• Car model: GAZ
  • Producing country: Russia
  • Year of issue: 1994
  • Body Type: Truck

GAZ-3309 is a popular flatbed truck, which is produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant Group since 1994. During all the years of production the truck has been subjected to some improvements, which also concerned the production of modern economical power units, which corresponded to Euro-4 environmental standards. Of course, the truck does not have excellent cross-country ability and is intended for use in urban areas, or for freight traffic on the roadway with hard surface in rural areas. The whole model range of GAZ.

Car history

As we have already said, the “Lawn” 3309 has been in the market since 1994, which means that it belongs to the fourth family of medium-duty trucks of the Gorky Automobile Plant.

The debut cars of this index had a power unit with 4 cylinders, which worked on diesel fuel. In addition, the engine was equipped with a turbocharger system and produced 116 horsepower. The engine volume was 4.15 liters.

After a while, 3309 was produced with another diesel engine, which was also equipped with a turbocharger system, but had six cylinders and produced 150 horses.

Photo GAZ 3309

However, three years later (in 1997) the production of such trucks was stopped. This was due to the fact that GAZ-3309 was not considered profitable for economic reasons. After the Gorky enterprise was reconstructed, the management decided to improve the cabin.

As a result, the cabin of the “Lawn” was significantly changed and began to develop a diesel engine for the vehicle. Thanks to the diesel engine it became possible to get more power while reducing fuel consumption. But in order to make a diesel engine, the technological staff worked hard.

Photo of GAZ-3309

During the development of the company purchased a considerable number of new machines and stands. They served as a springboard for engine tests, comparing them with gasoline variations. When there was a technological breakthrough in the development of the diesel unit, which received a turbocharger system.

Thanks to such a strong engine, the truck could carry a heavy-duty truck with enough vigor. Following the changes in the appearance of the cabin, the designers decided to pay attention to the internal components of 3309. Even at the start of the 1980s, numerous assemblies were rebuilt, which were installed in the truck. And with the help of many modifications, which affected the suspension, body, engine and transmission, the car became cheaper, but was able to increase its efficiency.

GAZ-3309 car photo

In addition, repairs, together with machine maintenance, have also become much easier with fewer parts. In addition, the number of possible breakdowns of the various components has been reduced due to their reduction.

After 2001, the Gorky Automobile Plant began purchasing power units from the Minsk-based engine manufacturer. From this moment on, a new revival of the model was started, on which engines based on diesel fuel MMZ D-245.7 were mounted.

After another 5 years (2006), the “Lawn” began to install diesel engines that meet the European environmental standards Euro-2. Two years later, the engines could already be adjusted to the Euro-3 framework.

The plant also provides for the installation of an optional preheater, which is very necessary on the territory of the Russian Federation. Speaking about the operation of the vehicle, GAZ-3309 is considered to be one of the most economical truck models.

In addition, the efficiency indicators along with the endurance of the truck will please the buyer. The medium-duty truck has received excellent parameters in technical terms, as well as the presence of a powerful and reliable unit, which is perfect for our roads.

GAZ-3309 truck

The most difficult times for GAZ-3309 are the months of 1998. It was then that the demand for domestic trucks fell to a record low level. This happened because of the collapse of collective farms, which were designed for this machine.

The Gorky Automobile Plant started to consider the production of trucks based on diesel fuel as unprofitable. But, gladly, this did not last more than a year, and in 1999 the production of “Lawn” was restored.

GAZ-3309 petrol tanker

The year 1999 was a turning point for the truck. Its technical component was greatly improved by the introduction of the Minsk engine MMZ D-245.7. The latter engine had low fuel consumption and good performance.

Such an engine was installed on the vehicles of ZIL “Bychok” and GAZ-3309 dump truck. The power unit of the Minsk Motor Plant was the most famous in the Russian Federation. It could be loved in a short time due to its good maintainability, power and strikingly low fuel consumption.

Spare parts were also inexpensive. The vehicle could be repaired even in the field conditions. The last improvement was made in the 2000s, when Gorky engineers managed to adapt the Minsk engine to Euro-2 environmental standards. But by the end of the 2000s the production of vehicles had dropped dramatically. Why?

GAZ-3309 front view

There are several reasons. One of them is the presence of an outdated design. The model has been produced for 20 years, and the shape of the cabin together with the body has not changed at all. It is also important that the truck type is not suitable for the current transportation market.

In a similar vein, the Gorky Automobile Plant has a successful Valdai model. In addition, the car has a rather low level of comfort for the driver and passenger. It is clear that in the 1980s few people thought about it, but today it is not the 80s, and the level of comfort plays one of the most important roles in the choice of a truck.

Today there are a lot of modifications of this vehicle, among which there is a gasoline truck GAZ 3309, GAZ 3309 van, which is used for transportation of various materials.


If we talk about the exterior of GAZ-3309, it is almost impossible to distinguish between diesel and gasoline variations. They can be seen, except that there is an air inlet pipe that runs along the hood and window post of the cabin.

With the help of such an element the diesel engine could pass the deepest water obstacles, because the air to the power unit came from a similar pipe, which was located at a height of 2 meters. In addition, do not forget about the large wheels and the considerable height of the ground clearance.

It can be seen from the photo that according to current standards the truck has a sufficient ascetic appearance. But, according to many drivers, the most important thing for a truck is its performance in technological terms, because when a truck brings a good profit, its appearance goes to the second plan.

GAZ-3309 car photo

The successor of the 53rd model received almost unchanged design of the cabin. The truck has the same round headlights, recognizable steel bumper, elongated hood and a classic metal footrest, which makes it easier for the driver to get into the cabin. Based on feedback, the design of the truck cabin was full of defects.

For example, they often sinned on the wings, which almost always rusted. As a result, they needed to be treated with putty or new steel sheets over corroded metal. However, the bumper itself, as before, is quite massive and durable. With the help of the considerable thickness of the metal, it can withstand forces of up to several tons.

GAZ-3309 photo of the car

The chauffeur can, without worrying, attach the rope to one of the two holes in the bumper and pull the car out of almost any swamp on the tugboat. Although, it should be admitted that the diesel version of the “Lawn” almost did not allow it to get stuck even in the deepest and most relief terrain, so often towing is simply not required.

As well as all other current trucks produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant, the “flatbed” has acquired an all-metal cabin with a simple appearance design.

Moreover, it has straight contours with sharp edges, which are diluted with round optics, shockproof bumper together with a massive grille. The cabin received a pair of doors with a fairly wide opening. There is also a large glazing, which provides an easy approach to the engine compartment in three directions.

Cabin salon

When comparing the interior of the 53rd model with the 3309, the latter is noticeably gained in convenience and design. The most important difference is that plastic parts were used. In addition, the saloon of the 53rd model had preferably metal elements, which can be attributed to the dashboard itself.

Everything that concerns the speedometer, tachometer and other information details, they were left in the same style. The glove box was made with a plastic lid. Thin steering wheel on the GAZ-3309 is represented by a double-spoke wheel, and, as before, got a very massive diameter.

GAZ-3309 cabin salon

It will not be superfluous to notice that the models with a diesel engine were equipped with hydraulic power steering. At that time, the power steering was considered a luxury option and it was installed only on the 66th “Lawn” and multi-tonnage KamAZ trucks. Among the “conveniences” the cabin was equipped with only hooks for clothes, sun visors and a heater.

Due to the fact that the designers removed the second passenger seat, inside GAZ-3309 there was much more free space, which was very much missing from its predecessor.

The interior saloon floor turned out to be flat, as well as its predecessor – GAZ-53. Other changes include the presence of a new layout of seats, which replaced one solid wide “sofa”. Already in the cabin there is a separate driver’s seat and one passenger seat.

It will not be superfluous to add that the driver’s seat is now sprung and equipped with a separate backrest adjustment mechanically. Both seats have a high backrest, soft fabric upholstery and imitation of side support, and are supported by three-point safety belts.

The interior space has been reduced, as in the previous model two passengers could sit next to the driver. However, there are also advantages to this: due to the lack of one seat inside, more space can be seen.

Other changes include a new fabric upholstery on the door cards, where there is a large pocket for things. Judging by the photos that can be seen in this article, the interior of the truck was made in the style of the 1980s.

Many of the component designs are mostly angular, which makes the car’s interior seem a bit too old for the current standards. The last and most important improvement of the cabin allowed the designers to install thermal and noise insulation, which was not even expected in the 53rd model.

Now in the cabin there were much less sounds and noises from the work of the power unit. In the cool time, the cabin did not freeze with such a speed. But still, the power of the stove was not enough to heat the interior in cold days. Feedback from owners only confirms it.



“The lawn 3309 went along with a few variations of powertrains. The most common was MMZ D-245.7E4. It was a four-cylinder four-stroke inline engine powered by diesel fuel, which was liquid-cooled, direct fuel injection, inflatable air cooler and turbocharger.

Such an engine could comply with the European environmental standards Euro-4. Its volume was 4.75 liters, which allowed it to produce 125.4 horsepower. The engine weighed about 430 kilograms. The engine consumes about 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 60 km/h.

GAZ-3309 engine

A little later, YaMZ-5344, which was produced at a motor plant in Yaroslavl, was installed on trucks. The design solution was almost similar to the 4.75-liter engine mentioned above, but had its own technical parameters.

The YaMZ-5344 was a 4.43-liter 134.5-horsepower engine with a compression ratio of 17.5. A preheater could be installed as a separate option. Yaroslavl power plant consumes about 15.5 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 60 km/h.

YaMZ-5344 engine

The Lawn was also equipped with an Austrian diesel engine, which had an in-line arrangement of cylinders and an air cooling system. It was a 3.2-liter engine, which produced about 150 horses. The main drawback of such an engine was its poor maintainability. After 200,000 km of work, the engines were not subject to overhaul.


All two motors were synchronized together with a single 5-speed mechanical synchronized gearbox, where there was constant gearing and a single-disc friction dry clutch, which has a hydraulic drive control.

The driving rear axle was equipped with a bevel gear differential. Interestingly, the mechanical gearbox operation scheme was drawn not on the switch lever, but on the front panel (in the center, in the form of a small sticker).


All modifications, along with the equipment, received a rear-wheel drive layout, and the machine was built on a solid frame base, where there were dependent spring suspensions in front and back. The latter are based on longitudinal semi-elliptic springs, which are complemented in front by the presence of hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers of double-sided operation.

Brake system

The truck received a dual-circuit braking system with a hydraulic drive, a hydro-vacuum booster, drums and a vacuum receiver in each circuit. Today even the basic version of GAZ-3309 has an ABS anti-lock braking system.

Steering wheel control

It is of the ball screw nut type and is complemented by a hydraulic power steering system, which makes it much easier to operate the machine. The full catalogue of technical characteristics of GAZ 3309 diesel can be found on the official website.

Cost and equipment

The pricing policy of the company is determined, most importantly, by the modification of the car. But despite all this, the average price index for this car is quite democratic. Cars manufactured in 1996-1998 can be bought from $1071 to $1530. The newer the vehicle is, the more expensive it will be. Trucks of 2008-2010 can be purchased from $5355 to $6885.

GAZ-3309 with a manipulator

Thanks to its successful platform and small size, GAZ-3309 is successfully used in various industries. The car has a good power reserve and low fuel consumption.

Basic equipment of the medium-duty truck can boast of 20-inch steel wheels, halogen optics, rear fog lamp, 4 AKB 6ST-55A and interior heater.

The factory price list for a car starts from $13311. The catalogue of models can be opened on an official site.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Good cross-country ability;
  • Good ground clearance height;
  • There are no problems with the purchase of spare parts and parts;
  • Good maintainability;
  • Low cost of the truck;
  • There are various modifications of the car;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Designed for rural areas;
  • An unpretentious vehicle;
  • Intuitive operation;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Information dashboard;
  • Quite a powerful power unit;
  • Is not afraid of overloads;
  • As a separate option there is a preheater;
  • ABS;
  • Hydraulic power steering;
  • The free space inside the cab is bigger than its predecessor;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Used in various industries;
  • The driver’s seat is mechanically adjustable;
  • Good visibility;
  • Seat belts.

Cons of a car

  • Outdated cab and body design;
  • The level of comfort is still much lower than that of foreign variants;
  • Metal elements begin to rust quickly;
  • Only one passenger seat;
  • Quality of applied interior materials;
  • It is often necessary to change the clutch and chassis parts.

Summing up

After getting acquainted with the medium-duty truck GAZ-3309 there are mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is an unpretentious, quite powerful, popular car that consumes less fuel and is used in various industries. But on the other hand, the model has long been outdated, 20 years after the first production of this vehicle, the design of the cabin and bodywork has not undergone any changes.

Inside, the level of comfort still wants the best, as there is only a hydraulic power steering and a small mechanical adjustment of the driver’s seat. Yes, there were made works on thermal and noise insulation, but the problems were solved only a little.

GAZ-3309 photo of gasoline truck width

Drivers just get tired of the already tired “standard” dashboard. Though, it is not necessary to demand much from the car with similar price category. In any case, today it is possible to meet very often similar model which already not the first year works well, perfectly carrying out the duties.

With the introduction of the ABS system and seatbelts, it has become much more pleasant and safer to drive the car. It is hoped that the Gorky Automobile Plant will modernize or produce a new truck type car, which would meet modern standards.

We advise you to read the article: GAS – history of car production.

GAS-3309 photo

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