenger comfort, the backrest can be tilted and the climate deflectors can also be adjusted.

The trunk can carry about 479 litres of luggage and has an almost perfect layout. Below the raised floor, Nissan’s designers concealed additional drawers, below which the full-size spare wheel was placed. If necessary, the 2nd row of seats can be laid in a flat floor, which will provide 1773 liters of useful volume.

Nissan X-Trail (T31)

After the update, which took place in 2010, was the presence of a new bumper, other wings of the arches of the wheels, overlays on the “foggers” made of chrome, another grille, a fresher appearance of the headlights, and other lamps, where there were LEDs. Also, the novelty had a new 18-inch rollers, a new exterior of 17-inch “rollers”, a new palette of body paint, changes in size, a more perfect combination of colors inside the car and the latest “board” devices.

Specifications 2nd generation

Three in-line four-cylinder engines are available, each with an All Mode 4×4-i four-wheel drive system. The MR20DE two-litre gasoline engine is considered to be the standard, producing 141 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 196 Nm of maximum thrust at 4800 rpm. It is accompanied by a 6-speed manual transmission or a standard CVT variator. As a result, the first hundred is reached X-Trail from 11.1 to 11.9 seconds, and a maximum speed of 169 to 181 kilometers per hour.

However, the 2.0-litre engine does not “eat” more than 8.5 – 8.7 litres. The most powerful engine is the 2.5-liter, 169 strong QR25DE engine, which also runs on gasoline. The peak power is at 6000 rpm and 233 Nm is already available at 4400 rpm.

Nissan X-Trail (T31) engine

Together with the variable box, the crossover is accelerated to the first hundred in 10.3 seconds, and the maximum speed does not exceed 182 kilometers per hour. In the combined cycle, the “Japanese” consumes about 9.1 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers. The diesel engine can be accelerated to 100 km/h in 11.2-12.5 seconds and the speed limit is 181-185 km/h. It consumes such a motor not so much, for every 100 kilometers not more than 6.9-8.1 liters.

The all-wheel drive transmission Trail T31 has 3 operating regulations – 2WD, Auto and Lock. From the factory, all torque is transmitted to the front wheels, but up to a speed of 70 km/h, it is possible to activate the “Auto” mode, after which during the slippage of one of the wheels, some of the torque will be directed to the rear wheels.

Having connected the Lock mode (works only in the speed mode not exceeding 40 km/hour) the clutch discs are always fixed, and the traction together with the simple differentials is transferred between the wheels of both axles in equal order.

rear view Nissan X-Trail (T31)

For the basis of the second generation decided to take the “cart” Nissan C, which was used on the crossover Nissan Qashqai. Extreme has a McPherson-type suspension in front and a multilever system in the back.

All wheels have ventilated disc mechanisms, where ABS, EBD and ESP technologies are present, providing clear braking. Driving is easy, as the engineers have equipped the car with an electric power steering.

Nissan X-Trail (T32)

Nissan X-Trail is a vivid example of how years can pass from the presentation of cars to the official start of sales. They showed a new Japanese car back in 2013. Car sales started only this summer in Europe, while in Russian car showrooms the appearance of Nissan X-Trail is not expected before the second of March 2015.

Nissan X-Trail 2014 will be assembled in Sunderland (Great Britain). It is possible that a couple of cars will leave the plant near St. Petersburg, where the Japanese also have their own plant.


The front of the Nissan X-Trail off-road vehicle has a stylishly narrowed headlights, which are complemented by well-looking LED running lights. The grille is not very large, and it consists of 3 sections. Already as standard for an automobile company it can stand out from the crowd with the company’s nameplate installed in the center – Nissan.

The massive front bumper of the crossover almost does not protrude from the “torso” of the car, but attaches with its smooth aerodynamic outlines. Also, the bumper was able to place a large air intake together with fog lamps, which are framed by a chrome frame.

Front view of Nissan X-Trail

It also stands out on the bow of the car with the lower edge of the fairing. It is nice that in the 3rd generation Japanese specialists have done a lot of work on the new design of the SUV, which meets all the requirements of modern automobile design.

It was decided to take as a basis the design of the conceptual car Hi-Cross. As a result, the car is now a completely different, different from its predecessor. The nose part of the X-Trail 2016 has a large hood surface with beautifully arranged longitudinal ribs, which give the nose of the car more aggressiveness, charisma and sportiness.

Nissan X-Trail photo

Interestingly, even the standard modification of Nissan X-Trail has full-fledged LED headlights, which can not be found in every car today. The side part of the vehicle has elegant side elements, among which you can highlight the strong profiles of wheel arches, which are used to create an impressive view of the car from the side. Wheel arches have large radii, which are designed to install tyres up to 225/55 R19, which are placed on light alloy wheels. Small doors received high glazing.

Side view of Nissan X-Trail

The aft part of the crossover is fully consistent with the appearance of today’s off-road vehicles. The photo shows that the rear door, which also has an electric drive, takes up almost all the free space. This door is elegantly decorated with a small spoiler. Emphasizes the presentability of a new generation of cars Nissan X-Trail original shape of the rear position lights, which also come with LED filling, and neatly made rear bumper.

The new off-road car body literally paints splashes and waves that make the car more attractive, extravagant and even sporty. The Nissan X-Trail bodywork is available in olive, black, white, gray, silver and blue as color options.


The salon at the novelty of Japanese production is European in appearance and feeling. The interior is quite solid, it concerns the plastic used, quality leather, and the assembly is done at the proper level. The presence of a good combination of instruments and optimal tools, along with a set of necessary functions is well readable. The central console looks quite stylish and modern, and emphasizes it all the color 7-inch display of the multimedia system, along with a neat control unit climatic installation with an additional screen monochrome type.

Nissan X-Trail (T32) interior

The seats on the front row are quite comfortable and well thought out as a profile. A wide range of settings will allow you to choose the most comfortable placement. It depends on what equipment will be installed in the front, chairs installed in front will be equipped with either mechanical or electrical adjustments, and as for heating, it is present in any configuration.

The sofa installed at the back is designed for three passengers and there is enough space in each direction. It is also nice that there is no transmission tunnel at all in the back. Thanks to the longitudinal adjustments it is possible to increase the free space at the feet.

Nissan X-Trail (T32) salon

Optionally for Nissan X-Trail of the 3rd generation it is possible to buy an auxiliary row of armchairs, which will be useful if there are children. The “hold” has an almost perfect shape, you can find a pile of flooring, and the side parts were made of plastic.

The presence of the fifth door which is equipped with an electric drive that is rather convenient and necessary has pleasantly pleased. Speaking in general, the interior has been changed almost beyond recognition. The set of elements now actually are prestigious quality. There is a good built-in navigation system, rear camera or circular cameras.



There are three units available for Nissan X-Trail on the Russian market: one turbo diesel and two gasoline units. The basic version of the car will be equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 144 horsepower.

The most productive is the 2.5-liter “four”, which generates 171 horsepower combined with 233 Nm of peak traction. Acceleration to a hundred will take 10.5 seconds, the maximum speed reaches 190 km/h. In a mixed cycle, gasoline consumption will not exceed 8.3 litres.

Nissan X-Trail engine

Very unusual, but for Russian customers offer to install a 1.6-liter 130-horsepower “engine” dCi, running on diesel fuel. The four-cylinder turbo diesel is much more attractive in terms of fuel economy. With a capacity of 130 “horses”, the crossover per 100 km of track will take only 5.3 liters.


The 144 hp motor is complemented by a 6-speed “mechanics” or stepless CVT variator, all-wheel drive or front only. The 130-horsepower engine only functions with a mechanical gearbox that transmits the traction to the two axles. The diesel engine allows the machine to reach a speed of 100 km/h in 11 seconds and a maximum speed of 186 km/h.

The off-road vehicle has a proprietary ALL Mode 4x4i four-wheel drive technology. In standard situations, the car comes with a front drive, but when one of the wheels slips electronically, the torque will be transmitted to the rear wheels using an automatic clutch, which stands in the rear axle.

Transmission Nissan X-Trail (T32)


The third-generation Nissan X-Trail is powered by the Common Modular Family modular bogie with a standard walking arrangement. The McPherson suspension is installed in front of the truck, and there is a multilever behind it. If you take the model with front drive, there will be a semi-independent rear suspension.

Rail control

Depending on the road situation, the electric power steering can change its characteristics.

Brake system

Ventilated disc brakes, ABS, EBD and Brake Assist are available as brake systems.


Dimensions of the new Nissan X-Trail are as follows: the length of the car is 4,640 mm, width – 1,715 mm, height – 1,715 mm, and wheelbase – 2,705 mm. The height of road clearance remained at the same level – 210 mm, which is quite enough to travel comfortably on the roads of the Russian Federation. The Nissan X-Trail car is equipped with wheel rims with a diagonal of 17 and 18 inches. As a separate option you can buy 19-inch rims with an updated design.


The passive safety of a 3rd generation Nissan X-Trail SUV is attributed to the presence:

  • Frontal airbags;
  • Passenger airbags with shutdown option;
  • Lateral airbags;
  • Security shutter for front and rear passengers;
  • Door locks with protection against accidental opening by children;
  • ISOFIX child seat mountings;
  • Forward three-point belts with shoulder height adjustment;
  • Rear three-point belts with shoulder height emergency point;
  • Chauffeur’s seatbelt is not fastened;
  • Chauffeur’s seatbelt is not fastened
  • ERA-GLONASS systems;
  • Anti-blocking system;
  • Systems of brake force distribution;
  • Aid systems during emergency braking Nissan Brake Assist;
  • Machine stabilization systems;
  • Systems for active trajectory control;
  • Powertrain Active Braking Systems;
  • Systems designed to dampen body vibrations;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Cruise control.

Crash test

The third series of the famous Nissan X-Trail 3 car appeared in the world premiere in autumn 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Next year the model was tested by the independent European committee Euro NCAP. Looking ahead, it is safe to say that the tests did not make the creators of the car worry, which is eloquently said by 5 solid stars out of 5 possible.

Paying attention to Nissan X-Trail photo and video, it is clearly visible. The third generation of the Nissan X-Trail was tested on Euro NCAP base points. It includes “Adult protection”, “Safety of passengers and children”, “Pedestrian protection” and “Complete with security systems”.

Crash test Nissan X-Trail

Tests included a 64-kilometre-hour forward impact with a deformable obstacle, a 50-kilometre-hour side impact with a cart, and a 29-kilometre-hour side impact with a post. The design of the passenger area of the Japanese crossover subsequently remained unchanged. Drivers’ and passengers’ knees and hips received a good level of safety.

But when it comes to the chest of the same driver and front passenger, there is a possibility of minor damage to the chest – so its protection was rated “sufficient”. During a rear-end collision, the seats and their head restraints in the front provide good protection for the cervical spine from whiplash injuries.

Crash test

But the passengers in the back row were not as well protected from such injuries. At the time of the side impact, the new Nissan X-Trail in 2015 already had the maximum number of points in its luggage, but with more contact with the post, the car operator can get some damage to the chest, despite the fact that other parts of the body received “good” protection.

From the dynamic tests, it became clear that the vehicle was able to protect an 18-month-old child well during a frontal collision. But the load on the child’s neck (3 years) was high. During lateral contact, children are properly held in place by a special device, which reduces the likelihood of contact between the head and interior elements.

Nissan X-Trail crash test

The front passenger airbag can be deactivated and its position is accurate for the owner. The third version of the popular in Russia crossover has earned the highest score for pedestrian foot protection in case of possible impact, and with the help of the installation of high-quality front edge of the hood it is provided a sufficient degree of safety in the pelvis area.

The hood surface almost over the entire surface has adequate protection for the pedestrian head. A small degree of danger remains only in the rigid front posts. The basic equipment for off-road vehicles is a large number of auxiliary systems.

Among them is the availability of a system of course stability, warning technology for 1 and 2 rows of seats of unbuckled seat belts and a function that can recognize road signs. Such technologies fully comply with the norms of the European company NCAP.

The protection of adults is 32.7 points, which is 86 per cent of the maximum possible figure. Protection of child passengers was estimated at 40.7 points, which is 83 percent. Pedestrians received a score of 27.3, which corresponds to 75 percent. And the safety systems scored 9.8, which is comparable to 75 percent.

Complete sets and prices

The basic equipment of the Japanese car Nissan X-Trail 3 generation has a presence:

  • ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, ESP, HSA, ATC;
  • 6 airbags;
  • unkey access to the passenger compartment and start of the power unit using the button;
  • central lock with remote control;
  • light washer;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • fog lights;
  • electric handbrake;
  • light and rain sensor;
  • Rear Parktronic;
  • electric window lift drive;
  • electric exterior mirrors with heating function and automatic folding mode;
  • electric drive of the luggage compartment door;
  • of the on-board computer with a color multifunctional 5-inch display;
  • two-zone climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • audio systems with 6 speakers and support for AM, FM, CD, MP3, USB, AUS, iPod, iPhone and Bluetooth;
  • heating the seats in the front;
  • multifunctional steering wheel with height and depth settings;
  • Headwheel and gearbox leather trim;
  • Rear seat backrests 40:20:40 with tilt settings;
  • turning rear seat row;
  • glovebox and armrest box with heating and cooling function.

Nissan X-Trail car

The more saturated equipment already has HDC (descending assistance system), AEB (active deceleration system with the help of engine), ARC (body vibration control system), BSW (blind spotting system), MOD (system that knows how to detect moving objects), NBA (system that knows how to automatically switch high beam to the near one), LDW (system that controls the lane of motion).

There are also LED headlights, electric drive of driver’s seat (6 directions) and passenger’s seat (4 directions), multimedia complex Nissan Connect 2.0 with a display designed for 7 inches and supporting touch input (supports music, navigation, camera, all-around visibility), panoramic hatch with electric drive and leather trim seats.

Nissan X-Trail

Japanese SUV has an impressive number of equipment – 5 of them. There were 16 modifications for the same 5 sets, which means that every person will be able to choose the best car for himself. The cheapest model is estimated from $22121,30 for the version 2.0 XE MT with a gasoline 144 hp engine and manual 6-speed gearbox with front wheel drive.

The most expensive version is 2.5 LE+ CVT AWD, which comes with a gasoline engine of 2.0 liters volume, which gives 171 horsepower, synchronized with the variator, and has all-wheel drive. Its price is from $31384,30. Below is the table Nissan X-Trail price.


Restyling Exterior

Major changes in the exterior were made between 1 and 2 of the Extreme family. Thanks to the change of style, the X-Trail 2018 has improved its position using smooth, streamlined shapes. It’s worth admitting that they’re very good at it. Looks great. The designers were able to find a good balance between elegant and aggressive features, without which the crossover will not do.

The most noticeable changes can be noticed, as usual, ahead. The chromium lining on the grille has increased in size. Changed the look of the headlights. The front bumper became massive and received rectangular fog lights of horizontal design.

Nissan X-Trail 2017

American continent sells the car under the name of Nissan Rogue. The car has all required updates which will reach the European market only in 2018.

It turns out that the previously known machine was slightly modified, but left some common features. Specialists have repeatedly noted that the appearance of the off-road version is quite stable. In the center of the grille there is a wide chrome molding with a U-shaped shape. Another chromium molding highlights the front bumper line, which is very enlivening the appearance of the SUV.

With the original combination of chrome parts and silver LED lighting on the front of the car, the exterior has become more attractive, cute and stylish. Thanks to the proportional and rounded contours throughout the body, Nissan X-Trail 2017 – 2018, lost its brutality and aggressiveness. In return, the model now looks more elegant and attractive. Tail lamps have also increased in size. In Nissan X-Trail 2017 they have LED elements.

Restyling interior

It is easy to understand from the photo of the salon that the interior has not received any major updates. If the appearance of Nissan X-Trail 2017 has an abundance of chrome-plated elements, then inside the car a similar trend can be seen.

Those who visited the modernized interior of the Japanese SUV, felt the desire of the designers to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. Despite the fact that the minimum changes were made for the basic version, the improved equipment allowed to make the interior softer, more pleasant to the touch, which applies not only to the skin, but also to the plastic.

Salon of Nissan X-Trail

For the driver, the steering wheel can be adjusted in terms of length and height, and the seat can be adjusted using an electric drive. Electric heating is provided for the front seat row. By means of restyling and absence of a transmission tunnel, the volume of the aft area of the passenger compartment was increased.

The luggage compartment received a volume of 497 liters of useful space. The door itself opens automatically. With the seats folded, the volume increases to 900 litres. The rear door is closed by pressing a special button.

Restyling engine

There is no talk about the fact that work is underway to develop a new powertrain. Based on the fact that in the United States of America vehicles are sold with a popular 2.5-liter, 171 hp gasoline engine, there are no plans to replace the power units for the Nissan X-Trail in 2018 model year. Therefore, technically, the new engines will not be installed.

Intuitive full drivee

The novelty has an intelligent all-mode 4×4-I four-wheel drive system. The all-wheel drive system of the Japanese crossover is almost instantly able to redistribute the torque on those wheels that have the best grip on the road surface, which helps to save control and quality of movement. Thanks to this, the driver feels more confident on wet or snow-covered asphalt and easily passes even the steepest bends.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Masculine appearance;
  • Spacious salon;
  • Large and spacious luggage compartment;
  • Economic fuel consumption;
  • Perfect suspension;
  • Good dynamics along the route;
  • Good aerodynamic characteristics;
  • Full drive;
  • Large ground clearance;
  • Qualitative salon;
  • Stylish and sporty design;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Large number of configurations and modifications;
  • Along security level;
  • All kinds of assistants;
  • Touchscreen display available;
  • Rear door has an electric drive;
  • Automobile is well controlled;
  • Not bad passability;
  • Qualitative lighting;
  • There are economical power units;
  • Stylish and modern appearance;
  • Lots of chrome.

Cons of a car

  • Inside, there’s nothing special
  • Highest crossover price;
  • At the start of the car, the owner will not immediately understand how the car will behave.
  • Quality of assembly;
  • Suspension;
  • Sound insulation;
  • Rightly dirty body.

Comparison with competitors

The off-road version of the Japanese manufacturer can compete with such vehicles as Hyundai Santa Fe Premium, Infiniti QX50, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, KIA Sorento in the new body, Toyota RAV4 and Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Forester and Haval H6.

All cars are presented as medium sized crossover and have a price tag from one million to two million rubles. It is clear that the X-Trail models of 2018 have more chances to compete successfully with their “enemies”. The 2008 versions of the X-Trail have already moved rapidly to a secondary market.

Owner feedback

Many motorists leave various reviews about Nissan. Most people praise the car because of its rich equipment, which makes it look like an SUV and is decorated accordingly. Inside the crossover there is a quality interior decoration, there is a soft plastic.

Leather armchairs have all the necessary amenities. Drivers will like the presence of electronic adjustment of the front seats, the possibility to adjust the departure and height of the steering wheel. Note the good functionality of the luggage compartment, where there are built-in load engagement elements.

There is an organizer, the height of which is equal to 10-15 cm, which received a place under the floor and has two compartments. Very much praise the Bi-Led system and the electric drive of the luggage compartment door.

On the other hand, some motorists do not understand the logic of independent electronic stuffing. Also the car is called “dirty”, because open thresholds collect all the dirt and getting into or out of the car is complicated. Due to the rapid contamination of the rear, even an automatic washer does not save the car.

A rear mounted camera cannot perform its direct duties due to dirt. Drivers do not like the suspension to be too rigid, the fact that the buttons of power windows are not illuminated, and the folding mirror key is too small.

If you don’t need a car for driving on the road, then Nissan X-Trail 2016 is perfect for you. On the topic of X-Trail 2017 reviews on the Internet you can find a lot of comments and tips to help the buyer. On our website, you can express your opinion on whether or not to take a Japanese crossover and unsubscribe about the weaknesses and advantages of Nissan X-Trail.

We sum up

The third generation of the famous Japanese crossover turned out to be beautiful, despite the fact that many people liked the new appearance of the car, and many – not. The design is smoother and more stylish now, but at the same time modern and even sporty. Large wheel arches together with stylish rims give the car a dynamic look.

The high ground clearance height will allow you to fully experience all the advantages of the all-wheel drive Nissan X-Trail 3 family car. Inside Nissan, everything is intuitive and intuitive. We are glad to have a new dashboard, 7-inch color screen with touch-screen support.

There is plenty of free space inside the car. The driver and passenger sitting in front will feel all the charm and comfort of the seats, which have a heating function. The rear sofa will be able to accommodate three adults, and they will not be crowded neither in the head nor in the legs. Moreover, you can adjust the angle of inclination of the backrest.

New Nissan X-Trail

The luggage compartment has a solid volume, which can be increased by folding the backrests of the rear seats, if necessary. Engineers have not forgotten about safety, placing all sorts of sensors, cameras, assistants, airbags and so on. The presence of confident power units will allow you to feel confident when overtaking and riding uphill.

Yes, the motors do not have record characteristics, but they cope with their tasks perfectly. The quality of the salon was pleasantly pleasing, no discomfort. Nissan X-Trail of 3 generations will be able to win the hearts of many motorists in the world. The Japanese has been able to compete with many even European automobile companies for many years.

However, a good reputation should be constantly maintained, which is exactly what Nissan Group does. Of course, the car is not suitable for everyday off-road driving, but as a city car and cross-country driving it will be perfect.

Nissan X-Trail photo of car

Japanese engineers literally stuffed the model with electronic assistants designed to help drive off-road vehicles. And the small consumption of the entire line of engines will not hit hard at the expense of its owner, especially given the cost of fuel today.

It’s nice that the company has not left its popular model, but constantly improves it, bringing freshness, style and novelty. The last restyling, though not cardinal, but has had a good impact mainly on the appearance, which is clearly visible in the Nissan X-Trail 3 photos.

We advise you to read the article: History of Nissan Motor Company

Nissan X-Trail 3 photo

Test drive

Video Overview

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