Tesla Model Y is officially launched

Tesla Model Y is officially launched

Everybody was expecting a Tesla pickup truck, and it was a classic crossover. However, from it interest to Tesla Model Y did not become less. Take Model 3, try to transform it into a crossover – new model Tesla is ready. This is exactly what the developers of one of the most creative companies in the world did.

So, creativity does not smell anymore? Most likely, yes. 75% of the parts completely duplicate the car. And if Model 3 is one head lower than Model S, then the Model Y is one step lower than Model X. Falcon Wing will not be here for many of the gull’s favorite doors – they will be replaced by the usual ones.

Photo of Tesla Model Y

The salon resembles Model 3 – the same minimalist interior and a huge 15-inch touch screen in the center. Absolutely all functions, including the autopilot system, are tied on it. A third row of seats will be available as an option.

Of course, there is a glass panoramic roof. “Our novelty drives at the speed of a sports car, but has SUV functionality,” said Ilon Mask during the official presentation of the car.

Interior Tesla Model Y

Tesla Y – when can I buy?

The car will not go on sale until 2020. A potential buyer will be able to choose one of the three versions:

  • Long Range. Its main feature is a decent power reserve. With 100% charge of car batteries it is possible to drive 480 kilometers.
  • Dual Motor AWD. The power reserve is smaller, but there is a four-wheel drive.
  • The Performance Package was the most luxurious and expensive. The charge is enough for almost 450 kilometers, and the maximum speed reaches 240 kilometers per hour. The car changes the “weave” in just 3.5 seconds and is sold for 60,000 dollars.

Auto Tesla Model YModel YSide view of Tesla Model Y

When the electric car market was empty, Tesla felt like a fish in the water. But the competitors got here too, so Ilona Mask’s company has to work at an accelerated pace. Year after year, crossovers and SUVs are replacing sedans in the United States and Canada, as well as around the world.

Until recently, the only offer of Tesla in the SUV segment was the Model X crossover. Although it looks nice, the price tag is shocking, to put it mildly. Model Y is much more accessible, and its role in the further development of the company is difficult to underestimate.

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